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					                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                         Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home
                                        Issued by:
                           Lehigh County Mental Health Program

                                   PROJECT OFFICER
                                      Matt Bauder
                       Lehigh County MH/MR/D&A/EI Program
                                17 South Seventh Street
                                  Allentown, PA 18101

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   I.            INTRODUCTION                            3

   II.           OBJECTIVE                               3

   III.          PROPOSAL TIMEFRAMES                     3

   IV.           INSTRUCTIONS                            4



   VII.          TECHNICAL PROPOSAL                      7

   VIII.         FINANCIAL PROPOSAL                      7

   IX.           LEGAL ASSESSMENT REPORT                 10

                 HOME INFORMATION                            1
                 PROGRAM SERVICE DESCRIPTION                 2

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I.               INTRODUCTION

On January 28, 2010 the Department of Public Welfare announced plans to close Allentown State
Hospital by December 31, 2010. As part of this closure, Lehigh County will be engaged in a
Community Hospital Integration Program Project (CHIPP) that will include a number of specific
program developments. These programs will provide the necessary community based services and
supports for the Lehigh County citizens who will be leaving the Allentown State Hospital. This
CHIPP will occur in two (2) phases. In Phase One, Lehigh County will be developing services and
supports for twenty five (25) individuals leaving the hospital by June 30, 2010. In Phase Two,
Lehigh County will be developing services and supports for an additional fifteen (15) individuals
leaving the hospital by December 31, 2010. This Request for Proposal is being released to solicit
proposals from interested parties to develop an Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home as part of
the Phase One CHIPP initiative.

II.              OBJECTIVE

Lehigh County is interested in receiving proposals that describes the development of an Enhanced
Personal Care Boarding Home for twelve (12) to sixteen (16) individuals who will be leaving the
Allentown State Hospital by June 30, 2010


     ACTION                                    DATE
     RFP Released:                             February 22, 2010

     Applicant Questions Due:
                                               Questions must be received by the close of
        Address questions to:                  business on March 05, 2010.
        Matt Bauder

      Responses Posted:

        Official responses will be posted on   Responses will be posted by March 12, 2010

     RFP Responses Due:                         March 19, 2010 by 12 Noon
       Matt Bauder                             (Via Email and US Mail Delivery)

     Proposal Review Dates                     Week of March 22, 2010

     Tentative Applicant Interview Dates       Week of March 29, 2010

     Applicant Selection Date:                 April 2, 2010

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                  Page 3 of 16
IV.              INSTRUCTIONS

1. Applicants must respond to all components of this RFP and work within the page limits where
   indicated. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. Proposal must address everything
   outlined in Appendices.

2. All responses to the RFP are due on March 19, 2010 on or before 12:00 Noon Eastern
   Time*, and submitted as follows:

      Respondents will provide their proposals in three formats:

          1. Six (6) paper copies of each; the “Transmittal Letter”; the “Technical Proposal”; and,
             the “Financial Proposal”. We prefer that the Transmittal Letter and Technical Proposal
             are submitted in Word 2003 or newer. The Financial Proposal should be submitted in
             Excel 2003 or newer.
          2. One CD containing all electronic documents.
          3. One email, containing all electronic documents.

          Submission of All Electronic documents* by e-mail to:



          Submission of all paper documents and CD, by US Mail to:

                 Matthew Bauder
                 HealthChoices QA Manager
                 Lehigh County Government Center
                 17 S. 7th Street
                 Allentown, PA 18101

      *The County reserves the right to disqualify any and all proposals received after this date
      and time.

      The submission must contain the following:
       A document entitled “Transmittal Letter” which shall be signed by an official who has the
         legal authority to bind the company to the terms of the proposal for the required 180 days.

         A document entitled “Technical Proposal” which will not contain any references to pricing
          or cost. This will be the detailed response, or description of service being proposed.

         A document entitled “Financial Proposal” which will contain the detailed business plan of
          financing the technical proposal, staffing, operations, general and administrative expenses,
          and all related capital expenses. Included in the financial proposal, respondents will address
          their plan’s financial sustainability.

3. Proposals shall be submitted with the following expressed understanding:

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                        Page 4 of 16
        This Request for Proposal is not subject to the competitive bidding process and any contract
         entered into as a result of any proposal will not be based on the concept of the “lowest
         responsible applicant.”

        The County has the right to reject any and all proposals at the sole discretion of the County.

        The County may procure this service by any other means necessary.

