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Government Recreation _ Fitness - TRX Suspension Training


									                                          Military Fitness S                            u          m            m           i         S

 Fitness Leaders Converge
                 in       San Antonio fm
                Key Training Event
                                                                       tiative to provide aquatic support to the units by developing
             rmed Forces Morale, Welfare and                           training and equipment to prevent soldiers fiom drowning dur-
                                                                       ing combat situations and field-training exercises.
             Recreation (MWR) professionals,                               'This can occur when a velricle stalls or rolls over in sbal-
             including leaders in fitness, sports                      low water and the soldier ca~lnot out," she explains. "From
     and aquatics, will convene in San Antonio,                        FY03 througl~   FY05,approximately 60 soldiers died in combar
     Texas, for the annual Military Fitness                            due to drowning. Tlis training, called Shallow Water Egress
                                                                       Training (SWET), be conducted a[ ABC this year."
     Summit in conjunction with the Athletic                               As we begin a new fiscal yea; and military fibless profes-
     Business Confrence (ABC) and Expo, Dec.                           sionals gather hi San Antonio, the overall state of fitness pro-
     4-6. GRF caught z with services fltness
                           p                                           grams and facilities in the Asmy is good, highlighted by 21
                                                                       Military Construction h y (MCA) fitness facility projects val-
     Ieaders lo disms the w e n t state oS_fitnas                                O
                                                                       ued at M O million, approved in the Fiscal Year Deknse Plan
     in the military, as well as what is planned.for                   (FYDP) through FY15.
     this annual key military training summit.                             L'llle Army Fanily and MWR Cornmad developed a com-
                                                                       plex stationing plan to analyze troop movements and numerous
                                                                       other variables to give Army Leadership recormnendations
     ARMY                                                              a b u t which Garrisons had a higher priority for fitncss facility
                                                                       construction," MacKuwon explains.
    The focus for this year's Army training sununit in San                  In the area of tibless training, the Army MWR piloted a
Antonio is Aquatics, according to Janet MacKinnon, chief of                                                                   --Co~~tinlced
Army Sports, Fitness a n d
Aquatics, Family & Morale,
Welfare and Recreation
Conlnland (FMWRC). For tl~e
approximately 80 attendees -
inostly Army Aquatic Managers
- major topics of discussion
will include: Risk Management
for Army Aquatics; Updates on
Anny Policies and Regulatiops;
the Latest Aquatic Industry
developments; Training for
Aquatic Facility Operators
(AFOs); HAZMAT Training
for Lifeguards; Shallow Water
Egress Training (SWET);
Water Exercise Training; and
Lifeguard In-ServiceTraining.
    "The key benefit to the
attendees is the training, the
opportunity to share experi-
ences and solutions and the
opportunity to recertifi for tlle
Aquatics Operator's Course,"
says MacKinnon.
    She points out that Army
MWR is spearheading an ini-
                                              sragg, ana D De lncluaeo In recreauonuns neaaea to troops n Iraqana Argnanlsmn.
14                                                                          GOVERNMENT RECREATION & FllWESS NOVEMBER 2008
                                                               u -i
                                              Military Fitness S m
                                                                           FMWRC I ~ a ssupported the Operation Iraq Freedom
                                                                           (OF)/Opcration Enduring Freedom (OEF)         Tlieater Commands
                                                                           by sending: 158,000 Army Fimess Deployed Kits; 37 brigade-
                                                                           sized MWR "Theater in a Box" kits; 107 brigade-sized elec-
                                                                           tronic game kits; 250 company-sized unit recreation kits; and
                                                                           3,250 Fitness Anywl~ereTraining Resistance Exercise (TRX)
                                                                           kits to deployed soldiers.
