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									           OCTOBER 6. 1980

                                                                                                            mentioned? I find it incredible that an article
  Letters are welcomed for publication. The
                                                      former member of the same church. Let me
                                                      say now that I do not believe that the major-
                                                      ity of Seventh-day Adventists would agree
                                                      with the statements Mr. Martsch made con-
                                                                                                            in a Christian paper talking about a Christian
                                                                                                            education totally omits Christ. I'm disap-
                                                                                                                                         Sharon Zumwalt
editor reserves the right to reject letters and       cerning Ellen White, or her writings.
where necessary, to edit for continuity and              My main objection to the above-                                              Walla Walla, Wash.
space requirements. Letters must be signed            mentioned letter is the statement that "to
and should not be over 250 words in length            accept the writings of Mrs. E. G. White is to               We don't feel every article in the
except, where, in the editor's discretion, more       accept the Bible, while to reject them is to          GLEANER has to mention God or His Son
space is available. Address letters to Editor,        reject the Bible." ( Testimonies. Vol. 5, p. 98)      Jesus Christ. Perhaps it might be better if they
Box 16677, Portland, OR 97216.                           I strongly disagree with Martsch's state-          did. There are, however, three references,
                                                      ment because he is saying that all those who          "Christian teachers," "Christian educa-
                                                      do not accept her writings will not, or do not,       tion," "Christian school." We feel this aspect
                                                      accept the Holy Bible. Nothing could be               has not been neglected.
   I just received my Sept. 1 issue. I was            further from the truth! He goes on further to
reading the letters and Ted Martsch's letter          say that before Christ comes, everyone in the
really had my attention. It also made me              world will decide his or her destiny by how              Thank you so much for your support in our
think and I discovered that the last part "be-        they accept these messages (of E. G. White)           recent visit to the States, for the homes
fore Christ comes everyone in the world will          which God has given in these last days                opened, hearts opened, and pocketbooks,
decide his or her destiny by how they accept          through the writings of Mrs. E. G. White.             too. Special thanks to Elder Aufderhar in
these messages which God has given in these              According to Mr. Martsch, no one will              arranging for our slides program at our AAA
last days through the writings of E. G.               make it to heaven unless they accept the              Camp Meeting. Many thanks, also, to those
White" is prophesying.                                writings of Mrs. E. G. White as equal to, or          of you who are helping the School of the
   We must ever remember "to the law and to           superior to, the Holy Bible. Also it would            Plains on a regular basis and those whose
the testimony: if they speak not according to         appear that according to him the Seventh-             hearts are here with us.
this word, . . . there is no light in them."          day Adventists are the only ones who will                Thank you. Elder Mel Rees, for your
   We as individuals must study what the              make it to heaven! I strongly disagree with           ministry at camp meeting, for your dedica-
prophets of this day in our churches are say-         such radicalism. See what Jesus had to say to         tion to missions, for your hospitality and
ing.                                                  John concerning those who were casting out            your generosity.
   I always appreciate my mind's being                devils in the name of Jesus, but who were not            Thank you, GLEANER, for giving us
drawn back to what the scriptures say. We             of their group. (Mark 9:38-39; see also Luke          space to express thanks from our students
must ever be watchful of blind trust in some-         9:49-50) Need I say more?                             and faculty alike.
one else's study of God's word. There is a               Your brother in Christ Jesus, and a                   We are not yet out of the woods, but the
message for each one of us by the power of            member of the Open Bible Church. Thank                Lord knows our needs.
the Holy Spirit.                                      you.                                                                                 Charlie Klinke
   Surely, our Father will not let us down.                                       Leonard E. Davis                                  Correo Aereo 2156
With a desire for truth and a prayerful study                                        Medford, Ore.                                  Villavecencio Meta
of God's word, by the power of the Holy                                                                                        Colombia, South America
Spirit, we will know what is truth.
                                 Kathy Joyner             The letter from Mr. Martsch led me to do
                                Gresham, Ore.         some investigation. His quotation from Tes-
                                                      timonies, vol. 5, p. 98, is quite incorrect. It
                                                      speaks of accepting the testimonies of Jesus;                 FROM THE EDITOR
   I wish to take exception to a letter which         are the testimonies of Jesus limited solely to           During October, when the fall colors
appeared in the Sept. 1 GLEANER. The let-             the writings of Mrs. White, or is she the only
ter in question was signed by Ted Martsch.                                                                  are at their brilliant best, many Advent-
                                                      source of the Spirit of Prophecy as his quote
My wife is a member of the Medford                    from Testimonies, vol. 8, p. 298, would ap-           ists travel the New England states
Seventh-day Adventist Church, and I am a              pear? Read on in the paragraph he quoted              where the beginnings of the denomina-
                                                      from and it states, "God has spoken to us             tion can still be noted.
                                                      through His word. ..." 1 fear many of us as a            A favorite visiting place is the white
                                                      people have forgotten the purpose of Mrs.
                                                      White and her instructions to us about the            frame church in the township of Wash-
                                                      use of her writings.                                  ington, N.H. This church is considered
         I NORTH PACIFIC UNION CONFERENCE                 "The testimonies of Sister White should           the birthplace of the first Sabbathkeep-
                            (USPS 394-560)            not be carried to the front. God's Word is the        ing Adventist congregation.
                                                      unerring standard. The testimonies are not to
  Address all correspondence to:                      take the place of the Word. . . . Let all prove          Located adjacent to the church is a
  GLEANER.                                            their positions from the Scriptures and sub-          cemetery where many of the early Ad-
  North Pacific Union Conference                      stantiate every point they claim as truth from        ventist pioneers are buried.
  P.O. Box 16677. Portland. OR 97216                  the revealed Word of God." (Evangelism, p.               Carrol! Farnsworth, who lives in
  (503)255-7300                                       256.)
                                                          She is not to be a sign of ourallegiance with     Walla Walla, sent us a picture of the
  October 6, 1980       Vol. 75, Number 19
                                                      God; in fact. "The Bible, and the Bible alone,        cemetery where many of his relatives
  Editor. Morten Juberg                               is to be our creed, the sole bond of union,           are buried. His grandfather Cyrus was
  Assistant Editor. Ed Schwisow                        . . ." (Selected Messages, vol. 1, p. 416.)          21 years of age in 1844 and three years
  Published by the North Pacific Union                    I fear by misquotations such as in this last
  Conference of Seventh-day Adventists                letter we are apt to use Mrs. White as a snare        later married Delight Oakes, daughter
                                                      for many, to lead us away from God, not as            of Rachel Oakes Preston, who brought
  Please Note—Every reasonable effort is
  made to screen both editorial and adver-            the light that points to Him that she is.             the Sabbath knowledge to the early be-
  tising materials and to avoid error in this             One reference that was used is relevant,          lievers.
  publication. But the North Pacific Union            now, as never before—God gives us a choice
                                                      to learn present truth. If we reject it, it will be      Farnsworth writes that he was born in
  Conference GLEANER does not accept                                                                        1884 and joined the Washington Church
  responsibility for categorical or typo-             our fault if we are lost in the time of trouble.
  graphical errors, nor for advertisers"              (Selected Messages, vol. 1, p. 40.)                   in 1902, where he still retains his mem-
  Claims.                    Lilho U.S.A.   CP29764
                                                                                      Mrs. Kathy Cox        bership.
                                                                                        Gresham, Ore.
  Second-class postage paid at College
  Place. Washington. Published semi-
  monthly at Color Press. Subscription. $6               I am writing concerning the article " It Can
  per year.                                           Be Done! WWC Student Proves Christian                    A reader writes asking where edible
                                                      Education Is Obtainable" in the Aug. 18               soybeans can be purchased. If you have
  POSTMASTERS: Send form 3579 to                      issue of GLEANER. Cheng's achievements
  North Pacific Union GLEANER, P.O. Box               are certainly praiseworthy. And it can be             any information, contact Henry Na-
  397, College Place. Washington 99324.               appreciated that he acknowledged the others           tions, 1437 NE. D St., Grants Pass, OR
                                                      who helped him. However, where is God                 97526.
GLEANER October 6. 1980 page 2
      1,000 Lay Bible Ministers for Christ and His Church
                                                         By Richard D. Fearing
                                                        President, North Pacific
                                                           Union Conference

    The world meets infinity in the               matter whether you use an open Bi-         What would it be like if 1,000 Lay
 human soul. There is nothing more                ble, the new 20th Century Bible les-       Bible Ministers in the North Pacific
 appropriate than to work with minds              sons, the Dukane Encounter ma-             Union Conference would win four
 — to change minds that were im-                  chine, the New Life-Spirit television      souls to Christ and His church each
 mersed in worldly aspirations and                series, or other proven or unproven        year?
 turn them in favor of Christ and His             series of instruction. If a person en-         I think I know. Our present church
 eternal kingdom. There is an almost                                                         structures would soon be packed.
 irresistible call to find one's true                                                        New churches and companies would
 spiritual self by giving one's mind to                                                      come into existence even more
 study and exposure to others who                                                            rapidly than now. Pastors,
 are seeking (consciously or uncon-                                                          evangelists, Bible instructors and
 sciously) for a new pathway in life.             Richard D. Fearing                         interns would have their hands full
    In the next few months, each con-                                                        "binding off' interested people. The
 ference in the North Pacific Union                                                          church would still have problems but
 Conference will be structuring and                                                          they would seem rather insignificant.
 increasing programs that will assist                                                        Satan would be very angry for the
 intelligent, balanced and dedicated                                                         last thing he wants is a STRONG lay
 individuals in becoming Lay Bible                joys being with people and is not          movement among God's remnant
 Ministers. The Lord is calling by His             afraid to make some mistakes on the       people.
 Spirit those who would "live, eat,               way to victory for Christ, there will          If there is a desire in your heart to
 sleep and breathe" soul-winning en-              open a field of ministry that will be so   be a Lay Bible Minister and you are
 deavors — those who will find un-                fascinating and rewarding as to sur-       willing to pay the price of study, re-
 usual pleasure in presenting the plan             pass all other callings.                  hearsal, defeat, observation and per-
 of Christ to many in the Pacific                     Someday there will be a strong lay     severance, please join your Confer-
 Northwest.                                        movement that will move mightily          ence LBM training program. Your
    The basic idea is to find a method             across North America impelled and          life-style will change but you will
 that suits your personality and to               empowered by the Holy Spirit. This         grow as a practicing Christian as you
 develop those traits of witnessing                movement will dovetail with and           "give away" your faith in Him and
 that will reach and win men and                   complement the work now going on          tell others what Jesus has done for
 women for Christ. It doesn't really               in our churches and institutions.         you!

                                                                                              "Mom, I love you."
                                                            Deserted Mother                      I shouldn't feel lost; I've had eight
                                    * aaf   p=s       I've looked at the photo album,         years of their lives to myself. Even
                                                    walked through the house a half           though I was tempted now and then
                                                    dozen times, seeking something that       to get a job because of finances or
                                                    won't be here anymore — the pres-         boredom, for me it has been the right
Horttn JBbcrtt. P.O. t
                                                    ence of children day in and day out.      choice to stay home with Shad and
                                                       My daughter Syann left me today        Syann. When I go out looking for a
                                                    for a new and exciting life as a          job, my resume will look very bare,
                                                    schoolgirl. Her brother Shad left for     but my heart will be filled with
                                                    school last year. That was easier to       memories. I thank God for giving me
                                                    handle for I still had Syann attached      my two memory makers.
                                                    to my apron strings. Today is a day I        I'm going to meander on outside
                                                    knew would come. No more little girl       and maybe mow the yard. It might be
                                                    to say "Mom, when's lunch?"                lunch time when I'm finished.
                                                    "When's Shad coming home?" "I'm                                    Susan Skinner
                                                    bored. Let's go somewhere."                              Sedro Woolley, Wash.

                                                                                  About the Cover
                                                       The setting for the tranquil scene on the GLEANER cover is in the Tumwater
   *rr"'iTcn-J""uh«      _____^T\                    Canyon, east of Stevens Pass in central Washington. Photographer Ken Stewart,
                                                     Kirkland, Wash., writes that it was taken in the middle of October, late evening.
                                                     Stewart, a native Washingtonian, is a graduate of Walla Walla College and is vice
                                                     president and manager of a polyester coating firm.

                                                                                                      GLEANER October 6, 1980 page
          Ten-Year Tradition:                                                                         present group, came to Woodland in
                                                                                                       1907 looking for a farm to buy.
                                                                                                         "This is the place I've seen in my
    Cedar Creek, Woodland Members                                                                      dreams," he said, when he purchased
                                                                                                      the property on which the camp meeting
                                                                                                      is now held.
       Hold Annual Camp Meeting                                                                          Evangelistic meetings in 1916 were
                                                                                                      the means of bringing Adventist beliefs
                                                                                                      to the area, and Levi Swanberg was
                                   By Marten Juberg                                                   among those baptized. At first, church
                                                                                                      services were held in members' homes,
   Towering cedar trees form the walls.                                                               but later they built a church on the knoll
Between the branches, worshipers look                                                                 where the present sanctuary stands.
upward and catch glimpses of the blue                                                                 The new church was dedicated in 1960.
sky, the ceiling for the cedar cathedral.                                                                When Levi Swanberg died, his prop-
   Appropriately enough, looking                                                                      erty was divided among his children.
through imaginary picture windows,                                                                    His legacy lives on as worshipers enjoy
one gazes on the peacefully flowing                                                                   the wooded setting that he loved so
Cedar Creek. This is the site for the                                                                 much.
annual Woodland-Cedar Creek camp
meeting, held annually in this sylvan
setting for the past decade.
   Cedar Creek member Bob Swanberg             Dr. Richard Hammill, a retired General Con-
makes the location available for the           ference vice-president, was the Sabbath speaker
                                               for the camp meeting.
camp meeting, one of a half dozen simi-
lar, relatively unnoticed sessions which          He has a weekly Bible class in his
are held throughout the Northwest.             home, made up mostly of university
   The tranquil park area in southwest-        students who don't have much knowl-
ern Washington attracted more than 400         edge of the Scriptures.
visitors on a recent weekend. Oregon              Dr. Richard Hammill, recently re-
Conference Secretary Rankin Wentland           tired General Conference vice presi-
opened the Friday night service with a         dent, spoke during the morning worship
slide presentation on his recent               services, as well as at a Sabbath after-
Vietnam-Cambodia trip.                         noon program. Dr. Hammill now makes
   Visitors received another first-hand        his home near Olympia, Wash.
report on Sabbath from Lenny and Ann               A music program utilizing area talent              Pastor Michael Petricko baptized six young
Atkins, who told about their experi-           filled in the early Sabbath afternoon                  people as a climax to the camp meeting.
ences in Nairobi, Kenya. They serve as         hours, while the entire camp meeting
house parents for Maxwell Adventist            was climaxed with a baptism of six
Academy and he pastors the 1,000-              young people by the Woodland-Cedar
member church in Nairobi.                      Creek pastor, Michael Petricko.
   Speaking of the hunger for knowledge            Mrs. Elaine Swanberg, a Cedar Creek
in Africa, Atkins said, "It's a pleasure       member, provided the visitors with a
to pass out literature because people are      glimpse of the history of Adventists in
eager to get material to read."                the area. Levi Swanberg, father of the
Marten Juberg is editor of the

                                                                                                      A glimpse of mission life in Kenya was pro-
                                                                                                      vided by Lenny and Ann Atkins.

The Cedar Creek-Woodland camp meeting
was held on the property of Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Swanberg. Behind them is the peaceful
stream, Cedar Creek, for which the area is     With a backdrop of tall cedar trees, visitors to the
named. The Swanbergs are wearing leis given    Cedar Creek-Woodland camp meeting enjoyed
to them by their granddaughters who just re-   Sabbath services out of doors.
turned from a visit to Hawaii.

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 4
                                                                                              began to pound loudly as she walked
                                                                                              toward me. I was still holding my breath
            "Through the Eyes of a Child'                                                     and that wouldn't last much longer.
                                                                                                  "As the lady, a Mrs. Reid, began to
                                                                                              talk about the skunk, my heart slowed
                                       By Linda McCabe                                        down and I could hear her say it was a
                                                                                              pet and it wouldn't smell up the room or
       "I was kinda scared to go to Vacation         "We learned a song about praying. It     me. Whew! Out came my breath. I
    Bible School 'cause the church looked         says we can pray morning, noon and          could breathe again!
    so big and I didn't know anyone. But my       night and God will hear and answer us.          "During the two weeks at VBS, we
    Mom said I should go 'cause it was sup-       This was new to me 'cause we don't          were also visited by a ferrett, a boa con-
    posed to be fun. I had my doubts, having      pray at my house. It's a nice feeling,      strictor, a talking bird, a tarantula, an
    never been before.                            though. My Mom and Dad don't listen         alligator and a duck. I learned God made
       "Come Monday morning I got up and          to me much so now I can tell everything     all of these and they used to be friendly
    got ready.. . very slowly. My Mom kept        to God.                                     to people all the time.
    hurrying me 'cause some lady I didn't            "We learned the pledges, some more           "I liked craft time. I made a recipe
    even know was coming to pick me up            new fun songs, sang some old songs and      holder for Mom, wind chimes out of
    and that didn't make me too happy.            heard stories about God's creation. Do      ceramics to put on the patio, a potholder
    When she came, she already had a car-         you know it took God only seven days?        and a seahorse out of different shapes of
    load of strange kids. They were bounc-           "Then we marched back downstairs          macaroni.
    ing up and down and yelling at each           to our room. Upstairs they told us if we        "Then we got to go out on the front
    other. But I get carsick so I sat very         came six days to VBS we would get a         lawn and have a glass ofjuice. The apple
,   quiet. Besides, I was still scared.            book of 20 stories called, What             was my favorite. It made me feel so
       "We parked near the church and             Stopped the Music? Now that I know           good, except when I spillsd it in my
    went in through a big doorway. All at                                                      shoe.
    once I found myself talking with a smil-                                                       "Then it was time for the goodbye
    ing, kind-looking lady. (I figured if they                                                 prayer. The teacher asked God to watch
    smiled they must be nice.) She asked me                                                    over us until we came back. That made
    my name, address, phone number and                                                         me feel good inside. We were given let-
    some other things that were put on a                                                       ters for our Moms and Dads. Teacher
    small white card. Then she put a name                                                      said it wasn't fair for Mom and Dad not
    tag on me so everyone would know my                                                        to have a Vacation Bible School so they
    name.                                                                                      were going to get a "Home VBS
       "In another room, I was introduced                                                      Course." I took home a package of
    to my teacher and other children. I'm                                                       Bible studies for them. If my Mom and
    not so scared anymore. My room has                                                          Dad finished them by my graduation
    trees and grass and flowers — kinda'                                                       night they'd get to graduate, too. There
    like being in a park. Some trees even                                                       were only six lessons, so it wouldn't be
     have fruit on them.                                                                        so hard.
       "A lady with pretty red hair came by                                                        "The days went too fast. Soon it was
     and asked the teacher to get us ready.                                                     my graduation night. I was so proud as
     (For what, I didn't know. So I kept my                                                     we marched in and took our places, in
     eyes and ears open!) There were lots of                                                    front of all the parents. I carried a flag.
     nice teachers who came to line us up.                                                      After all, what's there to be scared of?
     This seemed to be a busy job. Someone                                                      We led our families in saying the pledges
     was always getting out of line and we                                                      and then Pastor Ray Erwin gave our
     kids were busy being happy. I found out                                                    theme talk. Listening to his talk gave
     we were going upstairs for what they                                                       our parents an idea of what we had been
     called General Assembly.                     this, I'm gonna come every day and put
                                                  the sticker by my name. I like that.          learning these two weeks.
        "As quietly as we could we marched                                                         "Each room had a special part in the
                                                     "We each got our own workbook to
     upstairs to a big room. They called it the                                                 program. Some sang songs and recited
                                                  write and color in each day after our
     San-chew-airy. They played 'Onward,          stories about God. If it was too hard to      poems. Others recited the Ten Com-
     Christian Soldiers' and I thought, 'Hey,     do, our teachers helped us. Then we           mandments from memory.
     I know that song!'                           went back to our special chairs. This             "The littlest children came in with
        "We found ourselves sitting on long       was exciting 'caase our teacher would          sunbeam masks and singing about being
     benches where our legs could swing back      always say, 'Turn around and look on           God's Sunbeams.
     and forth. Some of the kids were really      the back of your chair.' If we had a boy          "Next year, I'm going to come again
     brave. They carried flags and said           sticker, we would get a balloon. If we         and bring my friends. I'm going to tell
     pledges in front of everyone and seemed      had a bird sticker, we would get a pen-       them there's nothing to be scared of."
     to like doing it. I might try that on        cil. Each day the prizes changed. Every
     another day, but for now I'm happy           kid got a prize.
     where I am.                                      "One day I was sitting quietly in my
    Linda McCabe was the director of the          chair listening to the teacher when the
    Klamath Falls VBS.                             door opened. In walked a lady with a
                                                   skunk! My first thought was to hold my
                                                   nose and get out fast, but the skunk was
                                                   at the only door to the room! My heart