        The County may modify the selection process or the scope of the project or the required

4. All costs of developing proposals and any subsequent expenses related to contract negotiations
   are entirely the responsibility of the applicant.

5. Best and final negotiations may occur.

6. The County along with a panel of reviewers will select finalists with which it will begin the
   interview and selection process prior to contract negotiations.

7. Given the time constraint for this development, the County will look more favorably upon a
   provider who can demonstrate the ability to expand existing capacity or the ability to acquire and
   develop an acceptable site within an extremely short period of time.

8. The following LINKS are provided as resources that may be helpful in the preparation of

Lehigh County


Department of Public Welfare-Allentown State Hospital Closure Information



     The Program Coordinator listed below is the sole point of contact for this RFP. Contact with
     any other state officials or officials from the County concerning this RFP, unless
     authorized by the Project Officer, is grounds for disqualification. Note that, following the
     release of this RFP, all questions should be submitted to the Project Officer in writing via email.

     Written questions shall be forwarded via e-mail with the subject heading “Enhanced Personal
     Care Boarding Home” to the following:

         Matt Bauder            at:   

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                        Page 5 of 16

      Successful bidders will be expected to enter into a Contract with the County within thirty (30)
      days of the selection and acceptance process. The FY 2009-2010 contract will include the “start
      up” phase of this program development. The FY 2010-2011 contract will be considered the first
      annualized contract. In either case, this contract may be subject to Lehigh County Board of
      Commissioner Approval.


      The County may reject any and all proposals received as a result of this RFP, and may negotiate
      separately with competing applicants. If all proposals are unacceptable, the Counties reserve the
      right to reject the proposals and to issue a new RFP, if indicated. The Counties reserve the right
      to reject a proposal at any time during the process.


      All costs of developing proposals and any subsequent expenses relating to contract negotiation
      are entirely the responsibility of the applicant.


      If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFP, the County will issue an amendment to
      all applicants who responded to the original RFP.



      This section includes instructions for preparing the Technical as well as the Cost Proposals.
      Applicants should review the instructions carefully. Failure to comply with these instructions in
      full may result in disqualification. To be considered, the proposals must include responses to all
      requirements in each respective part of the proposal(s). Any other information thought to be
      relevant, but not applicable to the enumerated categories, should be provided as appendices to
      the proposals. If an applicant supplies publications in response to a requirement, there must be
      a reference to the document number and page number. This will afford a quick reference for
      the evaluators. Proposals not furnishing this reference will be considered to have no reference
      material included in the additional documents.

      The proposal must consist of:

            Transmittal letter, one for each proposal;

            Technical Proposal, so identified;

            Cost Proposal, so identified and separate from the Technical Proposal.

      Applicants must strictly adhere to the page limits indicated for each section

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                        Page 6 of 16
   The transmittal letter must be on official letterhead and signed by an individual with legal
   authority to bind the applicant. The transmittal letter must include the name and title of the
   Chief Executive Officer or other individual authorized to legally bind the applicant. The
   transmittal letter must also include the identification of a primary contact and that person’s title,
   address, telephone and telefax numbers and email address. The letter must state that the
   applicant accepts the terms, conditions, criteria and requirements set forth in the RFP.


For each question below, respond by restating the question and providing a description. Each
question and its description should be on a separate page. All appendices must be referenced in the
body of the description.

1) In one (1) page or less provide a brief history/overview of your organization, including
   ownership, current officers, the number of years you have been providing services related to
   your proposal and your experience with behavorioral health services; personal care boarding
   home development; and, CHIPPs initiatives. Describe how your Agencies Mission compliment
   the closure of Allentown State Hospital, community based behavioral health programming and
   the CHIPP initiative.

2) In one (1) page or less, describe why your organization decided to submit this proposal and how
   you see it complementing the CHIPP initiative, the closure of Allentown State Hospital and the
   Behavioral Health Program in Lehigh County.

3) In no more than six (6) pages, provide a program and services description for your proposal.

4) In no more than two (2) pages, describe the following:

   a) Discuss diversity and cultural competency issues as they effect the program and this specific
      geographic area. Discuss means to identify special skills or abilities to serve priority
      populations, and related recruitment, training and retention strategies.
   b) Discuss how Recovery Principles will be integrated into this Enhanced Personal Care
      Boarding Home.
   c) Discuss how medical and other ancillary services will be provided to the consumers while
      residing in the Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home.

