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					Al Lautenslager Presents: Direct Marketing For Profits

Americans spend over $528 billion annually in
response to direct marketing. If you want to
reap your share of those profits then you will
want to hear what Al has to say about Direct
Marketing. Al’s latest book, The Ultimate Guide
To Direct Marketing offers hot new direct
marketing ideas and a fresh twist on old
favorites. This presentation is a one stop
solution for business owners, professionals and
organizations of all types who want to get the
right message to the right target for the best results.

Al will cover:

   Why direct mail is still important but it’s not what it used to be.
   How to locate and select the right marketing target.
   The formats of direct mail within the budget and reach of small
    businesses and organizations.
   Using e-mail as a direct marketing tool.
   Yogi Berra’s tips on direct marketing
   What the most important component of a direct mail campaign is
   How to improve direct e-mail
   How to find that instant list for your target market
   The most popular direct marketing vehicles
   How a postcard generates a response in 90 seconds
   Direct e-mail common mistakes
   How to get email messages opened
   Real live examples that pulled double digit response
   The most powerful words that stimulate action and response
   All about deadlines and using senses of urgencies
   Offers that work and offers that wont work

"Effective direct marketing is the key to business survival, growth
and success," Al states, "and right here (Direct Marketing For
Profits) is the journey." Starting at ground zero, this book cuts a
swath though the jungle of marketing madness, and outlines an
effective plan of attack focused on the day-by-day implementation
of key marketing fundamentals.
Gleaned from The Ultimate Guide to Direct Marketing, part of
Entrepreneur Magazine’s highly acclaimed Success Series of books,
Direct Marketing for Profits delivers a powerful summary of
essential direct marketing tactics and cuts to the heart of Direct
Marketing, while taking readers to levels of success they may have
deemed unreachable.

                    Meet Al Lautenslager:
                    Al Lautenslager is an award winning marketing/PR
                    consultant, direct mail promotion specialist, author,
                    speaker and entrepreneur. He is the best-selling co-
                    author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days and his latest
                    book is the Ultimate Guide to Direct Marketing.

                    His businesses have helped hundreds succeed in their
own businesses. He is the principal of a Market For Profits, a Chicago based
marketing consulting firm and also the president and owner of a small
business, The Ink Well, a commercial printing and mailing company in
Wheaton, IL. Al recently appeared on radio, as a marketing expert to review
Super Bowl commercials. He has also appeared on TV.

Al has started up businesses and closed them down. He has walked the walk
of a guerrilla marketer. He is a multi-winner of business of the year awards
from various organizations. His articles can be seen on over 50 online sites in
addition to being a featured business coach for the online site of
Entrepreneur Magazine,

A member of USA Today's small business panel, and a certified Guerrilla
Marketing coach, Lautenslager is also a much-in-demand speaker on the
subject of marketing. Recently, Fast Company Magazine announced that
Lautenslager is a finalist for its annual Fast 50, "ordinary people doing
extraordinary things" as "leaders, innovators and technology pioneers".

Al speaks to audiences wanting to learn more about building their businesses
through low or no cost marketing tactics. Many in his audiences leave with
strategies and tactics they can use the same day as they hear them.
His leadership has extended to his involvement into the community, has been
on the board of directors of six non-profit organizations, including two
chambers of commerce and is currently president-elect of the National
Speakers Association - IL.

Jay Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, had this to say about Al: “Al
Lautenslager is a true guerrilla marketer with a passion for marketing that is
second to none. His strong desire and uncanny ability to share his knowledge
and experiences results in others being successful.” It was this inspiration
that joined the two together to develop, Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days.

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