                                                                                                       GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 5
                                                                                              enrollment of 25! Also, she found one
     The Dalles Members Hold Their                                                            more young mother interested in taking
                                                                                              the Five-Day Plan that Pastor and Mrs.
                                                                                              Letcher and Dr. Paul Lim were con-
     VBS up the River, 30 Miles Away                                                          ducting.
                                                                                                 Even the prejudice of the janitor was
                                                                                              overcome and he allowed his own chil-
                                   By Winona Letcher                                          dren to attend. Several times he en-
                                                                                              gaged in a serious Bible discussion with
   Members of The Dalles, Ore., Church          problem solved, it was full steam ahead.      Pastor Letcher.
parted with tradition this year and held           The VBS leader, Joan Bunch, wanted            By the end of the second week, en-
their Vacation Bible School at Rufus —          to go to Rufus early to get the rooms         rollment had grown to 42. The night of
a small town of 300 population 30 miles         ready since the janitor said he couldn't      the graduation program, all the children
east up the Columbia River. Rufus is in         have the rooms ready until 7 a.m. of the      brought their parents and the small
Sherman County — one of the few re-             morning VBS was to begin. He was less         cafeteria room was full of excited chil-
maining "dark" counties in Oregon.              than enthusiastic about the success of        dren wanting to show them all of the
   The conference health van, which             an Adventist VBS there, probably be-          good things they had made at VBS.
was in The Dalles in May, is indirectly         cause he was an active member of                The wonders of God's Creation were
responsible.                                    another denomination.                         enacted, with some of the children rep-
   Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sullivan from               Monday morning came. The rooms             resenting stars, others trees and flow-
Rufus visited the van that day. After           were ready at 9:30 a.m. There were            ers, and there were even a miniature
being tested on the pulmonary function          seven children from The Dalles and 12         Adam and Eve! And how they all sang!
machine, both told Pastor Robert                adult and teenage workers. Would there           It was very exciting for those who had
Letcher that they would like to quit            be anyone else? Sure enough, Mrs. Sul-        worked so hard to make the VBS a suc-
smoking. Pastor Letcher suggested the           livan came with her three children and a      cess to see how the prejudice (or was it
Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking and               sister-in-law to take the Five-Day Plan       just lack of interest?) of the previous
they expressed an interest in attending         with her. Soon two more children came.        week had changed to appreciation.
one when possible.                              Would that be all who would respond              And what about the Sullivans? Mr.
   In a few weeks, Pastor Letcher de-           from all the invitations that were passed     Sullivan told his wife that if she gave up
cided to call on the Sullivans in Rufus.        out on a previous Sabbath and the post-       tobacco, he would, too. Perhaps the fol-
As a result, the idea was born of holding       ers and newspaper articles? What was          lowing note of appreciation from Mrs.
the VBS and a Five-Day Plan at the              wrong?                                        Sullivan and the others who took the
same time for any interested smoking               Mrs. Sullivan went to work and             Five-Day Plan will tell the story:
mothers. However, there was one big             rounded up some more children, and by                "Please tell everyone who came to
problem. In a small town with no public         the end of the week, there was a total            Rufus to teach our children and who
auditorium, where could it be held? The                                                           gave so much of themselves that we
pastor found out that in former years                                                             all said, 'Thank you.' Also thank you
other churches had used the public                                                                all for your support and kindness
elementary school for Vacation Bible                                                              when we gave up and got rid of Lord
Schools.                                                                                          Nicotine. (The ladies didn't want to
  When The Dalles Sabbath School                                                                  call tobacco Lady Nicotine.) Sure
superintendent Wally Stewart and the                                                              hope you will be back next year.
pastor contacted the Rufus school prin-                                                           Bless you all."
cipal, he was cooperative. With that
                                                                                                 Will this be all? Not if we can find a
Winona Letcher is the wife of The                                                             place to hold a Story Hour on Sabbath
Dalles Pastor Robert Letcher.                                          __________             afternoons. Since other obstacles were
                                                A participant in the Rufus VBS closing pro-   overcome, this one surely will, also.

Instigator of the Five-Day Plan to Stop Smok-
ing being held in connection with the Rufus
Vacation Bible School was Charlotte (Mrs.       Susie Warden, left, and Jill Stanton of the conference VBS team, Joan Bunch, director, and
Norman) Sullivan.                               Terry Bergren, with guitar, lead Rufus VBS song service.

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 6
                Vacation Bible Schools Provide
             Evangelistic Opportunities in Northwest
*    EDITOR'S NOTE:                                 the giant collages they made while they          dren who wish to take it.
        Each summer scores of Vacation              repeated verses pertaining to God's                                 Marguerite Knauft
     Bible Schools add spice to the run-of-         creation.                                        _    .     Communication Secretary
    the-mill activities of Advent is t                 Of course, songs played a major part          Eagle
»   churches in the Northwest.                      in both the activities of the week and the          The Eagle Church recently com-
        In times past these schools may have        Friday night program. Judy Moore                 pleted a successful week of Vacation
    been regarded as substitute babysitters         guided the craft program with help from          Bible School. More than 100 children
    for busy parents who were only too glad         Carol Goatley and Delma Moore as well            enrolled in the school and 20 adults at-
     to move children away from underfoot.          as the rest of the staff. Is VBS impor-          tended the Family Life Seminar.
        This is no longer the case. Today,          tant? If you come to Kenai, Alaska, you             The theme "God's Wonderful
    practically every VBS has plans for             will agree that it is and that it always will    World," under the direction of Sharlene
I   follow-up, an organized plan to con-            be.                                              Guille and Sheral Poland, assisted by
     tinue the contact with the children and                                                         Fran Venable, musical director, and
     their parents.                                                                                  Nancy Robinson, pianist, was further
I       For many churches, the VBS has be-                        IDAHO                              enhanced by a large free-turning world
     come a fruitful means of evangelism.                                                            that hung above the rostrum by a heavy
        Following are reports submitted to             Twenty-two Vacation Bible schools             cord tied to the ceiling beam.
     the GLEA NER regarding schools held            were conducted by Idaho Adventist                    A little forest with God's animals
     this summer.                                   churches this past summer, according
                                                                                                     provided the background giving further
                                                    to a report from James B. Gray, Sabbath
                                                                                                     evidence of God's wonderful love in
                                                    School director.
                                                                                                      creating the world. Although God took
                ALASKA                                 Of the 1,053 youngsters enrolled, 723
                                                    were nonmembers. Giving assistance in
                                                                                                     only six days to create His world, it took
                                                                                                      Howard and Fran Venable, LeRoy and
    Kenai                                           the VBS sessions were 281 people.                 Sharlene Guille and Jan Larmer nearly
       The Kenai Church just completed a                                                             three weeks to finish their world.
    successful Vacation Bible School. One           Weiser                                               Each night Christian character vir-
    hundred percent of the church family                                                              tues were reflected by a story from
                                                      More than 70 children attended the
    participated in the preparation and pre-                                                          Pastor Heitzmann. Live animals were
                                                    Weiser VBS which was held for two
    sentation of the program. Twenty-six                                                              used to emphasize the type of virtue
                                                    weeks this summer. A follow-up corre-
    children attended each day.                                                                       portrayed.
                                                    spondence course is planned for chil-
       Doris Gibbs and Lillian Cornish led a                                                             The Family Life Seminar taught by
    lively song service followed by the                                                               Harold and Nelma Drake and Ben and
    theme discussion presented by Carol                                                               Bev Rue, marriage counselors in Boise,
    Grizzell. Next came lesson time with                                                              was outstanding. The couples taught
    Julie Brown leading out in the kinder-                                                            communication between husband and
    garten.                                                                                           wife, parents and children, what to do
       On Friday night, the children pre-                                                             with anger, temperament, parenting and
    sented a program where a tree, a fish, a                                                          self-worth. Open discussions and
    star, a flower and a lion proclaimed                                                              question-and-answer periods were
    "God made me."                                                                                    held.
       Carol Grizzell led the primary divi-                                                              Following the close of the program,
    sion through seven days of creation and                                                            members, parents, guests and visitors
    Mary Lynn Grizzell's juniors displayed          Weiser VBS                                         were invited to partake of refreshments
                                                                                                       and fellowship.
                                                                                                         A follow-up to VBS entitled "Candid

                                                                                                     Leader Elaine Warner, assisted by Gladys
     The children's group who participated in the Kenai VBS. On Friday night, all but two children   Sparks, instructs children in the kindergar-
     were on hand for the program.                                                                   ten division of the Eagle VBS.

                                                                                                             GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 7
Camera Just for You" was presented                                                           Delores Rummel and Sheryl Kulhanek
the end of July. This was a slide presen-                                                    taught the craft classes. Lauri Baird had
tation of VBS in action.                                                                     charge of the refreshments. The pro-
                       Dorothe Johnson                                                       gram was well attended by children and
              Communication Secretary                                                        parents. A story hour has been planned
                                                                                             to follow the interests.
Elgin, Ore.                                                                                                              Mabel Jones
   Vacation Bible School held at the                                                                 Sabbath School Superintendent
Elgin Church was successful with Bon-
nie Way as coordinator assisted by
Pastor Garey Gantz and others. The at-
tendance held up well with about 30            Karen States, left, and Nancy States helped
                                               with the crafts at the Payette VBS.              Montana continues to reach out
children. The action songs taught to the
children by the pastor created a lot of        meant in my life." Truly, Vacation            through the ever-growing child
interest and activity. Bible and nature        Bible School can be a soul-winning            evangelism program. The Sabbath
stories were enjoyed by all. The charac-       agency.                                       School Evangelism Department an-
ters in the Bible stories of creation                                James B. Gray           nounced that Montana saw the best
seemed to come to life as they were                         Sabbath School Director          VBS results in conference history this
taught by the leaders and teachers of                             Idaho Conference           past summer.
each division.                                                                                  There were 27 schools reported with
   Arts and craft classes, taught by             An average of 127 children attended         total enrollment of 1,126 young people.
Kathy Michel, yielded many attractive          daily during the Vacation Bible School        According to current church growth ex-
items which the children were delighted        held recently at the Payette Church.          perts, one strong indicator of church
to take home with them.                          Children ages 4 through 12 met from 9       growth is the number of non-Adventist
                     Goldie Spainhower         a.m. till noon for Bible stories, arts,       participants in the VBS program. This
             Communication Secretary           crafts, music and recreation.                 figure reached 820, which is a record
                                                 Janice Appel was the VBS leader.            high for the state.
Payette                                        Nancy States was her assistant. Bible            Diane Degeraty, Sabbath School
   It's not too often that a 15-year-old       worker, Bruce Avery, had the daily            evangelism coordinator, adds, "We are
boy assists in Vacation Bible School,          theme talk. Teaching the various age          excited with the VBS follow-up started,
but as I observed Kevin Trees working          groups were Norma Miller, Ruth                in that there have been 14 new Neigh-
with some kindergarten children at the         Karmy, Lorraine Gross and Gladis Un-          borhood Bible Clubs started and six
Payette VBS he seemed to be doing a            rue. Crafts were taught by Erlinda            new branch Sabbath Schools, all as a
good job. While talking with him, I met        Romulo and Joyce Appel.                       result of the Child Evangelism pro-
Laurie Lee and heard the following               Closing exercises were held at the          grams."
story.                                         church on Friday evening.                        In addition, there were youngsters
   During VBS last year, Kevin was hav-          Plans for follow-up include a visit to      enrolled in church school this fall who
ing some trouble managing the children.        the home of each child who attended           were influenced by VBS. Several at-
He decided to ask Laurie, a friend of          with hopes to arrange Bible studies for       tended summer camp and were started
his, to come and give him some assis-          the families.                                 in Pathfinders.
tance. She accepted the invitation and,          Arrangements have been made for a                                     Will Degeraty
according to Kevin, had a wonderful            number of the children to attend sum-                        Sabbath School Director
way with the children. She also greatly        mer camp.                                                         Montana Conference
enjoyed the lessons and stories that                                 Joyce D. Klocko
were presented.                                              Communication Secretary
   Following VBS, Laurie accepted Kev-
in's invitation to attend church. This         Sun Valley
led to Bible studies by Pastor Harsha             On the morning of the twenty-third of
and baptism. Last year, she attended           June, we opened the doors of our
Gem State Academy and plans to attend          sanctuary to 30 eager boys and girls who
again this fall.                               had awaited our annual Vacation Bible
   While talking with Laurie, she gave         School. Nineteen of these children
the following testimony: "Kevin will           come from non-Adventist homes. Eva-
never know how much that invitation to         lyn Barker, Tess Sisti and Mabel Jones
assist in Vacation Bible School has            were teachers for the three divisions.
                                                                                             Mrs. Dori Conklin, Trout Creek VBS leader,
                                                                                             with children during parents' night program.

                                                                                               The last two weeks of July were a
                                                                                             busy time for the members of the
                                                                                             Bridger Church. Someone from almost
                                                                                             every family was involved in the annual
                                                                                             Vacation Bible School. In some in-
                                                                                             stances, only dad was left at home to
                                                                                             attend to the farm chores.
Laurie Lee and Kevin Trees assist kindergar-                                                    But, as usual, the fruit of this dedi-
ten child at Payette VBS.                      Sun VaUey VBS                                 cated effort made it all worthwhile. The
GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 8
                                              the earliteen lessons. Mareta Brusett, a     City/Dallas, Brookings, Cathlamet,
                                              member of the Jordan Church, taught          Clatskanie, Glide, The Dalles, Sweet
                                              the parents of three juniors who at-         Home, Vernonia and Madras.
                                              tended Vacation Bible School.                   Following are some of the reports
                                                There was a good attendance of par-        from the 1980 VBS:
                                              ents and others who enjoyed the closing
                                              program on Friday afternoon.                 Bonanza
                                                                     Annabelle Moore          Despite many setbacks and discour-
                                                            Communication Secretary        agements, members of the Bonanza,
                                                                                           Ore., company recently conducted a
                                                                                           Vacation Bible School for children in
                                                         OREGON                            their area.
                                                                                              Two members have suffered broken
                                                 That there is more than one way to        arms and another a broken leg, one
                                              conduct a Vacation Bible School was          member's car collided with a semitruck
                                               shown this past summer by leaders and       that seriously injured him and an elder
Recess time at the Bridger VBS.                workers in the Oregon Conference            suffered an accident in which his toes
                                               where 76 such schools were held.            were cut off in a power saw.
Bridger VBS has always been well at-              Having a VBS for the children in con-
tended, but the response this year was                                                        Nancy Yoder, a junior leader in the
                                              junction with a Five-Day Plan to Stop        company said, "We could almost feel
above average. With three other                Smoking for the mothers was one inno-
churches holding Vacation Bible                                                            the devil at work among us."
                                               vation. There were evening schools and         Yet, the members conducted a suc-
Schools in Bridger this summer, the            daytime schools, one-week and two-
Adventists still had the largest enroll-                                                   cessful Vacation Bible School for 40
                                               week sessions.                              children. Yoder reports that 82 children
ment. Total enrollment was 111, and at            Children were treated to a variety of
least 90 of these were non-Adventists.                                                      and parents attended the closing pro-
                                               attractions such as watching a police       gram.
   Actually, that is about the norm for        dog track by scent, seeing a puppet
our Vacation Bible School in this small
community. Many of these children
                                               show on healthful living or watching        Cave Junction
                                               parts of a large wall mural be colored in       When it was decided to have a Vaca-
have no other church affiliation, but a        each day until the whole was com-           tion Bible School, much enthusiasm
lot do come to us from the other               pleted. One group observed the stars        was shown by the members, who of-
churches. We are happy that we can, in         and a meteor shower at night through a      fered their services as leaders, teachers,
this way, win friends for God and for          telescope.                                  craft instructors and helpers. Several
Adventism.                                        Alma Martz, coordinator of the Child     preliminary meetings were held, with
                             Lee Lucas         Evangelism Center, reports that two         Dottie Chadwick and Juanita Winton
              Communication Secretary          youth teams of four each were spon-         leading out. Many prayers were offered
                                               sored by the conference to assist several   that we might do the will of the Lord and
Jordan                                         churches with their VBS programs.           that He would bless our efforts for the
  The Jordan, Mont., Church con-               These were, Team No. 1: Susie War-          children.
ducted a successful Vacation Bible             den, leader, from Walla Walla College;          Each morning we had a rousing song
School under the leadership of Susan           Gaelyn Cook, Milo Academy; Karen            service, led by Teri Moran. We then had
Hageman. A total of 30 attended, four of       Dassenko, WWC; and Jill Stanton,            the flag drill and pledge of allegiance to
whom were from Adventist homes.                Laurelwood Academy; and, Team No.           the American flag, the Christian flag and
  Two earliteen young people, Cindy            2: Nancy Dasher, leader, from WWC;           to the Bible. The younger children went
Gregg and Kent Clark, who are not Ad-          Tami Kelm and Corinne Watson, both           to their class, which was taught by
ventists, have been attending Vacation         from WWC; and Dagny Phillips, from           Maria Knight and Colleen Grizzell.
Bible School for several years and             Milo Academy.                                   Juanita Winton and Dottie Chadwick
served as assistants as well as studying          The VBS teams helped at Falls             led out in the sanctuary as we studied
                                                                                            about creation. The children enjoyed
                                                                                            the daily demonstrations.
                                                                                               Primary class was taught by Donna
                                                                                            Starr and Cathy Otis. While learning
                                                                                            about God's world, including insects,
                                                                                            many children brought tomato worms in
                                                                                           jars to show. They enjoyed the work-
                                                                                            books and songs.
                                                                                               The junior class, taught by Charles
                                                                                            and Patricia Fitzgerald, studied birds.
                                                                                             Four teams were used for study. Each
                                                                                             team had the name of a bird. The chil-
                                                                                             dren loved to answer quizzes on the Bi-
                                                                                             ble. Two non-Adventists who attended
                                                                                             have registered for our school.
                                                                                                Crafts were a very important part of
                                                                                             our program. Josie Elmore was the
                                                                                             leader and was assisted by Verma
                                                                                             Smith, Ethel Miller, Hazel Slanacker
 This happy group participated in the Jordan Vacation Bible School.                          and Mrs. Miele. The children were
                                                                                                   GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 9
proud on graduation night to show their    Sabbath School and church after VBS.            nonmember parents were given the
parents the lovely gifts they had made.                         Norma Brunson              booklet, Because of You.
   Each day our assistant pastor, Tom                 Communication Secretary                Follow-up is being held through a
Knight, presented the story of "Swift                                                      parent visitation program.
Arrow." The children were spellbound       Hood River                                                              Bonnie Sanford
as the story unfolded. Tom also played        The bridge across the Columbia River
his guitar and sang with the children.     was closed 15 minutes each hour for
   Prizes were given for attendance and    renovation work. This did not deter               A point system was used at the
quietness.                                 those living on the Washington side             Kelso-Longview VBS. Children re-
   Those taking part in the VBS in-        from attending the Hood River VBS this          ceived points for attendance, bringing
cluded: Olive Watson, sergeant at arms;    summer. Several parents and teachers            guests, good behavior and knowing
Hazel Falkenhayne, head registrar;         arrived with their boys and girls an hour       memory verses. Extra points were
Theresia Moran, song leader; Leona         early to be on time.                            earned for memorizing other assigned
Harper, pianist for the primary-junior        This was the first VBS of the Hood           Bible portions such as Psalm 23, the
division and song service; Terrie Mor-     River Church since 1975. Members vis-           Beatitudes, the books of the Bible and
an, pianist for the kindergarten class;    ited door to door inviting children or          the Ten Commandments. Ninety per-
Dottie Chadwick, VBS leader; Juanita       leaving doorknob invitations.                   cent of the juniors independently
Winton, assistant leader; Inez Johnson,       Director Bonnie Sanford reports that         learned extra verses and their teacher
cradle roll.                               nearly three-fourths of those who came          had to add extra assignments to keep
   The success of our VBS cannot be        were nonmember children. Of the 22              them busy. They were so well behaved
attributed to any one person. It was our   children in kindergarten one day, only          and enthusiastic to learn more that their
Father's answer to our prayers, indi-      four were Adventists.                           teacher took them on a beach trip.
vidually and collectively, that made it       Craft leader Evelyn Johnson and her             Many parents at the closing program
all possible. We know that each child      helpers used all donated materials for          spoke of their appreciation of what their
was seeing the Christ reflected in each    craft items. This included "Leggs"              children had learned at the VBS.
participant.                               hosiery containers glued together and             A total of 80 were registered. Ten of
                           Leona Harper    decorated with shells and rocks to make         the juniors signed up for Bible studies.
              Communication Secretary      cactus planters.                                A follow-up story hour is planned and
                                              Mary Roberts drove from Mosier to            Sabbath School papers are being sent to
                                            Hood River every day to present a na-          the nonmembers.
Cedar Creek, Woodland                      ture story of astonishing facts about                                       Cora Risley
  The Cedar Creek and Woodland             some of God's creatures.                                                         Leader
churches held their Vacation Bible            Each primary and junior child was            Klamath Falls
Schools at the same time. Pastor           given a copy of this year's junior devo-           We began our VBS in Klamath Falls
Michael Petricko gave the devotional at    tional book and encouraged to spend             by sending our fliers around the neigh-
both places.                               time each day with their best Friend. All       borhood and asking our church family
  Cedar Creek had 87 children enrolled,                                                    to help by inviting all the children they
with 54 non-Adventists. Some of the                                                        could. The primary and junior classes
adult helpers came from the Meadow                                                         gave out postcards.
Glade and Ridge Dell churches and                                                             Each time a child brought someone
brought youngsters with them.                                                              new to VBS they were given a mystery
  Leader Kay Ekman says that 95 per-                                                       gift. Our numbers grew daily. Three
cent of the children with their parents
                                                                                           children won a special prize for bringing
came to the graduation. The church is                                                      the most children the entire time.
continuing contact with some of the                                                           Every youth was signed up for a Bible
families and is inviting them to                                                           correspondence course.
evangelistic meetings.                                                                        There were 111 children enrolled.
                     Sandra Swanberg                                                       Seventy-one were nonmembers. Two
             Communication Secretary                                                       sets of parents completed the Six Steps
                                           Mary Roberts tells nature story to Hood River
                                           Vacation Bible School children.                 to Eternal Life series and graduated
  Woodland reported 62 children en-
                                                                                           with their children. The VBS staff is
rolled. Vaughn Krieger was leader, with
                                                                                           visiting and encouraging those who
Dolly Groger as co-leader. Although the
program was well staffed with church                                                       haven't finished the lessons.
members, several non-Adventist
mothers stayed to help.
  At the Thursday evening closing pro-
gram, one of the fathers of two junior
boys remarked, "This is the first VBS
my boys have ever attended and they
loved it!"
  The mother then explained, "They
have always gone to VBS, only to
another church."
  To which the Dad responded, "Well,
they have enjoyed this one the most!"      Hood River kindergarten children enjoy rec-     Linda McCabe, left, director, and Kathy
And the mother agreed. This is one of      reation time with supervisors Kelly Rasmuson    Davis, right, assistant, at Klamath Falls VBS,
the two families who started coming to     and Debbie Garvin.                              lead the children in the theme song.