5) In no more than two (2) pages describe the standard parameters, monitoring systems, and
   objective measures for auditing quality of care. Describe methods for monitoring critical
   incidents and fraud or abuse. Describe the process for evaluating and targeting program
   deficiencies and implementing a corrective action plan. A strong component of measuring
   individual and aggregate outcomes must be included.


The financial proposal must describe the provider’s financial capability and sustainability of
providing the services described in the technical proposal. The responding provider is required to
provide the following:

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                        Page 7 of 16
   1. Three year operating budget in MS Excel format, showing all revenues and sources,
      expenses and uses, and anticipated balances in a format like, but not limited to in detail, the
      sample below:

            Sample                                       YR1            YR2             YR2
                                                      SFY09-10         FY 10-11        FY11-12
            REVENUES & SOURCES

                1. Base MH
                2. MA FFS
                3. Others… (List)

            EXPENSES & USES
              1. Personnel
              2. Fringe Benefits
              3. Purchased Personnel
              4. Training
              5. Travel
              EXPENSES & USES CON’T

                6.    Utilities
                7.    Occupancy (Rental)
                8.    Property Services
                9.    Legal Services
                10.   Insurances
                11.   Supplies
                12.   Equipment
                13.   Capital Expenses
                14.   Indirect Costs (G&A)


   2. Please provide supporting detail of the Personnel line item. Detailed support must indicate:
          o individual positions,
          o annual salaries,
          o full-time equivalencies, and
          o Total annual cost.

   3. Please provide supporting documentation or description of the composition of related
      Fringe Benefits. If fringe benefits are referenced as an applied percentage of salaries, an
      explanation of how the applied percentage was derived must be submitted.

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                     Page 8 of 16
     4. Please provide supporting detail of the Purchased Personnel line item. This line item
        would include all professional contracted staff or consultants, etc. Contracted physicians or
        medical staff would be contained in this line item. Detailed support must indicate:
            o individual positions,
            o annual salaries,
            o full-time equivalencies, and
            o Total annual cost.

     5. Please provide supporting detail of all Equipment Expenses and Capital Expenses by
        item and anticipated cost.

     6. Please provide supporting detail or description of Indirect Costs (Administrative)
        Expenses. Include reference to the all amounts paid to parent companies as related parties
        to the services proposed. A General and Administrative Cost Allocation Plan should be
        provided to demonstrate how these figures were derived.

     7. The most recently completed audited financial statements (balance sheet, income statement,
        cash flows, and corresponding notes).

            o NOTE: To be meaningful for the review of the provider’s financial position, the
              County is requesting audited financials for their local operation which will be
              providing the services proposed. If audited financials are not done on the local level,
              the provider may submit copies of their internal financial statements (balance sheet,
              income statement, and statement of cash flows) for their most recently completed
              fiscal year, and quarter.

8.      The proposal should include a statement which calculates the service(s) in terms of a per
        -diem, or other unit of service basis.

              SAMPLE                                     YR1            YR2                 YR3
                                                       FY09-10         FY 10-11           FY 11-12
              Total Bed Capacity                                   $                  $

              Total anticipated Length of Stay

              Total anticipated persons to receive
              care annually.

              Total anticipated billable units of

                  1. Lehigh County
                  2. Other

              Indicate % vacancy factor (the
              percentage of occupancy upon which
              the financial plan assumptions were

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                        Page 9 of 16
            Proposed Per-Diem Rate

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010   Page 10 of 16

Please complete this Questionnaire as part of your response to the RFP.

Question #1: Organization Structure and Legal Standing

      A. Describe your organization’s structure and formation; i.e., is it a corporation, partnership,
         joint venture, limited liability entity, etc. Be very specific.

      B. Are you a for-profit or not-for-profit business? If a not-for-profit entity, under what section
         of the Internal Revenue Code are you?

      C. If a corporation, in what state are you incorporated?

      D. If a limited partnership or other limited liability entity, in what state are you registered?

      E. In what other states are you registered and qualified to do business?

Question # 2: Other dealings with the County

      For the past two (2) years, please describe and list any and all dealings, relationships (contractual
      or otherwise), whether or not compensated, of Subcontractor with the County at any level for
      any purpose or function, together with the name(s) and, if relevant, the telephone number(s), of
      the contact person within the County.

Question # 3: Outstanding Litigation

      A. List all outstanding litigation in which you are a defendant, and for which the amount of
         recovery being sought by plaintiff is in excess of $25,000.