                                                                               For injured soldiers returning 1101ne from Iraq and
                                                                           Afghanistan, FMWRC has initiated the Wounded Warrior
   m y M W K also provides centrabzed f~mess-mmg        pru                Spor-tsProgram. "It is a goal-oriented spolts program for physi-
grams to Gamsons. "Each year, selected Gamsons receive either              cally disabled soldiers who are allowed to remain in the Army,"
a basic or advanced fimess tminmg course," notes MacKinnon.                says MacKi~on.     "Athletes are selected tllrough an applicatioll
"Conducted by Functional Fimess, the mining helps Ganison fit-             process and standards are established in coordination with the
ness-center staff gain the knowledge, skills and abilities requkd          U.S.Paralyrnpics Committee. They compete and present the
to u~struct  customers on the use of 1l1e exercise eqiupment as well       Arm.y at national-level sport competitions."
as assist in developing fitness programs that meet the Mission                 FMWRC also provided guidance and formulas to Garrisons
Essential Task List (METL) reqirements of the unit or individ-             for determining customer pool fees. "This was done to assist
ual. Students rate tlis mining as outstanding due to the hands-on          Commanders in providing standardized and consistent price
approach and excellent hshiction."                                         ranges across the Army," noks MacKimon.
     M a c h o n points out that Amry MWR hosted the initiative                For fitness equipment purchases, FMWRC's bulk-buy pro-
to include questions regarding MWR Sports and Fitness pro-                 cure~ne~lt program provides cardiovascular and strength fitness
grams on the Department of Defense (DoD) Stahrs of Forces                  equipment at Ganison fitness lacili~ies. "The program supports
Survey in support of the Defense Safety Oversight Council                  the Soldier Family Action Plan (SFAP) by providing pre-
(DSOC) Sports lnjury Prevention Task Force.                                dictable levels of service and operational performance,"
     ' V i s is the fvst step in addressing the origins of sports and      Mackinnon explains. "It assists solders in meeting the physical
fitness injuries and will help analyze cost savings for DoD in             requirements of their military occupation specialty and supports
the fiture."                                                               Commanders by providing standardized resource requirements.
     The A m y Family Covenant, which was unveiled earlier                 Cost avoidance savings through the procurement of fitness
this year, pledges increased funding - 540 billion over the                equipment in FY08 was $1.3 million."
next six years - to support more programs and facilities for
A m y families.
     "The AFC recognizes that the strength of our soldiers
                                                                              AIR FORCE
comes from the families here at home supporti~lg          them," notes         According to Air Forcc Fitness Chief Margaret Treland,
MacXjnnon. "That home for many of these families involves                  "Focused on the Future" is the tlie~ne the Air Force training
an installation where they live or avail themselves of tlle ser-           summit in San Antonio. Approximately 150 fitness profession-
vices it provides wlule they live off the installation. Therefore,         als will attend the Air Force breakout training sessions, includ-
the quality of life we provide the Army through the Installation           ing 16 Major Co~nmand       Fitness 8: Spons representatives, as
Management Command is directly tied to the ability of our sol-             well as fitness center directors and staff members.
 diers to meet their mission."                                                 'We'll discuss the various transformatioils occuning in ser-
      She points out that Family, Morale, WelFare and Recreation           vices and initiatives that impact Air Force Fimess & Sports,"
 facilities on installations are an integral part of the quality of lifc   says Treland. "On the first day, the Air Force Staff, Services
provided to Army families. 'They provide programs that teach               Agency, and Major Co~nma~ld        Fibless and Sports staff mem-
 life skills, provide for tbe welfare of all age ranges within the                         s
                                                                           bers, as well a select base level staff members, will discuss
 family, improve their physical m~d       mental wellbeing, reduce         changes in current Air Force programs a well as upcoming ini-
 stress, and provide a sense of community. These are all vital to          tiatives. The major commands will conduct breakout sessions
 our families as they support a soldier who is part of an                  to discuss command specific issues later in the day."
 Expeditionary Army that is experiencing a high-operational                    Topics during the general session on the second day
 tempo, which can put a lot of demands on not only the soldier             include:
 but their families."                                                          View fiom the Top - Col. Christopl~er     Wright, USAF, HQ
      With inactivity and obesity in children a big concern,                   U S M A 1 SO.