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 10
  Two new girls are attending the Sab-       night, each division made a special pre-    not Jesus say,' 'forbid them not to come
bath School and one parent is attending      sentation to honor parents. For exam-       unto me."
the Tuesday night Bible class at the         ple, the kindergartners carried house-         For several years, South Salem rent-
church.                                      cleaning items or wore aprons as they       ed a church, until they could build
                                             sang, "I'm Helping Mommy — Happy,           their own, but even then, the people
Laurelwood Village and                       Happy Home!"                                whom they rented from let them use
Academy                                         A spaghetti feed had been held earlier   their church, rent free, to hold VBS
   A joint venture of the village and        in the summer to help raise money for       each year.
academy churches, Laurelwood's VBS           the crafts which were displayed for the        This was the second year we've held
had a total of 71 enrolled, with 20 non-     75 parents and friends who attended.        VBS in our new church and God has
Adventists.                                     Since VBS, six or seven children and     blessed His people. Each year the Salem
   While the lesson theme was on Crea-       their parents have attended the Madras      newspaper runs a list of churches hold-
tion, the program emphasis was               Sabbath School and church services. A       ing VBS for the summer. Usually, the
strongly on health. Each morning be-         follow-up Bible story hour started in       Adventist churches are the only ones
fore opening exercises a nature film was     September in connection with the Wed-       who operate for two weeks. Why is
shown. Guests who brought features on        nesday evening prayer meeting. This         that? Could it be that other churches are
health included two medical doctors          has been an ongoing practice with 15 to     finding it hard to get help, also?
and a dentist. Judy Wright from Forest        20 regularly attending last year's story      Our craft leader, Debbie Peck, a new
Grove and her two daughters presented         hour.                                      convert, has been in charge of crafts the
health programs using puppets.                                           Vicki Devine     past two years and that staff has done an
   All children attending grew alfalfa                     Communication Secretary        excellent job. Each division leader and
sprouts and planted a plant. Some made       Roseburg                                     staff member was very dedicated.
macrame hangers and the older children                                                      A Catholic lady saw our VBS listed in
                                               Roseburg's VBS leader, Delphine
made wicker baskets and baked bread                                                      the newspaper and wanted her three
                                             Cochran, posted a large wall mural
to put into the baskets to take home.                                                     sons to attend. Our graduation service
                                             which she had drawn with black felt-tip
   Coordinators were Helen Boyd, Sue                                                      was held Sabbath morning and we in-
                                             pen to depict Creation, showing Adam
Way and Roxie Bluhm. Color slides            and Eve playing with the animals. Each       vited the families to stay for a potluck.
taken during the week by Art Hensel          day she colored in what was created on                                Bee Thompkins
were shown at the Thursday night                                                                           Assistant VBS Leader
                                             the day being studied.
graduation program.                             Every day, without telling the chil-
                           Marjorie Gate     dren, she would purposely leave out
                                                                                         Sweet Home
              Communication Secretary                                                      The Sweet Home VBS was run with
                                             something created on that day, and each     very little "personpower," using leader
                                             day the children noticed what was left
McMinnville                                  out. On graduation night, the children
                                                                                         Kathy Skinner, two ladies in crafts and
   "Just as Harry Truman at Spirit Lake                                                  the four students on the conference
                                             were given smaller copies of the mural      VBS team.
would not accept the warnings of a
                                             to take home and color for themselves.
soon-erupting Mount St. Helens and                                                          At the closing program, 28 children
                                               Of the 85 children who attended,
was lost, so many people who don't                                                       graduated — 21 of whom were non-
                                             there were 31 nonmembers. Teachers
heed the warnings given in Scripture                                                     members. A mother with four children
                                             said they were especially blessed by
concerning these last days will be lost in                                               received a large white copy of The De­
                                             reactions of the non-SDA children.
the time of the end."                                                                    sire of Ages. She and two of her
   These discussions were a part of the                                 Judy Woods       daughters later attended Sabbath
junior program at the McMinnville VBS                     Communication Secretary        School.
 during June. Carla Little, herself little   South Salem                                    Those ten years of age and up were
 more than a teenager, directed the            In a time when it's getting harder and    invited to help two weeks later with a
junior activities.                           harder to get someone to serve as VBS       car wash to raise money for the building
   Of the 22 registered, only seven had      workers, Mrs. Linda Qualley willingly       fund. Those who came were treated to a
 an Adventist background. Of the 34          took the job as leader for South Salem.     melon feed and then all went swimming.
 primary age children led by Joanne            True, it seems to be the same faithful    Four of these non-Adventist girls later
 Kirk, four were Adventists, and of the      few who help each year, but we'd rather     attended Sabbath School.
 30 kindergarten children registered, 16     have a few who believe in VBS than                                   Kathy Skinner
 had Sabbath School experience.              many who serve from a sense of guilt or                                      Leader
   It was a joy to see the enthusiasm of     whatever. You can never work with
 the adults and children alike. We con-      young people and not receive a blessing!     Tabernacle
 vened at our new church instead of the      VBS is surely approved by God, for did          Several of the 48 enrolled in the Port-
 school where we usually met. We won-                                                     land Tabernacle VBS had attended pre-
 dered if the rural location would deter                                                  viously, according to the leader, Elsie
 attendance. However, parents and                                                         Herington. One VBS child is already
 other adults seemed happy to bring the                                                   coming to Sabbath School. Children's
 children.                                                                                papers are mailed to each one who at-
                                                                                          tended, and parents are periodically vis-
Madras                                                                                    ited and given literature.
  An evening Vacation Bible School                                                           Members baked healthful cookies
was held at Madras for 78 children —                                                      and only unsweetened fruit juice was
the largest ever held there, according to                                                  served for refreshments this year. The
leader Adele Millard. Of these, 58 were                                                   children enjoyed the supervised play
nonmember children.                                                                        period.
   At the graduation services Friday          South Salem VBS Kindergarten division.                               Elsie Herington
                                                                                                 GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 11
Valley View
   Throughout the year, the Valley View
                                                and a dentist, Dr. John Houghton, and
                                                his assistant talked about proper dental              UPPER
Church in Medford has an active child           care. The Medford Fire Department
                                                brought out a ladder truck and a water
evangelism outreach through several
story hours. The two-week Vacation              truck to help explain fire prevention and     Brewster, Wash.
Bible School this summer was directed           safety.                                          Not everyone would award ribbons to
by Sharon Maier, who reported a total              As a VBS follow-up, four church            rats for being a big attraction in "God's
of 90 children enrolled. Of these, more         ladies have registered 100 children for       Wonderful World," but obviously,
than half were from non-Adventist               their story hours. A non-Adventist girl       Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine were
homes. Twenty-four of these were chil-          invited all the juniors for a swim in her     popular with the 96 boys and girls who
dren who have been attending the                pool. The group was also taken to Ken-        registered for Brewster's Vacation
neighborhood story hours.                       neth Harenden's home for a glimpse            Bible School.
   Besides the pastor, there were 27 or         into astronomy. He had the children              The frisky little creatures were among
more adults and youth of the church             look at the stars and the meteor shower,      the week-long inhabitants of a much-
involved in leadership or assisting in the      using his equipment.                          alive nature area dreamed up by leader
three division, crafts, music, recre-                                       Sharon Meier      Linda Livingston to span foyer and
ation, babysitting or serving refresh-                                                        stairs of the church. A skittering gerbil
                                                Veneta                                        and her babies — fond of their old shoe
                                                   We had a lovely time in our Vacation       house — were vote getters, too. And
   Specials included the showing of a pet
                                                Bible School in Veneta this year.             even for Sabbath's 11 o'clock gradua-
South American boa constrictor                  Ninety-seven children attended, 53 of
brought by a retired mail carrier. Bessie                                                     tion program, one of the early greeters
                                                whom were nonmembers.
Sabo showed items from Africa where                                                           to incoming visitors was a friendly hen
                                                   We were especially thankful for our
she and her husband, Dr. Cornell Sabo,                                                        whose egg-laying triumphs were an-
                                                young people who worked in our Vaca-          nounced in a dit-dit-dah cluck.
were missionaries. Gary Ledbetter, of           tion Bible School. Dan Collman and
Indian heritage, acquainted the children        Burton Walter led out in the games for           Leadership courage was briefly
with some of the customs and artifacts                                                        dampened when it was learned the
                                                the children. Several of the young ladies
of American Indians. An officer from                                                          long-set date for opening coincided with
                                                helped in classes and crafts. Marsha
the county sheriffs department brought          Hanson started as babysitter and ended        the town's second-session swim les-
"Bronco," a dog whom he has trained                                                           sons, but the conflict made only a small
                                                up as general assistant, doing every-
for use in police work. Bronco demon-                                                         dent in attendance. In fact, there were a
                                                thing needed from serving juice to help-
strated his skill in tracking by scent.         ing the little ones with crafts.              few registrants whose parents quietly
   Equipment was furnished by the tele-            Susanne Hanson created a lovely set-       whisked them away from VBS for an
phone company to help the children              ting for the story of creation with the       hour's lesson and returned them, drip-
learn how to use a telephone correctly          life-size trees, scenery, and Adam and        drying, to get in on the major portion of
                                                Eve she had painted. With stuffed ani-        the day's agenda.
                                                mals, plants, sun, moon and stars, she           God's creation, love and power were
                                                had something new for us to enjoy every       emphasized through the week, not only
                                                day. One visiting parent at the program       by Pastor Mickey Meyer's theme story
                                                was heard to comment, "Isn't it just          and the classroom Bible lessons, but by
                                                beautiful!" as she looked at the creation     a series of nature nuggets — a film on
                                                scene on the stage.                           underwater secrets, wonders of the
                                                   Pastor Hanchett presented the crea-        starry skies with astronomy buff Cliff
                                                tion story in general assembly each day       West, Tom Golden's picture sequences
                                                and also at the program.                      and comments on feathered friends, and
                                                   We were so pleased to have most of         the mysteries locked up in tiny seeds as
                                                our students return with their parents to     illustrated by Ranee Feltch.
                                                the program as this had not been so in           The final nature topic, with boys and
                                                the past.                                     girls swarming about live models on the
Crafts are fun at Valley View VBS.                 One girl attended Sabbath School and       lawn, was a variation on the theme of
                                                church afterward. The next Sabbath she
                                                and a friend were at friendship camp at
                                                 Big Lake.
                                                   Another little girl cried after the pro-
                                                gram because Vacation Bible School
                                                was over. An alert teacher promptly in-
                                                vited both the child and the parents to
                                                church. "That is just what we need,"
                                                was their response.
                                                   Each of these 53 children will be con-
                                                tacted and invited to a story hour and
                                                Bible Club starting in September. Some
                                                already attended last year and are look-
                                                ing forward to starting again. We be-
                                                lieve we shall see some of these children
                                                in the kingdom.                               Pastor Mickey Meyer discusses "Feet," as
A feltboard creation scene is put together by                                                 Bernie proudly poses with owner Sandra
Valley View kindergarten youngsters, with the                              Nancy Stewart      Schmale (Loriiyn Thomas in right back-
help of teachers.                                            .        ..    VBS Director      ground).

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 12
"Feet." The pastor contrasted foot shapes        aged 19 each day. They made bread,
and functions of a horse, dog, turtle,           apple pie, homemade breakfast plus a
chicken and, finally, the chubby, pink of        craft. The emphasis was health. Each
a baby. Then, as a climax to the study,          visitor received a subscription to Body-
he reviewed a bit of what Jesus' feet had        wise, a health magazine.
done — in service and sacrifice — and               Colored slide pictures were taken of
challenged the group to follow Jesus'            each child and shown the night of the
footsteps.                                       final program.
   Youth have changed and can change                                          Eston Alien
again the course of earth's history, indi-
cated the pastor in his brief sermon fol-        Sandpoint, Idaho
lowing the closing program by the de-               About 100 children registered for Va-
partments. "What Is the Worth of a               cation Bible School at Sandpoint this
Child?" clinched the essence of the              summer and greatly enjoyed it.
week's thrust on God's kindness in cre-             Under the direction of Patti Smith,
ation and for His creatures.                     Sabbath School division leaders and
   Following up on the study of that             others put forth a tremendous effort in             There was standing room only at the Yakima
                                                 behalf of these little prospective souls            VBS for some of the activities.
kindness, a weekly Bible story hour was
announced by Mrs. Livingston to con-             for Christ.                                         One field trip also took them to the con-
tinue through the rest of the summer.               The local radio station KSPT and the             trol tower at the Yakima airport. Fire
                    Mrs. Fred Schnibbe           newspaper Sandpoint Daily Bee pro-                  engines and ambulances with their
             Communication Secretary             vided good advance announcements.                   crews captivated the interest of all ages
                                                 Two reporters from the Bee attended                 at the Vacation Bible School.
Oroville, Wash.                                  the "graduation" exercises and pub-                    "Creation" being the central theme,
  The Oroville Vacation Bible School             lished the photographs they took.                   the primary children were introduced to
had an enrollment of 70 boys and girls,                                     B. V. Tibbets            growing radishes from seeds. They ea-
66 of whom were visitors.                                      Communication Secretary               gerly watched their daily growth.
  As a follow-up, they had a Tuesday                                                                    An unusual craft became a favorite —
morning Bible School with 38 enrolled.            Yakima, Wash.                                      flower pots in the form of hands. White
The future for success in decisions for              More than 120 children and youth at-            gloves were filled with plaster of Paris.
Christ looks good.                                tended the Vacation Bible School held              When hardening, they were shaped like a
   Many other churches are following              for two weeks in the Yakima Church                 hand holding a cup. When completed,
the summer program with story hours               recently.                                          they held a small painted tin can which
and other special occasions for the chil-            As Garth Gryte described the many               held a plant.
dren.                                             activities provided, his overall com-                 The leaders found a simple way to
                           Eston Alien            ment was, "Two weeks are far too short.            increase their enrollment. Each day, as
                                                  How I wish it could have lasted longer."           a member brought a friend, he received
Lewiston, Idaho                                      A new aspect was brought in this year           a nice gift.
  The Lewiston Vacation Bible School              — a more extensive series for the youth               Miriam Clark, director of VBS, was
proved to be a real success in reaching           entitled "Careers." Twenty-four young              ably assisted by Dorothy McCoy, Kit
young people for Christ. They had a                people listened attentively to a doctor, a         Case, Sharon Pierce, Claudia Flaiz and
total attendance of 60. Of that number,            dentist, an engineer, an architect and a          Garth Gryte, as well as others on a part-
20 were visitors.                                  beekeeper as well as others who told               time basis.
  The junior-earliteen attendance aver-            them of the various phases of their jobs.             A follow-up program is being planned
                                                                                                      by the lay activities department. Lead-
                                                                                                      ing out will be Vivian Briggs, who has
                                                                                                      been having a successful Story Hour in
                                                                                                      her home for many years. Members and
                                                                                                      visitors of VBS will soon have their own
                                                                                                      weekly Story Hours and Bible Study
                                                                                                                            Edith V. Harrison
                                                                                                                    Communication Secretary

                                                                                                      Oak Harbor
                                                                                                         On a summer evening, the parking lot
                                                                                                      was overflowing. Inside the church,
                                                                                                      latecomers could not find seats and
                                                                                                      stood in the back aisle. The parents and
                                                                                                      friends of more than 80 community chil-
                                                                                                      dren had come to Oak Harbor Church
                                                                                                      for Vacation Bible School graduation.
 In the back row, left to right, are the Lewiston helpers: Brad Davis, Susan Baker, Betty Johnson,       During the program, parents listened
 Sheryl Doty, Marilyn Stonebraker, Phyllis Wagner, Kathi Stellyes, Edie Matoske, June Chris-
 tensen, Shannon Nash, Lora Flowers, Gilda Brewer, Becky JefTers and Delma Baker. Susie               as their children sang songs they had
 Stentzel not shown.                                                                                  never heard only two weeks earlier.
                                                                                                            GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 13
Several honor students repeated Bible         There was another reason. One
verses. Afterwards proud children led       school morning at a particularly rushed
their parents to division rooms where       moment, Donna felt a tug on her hand
crafts, workbooks, charts and bulletin      and when she stopped and looked
boards displayed activities of the Bible    down, a student, a girl with blond hair
School.                                     and a smile, pressed into her hand a
   Refreshments were served as parents      single red rose.
and teachers became acquainted.                                      Dan Fahrbach
   When asked about their favorite ac-                   Communication Secretary        Closing program at Startup.
tivity, children gave a variety of an-
swers. "My favorite thing was the dif-      Startup                                     dance warmed the hearts of the faithful
ferent animals, the chicken and chicks         One of the features of the program       leader and helpers and they felt amply
especially." "The visit by the fire         given at the close of the Startup, Wash.,   rewarded. It was especially encourag-
truck." "I liked the stories." "My fa-      Church's Vacation Bible School was          ing to have so many nonmembers in at-
vorite was the Countdown song."             the colorful visual effects which de-       tendance, and the beautiful spirit-filled
"Cookies and juice."                        picted the Seven Days of Creation, the      program was well received. One mother
   Eighteen church members were in-         theme of the week's study.                  was heard to say that her children had
volved in different facets of the pro-         As anyone knows who has ever             attended two previous Vacation Bible
gram. These people plan to continue         helped with VBS, it takes months of         Schools in the area. She stated that she
their involvement with the community        planning, good organization, methods        had a bit of difficulty in getting them out
children in the coming months by visit-     of contacting and many dedicated            of bed so they would get to the schools
 ing in the homes of the Bible School       workers. Under the guidance of Mrs.         on time. However, they were up and
students. They will also lead in a Neigh-   Pat Chastain, an exceptionally fine         about and on their way for our VBS
borhood Story Hour. Leaders of the          school was conducted at the church in       without any urging.
Pathfinder Club also expect to gain new     Startup, for five busy days in August.         Following the program, the parents
members from interested students.           Approximately 15 adults spent many          and guests were treated to homemade
   After the graduation program a very      hours in order to make this a most suc-     cookies and punch. Then, while the
tired Donna Conard, the VBS leader,         cessful venture.                            guests toured the rooms and saw the
helped in the final cleanup. Asked if,         The first day there weren't many reg-    lovely things the children had made dur-
after the weeks of hard work and plan-      istered but it didn't take long for the     ing the week, the youngsters proudly
ning, she was glad it was over, she re-     children who came to spread the word        stood by enjoying the goodies and
plied, "Not really. We have reached so      and approximately 60 youngsters en-         watching, noting with pleasure the ap-
many people. As church members, we          joyed the variety of activities and proj-   proval of all.
have come closer together. And I love       ects planned for them.                                                   Fannie Bacon
these children."                               On Friday evening a splendid atten-                     Communication Secretary