      B. List all judgments and settlements in excess of $25,000 in the last two (2) years.

Question # 4: Recent Developments and Miscellaneous Information

      Please describe your existing compliance plan and program, and provide us with a detailed
      history of your compliance experience, including any investigations, reviews, audits, notices,
      claims or communications from any federal or state agency or government, or a third party payer
      regarding you, your parent and affiliated and related entities.

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                                           Page 11 of 16
                                                                                  Appendix 1

Pennsylvania Personal Care Boarding Home Information
What is a Personal Care Home?
Personal Care Homes (PCHs) are residences that provide shelter, meals, supervision
and assistance with personal care tasks, typically for older people, or people with
physical, behavioral health, or cognitive disabilities who are unable to care for
themselves but do not need nursing home or medical care. While available services
vary and are based on the individual needs of each resident, services provided at a
typical PCH include assistance with:

      Eating/drinking
      Walking/getting in and out of bed or chair
      Toileting/bowel and bladder management
      Bathing
      Personal hygiene
      Arranging for and managing health care
      Making/keeping doctor's appointments
      Assisting with or administering medications
      Positioning in bed or chair
      Doing laundry
      Arranging for transportation
      Shopping/managing finances
      Using the telephone/writing letters
      Caring for possessions
      Participating in social/recreational activities
      Using prosthetics
      Getting and caring for seasonal clothes

Personal Care Homes are inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of
Public Welfare. They are usually privately-owned, although some are operated by local
governments or non-profit agencies


Personal Care Homes are inspected and licensed by the Department of Public Welfare
under the requirements contained in 55 Pa.Code Chapter 2600. These regulations
include requirements for fire safety; staff training and education; nutrition and meal
preparation; resident health and medical care; personal care service delivery; physical
site conditions; and other factors effecting the health, safety and well-being of residents.

The Department inspects each PCH annually and conducts investigations into
complaints and unusual incidents. Questions regarding the licensing status and history
of specific PCHs can be directed to the Department's appropriate Regional Offices.

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                             Page 12 of 16
                                                                                Appendix 2

Enhanced Personal                  Boarding           Home     Program         Service

Program Service Description:

An Enhanced Personal Care Home is a licensed personal care boarding home for
individuals 18 years of age or older who have been diagnosed with a mental illness or
mental retardation. The home provides; meals, supervision and assistance with
activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, medication management,
and behavioral care for individuals who are unable to care for themselves but do not
need a Nursing Home or intensive medical care. Individuals with serious and persistent
mental health issues have needs that far exceed the services typically offered by most
personal care homes, thus necessitating the enhanced nature of the services provided.
Additionally the home provides privacy to each resident within a well maintained nicely
furnished atmosphere. The home is licensed by The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
Department of Public Welfare

The Enhanced Personal Care Home will offer twenty four hour staffing with ratios being
determined by the needs of the residents.       Staff will work daily with residents to
improve their ADL and IADL skills. Residents are encouraged to assist with their laundry
and room cleaning in the hopes of mastering those skills and moving on to more
independent living.     Time is spent maximizing all residents’ capabilities with
medications. Medication education is given every time a resident is monitored in the
med room. Staff will engage the residents to teach cooking skills, table manners and
courtesy. All residents are encouraged to participate in community programs such as;
club house, partial programs, psycho-social rehab, groups provided by their treatment
teams or employment.

General objectives include:

              Facilitate recovery for adults;
              Respond to individuals unique strengths and needs throughout their lives;
              Development of Wellness Recovery skills including symptom education,
               management, awareness, crisis avoidance and management
              Linkage and collaborate with community support systems and services
               such as; Psych Rehab, Club House, and Peer Support services
              Recognize, respect and accommodate differences as they relate to
               culture/ethnicity/race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation

Target Group

The Program will serve adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses
and/or mental retardation who are being discharged from the Allentown State Hospital
and as per the CSP process have been deemed appropriate for this level of care.

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                           Page 13 of 16
Relationship of the Program with the County MH/MR Programs

The operator of the Personal Care Home will contract with the Mental Health/ Mental
Retardation Program for Lehigh County.