 Macfiu~on        notes that FM WRC's Commu~lity         Recreation is          ServicesTransformation - Mike Bensen, HQ AFSVNCD.
 parhle~g      with C ~ l dYouth and School Services to give chil-
                            ,                                                  Non-appropriated Fund Twisfo~niation- Elilor Gonzales,
 dren and youth more program options to be fit. " h s partner-                  HQ MSVAISVT.
 ship d l provide children and youth the experience to develop,                 Military Assignments - Speaker TBD.
 g o and excel in physical fitness activities tluongl~ pmgam
   rw                                                        a                  Cjvilian Personnel/Cateers Program - David Van
 called the Fit Edge. Programming options include, for exam-                    Steenburg, HQ AFPC'JDPTBC.
 ple, body works, body movement, adventure spom and cus-                        Wounded Wanior Programs - Dr. Ginger Gold, Wounded
 tomized fitness."                                                             Warrior BattaljoflSMC.
      In the area of deployed support, twelve recreation personnel              Healthy Habits Health Coaching Programs - William
 are being recruited by the Army to serve in Iraq as pail of the                Gleason, OSD.
 Civilian World Wide Individual Augmentation System process.                                                                     -Conrinuecl

                                                                                GOVERNMENT RECREATION & FITNESS NOVEMBER 2008
C          i       l        i        t        a          r                  u -i
                                                                  y Fitness S m
-Cormrir~ued/?orr~                  Fi/ricssS~~nirrril
                  puge 23. Afilirnrj~
work for how cve operate and maintain                                                                      ation practices as it relates to the sup-
a focus on improving Culuue capabilities                                                                   port of Wounded Warrior Programs.
and enhancing tlle readiness of our                                                                            "Finally, in F Y 0 9 the Marine
Colps, Marines and' their Camilies."                                                                       Corps will participate in an OSD and
     Sbe points out that rhe strategy is                                                                   Pem State hitialive to provide recre-
built around seven key components;                                                                         ation pi-ofessionals 40 hours of com-
People, Places, Programs, Processes.                                                                       prellensive mining that will focus on
Policies, Perception and Performance.                                                                      the delivery of adaptive recreation
"Semper Fit is one entity w i h n MCCS                                                                     programs; awareness of injuries such
and is U the process of b~uldu~g
         I                           a tacti-                                                              a s PTSD, TBI, amputations and
cal plan to adhcss all of thcsc compo-                                                                     spinal cord injuries; and adaptive spe-
nents. l X s tactical plan will frame the                                                                  cialized equipment and facility
support we providc for Marines and                                                                         design. In aggregate, these training
farmlres both I I ~ ~ J . far term."
                     and                                                                                   opportunities will enable our profes-
     According to Ficadenti, i n                                                                           sionals to be responsive to the needs
September 2007, Semper Fit proctu-ed                                                                       of our wounded wairiors."
1,000 TRX suspension fimess systems                                                                            The Navy and Marine Corps
6Pm Fitness Anywhere, and djstributcd                                                                      Public Health Center established a
them to all Marine Corps inslallations'                                                                    Health Promotion Award in 1995 to
fitness centers for distribution to                                                                        recognize commands for their efforts
deploying units. "In addition, 100 TRX                                                                     and excellence in irnplementi~~g     suc-
kik were delivered to the 26th Marine                                                                      cessful Navy Health Promotion and
Expeditionary Unit. Training on how to Volunteer dernonstrato~ Corey Gonzalez, left,and Cpl. Marine Corps Selnper Fit Programs.
use the TRX was provided to the 26th James E Morgan with Ill Marine Expeditionary Force Special "In 2008, the Navy Surgeon Cieneral
MEU by Sempcr Fit Pe~sonalTrainerrj O~&ionsTraining Group, demonsbate the ammunw can a s s ~ ~ ~ spor~sorsllip this award and
                                                                                                                      ned         of
aud staff h ~ Fitness Anywhere prior
                   n                               lift portionOf the new        Fttness Test Sept.                iirst
                                                                                                           for tl~e tlrne created award criteria
                                               Ivr      -i   .,      ,,   . -- . L, P L IWb.II\I Cr
                                                                          ,   ,                J  ',   '
to deployn~ent."                                                                                           addressing the unique capabil.ities of
     Selnper Fit has developed a two-day Combat Conditioning                    the Semper Fit- Program,"notes Ficadenti.