                                                                                        ing the supernatural element or con-

            Did God Speak?                                                              sidering the content and teaching of her
                                                                                        words, this is all they see.
                                                                                           But Ellen White alone is not on trial.
                                                                                        Adventism is on trial. God is on trial!
                                  By Ray Whitley                                        Many also forget that religion is not a
                                                                                        democratic process. If it were, then a
   Did God actually speak to Ellen          views history as something to dissect, to   vote could be taken and the Sabbath
White? Did He show her scenes, events       pull apart and expose the foibles of        changed —just like that! In fact, that is
and occurrences? Was she permitted to       those who were revered in the past. The     exactly just what did happen once.
look into the past, the present and the     discipline as taught denies revelation or   Though congregations can decide on the
future? She says that these things oc-      the supernatural.                           color of the church carpet or the shape
curred! "As the Spirit of God has              It seems as though the historic disci-   of the church building, the principles
opened to my mind the great truths of       pline attempts to put the worst possible    upon which Adventism and Christianity
His Word, and the scenes of the past        construction upon what is viewed —          are founded are not negotiable. God has
and the future, I have been bidden to       with suspicion, with cynicism, with dis-    revealed them. Well, so we believe.
make known to others that which has         dain. Supposing that the supernatural is
been thus revealed — . . ."' If this did    impossible, the historian of this disci-         Has God Revealed Principles?
not occur, then she lied — or at least      pline looks for any other possible expla-      But has He really revealed princi-
was terribly deluded.                       nation that would rule out divine inter-    ples? Is Adventism His idea? If so, how
   Today, we live in a skeptical climate.   vention or revelation.                      has He revealed these principles? By
Many who view and examine Ellen                We have had a rash of such evalua-       prophets, you say. But is this just an
White do so from the viewpoint of the       tions of Ellen White recently. They look    influence, a strong feeling, an impres-
so-called historic discipline. The histo-   at her and see that she was human and as    sion? We would not deny that God im-
rian today is of a different breed. He      such was subject to all the frailties of    presses people, but is this all that occurs
                                            human nature. They conclude that since      in the life of the prophet?
                                             she was human, certainly, she must            "Seers," the Scriptures call men to
Ray Whitley is a retired engineer and       have gotten her ideas from the contem-      whom God has spoken, and chosen and
inventor who lives in the Portland, Ore.,   porary culture, not revelation. Why,        to whom He gave visions. These are
area.                                       didn't she copy others' words? Not see-     God's directly appointed messengers.
GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 14
    See how it was with John the Rev-           who gave their signed testimony lie? If         came over Sister White's face, as she
elator. Jesus communicated scenes               so, why? Did Loughborough, Gilbert,             turned and said in a tone of puzzled
and words to John through an angel, and         Robinson and others lie? Did they fabri-        inquiry, 'Last night!' . . . Elder Robin-
John was told to write. He was told to          cate?                                           son states, ... 'I shall never forget.' "
tell what he saw, 2 and so it has been with         J. N. Loughborough writes, "On              Of course, no one could, no one who
most of the prophets. Moses was an ex-          June 2 in Jackson she wrote eight pages         had actually been there and seen what
ception. It was face-to-face communi-           of foolscap." (This was a name for a            had occurred. 5
cation with him although he never saw           type of paper used in those days.) He              We suspect that the real reason for
the face of God. So, the words are man's        continues that this vision she was given        calling Ellen G. White Victorian and
words and the expressions are man's             concerned conditions shown her within           otherwise demeaning her to a lesser po-
expressions, but the message is from            the church. He said, "She gave me a             sition is that what she says cuts across
God.                                            pencil copy of the vision she had writ-         the desires of the heart. The new moral-
    Now the big question: Is a message          ten." With this copy in hand,                   ity, the free culture and the revised ethi-
from God less important if given by one          Loughborough was in a good position to         cal standard prevalent today have con-
means than if given by another means?           evaluate some succeeding events.                formed many, even among the people
For example: Matthew writes about                    Eight days later the Whites and the        who profess to be waiting for their Lord.
Jesus and tells what Jesus said. So does         Loughboroughs arrived in Vergennes,            And, unfortunately, conformed is the
John. Which is more important? Or how            Mich. Mrs. White said, "James, we              correct word.
about the Psalms or Isaiah? All come             have reached the church where the                  Then one more question. Do the prin-
from the same God.                               woman lives I saw in vision." She con-         ciples of the message work that she says
    There is another point. Some put a           tinued to comment about the various             are from God? Then how about the op-
mystical aura about a prophet, as the            people coming to the meeting, remark-           posite concepts so generally held — the
Jews regarded Moses. But it isn't the            ing how each felt about this woman. She         ones taught by the higher institutions of
prophet; it is the message that is impor-        had never seen these people before ex-          learning today, by those who claim re-
tant, not the instrument. Also many              cept in vision, the one given her in            lease and freedom from the bondage of
overlook the fact that not every word            Tyrone and written down in Jackson              the restrictive Judeo-Christian code?
the prophet writes or speaks comes di-           later — three weeks later.                      How do the principles of this concept
rectly by revelation. Paul wrote to                  Eventually, this woman entered with         work? And what are the results of each?
 churches to correct troubles as they            a young man and an old man and they                Perhaps as Adventists we need to
 were reported to him. He was not al-            sat down. Mrs. White arose to speak.            take another look and see the purpose of
 ways given a vision about the particular        She quoted, "Be ye clean that bear the          the light given us. Is it wise counsel or
 instance, but he wrote what he knew             vessels of the Lord." Loughborough              mere superstition? Is it counsel from
 was in accordance with what had been            remembers that "she said that it was not        God or just religious advice and com-
 previously shown him. So where does             God's order to call a woman to travel            ment? It is Adventism or evolution, one
 that leave us? Is the message from God?         about the country with any other man            or the other, and the two philosophies
 We accept the epistles of Paul as such.          than her husband."                             don't mix.
           Long-Distance Analysis                    She plainly pointed out the woman
                                                 and said, "God has plainly shown me               1. The Great Controversy, introduc-
     Armchair philosophers do a long-            that she is violating the seventh com-         tion by author, p. xi.
 distance analysis today on the basis of          mandment." The woman slowly arose                2. Rev. 1:1, 2.
 an imperfect and partial record. 3 Some          as predicted in the vision and slowly            3. A notable example of armchair
  circumstantially view the life of Ellen G.      said, "The-Lord-knows-my-heart."              philosophy looking backward and at-
 White and decide upon the degree of              And then she sat down. Later, she ad-         tempting to fit it all in to neat little boxes
  inspiration. Some even declare —                mitted Mrs. White spoke the truth. 4          on the basis of speculation and cynically
  purely a contemporary echo — her                                                              and critically examining an inadequate
  work resulted from just environmental                     The Salamanca Vision                record is an Old Testament Commen-
 influence plus an active mind.                      One more incident that is known as         tary (compilation) edited by Herbert C.
     But one also must remember that if he        the "Salamanca vision." Mrs. White            Alleman and Elmer E. Flack, p. 779,
  applies such a critique to Mrs. White, he       was shown a meeting of men weeks be-          comments on the Book of Daniel by
  must also apply the same rule to all the        fore it occurred. One morning an angel        George G. Hackman, 1948.
 prophets. And that would declare Ad-             awoke her. He told her to go to the              It typifies efforts to remove the
  ventism a fraud and on the level with the        ministers and relate some of the things       supernatural element of revelation —
  Greek oracles, or Joseph Smith or                shown her at Salamanca. She arose             simplistically extrapolating. He con-
  others.                                          quickly and wrote for two hours.              cludes portions of Daniel certainly must
     The big question is not whether Ellen            She entered the meeting unan-             have been written after the fact. This
  White made mistakes in judgment, but             nounced with a package of manuscripts         type of reasoning seems to be a modern-
  did God speak to her? Was it real? Then          under one arm. "With clearness Mrs.           ized version of the higher criticism dis-
  we must also ask, "Is Adventism real?"           White spoke of the views and attitude of      cipline of the 1900s.
  for the only contact Adventism has had           the chief speakers in the council meet-          Alfred W. Martin, A.M., S.T.V., in
  directly with God is through the                 ing. She referred to the harsh spirit man-    The Life of Jesus in the Light of Higher
  prophetic gift of Ellen White. That is our       ifested by some, and the wrong posi-          Criticism, 1913, speculates that even
  claim.                                           tions taken by others. She closed her         the thoughts of the Sermon on the
     But what are the facts? Is all this sub-      remarks with a most earnest appeal....        Mount were borrowed from contem-
  stantiated? There are about 17 affidavits        A solemn conviction rested upon the           poraries, and the miracles were all ex-
  and accounts by eye witnesses of the             assembly .... One brother arose and           plainable as naturalistic phenomena.
  condition of Ellen White while in vision,        said, 'Sr. White, . . . The meeting you          4. Divine Predictions, F. C. Gilbert,
  in the book The Second Advent, by J.             referred to was held in the Review office     pp. 123-129.
  N. Loughborough. Did these people                chapel last night.' The expression that          5. Ibid., pp. 239-247.
                                                                                                        GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 15
Need Some Enthusiasm? Check Out a
 Northwestern literature Evangelist
                                   By Ed Schwisow

  Successful salesmen sell enthusiasm.        these, he can take comfort in the mem-
  "Who limits your sales?" challenges         ory of what God has done for him so
the discussion leader. "You do!"              often in the past.
   His colleagues in the audience nod            For he must accept a life of depend­
agreement.                                    ence. Dependence upon God for wis-               Ken Collier, a veteran literature evangelist
  "Who makes the decision to buy or           dom and strength — and yes, the en-              from Myrtle Point, Ore., radiates some of the
                                              thusiasm — to sell; dependence upon              good old colporteur magnetism that helps him
not to buy? You!"                                                                              effectively present Christian books.
  The enthusiasm infects the crowd.           his family for understanding and emo-
Once again, they relive the vision of         tional support; and finally, dependence          eral outstanding sales performers in the
sales dynamics pushing aside misgiv-          upon his fellow church members to reap           group.
ings — of disarming Christian en-             where he has sown.                                   But visiting lecturer J. Clyde Kinder,
thusiasm at work for God.                        Quick wealth and a comfortable re-             North American Division associate di-
  The challenge to sell enthusiasm right      tirement simply cannot attract new re-            rector in the General Conference Pub-
along with their literature became a          cruits to long-term literature                    lishing Department, spoke to an impor-
password at the Aug. 19 to 24 annual          evangelism. For, while the successful             tant concern.
Literature Evangelism Institute. To-          Christian book salesman monitors his                 "One of our most important chal-
gether, Pacific Northwestern colpor-          performance by the yardstick of sales             lenges is to lift their eyes to higher goals
teurs trammeled the shores of Hayden          volume, his best reward comes as a new            — sales goals which they could reach if
Lake, hiked through the forested hills        Christian comes to Christ because of              they could catch a vision of their tre-
and shared the highlights of their sales      what he has read.                                mendous potential as Christian sales-
experiences.                                     And then, there's the vision of a             men," Kinder said.
  The conclave brimmed with the               finished work, so vital to the colpor-               "While today's (average) colporteur
sounds of optimism.                           teur's outlook on his work. It's a hope          may be earning just as many dollars as
   But, yes, they took time to ponder the     which breeds the kind of enthusiasm              he was several years ago, those dollars
low points — when enthusiasm, even            which sells.                                     today represent fewer books. We need
for the stolid colporteur — seems to             As I came to know the hopes, dreams           to expand our goals and look to doubling
wane in the grip of direct sales pressure.    and plan of action which many of                 or tripling our sales. I know it can be
   For there is no doubt that literature      new colporteurs saw in their future, I           done, if the colporteurs believe it's pos-
evangelists are motivated more by mis-        felt the well-tempered edge of urgency           sible."
sion than money; by sharing rather than       and mission, honed by a seemingly un-                Larry Gasser, one of the sales leaders
salary. The deepest thrust of despair         movable faith in their divine calling.           from the Washington Conference, en-
threatens when the salesman faces the            Reality could not permit them to              couraged his colleagues: "Sell as if you
question, "Is my work really making a         speak only of broken sales records and           expect your customers to buy. You
difference? Is it worth it?" At times like    greenbacks like the leaves of autumn —           have to be positive of your sale's poten-
                                              though reports showed that a comfort-            tial."
Ed Schiwsow is assistant editor of the        able life-style is quite possible in full-time       One of the colporteurs' greatest
GLEANER.                                      colporteur work, as evidenced by sev-            hopes is to see their past clients placed
                                                                                               in contact with church pastors and
                                                                                               laymen for follow-up work.
                                                                                                   "There is a limit to how much
                                                                                               follow-up work we can do. We must get
                                                                                               the books into the homes. But there's a

                                                                                               Hiking and mountain climbing enthusiast
Literature evangelists, district leaders, publishing department spokesmen and many family      Frank Gearhart chats with fellow literature
members joined in to share the enthusiasm generated at the 1980 Literature Evangelism          evangelist Alden Radke as the Radkes' young
Institute.                                                                                     son settles in for a Sabbath-afternoon stroll.

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 16
work to be done after the books are        it. I'm not in this only to sell things. This   baptisms per member as the LEs, the
there. Some of these people are very       is something I want to do for the               church membership in the Northwest
sympathetic to the church and its be-      church."                                        might grow between 50 and 100 percent
liefs," one LE commented.                      Literature evangelists represent            each year.
   As if to second the concern for souls   about one in every 1,000 church mem-               There was good reason for en-
expressed by her colleague, Mary Mad-      bers in the Northwest. But their influ-         thusiasm in the colporteur ranks as they
dox, literature evangelist from Idaho      ence in winning souls far exceeds what          left their six-day institute retreat, to re-
Falls, said: "I could never be in sales    the ratio might suggest. It has been cal-       turn to their positions as able field rep-
work, except as a literature evangelist.   culated, in fact, that if all members of        resentatives for their faith throughout
Would I sell Avon? I wouldn't think of     the church were responsible for as many         the Northwest.

                 Conversions Happen — Even at Institute
                                                      By Ed Schwisow

   Lyle Maddox knows how to train          more after-hours dog training.                  ature evangelists, vibrant with Christian
dogs — to mold the mind and manners            Although Mary found that the litera-        love and eager to share their love stories
of Fido, Fang, Fifi or Freda with easy     ture sales helped fill the void created         of life in God's service.
command. From cur to canine courtier,      when her children had moved away, it                Lyle was intensely moved by what he
from pup to garage commando, the proc-     seemed as if she and Lyle were growing          saw. The love and enthusiasm seemed
ess under Lyle's care takes only ten       apart. Somehow, they no longer shared           to engulf him as he was caught up into
days.                                      a common focus.                                 the mainstream of the institute events.
   But for the trainer himself, conver-        Throughout their marriage, they had         What had happened in his wife's life had
sion to a more Supreme Master hap-         enjoyed easy communication, though,             obviously taken place on a grand scale
pened over several decades. The deci-      by common consent, little was said              among many other men and women
sion to submit his life to Christ came     about religious matters. But now, dur-           with common goals and an intense de-
only as he witnessed the transformation    ing their time together, Mary felt she           votion to their church.
in the life of his wife Mary after she     had to share her daily experiences with              He felt compelled to make his deci-
became a literature evangelist.            Lyle. She told him of the joy of meeting         sion publicly before these men and
   Theirs was a stable marriage. A true    and making new friends in their homes.           women — former engineers, bakers,
believer in gentle discipline and self-    She also told him of the many opportu-           X-ray technicians, farmers and a host of
control, Lyle has served for 17 years as   nities she found for telling others of           others who had dedicated their lives to
a bus driver for the Department of En-     Christ.                                          full-time Christian outreach.
ergy in the Idaho Falls area.                  Lyle sensed the change in his wife. "I           Lyle gave his testimony during the
    During that time, he and Mary reared   watched her grow as a Christian. By the          institute communion service. Two
 their five children.                      way she lived and acted, I began to              weeks later, on Sept. 15, 1979, he was
    But Mary attended church alone or      realize that she had something worth             baptized in his home church at Idaho
 with her daughters while Lyle enter-      thinking about," Lyle remembers.                 Falls.
 tained the sons. He had no interest in        The strength of her witness for God              "What I saw and heard while I was at
 becoming a churchgoer.                    played a hand in bringing Lyle to                last year's institute helped change my
    But two years ago, a change came to    evangelistic meetings sponsored by the           life, when I saw the conviction and en-
 the Maddox household. With the chil-       Idaho Falls Church in the fall of 1978.         thusiasm these people had for Jesus,"
 dren on their own, Mary found extra       He began taking Bible studies, but felt          Lyle testifies.
 time she felt she should devote to God.   no urgency to prepare for baptism.                   "The Lord hasn't yet called me to be
 With her husband's approval, she en-          "I don't really feel ready for anything      a literature evangelist, but I'm not rul-
 tered the literature evangelism work.     like that," he replied when asked to             ing it out. When I retire from my current
 Meanwhile, Lyle took on more and           commit his life to God.                         job, it may be that the way will open for
                                               But he enjoyed his studies with the           Mary and me to work together."
                                            pastor, James Parmele. To Lyle, it                  But his goal is to attend the LE insti-
                                            seemed that the minister had ready an-           tute each year to relive the experience
                                            swers to all of his questions about reli-        which marked the turning point of his
                                            gion. "But he didn't push me to make a           life. And, as he becomes more involved
                                            decision," Lyle remembers. The                   in his religion, he's giving less and less
                                            studies continued.                               time to training dogs.
                                               Together, Mary and Lyle attended                  "People don't appreciate the value of
                                            the Literature Evangelism Institute held         a well-trained dog, and they often won't
                                            last year at Camp MiVoden. It was the            take the time to give the dog commands.
                                            first time either had attended such meet-        The dog will rapidly revert to his old
                                            ings. As they traveled, they imagined            ways."
                                             spending a few placid days by the                   Lyle knows he will never return to his
                                            lakeside, interspersed with sales pep            own old way, for he has undergone a
                                            talks and some helpful hints from more            more perfect conversion which sprang
                                             experienced colporteurs.                        from the love of God as radiated by the
                                                They were hardly prepared for what           literature evangelists of the North-
          Lyle and Mary Maddox               they found. They joined a corps of liter-        west.
                                                                                                   GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 17
  Gem State Academy Opens School
                                                                                               ends, the juniors and seniors and
                                                                                               the freshmen and sophomores, respec-
                                                                                               tively, are going to Idaho's Camp Ida-

 Year with Recent Record Attendance                                                            Haven for two-and-a-half days of get-
                                                                                               ting acquainted. Also, the second week
                                                                                               of school was Week of Prayer at the
                                By Colleen    Macaulay                                         academy with Philip Samaan from the
                                                                                               North Pacific Union Conference.
   At Gem State Academy, the 1980-81           its doors and hearts to a crowd of new             The school is thankful for the good-
school year is bringing great spirit, ex-      and returning students. When the day will of the community. This fall a local
citement and a good enrollment. For the       finished, Principal Connelly was happy concern, the Laura Cunningham Foun-
staff, the year began Aug. 18, the date        to announce a recent record enrollment dation, presented Gem State with a gift
Principal Cyril Connelly assigned for          of 247 teenagers.                             , of $5,000. This and other warm re-
the opening of presession. Besides                Lois Simmons, the girls' dean, and sponses make the students and faculty
comparing notes on the past summer            her assistant, Muffy Harvey, are an- additionally thankful that they can show
activities and discussing the new year's      ticipating a stimulating year with an their love to their community by par-
policies, the GSA faculty welcomed            overflowing dorm, several rooms have ticipating in an active outreach program
two guest speakers.                            three girls in them, and only two tele- headed by Pastor Bob Reynolds and
   Dr. Vernon Schafer, a clinical psy-        two telephones and two washers and Taskforce outreach worker Laurie Hel-
chologist from Walla Walla, Wash.,            dryers, (more have been ordered!). The lie. The many students in the outreach
conducted a presentation and discus-          faculty are delighted with the enroll- units respond to calls for help with
sion on interpersonal dynamics in an          ment, and the students' morale is high. housecleaning, yard work and visiting.
organization. He stressed the necessity       As Marianne Patton, guidance coun-
of having both "high-changers," or in-        selor, put it, "Our high enrollment indi-
novators interested in new methods and        cates the spirit of the students."
systems, and "low-changers," or those             On the afternoon of the first day of
more cautious, in an organization, and         school, Aug. 25, the student body and
the importance of these two types in           faculty caravaned to the Boise River,
learning to listen and cooperate.              some 25 miles from the academy, where
   The second guest was Tom Wilson             they inflated and launched rafts and
from Nampa, a local psychologist who           inner tubes. The current carried them
specializes in stress management. He           ten miles to their destination in the cen-
gave a three-hour presentation com-            ter of Boise. "This activity is a great
plete with seven questionnaires for each       mixer," said Wayne Wentlend, assis-
staff member which helped each deter-          tant principal and boys' dean. "Many
mine personal stress levels. Wilson            students are away from home for the Rich LeDuc, left, manager of the Idaho First
ended his presentation with suggestions                                                                                        Academy
                                               first time, and this helps them meet new National Bank, presents Gem State check for
                                                                                               principal Cyril Connelly with a
for handling potentially stressful situa-      friends."                                       $5,000.
tions.                                            In fact, the first month of school is full      The Idaho Conference has only 4,300
   The faculty were now ready for the          of exciting activities. On the first Satur- members, but those members are active
big day — registration, Aug. 24. At 8:30       day night of the year, the student body in their support of their academy. Their
a.m., Gem State Academy again opened           sponsored GSA's annual corn roast financial and moral support along with
                                              on the field behind the girls' dorm. The their prayers are three of the big reasons
 Colleen Macaulay is a correspondent          boys' club is planning an overnight why the 1980-81 school yearpromises to
for Gem State Academy.                        camping trip to the desert for the second be one of the best ever for Gem State
                                              Saturday night.                                  Academy,
                                                  During the third and fourth week-

Yearbook editor, Rinda Clark, right, greets
Mary Alien and Dan Priests, new GSA stu­
dents from Mississippi, at the annual hand­    A highlight of the first day of school at GSA is the annual raft and inner-tube ride on the Boise
shake.                                         River.