The Department of Public Welfare, Office of Mental Health, currently licenses the

Criteria for Admission

  A. The preadmission screening shall be completed within 30 days prior to admission
     and documented on the Department’s preadmission screening form that the needs
     of the resident can be met by the services provided by the home. A representative
     of the referral agent may complete the preadmission screening.
  A. Participated in the CSP process as part of the closure of Allentown State Hospital
     and as per this process been deemed appropriate for this level of care.
  B. Documentation from a physician of the need for this level of care (MA 51).
  C. Birth certificate, Social Security card, and/or a photo ID.
  D. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  E. Must have an Axis I diagnosis.

Referral Process:

Referrals come directly from the following sources: Allentown State Hospital and
Lehigh County CHIPPS Coordinator through the CHIPP/CSP process as part of the

Following admission, on-going communication with the county and other supports
involved in the individual's treatment remains paramount.

Individuals receive ongoing assessments on a quarterly basis to evaluate need for
continued stay. Recommendations are communicated to the County and referring

Intake and Admission:

   A. Resident agrees to have a medical evaluation completed by a physician within 60
      days prior to admission and annually thereafter. Resident also agrees to provide
      a copy of his/her annual medical evaluation to the home on the form designated
      by the Department of Public Welfare.
   B. An Annual Assessment within 15 days of admission and annually thereafter, and
      if there is a significant change prior to the annual assessment, the Resident
      agrees to participate and share needed information for the home or the staff of a
      human service agency to complete the annual assessment to determine the
      suitability of the home to provide the care required of the Resident.
   C. A support plan will be completed within 30 days of admission, annually, and if

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                        Page 14 of 16
      there is a significant change. The Resident and/or designee are encouraged to
      participate in the development and implementation of the plan.
   D. The support plan contains the medical, dental, vision, hearing, mental health, or
      other behavioral care services that will be made available to the Resident, or
      referrals for the Resident for outside services if the Resident’s physician
      determines the necessity of these services.

Criteria for Discharge

     A. We encourage a no “reject” “eject” criterion wherever possible.

     B. If a resident is a danger to himself/herself or others.

     B. If the legal entity chooses to voluntarily close the home, or a
         portion of the home.

     C. If the home determines that a resident’s functional level has
       advanced or declined so that the resident’s needs cannot be met
       in the home. If the resident or the resident’s designated person
       disagrees with the home’s decision to discharge, consultation with
       an appropriate assessment agency or the resident’s physician
       shall be made to determine if the resident needs a higher level of
       care. A plan for other placement shall be made as soon as
       possible by the administrator in conjunction with the resident and
       the resident’s designated person, if any. If assistance with
       relocation is needed, the administrator shall contact appropriate
       local agencies, such as the area agency on aging, county mental
       health/mental retardation program or drug and alcohol program,
       for assistance. The administrator shall also contact the
       Department’s personal care home regional office.

     D. If meeting the resident’s needs would require a fundamental alteration in the
     home’s program or building site, or would create an undue financial or
     programmatic burden on the home.

     E. If the resident has failed to pay after reasonable documented
        efforts by the home to obtain payment.

     F. If closure of the home is initiated by the Department of Public Welfare.

     G. Documented, repeated violation of the home’s rules.

Assessments and Support Plans/Goals

Goals are developed from the needs that the resident identifies in the assessment and
support plan. Goals are reviewed with each resident on a quarterly basis for movement
toward or away from the defined goals.

Progress notes are kept each day for each resident. Progress notes reflect movement
toward or away from defined goals.

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                          Page 15 of 16

The program is expected to make linkages with other providers within the area in order
to meet all the treatment and social service needs of the residents.

Duration of Treatment:

The Personal Care Home does not require that an individual residing at the home
advance into the community within a defined time frame. Individuals are assessed, on a
quarterly basis, to determine if they require continued stay. Recommendations are
communicated to the County and referring agencies

Discharge Planning

Criteria for discharge will be specified and potential referrals will be identified. An
attempt is made to prepare clients well in advance of the actual discharge date.
Residents will be discharged when the team, the home, the county, and /or the resident
has determined that a higher or lower level of care is needed. Resident education
continues throughout their stay in the home. This includes; medication education,
ADL’s, and IADL’s.

Ongoing Community Input

Ongoing feedback will be elicited from the consumers involved in the program, as well
as caregivers and family members of consumers, intensive case managers, and the
agencies that refer consumers to the program. This data will be used to modify and
improve the nature of the services rendered to the consumers to maximize the care
given in the home.

*This e-PCBH Program description was made available to us by one our existing
providers of this service.

Enhanced Personal Care Boarding Home RFP 02.22.2010                        Page 16 of 16

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