Course to assist Marines in their preparation for the CFT. The                       The annual award, she points out, includes criteria on the
course has been piloted a board MCB Quant ico, Va, at                           following topics: Health Promotion Partnerships; Assessment
Weapons Training Battalion and the Basic School. "The feed-                     and Evaluation; Health Promotion Tools; Semper Fit Elements
back from the Marines in altendance has been vely positive                      (nutrition; alcohol and drug abuse prevention; suicide preven-
and as a result, the two-day lraining will now be placed in the                 tion; tobacco prevention and cessation; physical fitness; stress
Basic School's Program of Instruction," Ficadenti explains.                     management; sexual health; disease prevention; and injury p r e
"The next step is to implement this course Marine Corps-wide                    vention); Conlnlunity Ou@each; and Staff Trauung.
beginning January 2009. Currently under construction is an                           'The significant impact of tlus new award criterion is the
online capability that will allow Marines a one-stop location                   opportunity for all Marine Corps Semper Fit programs to sub-
for current information on ,Functional fitness, training tips,                  mit for d i s award that heretofore was not possible based on the
nulition and health advice, exercise oC the day, proper eser-                    1995 standards," she points out "Moreover, this will afford the
cise execution, as well as access to personal t~ainersfiom                      Marine Corps thc opportunity to identify and quantify the
across the Marine Corps."                                                       efforts undertaken for the promotion of fitness and wellness for
     The h       e Corps also places emphasis on providing sup-                 all Marines. The award is achievable at tlwe levels: Bronze
port for injured Marines - Wonnded Waniors - returning                          Anchor, Silver Eagle and Gold Star."
home from Lraq and Afghanistan.                                                      As througllout the military, the Marine Corps is malung a
     "Programming for wounded warriors' unique needs                            big push to increase support for families. The Semper Fit pro-
requires training," notes Ficadenti. "Therefore, the Marine                     g m n at MCB Camp Lejewie, N.C., is pmiering with the 26th
Corps is pusuing several initiatives to develop staff cornpeten-                Marine Expeditionary Unit, Family Readiness Program, LO
cies associakd with adaptive p r o p n m i n g . With these compe-              deliver family fitness pro,orams to family members of deployed
tencies our staff will be better equipped to address the various                Marines, notes Ficadenti.
 levels of disability associated with our wounded warriors.                          ‘They are utijlvng surveys to find out h l y interest in fit-
Firstly, the Marine Corps has filnded 100 mining seals for fit-                 ness. They will mcct as a group in the base housing area to deliv-
 n a s and recreation professionals. The course is provided online              er programs for spouses and children. To address programs on a
 &g        through the National Recreation and Park Associati011                global level the Marine Corps is currently drafihg a tactical plao
 O\IRPA) and is entitled Lntroduction L Recreation Inclusion                    in wlich family p r o m g wiU be addssed."
and Adaptive Recreation.                         4
                                                 .                                   In terms of fitness equipment and facility construction, in
     "Seco~~dly, Marine Corps, in partnership with the                          FY08 the Mahw Corps was able to purchase functional fitness
Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, will hosl the 2009                       equipment for all of its fitness centers across the Marine Corps as
National Institute for Recreation Inclusion in San Antonio,                     well as tetl bulependent Duty locations. There is one fitness facil-
Texas. Illis initiative is designed to establish an educational                 ity MJLCON Project proprarmned for FY09 at MCB Camp
 forum for military recreation professionals to learn and                       Pendleton, Calif., at an estimated cost of S 10.9 rrullion.
enhance their understanding of inclusion and adaptive recre-                                                                                  -GRF

NOVEMBER 2008 GOVERNMENT RECREATION & !TNESS                                                                                                     49

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