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 18
                      When a 'Practice Session' Is for Real
                                                       By Corina Piercey
    A young couple, Curt and Loretta         months prior to the handbill inviting            Friday night through Sunday. These
McCombs, came into the Osburn,               them to the meetings.                            training seminars would ultimately en-
Idaho, Seventh-day Adventist Church             That Wednesday Curt and Loretta,              able Lay Bible Ministers to become as
during the Wednesday evening Witness-        having recently weathered a stormy ex-           proficient as professional ministers in
ing Class. Assuming from the happy           perience in their lives, had received            finding interests, giving Bible studies,
glow on their faces that they were           their second Signs. When he read it,             gaining decisions and preparing people
church members belatedly joining the         Curt was impressed to find Christ and            for baptism.
class, the witnessing instructor, Pastor     join a church. He had heard of Advent-               Lay Bible Ministers fill out a special
Curtis Miller, explained to them that the     ists from his family background, but had        monthly report to the conference which
class work for the evening had just been      never belonged to any church. Loretta           outlines their activities. Although it is a
completed, and the members were               was a Lutheran. Curt wanted to waste            new program and reports have not yet
ready to go into the community to begin       no time in going to church and, knowing         been received from every participating
practicing what they had learned. He          that most churches hold prayer meet-            member, to date we have recorded 742
invited them to join one of the witness-      ings on Wednesdays, he and Loretta              house calls, 582 Bible studies given, 18
ing teams who were leaving to visit a         decided to attend that evening. They            decisions for Christ, and 8 baptisms re-
neighborhood home.                            arrived at the Adventist church not             ported. We hope that when 600 persons
    The couple glanced at each other          knowing that prayer meeting had been            are involved with the program, each one
strangely, but nodded agreement. They         taken over by a witnessing class.                winning at least one person per year, a
would join a team. Names and address-            That night Curt and Loretta gave their        minimum of 600 baptisms per year will
es of homes to be visited were then           hearts to Christ and Bible studies com-          result — a figure about equal to our cur-
assigned and the class members divided        menced, culminating in their baptism a           rent reported baptisms in this confer-
into teams. Pastor Miller reminded            short time ago. The story does not end           ence.
them, before departure, that this was         there. Now Loretta's mother is taking                The next Lay Ministers' Training
the first course of visits to be made dur-    Bible studies, too, and she is witnessing        Seminar will be held at Camp MiVoden,
ing the training series.                      to other family members. Heaven alone            Oct. 10-12. Upper Columbia Confer-
    "You will practice what you have          will reveal the final end of this story.         ence director of lay ministries, Pastor
learned about approaching a home, ring-                                                        Curtis Miller, will coordinate the semi-
ing the doorbell, greeting the person                                                          nar. Gunnar Nelson, ministerial secre-
 who answers the door introducing the                                                          tary of the Texas Conference, will be
 reason for your visit, gaining entrance                                                       the featured speaker, teaching classes
 into the home, and giving your personal                                                       throughout the weekend on "The Art of
 testimony and gospel presentation," he                                                        Leading Persons to a Decision."
 said. "It is a practice session, because                                                      Theodore Carcich will speak at the 11
 you will be visiting Adventist homes                                                          o'clock service on Sabbath, and confer-
 where the people know you are coming                                                          ence secretary, Clarence Gruesbeck,
 to use them as guinea pigs for your prac-                                                     will talk about "The Dynamics of Small
 tice training. Next week our visits will                                                      Group Evangelism." On Sabbath after-
 be the real thing."                                                                           noon a sacred concert will be presented
     As the teams headed for their cars,                                                       by a new group, "Chapter Twenty-
 Osburn Church pastor, Randy Phillips,                                                         Two."
 whispered to Pastor Miller, "Please                                                               To date, three seminars have been
 take that young couple with you to the                                                         held, covering topics on how to find
 home you will be visiting."                 Pastor Randy Philips explains a scripture pas­
                                                                                                Bible study interests, how to make the
     Later, in that home, during the prac-   sage to Curt and Loretta McCombs, who were         first call, personal prayer-and-study
 tice, everything progressed according       recently baptized in Osburn, Idaho.                life, the stewardship of time, how to
 to the training manual and the witnesses       The Upper Columbia Conference is                meet objections, how to chain-
  in training were performing well. It was    convinced that a Lay Bible Ministry will          reference a Bible, how to choose the
 during the gospel presentation and prac-     pay with souls won for Christ. One year           proper Bible studies, one-to-one
  tice appeal for decisions to accept         ago, the Lay Bible Ministry program               evangelism, and how to know when a
  Christ that Curt and Loretta were dis-      was launched in our conference, calling           person is ready for baptism. Instructors
  covered NOT to be members of the Ad-        for the development of teams in every             have been chosen from our own local
  ventist Church.                             church, dedicated to leading persons to           conference staff and experts have been
     What brought them to the church in       Christ and preparing them for baptism.            called to teach from other parts of North
  the middle of a training class? The an-        Pastors were asked to recommend to             America.
  swer is a thrilling story. The training     the program members who demonstrate                   Many churches already have Lay
  class was one of several activities to      the gift of personal evangelism. These             Bible Ministers entered in this program;
  prepare the church for public evangelis-    persons would recognize that they re-              some do not. If your church does not,
  tic meetings. Another project was send-     quire an occupation to provide the                 and if you are interested in becoming a
  ing Signs to every boxholder for three      necessities of life, so like Paul, they            Lay Bible Minister, immediately con-
                                              would "make tents" to support their                tact your pastor or the Upper Columbia
Corina Piercey is office secretary in the      "vocation" of winning souls.                      department of lay ministries. It may be
Upper Columbia department of lay                 The conference would provide quar-              God wants YOU at the next Lay Minis-
ministries.                                   terly seminars, held regionally, from              ters' Training Seminar.

                                                                                                      GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 19
                      A Year of Miracles                                                          around 180 degrees."
                                                                                                     From another part of the country,
                                                                                                  someone who helped as a receptionist in
                              By H. M. S. Richards, Jr.                                           one of the meetings writes: "I brought
                                                                                                  my sister, her husband and their five
   What a year of miracles 1980 has been       $5, but I was reminded the Lord doesn't            children and they were baptized. I thank
for the Voice of Prophecy! I can't think       need our money, anyway — it's just that            God and I'll love Him forever."
of anything more exciting than seeing a        we need to give it."                                  Whether it's through the evangelistic
miracle — or being a miracle. That's             Because of this kind of sacrificial giv-         association, the Bible School, or the
right, you and I are miracles! A Chris-       ing, the Voice of Prophecy is being                 broadcast, I'm so thankful that God is
tian is one of God's miracles.                heard daily on 49 more stations than it             using the Voice of Prophecy to trans-
   Recently, a woman from the Seattle         was a year ago.                                     form people into miracles for His king-
area wrote of a miracle God had per-             But now the challenge is even greater!           dom. What a privilege it is to be on the
formed in her life. I'll let her tell the     With the broadcast reaching additional              front lines fighting in the battle between
story.                                        thousands of searching hearts, we must              good and evil!
   "Brother, I don't even know your           keep the message on the air — we must                  Recognizing the need to do even more
name, but God moved through you to            be there when we're needed.                         through Christ's power to bring people
set me free!                                     The letters coming daily to Box 55 in            to a decision for Him in this final crisis,
   '' When I heard that you were going to     Los Angeles are exciting to read as                 we are recruiting 100,000 Seventh-day
speak on 'the unpardonable sin,' I al-        people tell what the broadcast means to             Adventists in North America to join us
most turned the radio off. Previously,        them.                                               as Prayer Warriors on Oct. 11.
the very thought of it would cause me to         "I am not a Seventh-day Adventist,                  All across the continent, Prayer War-
break out in a cold, fearful sweat. I was     but I certainly appreciate the Voice of             riors will be remembering the Voice of
so afraid that I would find out there was     Prophecy," writes a woman from Til-                  Prophecy ministry in prayer. What a
no hope for me.                               lamook, Ore.                                        surge of strength will be sensed on that
   "As you began talking, a peace came           "This program has taught me many                 day as God is petitioned in behalf of our
over me that truly overpowered the            things and has been an asset to my                  needs and the needs of those to whom
strong gripping fear that usually took        spiritual growth. Thank you for your                we are ministering!
hold. While I listened, the truth indeed      program."
                                                 Another resident of Tillamook wrote                 Also on this day — a day set aside for
set me free!"                                                                                     all Adventist church members to pre-
   Friend, God is changing lives today in     to request a vegetarian cookbook which
                                              was offered on the daily program over               sent a special offering for the Voice of
miraculous ways — indeed, He is set-                                                              Prophecy — these Prayer Warriors will
ting the captives free. I'm so glad He has    station K.TIL. She said, "I was a patient
                                              in the Adventist hospital for about a               be giving a gift to help fight in the battle
chosen the Voice of Prophecy as one of                                                            for souls.
His life-changing agents.                     week last year and some of those veg-
   From Lynnwood, Wash., a happy              etarian dishes were really good."                      If 100,000 Prayer Warriors will give
Christian wrote: "I feel such a peace in         Then she went on to say, "Your pro-              $50 each on Oct. 11 — one dollar for
my heart since I began keeping the Sab-       gram now replaces my soap opera. And                every year the Voice of Prophecy has
bath. I didn't realize I was breaking the     believe me, I sure get more out of your             been on the air — there will be funds
fourth commandment. I took it for             program. Also, since I stopped watch-               enough to cover North America with
granted that keeping Sunday was fine.         ing the soap opera, my six-month-old                the gospel.
   "I pray for God's blessing on you for       baby has been noticeably calmer and                    Won't you accept the challenge to
helping me find the truth, and for all the     happier."                                          join the thousands across North
other people's lives you have touched."          Last, but not least, I must share some            America on Oct. 11 who are going to be
   One of the most exciting miracles this     of the miracles which have taken place               Warriors with us?
past year has been the way in which           during the past year in the Voice of                   As I reflect on the miracles of the past
people have responded to the challenge        Prophecy Evangelistic Association.                  year, I can't help looking forward to the
of my dad's dream to be "on the air,             Following a crusade in Coeur d'Alene             climactic miracle to take place when our
every day, everywhere."                       this past November, one of those bap-               work on earth is finished. If we will only
   From Corbett, Ore., came this inspir-      tized said: "I was just about at the end            accept the invitation, we have been
ing letter: "I'm amazed at how God            of my rope when the VOP team came to                promised a home with Jesus where
works in your behalf. Just when I             hold its meetings. I attended the crusade           peace, joy and love will reign forever.
thought I'd have to write out a check to      and gave my heart to Christ. Today, I'm                I can't wait to be a part of that mira-
you for only $20, I received some             a witness of a life which has turned                cle!
money in the mail from my son for
Mother's Day.
   "As I prayed how God would have
me use it, I felt impressed to send a big     Besides H. M. S. Richards, Jr., director-
share of it to the Voice of Prophecy."        speaker, and H. M. S. Richards, founder-
   A dear sister in Portland wrote: "I        speaker emeritus, the Voice of Prophecy broad­
have still not been able to find work, but    cast team includes (standing, left to right) John
                                              Ramsey, King's Heralds first tenor; Jerry Pat-
wanted to send in a little, anyway. It        ton, second tenor; Del Delker, broadcast soloist;
hurt my pride to give so little above tithe   Jim Avars, bass; Jack Veazey, baritone; and Jim
and church offerings, but I've been           Teel, accompanist and arranger.
shown this attitude was wrong. It's only
H. M. S. Richards, Jr., is the director-
speaker of the Voice of Prophecy.

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 20
PEOPLE IN                                                                                    Review and Herald
                                                                                                William G. Johnsson, associate pro-
                                                                                             fessor of New Testament at Andrews

TRANSITION                                                                                   University and associate dean of the
                                                                                             Seminary, has been elected associate
                                                                                             editor of the Adventist Review.
Upper Columbia                                 in 1968, he worked as a pastor in Min-           An Australian, Dr. Johnsson is the
  Gary Palterson, pastor of the Walla          nesota and Nebraska.                          first non-North American to hold an
Walla College Church, has accepted a              In 1977, Staddon enrolled at Loma          elective office on the Review staff. His
call to become president of the                Linda University where he received            service for the Adventist Church began
Georgia-Cumberland Conference with             two master of science degrees, one in         at Vincent Hill School in India where he
offices in Calhoun, Ga.                        nutrition and the other in physiology.        was dean of boys. He taught religion at
  Tim Berry, associate pastor of the              Mrs. Staddon is the former Sharon          Spicer College for 12 years, and in 1972
Walla Walla College Church is moving           McHenry whose grandfather, father             was appointed Dean of the School of
to Atlantic Union College where he will        and two uncles were missionaries in In-       Religious Studies at Spicer. He held this
be teaching in the theology department.        dia. The Staddon family includes two          position until 1975, when he was invited
                                               sons, Jack 6, and Jeff 5.                     to join the Seminary faculty at Andrews
Oregon                                                                                       University.
   New pastor for the Gladstone Park                                                            The newly appointed associate editor
Church, is Richard L. Warner. Warner           Idaho                                         holds a bachelor of divinity degree from
recently came from Loveland, Colo.,              Bob Busch has been named associate          London University, a master's degree
where he has been pastor for the Camp-         pastor of the Payette, Idaho, Church          and a Ph.D. in biblical studies from
ion Academy Church the past six years.         and will work with Pastor George M.            Vanderbilt University, as well as a mas-
He succeeds Larry Boyd who is now              Harsha.                                       ter of arts degree in theology from An-
pastor at Scappoose-St. Helens.                  Before his move, Busch pastored two          drews University, a bachelor of
   Born in Davenport, Iowa, he received        years in Burns, Ore., and was an as-           technology degree from Adelaide and a
his college education from Union Col-          sociate pastor for a year in Caldwell.         bachelor of arts from Avondale College.
lege, Lincoln, Neb., with graduate               Busch and his wife, Julie, are natives          Dr. Johnsson is married to Helene
studies at Andrews University, Berrien         of Portland, Ore. The family includes          Margaret Taylor, an elementary school-
Springs, Mien., and Loma Linda Uni-            three children, Jason 10, Jeremy 5, and        teacher. The Johnssons have two teen-
versity, Loma Linda, Calif.                    Jamie 3.                                       aged children, a son and a daughter.
   He began his ministry in Iowa in 1950
and was ordained to the gospel ministry
in 1954 at Nevada, Iowa. He has held
 subsequent pastoral and teaching as-
signments in Minnesota, Colorado,
California, Washington and Nebraska.
   His parents are Dr. and Mrs. G. T.
 Warner of La Sierra, Calif.
   His wife, the former Shirley Wilmot
 of Des Moines, Iowa, also attended
 Union College. The Warners have two
 adult children: Joni Bell, R.N., a            Shirley and Richard     Theron Staddon             Bob Busch        William G. Johnsson
 pastor's wife at Grants Pass, Ore., and             Warner
 Heidi Lane of Fresno, Calif.
  Theron Staddon has been named the
new pastor of the Palmer congregation.
                                               CONFERENCE NEWS
He replaces Melvin Pond who moved to                                                         needed to talk with him, keeping his
Alberta, Canada.
                                                              IDAHO                          interest away from tobacco and giving
  Born in Missoula, Mont., he spent the        Eagle Church Sponsors                         him new ideas as well as words of en-
early part of his life in the Treasure State                                                 couragement.
                                               Successful Five-Day Plan                          Dr. Seeley advocated quitting "cold
and then moved to Colorado. After
graduation from Pacific Union College             Most of the Eagle Five-Day Stop            turkey" and told them they would need
                                               Smoking Plan participants quit during         to make many changes in their life pat-
                                               the first two days. The clinic, held at the   tern habits. He advised them to breathe
                                               church, was conducted by Pastor Al            deeply and rub their arms and bodies
                                               Heitzmann and Dr. Jack Seeley, a              while under the shower to cause friction
                                               Christian doctor practicing in Boise.         to help ease some tension. Spicy foods
                                                  Each smoker had a Seventh-day Ad-          and drinks with caffeine were an en-
                                               ventist "buddy" who sat beside him             ticement to smoking so he advised them
                                               during the session. During the day, the       to shun tea, coffee, cola drinks and to go
                                               smoker needing encouragement could             easy on steaks and the spice racks, and
                                               call his buddy for words of advice and         keep the lid on catsup bottles. Taking
                                               confidence to help ease the inner strug-       brisk walks and drinking plenty of water
                                               gle and torment. In turn, the buddy            and fruit juices were also suggested, as
   Gary Patterson            Tim Berry         would call his partner periodically if he      was avoiding comfortable seats and
                                                                                                     GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 21
                                                   Elgin Couple Celebrates
                                                   66th Wedding Anniversary
                                                      A golden wedding anniversary is an
                                                   unusual event, but for a couple to cele-
                                                   brate their 66th anniversary is indeed a
                                                   blessed and an outstanding experience.
                                                   Such is the case of Omer and Bethel
                                                   Harwood of Elgin.
                                                      Bethel recalls the first time she saw
These participants in a Five-Day Plan spon­        Omer. He was riding his pony as fast as
sored by the Eagle Church successfully quit        it could go. A romance blossomed into
smoking.                                                                                              Omer and Bethel Harwood
                                                   love and on Aug. 8, 1914 Omer and
sofas in front of the TV.                          Bethel were united in holy wedlock at        The Harwoods moved to Oregon in
   Pastor Heitzmann told them that in              Guthrie Center, Iowa.                      1923. Just four years ago, they moved to
their own way they could ask Christ to                Eleven children were born to this       Elgin. Both are active for their ages, and
give them the victory. He pointed out              union. They are: Clayton of Cottage        are able to attend church services. Mr.
that the promises are there and if they            Grove, Ore.; Oscar of Amity, Ore.;         Harwood will soon celebrate his 90th
asked they would receive.                          Mabel, Ross, and Marie all of Eugene,      birthday.
   The buddy will continue to keep in              Ore.; Marvin of Shively, Calif.; Neal of      When asked the secret of their long
contact with his partner to give him ad-           Swiss Home; Walton of Roseberg;            years spent together, Harwood chuck-
ditional strength, encouragement and               Velma of Golden, Colo.; Donald of          led, "No fights, I guess." Mrs. Har-
support to gain a permanent victory                Ketchikan, Alaska, and Rex of Elgin.       wood's advice to married couples is
over the habit and lead him to a better               Omer comes from a family of 11 chil-    "Try to stay together and settle your
way of life through Jesus Christ.                  dren and Bethel from a family of seven,    differences, especially if there are chil-
                                                   yet both agree "that young couples         dren."
                                                   should not have large families today.                           Goldie Spainhower
                                                   Living costs are so high."                               Communication Secretary

                                                                                               MEDICAL-MINISTERIAL                RE­
                                                                                               TREAT. Idaho Conference pastors and
                                                                                               wives enjoyed their annual retreat at
                                                                                               beautiful Camp Ida-Haven July 15-20.
                                                                                               Dr. Edward Heppenstall was the fea­
                                                                                               tured speaker. Pictured here are Pastor
                                                                                               and Mrs. Ron Stroud discussing a
                                                                                               theological point with Dr. Heppenstall.

