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									Grundtvig Learning Partnership Impulse 50+

Minutes of our project meeting in Bratislava, 11-12
March 2011,
next steps for the completion of the book
and Agenda Lodz
Geli Brechelmacher, 2011-03-19

1) Interviews, Abstracts and Photos - Status quo per 12.3.2011

The citation in English for each interview (together with the Polish translation)
and the short description of each photo are missing.

The citation in English for each interview (together with the German translation)
and the short description of each photo are missing.

2) List of partners (page 2 and 3 of the book)
Please check the list of partners and send your correction until 25th March 2011

Dr. Angelika Brechelmacher
Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation und Hochschulforschung
Fakultät für Interdisziplinäre Forschung und Fortbildung der Alpen-Adria-
Universität Klagenfurt, Graz, Wien
Schottenfeldgasse 29/4
1070 Vienna
E: angelika.brechelmacher@uni-klu.ac.at

Mgr. Margit Březnová
RNDr. Bronislava Milinková
Český svaz žen, jihomoravská krajská organizace
Řehořova 5
61800 Brno
Czech Republic
E: margitmarch@volny.cz
E: milsoft@volny.cz

Dr. Maria Chaloupkova
Združenie žien Slovenska
Safarikovo nam. 4
811 04 Bratislava
E: maria.chaloupkova@gmail.com

Aykut Erarslan
Çiğli Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Vakfı

Sosyal Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Vakfi,
Cigli Kaymakamligi K5 N0:514 Cigli
35590 Izmir
E: aykute@hotmail.com

Mag. Maria Goldstein
Mag. Małgorzata Uptas
Obszary Kultury
Krzemieniecka 2a
94-030 Lodz
E: mgold@math.uni.lodz.pl

Anette Kindahl
Norrköpings stadsmuseum
Västgötegatan 19-21
602 21 Norrköping
E: Anette.kindahl@norrkoping.se

Rita Zaltsman, PhD
Institut für interkulturelle Kompetenz (IIK) e.V.
Augsburgerstr. 15
72760 Reutlingen
E: rzaltzma@yahoo.de

3) At the end of the book there will be a short description of all persons
involved into the book:

Please send some characteristics (3-5 lines) for each person in your
team who worked for the book.

DEADLINE: 25.3.2011

Example for Austria (5 Persons):
Angelika Brechelmacher, Vienna, is a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Science
Communication and Higher Education Research. She has worked for years in
intercultural, biographical projects and published several video documentaries on
women's biographies. She coordinated the Grundtvig learning partnership
“Impulse 50+”.

Gert Dressel, Vienna, …

Silvia Edtinger, Vienna, …

Ayseli Frosch, Vienna, …

Petra Lepschi, Vienna, …

4) Title

We have agreed with the following title for our book:

Hidden stories – female live paths in Europe
Hidden stories – female live paths across Europe (as Aykut suggests. I
looked for it in the internet. They translate it into German with: in ganz Europa.
Please ask native speakers about it. So I am going to do.

5) Introduction

To sum up the process of preparing our book and show the cooperation for the
book, please, could you give me a picture of your impressions along the following
questions? DEADLINE: 3th April 2011

a) What were the most important impressions for me when I worked
with the method of the biographical interview?

b) We have been working hard on our book. It will have many editors,
different languages … Why is it important for me and my team
- to publish this book
- in that way: together with partners of 6 other countries,
- in different languages.

c) Target group: Who will / can / should read this book?

d) Ideas / experiences / thoughts I would like to add …

I hope Gert will write 2-3 pages on the method of biographically interviewing.

I hope aswell we get a foreword from the Austrian National Agency.

6) Credits: Please send the names of those persons whom you would like to
thank for supporting the publication of the book. DEADLINE: 3th April 2011

7) Website

Please send fotos, texts or other impressions of our meeting to Rita. Maria Ch.
Could you, please, send the Powerpoint presentation of your colleague in Malacky
to Rita (Slovakian Union of Physically Disabled People?)

8) Work plan - book

   a)   15th April: Introduction is written
   b)   15th – 30th April: Correction phase for the whole text
   c)   Begin of May: Text is completed and all corrections are done
   d)   Finishing by Petra
   e)   10 days for the print

9) Printing costs and publication

We decided to print some exemplars of the book in CZ, SK or Poland. Petra is
going to send the print definition for the print shop to Maria Ch., Brona and Maria

Number of printed exemplars per country:

Sweden:        0
Cech Rep.:    50 (or as many as they can print until 500 €
Germany:      20 ??
Turkey:        5
Slovakia:     20-25
Austria:      20
Poland:        0

Sum: 120 books

All partners get the book as well in pdf-version and/or locked pdf-version.

10) Publication on the Web

Interviewees of Austria, Slovakia and Cech Republic don’t want to be published
on the Web with their full names.
I am sending you a declaration of agreement in German, that you can translate
into your language and that your interviewees should sign.

This declaration includes in what way the names of the interviewees will be
published (full name or abbreviated name as “Irmgard S.”
Or should we abbreviate all names?

The full version of the book will not be published in the Web.
Only Cover and introduction will be published in the European Treasure Share
and on our website.

Those who disseminate a pdf-version are only allowed to disseminate a locked
version, which can be used in the same way as a book.

Petra is collecting information about ways to lock a pdf. If her Adobe-version is
able to lock documents she will generate a locked version. She won’t buy any
new software for this purpose! In that case we can’t disseminate pdf-versions.

Please confirm your agreement with this proceeding or write in an all around-
email to the project team your counter-arguments, because I am not sure if I
summarize the up-to-date decision of our discussion in Bratislava.

11) Copyright

The whole project team holds the copyright of our book.
If your organisation uses contracts or forms we could adapt for a contract
between all of us, please send it to me. The legal department of the University
could check it. We decided to sign a contract in Poland.

12) Planning the last meeting in Lodz, 9-12 June 2011

Workshop Maria Chaloupková:
  - Gender and Equality
  - Reconcilability of family and work / work-life-balance

Workshop Maria Goldstein: Presentation and discussion of the book “Cela”

Workshop for learners: Grandmothers who write – in this workshop learners
   write texts for finishing our website.

Work unit for coordinators: Final report.


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