SARY. Burrel and Elizabeth Windle,
longtime residents of Payette, recently cele­
brated their 60th wedding anniversary. Be­
tween 250 and 300 well-wishers, relatives and
old-time friends gathered June 29 for a recep­
tion held in their honor. The reception was
held in the Treasure Valley SDA School gym. It         Mel Rees presented a series on
was co-hosted by the couple's two daughters,           stewardship that was very in­
Ellen Osburn and Dorothy Bowman, both of               formative and greatly ap­
Payette.                                               preciated. Sun Valley pastor,
   The gift table contained a money tree made          Mike Jones, and Payette op­
from sagebrush — a reminder of the early               tometrist, George Iwasa, are
days when the newly married couple lived in            pictured with Rees, Dr. and
the sagebrush hills of Little Willow Creek.            Mrs. Iwasa prepared a delici­
   Burrel was born near New Plymouth,                  ous Oriental dinner for the
Idaho. His wife came to the area from North            group.
Dakota when she was 23. They have lived in
Payette County all their married life. A history
of the life of the couple was written by Laurie
Loomis and read by Carolyn Toombs, grad-
daughters of the \V indies.
   While the party was under way, the great­
grandchildren decorated the Windle car with
streamers, tin cans, balloons aned a big sign
that said "Just Married, 60 Years." When the
party was over, the couple drove their car
through main street, as newlyweds often do.                                               The Shepherdess Club was fortunate to have
   The Windles are members of the Payette                                                 Dr. Warren Fish, of La Grande, Ore., as their
Church. Elizabeth has especially been active
in the children's divisions and the Dorcas                                                featured speaker. Left to right, Ruby
work, as well as a deaconess.                                                             Heitzmann, Shepherdess Club president,
                               Joyce D. Klocko                                            Mrs. Gerda Fish and Dr. Fish.
                     Communication Secretary

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 22
                                                                                                  ternoon, Ted Lutts, Oregon Conference
                                                                                                  treasurer, welcomed the church mem-
                                                                                                  bers to their new church and com-
                                                                                                  mended and challenged them in their
                                                                                                  continued efforts to complete the
                                                                                                     Just two months later, the members
                                                                                                  were able to hold their official grand
                                                                                                  opening service on Aug. 15 and 16 with
                                                                                                  four former pastors and the present
                                                                                                  pastor, Skip Bell, joining in the cere-
                                                                                                  monies. They included Pastors Manley
                                                                                                  Miles, Charles Brown, Arnold Lien,
                                                                                                  and David Schmidt. Also participating
                                                                                                  were the three conference officers, Jack
                                                                                                   Harris, president, Rankin Wentland,
                                                                                                  executive secretary, and Lutts. Repre-
FIVE-DAY PLAN HELD. Several Five-Day Stop Smoking Plan series have been held in this               senting the community was Oregon
area. The most recent one peaked at an attendance of 21. At the end of the series, 17 people
received certificates denoting victory. In this group was a lady who had been raised in an         Senator Debbs Potts who had joined in
Adventist home until she was 12 years of age and then she became lost to the denomination. She    the groundbreaking service two years
tells us that we "found her" and she is having Bible studies and occasionally she attends church.  earlier.
                                                                                  Mrs. Mike Jones
                                                                             Sun Valley Company
                                                                                                      The Sabbath afternoon service of
                                                                                                   commitment was concluded with a sac-
                                                                                                  red concert by organist David Hegarty
                                                                                                   of San Francisco, on the church's new
                OREGON                              6th and Evelyn Streets was the first of Rodgers 990 three-manual organ.
                                                                                                      Construction of the church has been a
                                                    two special celebrations. The opening
 Grants Pass Church Moves                           service was begun with a Sabbath work of love for many of the members.
                                                    School program in the old church and Before the project got under way, the
 Into Newly Built Facility                          reading of the church history by Dr. building committee surveyed the abili-
    Rising above Grants Pass, Ore., a Harold Campbell, Sr.                                         ties of the members and the number of
 spire atop the new Seventh-day Advent-                Then a large percentage of the con- hours each week they could help.
 ist church near the north entrance to the gregation walked the six-tenths of a mile Schedules were established and the
 city seems to catch the eye of every to the new church. Because theme for members went to work.
 passing traveler and draw it toward the weekend was taken from Psalm 84,                             The project seemed to unify our
 heaven.                                             "How lovely is thy dwelling place, O members who participated, remarked
    For more than a year, the whole Lord of hosts!" a banner with the text John McFeeters who led in the con-
 community has watched as the church printed on it was prepared to be carried struction program after the framing
 has grown from its foundation and fi- by the Pathfinder Club members in the rough construction was completed
 nally take a prominent place at the march to the new church.                                      under the direction of Ken Adams.
 northern terminus of the Redwood                      The congregation sang as they                  Sabbath School division leaders con-
 Highway.                                           walked. Some remarked that it was a tributed suggestions for the design of
    The site of the structure was chosen meaningful experience, reminiscent of a their departments. All departments
 partly because of its commanding visi- similar walk conducted 29 years earlier were constructed in such a way that
 bility on a hillside between Northeast to the then new church on Evelyn they could have sunlight during their
 7th and 9th Streets.                                Street.                                       regular Sabbath services even though
    The move from the old church site at                At a special musical program that af- the building has two levels, explained

                                                                                                 Right at home in their new church, Grants
                                                                                                 Pass children gather around their pastor dur­
 A fan-shaped sanctuary with vaulted ceiling provides seating for 750 people in the new Grants   ing opening Sabbath morning worship service
 Pass Church.                                                                                    for a children's story.

                                                                                                        GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 23
Olin Nations, building committee             long construction process.                    two movie projectors, three fade and
chairman.                                       Senator Potts seemed to sum up the         dissolve projectors, as well as a
   An unusual feature of the church is its   attitude of the members as he spoke at        recorder/player for special sound ef-
central supply room for all Sabbath          the commitment service Sabbath after-         fects. The pictures are rear-projected
School divisions. All materials are          noon.                                         onto a triplicate screen.
stored in this room and a member has           "It just does something to you to have         Each evening the system was set to
been assigned to check equipment in          been here to see the ground broken (for       begin with "sing-along" music and
and out. By this means, Nations says,        this new church) and then come back           words shown on the screen so early-
we hope to reduce supply costs.              and see it finished and to be able to stand   comers could join in. Whether or not
   The sanctuary which will seat about       here behind the pulpit. I've watched          one could sing, the pictures behind the
750 is fan-shaped and behind the con-        with interest and pride as it was being       words made it worth while to be early.
gregational seating are a series of rooms    built. This church not only belongs to        Fowler then took the congregation on a
for Sabbath School classes, a nursery        the members; it belongs to the commu-         trip to somewhere special and con-
and an infant training chapel which has      nity."                                        tinued creatively using his whole au-
regular church pews.                                                     Robin Martin      diovisual system for his lecture.
   The covered entry and an extra large                     Communication Secretary           Featured music was provided for the
narthex were especially designed to ac-                                                    meetings by the Fowlers as well as by
commodate the 665-member congrega-                                                         members from Brewster, East
tion as they come and go during wet and         UPPER COLUMBIA                             Wenatchee, Cashmere and Chelan.
cold weather.                                                                                 Even though the town of Chelan is
   Deaf churchgoers have also received       Evangelist Fowler Holds                       preoccupied with the needed tourist
special consideration through the instal-                                                  business and fruit harvest during this
lation of a transmitter and individual re-   Meetings in Lake Chelan                       part of the year, there were nonmem-
ceivers which can be used anywhere in           Evangelist and Mrs. Les Fowler, as-        bers in attendance nightly with some
the church. Total floor space is 29,000      sisted by Bob and Sylvia Clayton, com-        being particularly interested in follow-
square feet. It was designed by the Bal-     pleted a month of "Revelation                 up Bible studies. And, as one of the
siger, Peterson, Shewbridge architec-        Panorama" meetings in the Lake Che-           members said, "Even though I have sat
tural firm. Construction costs will be       lan Church with the congregation link-        through many series since becoming a
about $1,000,000.                            ing hands and singing "Blessed Be the         Seventh-day Adventist, God used
   Thousands of hours were contributed       Tie That Binds."                              Evangelist Fowler to bring out more
by members in completing the church,            Fowler has a computerized au-              beautiful things in our beliefs I hadn't
much of it by retired members who            diovisual system to illustrate his lec-       before contemplated."
worked day after day throughout the          tures. The set has ten slide projectors,                                  Elaine Huey

                                                                        Opening Night Lecture:
                                                            'The Last People to See Hitler Alive"
                                                                           Hope Unlimited Singers
                                                                        7:30 p.m.
                                                                   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2
                                                                    Rockwood Seventh-day
                                                                      Adventist Church
                             Arnold and Margaret
                                 Scherencel                          1910 SE. 182nd Ave.
                              Crusade Speakers
                                                                      Portland, Oregon
    An outstanding program
    for the Portland area
    *Music groups
    'Family films
    'Medical leactures
    "Illustrated Bible lectures
     every night                (,ar\ and Mary;
                                                                     Thomas and Peggy
                                                                                             Chuck Godfrey
                                                                                            Crusade Organist
                                                                                                               Wvnnton Bunnell, M.D.
                                                                                                                 Medical Lecturer
   'Nutrition class             Musk Coordinai                      Crusade Coordinators
                                                                                              Send names of interests to:
   *Wedding and reception                                                                     Pastor Gary Rustad
   *Nursery for preschoolers                                                                  1910 SE. 182nd Ave.
   'Comfortable new Rockwood Church                                                           Portland, OR 97233

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 24
                                               member congregation was started by             along with many other endeavors.
                                               members of the Spokane Linwood                   The church will be built primarily by
                                               Church in April, 1978 and is currently         member and other volunteer help and is
                                               meeting in the Springhill Grange hall on       expected to be completed by next spring
                                               Coulee-Hite Road outside northwest             or summer.
                                               Spokane.                                                         Roger W. McDonald
                                                  The new church will be located on                        Communication Secretary
                                               Seven-mile Road at Coulee-Hite and
                                               Four Mound Roads. The building will
                                               have a total of 5,900 square feet of floor            WASHINGTON
                                               space with the sanctuary seating 100.
Those taking part in the Countryside                                                          Washington Holds
groundbreaking ceremonies were (from the          Participating in the ceremony were
right) Jim Homburg, building committee         Spokane County's Third District Com-           Unusual United Retreat
chairman and builder; County Commissioner      missioner, Jerry Kopet, and officials of          Bringing all the pastors, teachers and
Jerry Kopet; John F. Wilkens, Upper Colum­     the Upper Columbia Conference.
bia treasurer; Clarence Gruesbeck, Upper Co­                                                  office staff of a conference together for a
lumbia secretary; Pastor Henning Guldham-      KUDY radio talk show host, Ken                 retreat is not an easy task. However,
mer; and Henry Reimers, former land owner.     Campbell, sang a song he had especially        Glenn Aufderhar, president of the
                                               composed for the occasion.                     Washington Conference, remarked that,
Countryside Members Break                         According to Henry Reimers, previ-          to his knowledge, it was the first time in
Ground for New Sanctuary                       ous owner of the land, it was first home-       15 years that these three groups had
  A groundbreaking ceremony was                steaded by the public-spirited Pratt fam-      taken the opportunity to meet together.
held recently for the new Spokane              ily. Mrs. Amerella Pierce Pratt was a             The occasion that brought these
Countryside Church. The now 45-                niece of President Franklin Pierce. The        groups to the Oregon Conference
                                               Pratts started a school and a post office,     campgrounds from Aug. 22 through 27

        COMING                                                                The Joy of Sharing
     TO HERMISTON,                                    About eight years ago, two young            One Sabbath I stood up to wel-
        OREGON                                    ladies came walking into the church
                                                  just about the time Sabbath School
                                                                                              come my class and to my surprise I
                                                                                              saw Esther. "Esther, is that you?" I
                                                  was to begin. A lady in the church          said. She smiled and said, "It's me."
                                                  noticed they were strangers so she          I was so glad to see her!
                                                   brought them to my class and I wel-            I talked to her after Sabbath
                                                  comed them. I felt impressed to             School. She was married and her
                                                  change the lesson study and talk            husband was working, or he would
                                                   more of the love of God. This is my        be with her. The next Sabbath he
                                                  great theme, anyway, for it is the          accompanied her. From then on,
                                                  great love of God that will hasten          they came regularly and they
                                                  Jesus' return and draw the people to        brought Judy's two children. Judy
                                                   Him.                                       had seen such a change in her chil-
                                                      After the class was over, they told     dren she wanted Esther to take them
             DAVID PARKS                           me how they enjoyed it. I invited          each week.
               SPEAKER                             them to come back. The two sisters,            We were having evangelistic meet-
                                                   Esther and Judy, came to church            ings; I invited them to come and they
    FOCUS ON LIVING                                several times.                             did. They also wanted Bible studies
       PROPHECY                                       They both visited my home; we
                                                   had good talks about Jesus, and I told
                                                                                              so I took the Dukane projector to
                                                                                              them. Pastor Charles Lickey also vis-
        SEMINAR                                    them how much He loved them.
                                                   They seemed interested, as both had
                                                                                               ited them and gave them studies.
                                                                                                  Esther's husband, Jerry, was
                                                   an Adventist background but had            working every other Sabbath, but he
       OCTOBER 18-                                 drifted away. Judy called me one day       wanted to join the church along with
       NOVEMBER22                                  and asked if I would come to her           Esther. He asked his boss for Sab-
                                                   home and give a Bible study and she        baths off, but was refused so Jerry
       SEVENTH-DAY                                 would invite some of her neighbors. I      quit his job. Jerry and Esther were
    ADVENTIST CHURCH                               gave a study on the love of God.           baptized this spring and they are a
   W. 9TH AND HIGHLAND                                We visited back and forth for some      happy couple. Judy comes at times;
                                                   time. Esther moved away; she wrote         she is on my prayer list.
   HERMISTON, OREGON                               several times and I lost my connec-            Never give up. God hears and an-
                                                   tion with her. I called Judy and she        swers prayers. We can take no glory
                                                   had not heard much from her, either.        to ourselves, for only God can bring
                                                      I had the girls on my prayer list for    them in. But what a joy to work with
       IN THE HERMISTON AREA TO:                   a long time and I didn't know where         and for God!
         PASTOR GUNNAR SJOREN                       they were. I thought of them many                                 Marge Stinson
               P.O. BOX 272                         times and it must have been five                        Lay Activities Secretary
       HERMISTON, OREGON 97838                      years since I had heard of them.                                Puyallup, Wash.

                                                                                                     GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 25
was more than a retreat. Aufderhar ex-             Adventist Church has most often pre-         David Crockett, photographer for a
plained that the retreat was a workshop            sented. The subjective gospel is telling     Seattle, Wash., television station.
designed to assist those attending in im-          others about what the gospel has done in     Crockett was trapped at the western
proving and utilizing soul-winning                 the life. "Blended together," explained     base of Mount St. Helens when it
skills. "Every teacher is a minister,"             Gray, "they warm the heart," prepar-        erupted on May 18.
Aufderhar said, "and every pastor is a             ing a person for receiving Jesus Christ.        "If people come for nothing else but
teacher."                                             Gray has authored several Bible les-     David's presentation," Damazo says,
   Des Cummings and Don Gray were                  son study guides including "The Bible        "it would be worth it. That should be a
invited to speak to the group about the            Speaks" and "My Bible Says."                pretty dramatic program." Crockett
cooperative, soul-winning respon-                     In addition to large group presenta-     will be presenting a movie and tape re-
 sibilities of the church and school.              tions, the pastors and teachers could       cording he made during his experience
Cummings is assistant professor of                 attend several smaller classes covering     on Mount St. Helens when he believed
youth ministry at Andrews University               topics such as "Wardrobe Coordina-          he was facing certain death.
Theological Seminary and Gray is the               tion" (for the ladies) and' 'The Holidays      According to Damazo, the purpose of
 ministerial secretary of Lake Union               as a Key to Ministry" (for the pastors).    the seminar is to, "develop a fraternity
Conference.                                        Also available were several educational     and tie-down with the church for the
   Cummings examined how the schools               exhibits which were open for browsing.      business and professional people in the
could be truly Christian as well as ac-                                       Larry Bunnell    church. It's Green Lake's method for
tive, evangelistic institutions. Observ-                     NPUC Communication Intern         building a stronger church by bringing
ing that students need "love educa-                                                            people together who otherwise
tion," Cummings defined love as, "a                Green Lake Church Sponsors                  wouldn't get together."
plant that is grown in the common                  Businessmen's Seminar                          In the past four years, the seminar has
ground of spiritual unity, watered by the                                                      addressed the ethical problems faced by
spring of communication, warmed in                    What does a church with an uncom-        the Christian in business and the rela-
the sunlight of affection, growing for             mon number of professional and suc-         tionship of diet and stress. This year a
eternity."                                         cessful business people do for a service    simultaneous seminar for teenagers en-
   Such an understanding of love,                  to their denomination? The answer for       titled, "How to Teach Your Parents to
 Cummings believes, would allow stu-               Seattle's Green Lake Church has been        Talk," will continue Green Lake's at-
dents to effectively battle undesirable            the sponsoring of an annual seminar for     tempt to meet the diverse needs of the
concepts of love in modern society.                Adventist business people.                  Adventist Church.
   Gray spoke about the Christian's "ob-              This year's Christian Business Semi-        The teen seminar will be directed by a
jective" and "subjective" witness. The             nar, entitled, "Body Recall," will take     pastor, a family counselor and a child
objective witness is the process of ex-            place Nov.7-9 at the Salishan Lodge in      psychiatrist. Taking place at the same
plaining the gospel from a biblical                Gleneden Beach, Ore. Check in will          time as the medical symposiums, it will
standpoint which, Gray believes, the               begin at 2 p.m. on Friday with the re-      be open to parents and teenagers con-
                                                   mainder of the day devoted to getting       cerned about the problems of parent-
                                                   acquainted, dinner and a medical sym-       teen communication in modern society.
                                                   posium.                                        Damazo characterizes the weekend
                                                      The three medical symposiums dur-        as being "pretty much for anyone, but
                                                   ing the weekend will feature nine spe-      slanted to businessmen." Registration
                                                   cialists from various medical disciplines   fee is $25 for the business seminar and
                                                   discussing the most common problems         $10 for the teen seminar. The registra-
                                                   they see in their specialties and how to    tion is tax deductible and does not in-
                                                   prevent them.                               clude the cost of meals and lodging.
                                                      "There will be a liberal use of visual      Those interested must preregister by
                                                   aids," says Dr. Ray Damazo, seminar         sending a check to Dr. Raymond
                                                   coordinator. "We're going to eliminate      Damazo, 855 106th Ave. NE., Bellevue,
                                                   redundancy and encourage the physi-         Wash. 98004. The check should be made
                                                   cians to talk in layman's language. We      payable to the Green Lake Adventist
                                                   want the symposiums to be as practical      Church.
                                                   as possible."
                                                      The specialists, including a pediatri-
                                                   cian, a surgeon and a psychiatrist,
NEW MEMBERS IN ELMA. So far this year,
nine have been baptized as new members of
                                                   among others, will define the three most
                                                   common problems they address in their
the Elma Church. Genell Hartnell was bap­          areas of expertise. Then for 15 minutes     Many Patients Benefit from
tized as a result of Bible studies held in her     they will examine how these problems
home with another dozen people in atten­           might be prevented. After these presen-     THF/NW Health Program
dance. Three of these have been baptized and
studies will continue with the others this fall.   tations, there will be an opportunity for      A recent study of patient reaction to
These baptisms followed the Dan Knauft             questions from the audience.                the conditioning program at Total
evangelistic meetings held in Elma and are all        Sabbath morning, Pastor Lawrence         Health Foundation/Northwest, Yaki-
the result of Bible studies by lay members of      Downing of the Green Lake Church,           ma, Wash., gives strong confirmation to
the congregation. Those baptized include
(back row from the left) Kathleen and Dan          will speak at 9:30 on, "Healer's            its benefit. Patients consistently rated
MacKay, Genell Hartnell, (middle row) Dar-         Touch." Following the 10:14 a.m. med-       themselves as having achieved a
rin Kartell, Jeff Cooper, Lanita Thompson,         ical symposium, the day will be open for    marked improvement in overall health,
(front row), Guy Thompseon, Trease Kramer,                                                     physical stamina and mental outlook.
Andria Mullen.
                                                   hiking and beachcombing.
                              Norma Hartnell          Saturday evening's program, "The         Considering the wide range of religious
               .;',   Lay Activities Secretary     World Turned Black," will feature           affiliations represented among Total
GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 26
Health (THF/NW) patients, it was es-         spiritual vitality and can look forward to     my church affiliation, I would seriously
pecially interesting to note the high rat-   a happier, fuller life. Many no longer         consider SDA." (C. C.) Springfield,
ing given to improvement in spiritual        find it necessary to rely so heavily, if at    Ore.
vitality.                                    all, on medications upon which they had           "I think if I had not gone to THF/NW
    The most common referral source is       previously been dependent.                     I would be dead now. My cholesterol
the patient's physician, followed                Those who benefit most are those           has dropped 70 M.G.'s and the tri-
closely by relatives and friends. It is      who 1) have suffered heart attacks, 2)         glicerides 195 M.G.'s. My heart spe-
interesting to see the growing interest of   have a defined liability to heart attacks      cialist was surprised at my improve-
physicians in what THF/NW can do for         or stroke, 3) have had bypass surgery          ment. I have been told I am almost nor-
their patients. More and more physi-         and need to sustain its benefit, 4) expe-      mal as far as my heart is concerned."
cians are coming to see the program in       rience severe leg pains due to poor            (E. U.) New Meadows, Idaho.
perspective. While almost anyone can         blood supply, 5) congenital and dietary           "The program at THF/NW was such
 "benefit," it is a unique kind of patient   overweight, 6) chronic gastric disor-          a boost in every way. The personnel
for which the program is specially de-       ders, 7) diabetes, 8) mild depression and      were all such dedicated Christians and
 signed.                                     9) stress.                                     so interested in helping us spiritually,
    A great many patients, suffer from           It surprises many to discover that by      mentally and physically." (E. R.) Hot
 anxiety-producing and debilitating dis-     eating a properly balanced diet of nu-         Springs, S. D.
 orders which require a marked change        tritious, appetizing foods, they can eat          "Before starting the program, I could
 in life-style if they are to survive and    hearty, satisfying meals and still lose        not walk up the stairs in my home. I
 avoid an early death. Fortunately, a        weight. The average weight loss is 11          spent most of my time in bed and was
 great many are able, based upon routine     pounds per patient. And it is the kind of      not able to do any housework. Now I
 visits to their own physicians, to under-   loss that stays off, because it is not         feel well and am walking every day. I
 stand their needs and make the adjust-      based on fads, health-threatening crash        thank God for THF/NW's dedicated
 ments that are necessary. Some, how-         diets, or starvation.                         people. I needed help and guidance and
 ever, are not able to make these ac-            This medically managed treatment           received them at THF/NW." (J. M.)
 commodations and often face bleak           program came into operation because of         Yakima, Wash.
 prospects.                                  the concern of a group of dedicated Ad-           "It was expensive, but for me it was
    These, the program at THF/NW is           ventist physicians in Yakima who rec-         worth it. My doctor here has been
especially designed to help. It affords an    ognized a need in their own practice. If      happy with my progress. I now save $20
opportunity for the patient to "get           there is a secret to its ultimate success,    a month on medicine and about $50 a
away" to a restful atmosphere in a beau-      it lies in the quiet, purposeful service of   month on groceries." (G. B.) Port Or-
tiful setting of sweeping vistas and lush    a concerned, caring loving staff of            chard, Wash.
orchards. For 26 days, patients live in a     workers whose dedication to "their"              "My stay at THF/NW was one of the
grand mansion that displays the unique        patients uniformly is given a very high        most beautiful months I have ever
 opulence of a former time. Here they         rating. Thus the Foundation is making         spent. THF/NW started me on a road to
 become immersed in a total program           its mark both now, and for eternity, in        spiritual health and I am to be baptized
that provides the incentive and guid-         the lives of those it serves. The patients    at the Stateline Church. My whole ex-
 ance they need for a new way of life.        themselves tell it best.                      perience at THF/NW has improved not
    It begins with a three-day orientation        "It was a pleasant experience and         only my life, but the lives of my whole
 during which they get the feel of the        added a new dimension to our lives. My         family. 'All things do work for good!' "
 place and get to know their "fellow-         husband benefitted a great deal from our       (G. L.) Walla Walla, Wash.
 sufferers." During this time, acomplete      stay — and has been faithfully following         Information regarding Total Health
 medical workup is done on each patient       the program since coming home." (E.            Foundation/Northwest can be obtained
 by the staff physicians. This includes       B.) Walla Walla, Wash.                         by calling (509) 965-2556 collect 9 a.m.
 history and physical, a review of prior          "We went to THF/NW to better my            to 5 p.m.
 medical records, cardiac function            wife's condition — which was really                                       Philip Benson
 evaluation (including monitored tread-       improved. If I ever decided to change                                Chaplain THF/NW
 mill exercise tolerance testing), pulmo-
 nary function assessment and spirome-
 ter analysis, laboratory evaluation of
 blood values and chemistry, and con-
 tinuing consultation with staff physi-
 cians based upon individual need.
                                             GENERAL NEWS
                                              Photograph of Former                          the picture and if it is a group photo-
     Meanwhile patients begin a round of                                                    graph.
 lectures and discussions which continue      NPUC Officer Sought                              Anyone willing to loan a picture,
 throughout their 26-day stay, and which        The NPUC communication depart-              please send it to the above address. Pho-
 cover a wide range of topics embracing       ment has been collecting pictures of          tographs will be copied and returned
  various aspects of health, nutrition,       former NPUC officers for an office dis-       after a brief period of time. All photo-
 exercise, motivation, goal-setting,          play. At this point, all of the pictures      graphs will be handled with care.
  self-discipline, spiritual vitality and     have been collected except one of S. W.
 simple trust in God's loving concern for     Nellis. Nellis was vice president of the      Nutrition Instructors Class
  them. Physical stamina is rebuilt           NPUC from 1912-1915.
 through balanced nutrition and a gradu-        If you have a picture of Nellis or know     Draws Hundred Participants
  ally intensified program of exercise.       of where one might be obtained, please          One hundred men and women from
     By the time patients leave, they have    contact the Communications Depart-            around the Northwest recently partici-
  a new outlook on life, have learned a       ment, North Pacific Union Conference,         pated in a five-day Nutrition Instructors
  life-style, through practice, which they    P.O. Box 16677, Portland, OR 97216.           Class to increase their expertise in cook-
  can sustain on their own, have enriched     When writing, please indicate the size of     ing healthfully. The program was jointly
                                                                                                  GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 27
sponsored by the North Pacific Union         who love gospel music to accumulate              Ford Completes PUC
Conference, Upper Columbia Confer-           the best and many of the new renditions          Teaching Responsibilities
ence and the Walla Walla College home        by the Heritage Singers in a combina-
economics department and was con-            tion never before available to the public.          Desmond Ford, a visiting professor of
ducted on the college campus.                Records and tapes are available through          theology from Avondale College in Aus-
   Morning classes were taught by ex-        Adventist Book Centers or by writing             tralia, has completed his teaching re-
perts in nutrition including John            directly to Heritage Classics, 9614 NW.          sponsibilities at Pacific Union College,
Scharffenberg, M.D., M.P.H.; Don             8th Ave., Vancouver, Washington,                 according to an announcement by Pres-
Hall, D.H.Sc., M.P.H.; and June              98665, for ordering information.                 ident J. W. Cassell.
Bishop, M.S., R.D. Topics of special                                      Jim Brooks             Coming on an exchange teacher pro-
interest to the basic as well as the ad-                                                      gram for a two-year period, Dr. Ford
vanced students ranged from "The Use                                                          had extended that stay an additional year.
                                             Adventist Writers Group                          Since December 1979, he has resided in
of Oil in Cooking" to current informa-
tion regarding milk, cheese and eggs.        Formed in College Place                          Washington, D.C., while preparing a
   Additionally, students received              An Adventist writers' club has been           position paper on his theological in-
notebooks containing approximately           formed in College Place, Wash., with 16          terpretations of the sanctuary doctrine
170 pages of practical, interesting and      people attending the first session.              of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
scientifically documented resource ma-          The club is an outgrowth of interest in          Affiliation of the Napa County and
terials.                                     writing coming from classes taught at            Australian Adventist colleges was es-
   The afternoons were spent in labs         the Upper Columbia camp meeting by               tablished in 1956 in order to qualify Av-
where the students practiced making          Morten Juberg, North Pacific Union               ondale graduates for advanced study,
meals that were both attractive and nu-      communications director.                         especially in theology. Degrees have
tritional.                                      Officers of the club, all from the Col-       been conferred by Pacific Union Col-
   The instruction will be helpful in        lege Place area, include Ellen Dana,             lege in a program approved and in-
planning the family menus of the partic-     president; Dotti Frasier, secretary-             spected by the Western Association of
ipants. The primary purpose, how-            treasurer; Lucile Dickson and Grace              Schools and Colleges.
ever, of the class was for the students to   Streifling, program chairpersons.                   No new exchange is being made for
become qualified to conduct nutrition           Plans call for the group to meet              the fall term.
classes as a form of outreach in their       monthly in the Industrial Technology
local church community.                      building on the campus of Walla Walla            Quiet Hour Dedicates New
                           Jere D. Patzer    College. The meeting time is 7:30 p.m.,          Chapel/Recording Studio
     NPUC Director of Health Services        the first Tuesday of each month.
                                                Further information about the club               For 62 years, Ida Jane Tucker pro-
Heritage Singers Invited to                  can be had by contacting Ellen Dana,             vided a special type of companionship
                                             522 SE. 6th, College Place, Wash.                for the founder of The Quiet Hour. She
Presidential Inauguration                                                                     gave Bible studies, visited interests and
                                             99324. Phone 529-9576.
   The Heritage Singers, known widely          This is third Adventist writers' group         did sermon research. When her hus-
by Adventist and other gospel music-         in the Northwest. Others include the             band was sick, she even went on the air
loving audiences in this country and in      Christian Scribes based in Portland and          for him.
several foreign lands in which they have     the Adventist Writers Association in the            Her death on Aug. 9, 1979, was thus a
traveled and performed, have been            Seattle area.                                    loss not only to her husband, J. L.
honored to be invited to sing at the pres-                                                    Tucker, but also to The Quiet Hour.
idential inauguration in Washington,                                                          Many tributes and gifts were given in
D.C., in January.                                                                             her honor but still her friends wanted to
   Max and Lucy Mace, founders and                                                            do something special.
directors of the group, received the                                                             The result was the decision to build a
news shortly after their return from a                                                        chapel which would function as a re-
successful concert tour of the Hawaiian                                                       cording studio in her honor at The Quiet
Islands in August. The Maces admitted                                                         Hour headquarters in Redlands, Calif.
their Hawaiian trip served a twofold                                                          Less than a year after her death, this
purpose in that they were more than                                                           chapel was dedicated on Aug. 3, 1980.
ready for a visit to that choice vacation-                                                       More than 300 friends attended the
land after a tightly scheduled concert                                                        opening ceremonies. They heard a
tour for the previous three months in the                                                     touching dedication address by Pastor
states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho                                                           Elmer Walde who began his ministry
and California.                                                                               with The Quiet Hour in 1939. Music was
   Another item about which the Heri-                                                         presented by members of the Tucker
tage Singers and their friends and sup-                                                       family and a video tour of the new facil-
porters are excited is the recent release                                                     ity was conducted by her son, La Verne
of the first five volumes of the "Heri-                                                       Tucker, who also led out in the act of
tage Classics Library." This consists of                                                      dedication.
a collection of both new and old favor-                                                          The highlight of the activities for most
ites newly recorded in a series of 30                                                         was the added joy that came into the life
separate albums which are packaged                                                            of J. L. Tucker. He obviously enjoyed
three albums per volume. Records, cas-                                                        telling the audience of his love for Ida
sette tapes, or eight-track tapes are                                                         Jane and of his plan to spend eternity
available.                                   The Heritage Singers have been invited to sing   with her and his Quiet Hour family.
   The ten volumes will enable those         at the presidential inauguration in January.                             Charles J. Eusey

GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 28
ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                         at Glacier View Ranch, Colo., Aug. 10-15,
                                                                                                      1980, and the issues discussed there.
                                                                                                         A large portion of the magazine will be
                                                                                                      devoted to a thorough presentation, in
Memory Verses Needed                               Sanctuary Ranch, British Columbia; Ron             question-and-answerform, of the issues con-
   June M. Johnson, Box 548, Salmon, ID            Crary, Oak Haven Institute in Michigan;            sidered at the Glacier View meeting. The
83467, has been working on a scrapbook of          Wayne Dull, Eden Valley Institute, Col-            editors will attempt to give a fair synopsis of
memory verses from the year she was bap-           orado; and Ralph Martin.                           the positions that have been taken and
tized, in 1958. She has need of the ones for          Wilson will give the keynote address at         adequate answers supporting the fundamen-
the following years: 1958; 1959; 2nd, 3rd, and     7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11.                         tal beliefs of the church, as voted at the re-
4th quarters of 1960; 1961; 1st quarter of            A series of workshops planned for Sunday        cent General Conference Session in Dallas.
1962; 4th quarter of 1971; #8 in 4th quarter,      will present practical information on estab-
1978.                                              lishing and operating self-supporting projects     It Is Written Date Changes
                                                   such as dark county evangelism, vegetarian            A full page advertisement in the Sept. 15
Names Wanted                                       restaurants, health food stores, conditioning      issue of the GLEANER gave dates for two
  From Oct. 18 to Nov. 22 there will be            programs and educational centers.                  half-hour special episodes on prayer for the It
evangelistic meetings held in Pensacola, Fla.         Futher information may be obtained by           Is Written television program. The program,
These meetings are sponsored by the                contacting Dr. Larry Hawkins, Rt. 5, Box           "Santa Claus Cries, Too," has been re-
Alabama-Mississippi Conference and under            184, Walla Walla, WA 99362; (509) 525-4024.       scheduled for Nov. 2 and "Blink a Star,
the direction of Evangelist David Merling.                                                            Please," is now scheduled for Nov. 9.
  If you know of any relatives or friends or       Attention, Medical Personnel
know of any former Adventists living in the          There is an urgent need for doctors and          Milo Alumni Weekend
Pensacola area, please send their names and        nurses to continue Adventist medical work            Milo Alumni Weekend is Nov. 7-9. Tell
addresses to Pastor Milton Hallock, 5404           for Cambodian refugees in Thailand. If per-        your alumni friends.
Rawson Lane, Pensacola, FL 32503, or call          sonnel are not available, the work that has          Send current addresses to Klaus Forster,
(904) 477'-1777.                                   begun may have to be closed.                       Milo Academy Alumni, P.O. Box 278, Days
                                                     Richard Hall, SAWS director for South-           Creek, OR 97429.
Sandia View Academy                                east Asia, reports that Adventists are staffing      Honored classes, please contact your class
  Alumni, former students and teachers of          several wards and a surgery unit in the ref-       coordinators: 10-year, ('71) Eleanor Jewkes,
Sandia View Academy, (formerly Spanish-            ugee camps. There is a need for physicians         29727 Townshipline Rd., Mt. Lehman, B.C.
American Seminary). Alumni Weekend Oct.            and nurses who can do general practice.            VOX IVO, Canada; 20-year ('61) Norm
17 and 18. Honor classes are 1950, 1960,           There is also a need for surgeons, OB-GYN          and Darleen Smith, 1660 Fernwood Dr., Til-
1970. Pastor Gary Rustad ('63) will speak          specialists, O.R. nurses and anesthetists.         lamook, OR 97141; 25-year ('56) Dr. Daryl
Friday and Sabbath. Send current addresses           Anyone willing to volunteer for at least a       Wheeler, Route 1, Box 742, Yreka, CA
to Jerry Ruybalid, Alumni Association              month and preferably longer, should contact        96087.
Executive Secretary, 1805 S. Hackberry,            Don Hunter, G.C. representative based at
Pecos, TX 79772.                                   Loma Linda, Calif. His phone numbers are:          Auburn Class Reunion
                                                   office, (714) 796-7311; residence, (714) 785-        Plans are being made for the 30-year re-
Addresses Needed                                   5707.                                              union of the 1951 class of Auburn Adventist
   Addresses are needed for the following in-                                                         Academy. Send your names, addresses and
dividuals: Kennon Bush, Karen Cassel, Val-                                                            phone numbers and those of others you may
erie Radford, Mrs. A. R. Tartar, Wm. and           Family Life Seminar                                know to Betty (Thiel) Thompson, Rt. 2, Box
Ella Tucker.                                         Arena O. Dart will hold a Family Life            2688, Spanaway, WA 98387, or phone (206)
   Anyone knowing the address of any of            Seminar at the Canyonville, Ore., Church           847-7110.
these people please write to the clerk, Ash-       Oct. 18-24. The first of the series will be held
land Church, 1650 Clark St., Ashland, OR           on Sabbath morning at 11 a.m. The rest of the      Pianist Needed
97520.                                             program comes the following evenings.                A Sandy, Ore., gospel quartet needs a
                                                                                                      pianist. Must be willing to devote one night
Missing Members                                    Special Ministry Issue                             per week for practice and one weekend per
   If you know the whereabouts of the follow-        The October Ministry will be a special,          month for travel. Contact Bob Hawley,
ing people, please contact Darlene Jones,          double-size issue (64) pages, dealing with the     58425 E. Marmot, Sandy, OR 97055. Phone
Federal Way Church clerk, at 19254 SE.             Sanctuary Review Committee meeting held            (503) 622-4827.
268th, Kent, WA 98031; or call (206) 630-
 1334: Ruby Brown, Florence Cummings,
Chris Leeson, Emma Pierce, Don Race,
Diane Race, Marty Youngman, Jim and Pat
Self-Supporting Convention
   Wildwood Institute and its affiliates will be
                                                           June Strong
the focus of reports on medical missionary
work in North America and throughout the
                                                           has written a new book
world at the fourth annual Pacific Northwest
Self-supporting Convention, Oct. 11-13, at
the College Place SDA Church, College
Place, Wash.
   Convention coordinator, Larry Hawkins,
 M.D., says the highlight of the weekend
meetings will be reports from new projects
and interest outside the U.S.A. These re-
 ports will include Mt. Akagi Institute in
Japan and a new academy on the island of
   Warren Wilson, president of the
                                                                                                             that is sure
 Wildwood Corporation, just recently back                                                          to be the most talked
from Europe will report on self-supporting
interests and new projects being pioneered in                                                    about book of the year.
 Germany, Norway and France. An update
 report of the recent opening of the new health
 conditioning center at Living Springs, N.Y.,
 will be given by the director, Bill Dull. Larry
 Fleming will report on the new restaurant                Get a copy at your ADVENTIST BOOK CENTER
 venture in New York City.
   Other speakers include Jere Franklin from

                                                                                                              GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 29
WEDDINGS                                                                                              My Favorite Recipe
   Bill Hatfield and Gail Bollinger,   bie Smick, July 26, 1980, in Yuba                             EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA
July 27, 1980, in Milwaukie, Ore.      City, Calif. They are making their            1 15-oz. can tomato sauce  1 clove garlic, minced
They are residing in Vancouver,        home in Portland, Ore.                       2 Tb. olive oil             2 Tb. tomato paste or
                                          Alden Olmsted and Louise                  Vi can water to thin             catchup
   John Hewitt and Heidi Hann,         Penhallurick, June 20, 1980, in
July 20, 1980, in Edmonds, Wash.,      Milwaukie, Ore., where they are
                                                                                    Simmer uncovered while preparing the rest. Fresh to-
where they are making their home.      residing.                                    matoes may be used in place of sauce.
   Richard Hurst and Carolyn              Bradley Personius and Laurie              Toss together:
Graham, June 8, 1980, in College       Smith, June 1, 1980, in College
Place, Wash., where they are re-                                                     1 c. dry bread crumbs      1 tsp. salt
                                       Place, Wash. They are residing in            l/2 c. parmesan cheese      14 tsp. seasoned salt
siding.                                Loma Linda, Calif.
   Dwight Lanter and Luan Peck-                                                     2 Tb. chopped parsley       pinch of oregano
                                          Sidney Rittenbach and Nancy
ham, Sept. 7, 1980, in Forest          Schultz, June 2, 1980, in Farm-
Grove, Ore. Their home will be in      ington, Wash. They are making                Peel one large eggplant and slice into quarter-inch slices.
Cornelius, Ore.                        their home in Tillamook, Ore.                Fry until tender in olive oil. (Don't use another type of oil).
   Rod Lucas and Marie Harrison,          Richard Schmachtenberg, III,              Place a layer of fried eggplant into shallow baking dish,
June 15, 1980, in Portland, Ore.       and Debra Reynolds, June 1, 1980,            sprinkle with crumb mixture and top with small amount of
They are now living in Salem, Ore.     in Walla Walla, Wash. The couple             sauce. Continue layering in this method, finishing with
  Aubrey Liles and Sylvia              are residing in Seattle, Wash.               sauce. Top with Mozzarella cheese and bake 15 minutes.
Kirkman, Aug. 17, 1980, in                Frederick Shumate and Maxine
Enumclaw, Wash., where they                                                         May be made on Friday and baked about 30 minutes on
                                       Meador, Aug. 10, 1980, in                    Sabbath to heat through.
will reside.                           Longview, Wash. They are mak-
  William Marshall and Dawnelle        ing their home in Seattle, Wash.                                                          Shirley Meitzler
Deming, Aug. 17, 1980, in Port-           Lome Weis and Marilee                                                                   Lynden, Wash.
land, Ore. They are making their       Eastman, Aug. 31, 1980, in Col-
home in Salem, Ore.                    lege Place, Wash. They are resid-
   Philip Muthersbaugh and Deb-        ing in Horse Shoe, N.C.                  GILLMAN—Charleen               Paula     born Nov. 18, 1907 in Alberta,
                                                                                Gillman was born Aug. 8, 1944 in         Canada, and died June 13, 1980 in

                                                                                Portland, Ore., and died Aug. 5,         Hermiston, Ore. He is survived by
                                                                                 1980 in Palo Alto, Calif. She is sur-   his wife, Lola, of Boardman, Ore.;
                                                                                vived by her husband, James, and         two sons: Perry, The Dalles, Ore.;
                                                                                two daughters, Gretchen and              and Walter of Spokane, Wash.;
BANKS—Burnice           Rosalinda      ville, Iowa, and died July 28, 1980 in   Gwendolyn, all of Oregon City,           stepdaughter, Joyce Mossuto; two
Banks was born Aug. 19, 1894 in        Moses Lake, Wash. She is sur-            Ore.; parents, Charles and               stepsons: Roger and Norman
Payne, Okla., and died Aug. 17,        vived by two daughters: Margaret         Katherine Andregg, and brother,          McPherson; a brother, Alf, Or-
 1980 in Hillsboro, Ore. She is sur-   Forrest, Walla Walla, Wash.; and         Rodney Andregg, all of San               lando, Fla.; five sisters: Lily
vived by her brother, Theodore         Isabel Moore, Ephrata, Wash.; a          Mateo, Calif.                             Comm, Spokane; Lilac Neilson,
Mahlo, Glencoe, Okla.; and             son, Jerry Lowe, Klamath Falls,          GOFFAR—Glenn Goffar was                  Summerland, B.C.; Olive Nelson,
brother-in-law Wayne Banks,            Ore.; two brothers: Nathan Pat-          born Jan. 14, 1906 in Doty, Wash.,       Nelson, B.C.; Evelyn Johnson,
Talmage, Nebr.                         ton, Wenatchee, Wash.; and               and died July 23, 1980 in Glendale,      Princeton, B.C.; and Sylvia
                                       Samuel Patton, Dutton, Mont.;            Calif. He is survived by his wife,       Edstrom, Kelowna, B.C.
BEVIN—Mary Estelle Bevin was           two sisters: Jeanette Davis, Moses       lone; daughter, Darlene Ewert;           MAYFIELD—Effie E. Mayfield
born Jan. 16, 1885 in Worthington,     Lake; and Margaret Tow, Havre,           son, Dennis; and brothers, Harold
Minn., and died Apr. 7, 1980 in                                                                                          was born Sept. 19, 1892 in Steam-
                                       Mont. Her husband, Grady, pre-           and Wilford. His long denomina-          boat, Iowa, and died Aug. 8, 1980
Chehalis, Wash. She is survived        ceded her in death in 1957.              tional career included pastorates        in Puyallup, Wash. Survivors in-
by her daughter, Edyth Sample of                                                in both Oregon and California.           clude two sons: George Smith,
Olympia, Wash.                         DENNIS—E. Dean Dennis was
                                       born June 7, 1908 in College Place,      HENDRICKSON—Ida                 Hen-     Renton, Wash.; and Robert
BRADFORD—Emma Bradford                 Wash., and died Aug. 8, 1980 in          drickson was born Sept. 14, 1885         Mayfield, Buckley, Wash.; three
was born Nov. 30, 1890 in Swift        Caldwell, Idaho. Survivors in-           in Finland, and died Feb. 18, 1980       daughters: Stella Stone, Ken-
Falls, Minn., and died July 25,        clude his wife, Hazel, Caldwell;         in Portland, Ore. She is survived        more, Wash.; Freda Burbank,
 1980 in Gresham, Ore. Survivors       three daughters: Verdeana Cox,           by two daughters: Dolores                Buckley, Wash.; and Mable
include a daughter, Barbara            Boise, Idaho; Donna Isaacs,              Rodonick and Hjordis Dilley Yer-         Bowen, Puyallup, Wash.; one sis-
Blomberg, Gresham; and sister,         Eugene, Ore.; and Renee Hudson,          dis; four sons, Martin, Tor, Enoch       ter, Alma Knox of Yakima, Wash.
Ida Olson, Portland, Ore.              Lake Oswego, Ore.; one son,              and Harold.                              MEHEGAN—Mildred Mehegan
BURBANK—Don Leslie Burbank             Ronald, Bend, Ore.; a sister, Faye       HOLBROOK—Jessie M. Hoi-                  was born in 1896 in Des Moines,
was born Sept. 7, 1910 in Airlee,      Scott, Deer Park, Calif.; and one        brook was born Sept. 24, 1877 in         Wash., and died Apr. 24, 1980 in
Ore., and died Aug. 12, 1980 in        brother, Dell, Nampa, Ida.               Salmon, Ida., and died Aug. 16,          Walla Walla, Wash. Her husband,
Tacoma, Wash. Survivors include                                                  1980 in Salmon. She is survived by      William, preceded her in death in
                                       FLAIZ—Betty Flaiz was born July                                                    1971.
two sons: Robert of Los Angeles,       14, 1919 in Battle Creek, Mich.,         three sons: Brian, Boyd, and
Calif.; and Ivan of Salem, Ore.; a     and died Dec. 19, 1979 in Tracy,         Charles; and a daughter, Verlin          MILLER—William Walter Miller
daughter, Barbara Ann Rochon,          Calif. Survivors include her 91-         Pierce.                                  was born May 27, 1893 in Seneca,
Kent, Wash.; a sister, Thelma          year-old mother, Eleanor, and a                                                   Kans., and died Aug. 27, 1980 in
Johnson, Tokyo, Japan.                                                          HUBBS—Vera Hubbs was born
                                       sister, Harriet Fisher of Tracy,         July 23, 1905 in St. John's, New-        Veneta, Ore. He is survived by his
CASWELL—Ruth Emma Caswell              Calif. Her father, Ross, preceded        foundland, and died July 27, 1980        wife, Genevieve, of Veneta; two
was born Feb. 18, 1897 in Kansas,      her in death in 1947. Betty spent        in Walla Walla, Wash. She is sur-        children: David, Pleasant Hill,
and died July 28, 1980 in Oregon       much of her life in self-supporting      vived by her husband, Oland              Ore.; and Phyllis, Portland, Ore.
City, Ore. She is survived by two      missionary work. She spent 13            Hubbs, and daughter, Louise Lar-
brothers: Charles Atkins and           years in Honduras where she and                                                   SANDERS—Robert Norman San-
                                                                                son, both of Milton-Freewater,           ders was born Sept. 30, 1944 in
George Atkins, both of Bonners         her mother were largely responsi-        Ore.; a stepson, L. C. Folkes,
Ferry, Idaho; three sisters: Daisy     ble for establishing a church and a                                               Walla Walla, Wash., and died
                                                                                Hughson, Calif.; two step-               Aug. 16, 1980 in an apartment
McDonald, Grants Pass, Ore.;           church school. More recently,            daughters: Leola Freeman, Col-
Dora Lavoie, Bonners Ferry; and        their two-story house was given to                                                house fire in Honolulu, Hawaii.
                                                                                lege Place, Wash., and Mary Wal-         He is survived by his parents, Mr.
Mary Shiery, Ontario, Ore.             the local conference to be used          ter, Gresham, Ore.; a sister, Doris
                                       partially as a book center.                                                       and Mrs. Clifford Sanders, Coch-
CHITWOOD—Pearl I. Chitwood                                                      Faw, Walla Walla, Wash.                  ise, Ariz.; and a sister, Lois,
was born Aug. 1, 1898 in Ester-        (Received Aug. 29, 1980)                 JOHNSON—Fred E. Johnson was              Spokane, Wash.

   GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 30
                                                                                 Registered Nurses Needed: Psychi­      Position Open: Life Care Center of
                                                                                 atric and medical-surgical. Mod­       Coos Bay has opening for DNS in
                                                                                 ern, 155-bed hospital. All shifts,     114-bed facility. Managed and

                                                                                 full or part time. Six-, eight-,       owned by SDA chain. Salary
                                                                                 twelve-hour shifts. Excellent sal­     commensurate with experience.
                                                                                 ary, benefits. Tuition reimburse­      Good benefits and working staff.
                                                                                 ment. Don Balli, Battle Creek          Nice area to live in. Call Ron
                                                                                 Sanitarium Hospital, 165 N.            Green, Administrator, for ap­
Classified Advertisement Rates:                                                  Washington Ave., Battle Creek,         pointment and interview. Send re­
S6.50 for 30 words; 15 cents each                                                MI 49016. (616) 964-7121, ext.         sume to 2890 S.W. Ocean Blvd.,
extra word; 10 percent discount per       AUTOMOTIVE:                            508.                           (6)     Coos Bay, OR 97420, (503) 267-
insertion for three or more consecu­      Save on Datsuns, Fords and Other                                              5811.                      (1, 15, 6)
tive insertions without copy changes.     Makes. Let me help you! Larry          Wanted: Experienced Man To Run         RNs — Excellent opportunities
Boxed Ads are $18.50 per column           and Tom Merklin. (503) 253-5957.       Hay Equipment. Woodinville,
inch.                                                                                                                   available in ICU/CCU and Med/
                                                              (P 15, 6, 20)      Wash. Contact (206) 486-5573.          Surgical Departments. 50-bed,
   Rates for advertisers residing out­                                           Call early mornings or eve­
side of North Pacific Union: $11 for      Order Your '81 Model Cars Now.                                                J.C.A.H.-accredited hospital
                                                                                 nings.                      (6)        (managed by AHS-West) on the
the first 30 words; 35 cents each addi­   We lease or sell all makes and
tional word, 10 percent discount per      models of cars, trucks and vans.                                              beautiful Oregon coast, one hour
                                          Call Tom Wilson, Portland (503)        Housekeeping Director—N.E.H. A.        west of Portland. Country living at
insertion for three or more consecu­                                             Certification or Comparable Expe­
tive insertions without copy changes.     223-8955.             (P 15, 6, 20)                                           its best! Young, supportive medi­
                                                                                 rience. Needed January 1. 109 bed      cal staff, newly remodeled hospi­
   Ads reaching the GLEANER office        Europe-Bound?         Save       on    hospital. Area offers rare combi­
less than three weeks before publica­                                                                                   tal, SDA church and church
                                          Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. Drive         nation of advantages. Great natu­      school. Moving allowance pro­
tion will appear in the following is­     in Europe or ship direct to you.       ral beauty, wide choice of recre­      vided. Write Personnel Director,
 sue. The GLEANER is published the        Lowest prices for members/             ational pursuits, cultural ac­
first and third Mondays of each                                                                                         Tillamook County General Hospi­
                                          workers. Phone or write Henry C.       tivities, and yet retains atmos­       tal, 1000 Third St., Tillamook, OR
 month.                                   Martin, Auto Martin, Ltd. (AST         phere and flavor of a village. Qual­   97141.                   (P6, 20, 3)
   Cash or check must accompany all       member). 1881 N.E. 6th St.,            ified persons contact: Personnel
 orders. There will be no billing ex­     Grants Pass, OR 97526. (503) 479-      Office, Feather River Hospital,        Apprenticeship and Training
 cept to previously approved ac­           1881; eves. (503)479-4411.            Paradise, Calif. (916) 877-9353. (6)   Openings Now Available in major
 counts. Ad orders must also have ap­                             (P 6, 20, 3)                                          household and refrigeration ser­
 proval of conference office or pastor.                                          Harris Pine Mills, at Pendleton,       vice. Classroom, shop, hands-on
                                          EMPLOYMENT:                            Ore., is in need of two individuals    and O.J.T. programs. Employ­
                                          Need Young Lady To Train Horses        for their truck shop. An experi­       ment also available which offers
                                          and assist with teaching in home       enced lubeman and an experi­           Sabbaths free. No labor unions;
                   Start A Fire           school; also need active retired       enced tireman. Contact, by writ­       missionary and self-supporting
                   in Your Life.          gentlemen or couple to live in         ing: Cecil N. Dougherty, Person­       opportunities. Appliancers Ser­
                   Adventist              small trailer home on remote           nel Director, P.O. Drawer 1168,        vice League of Oregon, Vista
                                          mountain ranch in exchange for         Pendleton, OR 97801, or call (503)     Building, Room 101,3850 Portland
                   Youth                  helping with chores. Call (503)        276-1421. An Equal Opportunity         Rd., N.E., Salem, OR 97303, (503)
                   Taskforoe              934-2664.                     (6)      Employer.                (15,6,20)     362-2496.      (18, 1, 15, 6, 20, 3)


                                                              IT IS WRITTEN
                                                          Today the world's attention focuses on the Middle East. An area
                                                             that's confused. Puzzling. Explosive. George Vandeman
                                                               examines the Middle East — its politics and its prophecies —
                                                                in this exciting new series of five special programs. Watch
                                                                the major "showdowns" between God and his enemies
                                                               down through history. The rebellion in heaven. Moses vs.
                                              Pharaoh. The story of Elijah. Christ's victory at Calvary. And Armageddon —
                                              the final battle yet to come. Learn about the part you will play in this great
                                              drama of the ages.

                                              Check your local listings for these special programs:

          NOVEMBER              16 - "Showdown in the Middle East"                 DECEMBER             7 - "A Place Called Armageddon"
                                23 — "Confrontation on the Nile"                                       14 — "Showdown at Golgotha"
                                30 —"Decision by Fire"
             YOUR FREE GIFT: On each episode, Elder Vandeman's latest book on the Middle East will be offered.
                                                Ask a friend to watch!

                                                                                                                   GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 31
Retired Lady for Companion/Care        Physical therapist: Full-time open­     40 percent Discount on Furniture.       Expecting Jesus Soon? "So You
of Elderly Lady. Alert, not bed­       ing in Rehab setting. Excellent         Discounts on carpets, watches,          Want to Play" piano for Christ,
ridden, cannot live alone. Home in     employee benefits. Twenty-six           phone answering machines, TVs,          only Christ? Closing Out Sale: 6
College Place, Wash. Close to          paid days off each year to enjoy in     microwave ovens, appliances, sil­       books, $18.50. Quick, thorough,
academy and church. $150 per           the Florida sunshine. Contact Irv       verware, cutlery, video recorders       hymn-playing instruction. Bro­
month plus free room and board.        Hamilton, Florida Hospital, (305)       and more. Call wholesaler and re­       chure recommends; gives higher
Write Robert Hunter, 1818              897-1998 (collect) or write Em­         tailer, Horace, in Seattle, (206)       single volume cost. Delay no
Westlake Ave., N., Seattle, WA         ployment, 601 East Rollins, Or-         634-2144. Churches welcomed.            longer! Star Music, Rt. 6, Flor­
98109.                         (6)     lando, FL 32803.                  (6)   Note: Carpets are shipped factory       ence, MS 39073.       (A 1, 6, 3)
                                                                               direct to you.                 (6)
Wanted: Manager for 92-Unit            Director of Nursing for denomina­
Mobile Home Park in Ketchikan,         tionally owned extended and in­         Organ-Piano Liquidation: 100            Instant Speed Reading Course.
Alaska. Need to know how to op­        termediate care facility of 94 beds     mostly new organs, church and           Double reading speed in 7-10 days
erate equipment or be willing to       soon to expand to 175. Experience       home models, grand and upright          practicing 15 minutes per day.
learn; able to work with general       in geriatrics preferred. Send re­       pianos, etc. Never again will this      Proven scientific system devel­
public; also have knowledge of         sume to Portland Adventist Con­         opportunity come to you. O.             oped at Loma Linda and sold all
minor office skills. Couple pre­       valescent Center, 6045 SE.              Ogden Co., Aurora, OR 97002.            over the world. Lifetime manual
ferred with or without children but    Yamhill, Portland, OR 97215, at­        Phone (503) 678-5330. (P 6, 20, 3)      increases speed, comprehension
no pets. Church and church school      tention: Don Buel. Call collect                                                 and enjoyment. Now save $14.50,
                                       (503) 231-7169 or evenings (206)        Schrader Stoves Are Warm and            short time special, only $20.00.
nearby needing willing workers.        256-5280.                    (6, 20)    Beautiful. Ten styles, all ap­
Call (907) 225-4707 or write Jay                                                                                       8-day money back guarantee. Free
                                                                               proved. Made of 5/16" and 3/16"         information. Check or money or­
Coon, Box 6500, Ketchikan, AK          Business Opportunity: New mul­          solid steel; won't warp or smoke;
99901.                (6, 20, 3, 17)   tilevel company seeks distributors                                              der, Development Skills, 4920 NE
                                                                               brick-lined. Can be closed to hold      Glisan, #406, Portland, OR
                                       to handle all natural vitamins, food    fire 12 hours or open like a fire­
Major Nursing Home Corporation
                                       supplements, dehydrated prod­                                                   97213.                (P 1, 15, 6)
Is Offering a Challenging Career in                                            place. Quality built, durable,
long-term care administration.         ucts and natural herbs. Purchase        guaranteed 5 years. Heat 600 to
Present expansion has created          30% off retail - 25% extra paid on      3,000 sq. ft. Some can be adapted
new openings in our immaculate         $1,000. Write "Dehydrated               to fireplaces. ICBO-approved            REAL ESTATE:
facilities, ranging from 124 to 240    Foods," Room 138, 1819 S. Cen­          stoves for mobile homes, sale
                                       tral, Kent, WA 98031. Phone (206)       package, $695. Beautiful fireplace      For Sale-Laurelwood: 1.55 acre, 3
beds. If you are a licensed ad­        854-0581.                         (6)                                           bedrooms, 1.5 baths, fireplace,
ministrator looking for growth po­                                             insert with blower, $395. Brick         family room, $79,900. Also, 2.29
tential and a chance to take charge    Retired Teacher Needed to teach         pads and chimney, 25% off; $50 off      acre, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, fire­
in this demanding profession, take     small one-room school, grades           stoves. Glen Hovard's Schrader          place in living room, family/
a look at Life Care Centers of         below eighth, possibly 15 children,     Wood Stoves, 11854 S.W. Pacific         dining, $99,500. Dot Real Estate,
America. Our approach to quality,      located in southern Oregon. For         Hi Way, Tigard, OR 97223. Phone         Inc., 2537 Pacific Ave., Forest
care, and efficiency is considered     information, call (503) 826-2343.       (503) 639-3744 or 638-4412.             Grove, OR 97116, (503) 357-9566
the state of the art. Competitive                                   (15, 6)                    (21, 4, 18, 1, 15, 6)   or 640-1722.              (15,6)
salary. Excellent employee ben­
efits. Relocating opportunities                                                Saftborn Steam Juicers. Extractor       Small Acreages With View: 4-, 5-
                                       FOR SALE:                               ofjuices from all fruits, vegetables    and 8-acre parcels near White
from Hawaii to Florida. Send re­
sume to: 3520 Keith Street, NW.,       September and October Special -         and herbs. Its gentle action leaves     Salmon, Wash., with producing
Cleveland, Tenn., or call (615)        $375, for Zenith all-in-the-ear         all natural vitamins intact. Free       orchard, view of Mt. Hood and
472-4536 for an on-site look at Life   hearing aid if you mention              literature. Tim Bjelland, 1068 Cas­     Columbia Gorge. Prices start at
Care's operations and the oppor­       GLEANER ad. Better Hearing              cade Dr. N.W., Salem, OR 97304,         $6,000 per acre and owner will
tunities that await qualified pro­     Aid Service, 30 S. Colville, Walla      (503) 585-6378.                         carry contract. Call (509) 493-
fessionals.                      (6)   Walla, WA 99362.         (6, 20, 3)        (7,21.4, 18, 1, 15,6,20,3, 17)       2372.                 (15, 6, 20)

                          FALL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPS
         A series of workshops for pastors and church communication secretaries is planned for this fall. Along with
       suggestions for better media coverage, there will be special presentations on church newsletters and bulletins.
         Union personnel participating in the workshops include Morten Juberg, NPUC communications director; Ed
       Schwisow, assistant director; and Larry Bunnell, intern.
           October 12, Sunday, Boise Conference office                                           10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                    13, Monday, Twin Falls Church                                  '                    7:00-9:30 p.m.
            October 21, Tuesday, Missoula Church                                                                                7:00-9:30 p.m.
                    23, Thursday, Billings Church                                                                               7:00-9:30 p.m.
                    26, Sunday, Bozeman Conference office                                                                 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
           November 9,      Sunday, Yakima Church                                                                              10:00-5:00    p.m.
                   11,      Tuesday, Pasco Church                                                                              10:00-5:00    p.m.
                   13,      Thursday, Walla Walla, IT Building                                                                  7:00-9:30    p.m.
                   16,      Sunday, Spokane Conference office                                                                  10:00-5:00    p.m.
         November 23, Sunday, Seattle Conference office                                                                        10:00-5:00 p.m.
                  24. Monday, Sedro Woolley Church                                                                              7:00-9:30 p.m.
                  25. Tuesday, Chehalis Church                                                                                  7:00-9:30 p.m.
           November 2, Sunday, Portland Conference office                                                                      10:00-5:00 p.m.

  GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 32
 Health Food Store: Located in new      For Sale, College Place, 4-plex        Hideaway: 40 acres with new            Two Homes Near Battle Ground,
 shopping center. Excellent lease.      $73,500. 2 Ig. homes on small          4-bedroom home needing finishing       Wash.: Walking distance to Co­
 Good terms. $35,000 including in­      acreages $152,900 and $164,500.        touches and partially completed        lumbia Academy and Meadow
 ventory. For brochure, write:          In Walla Walla, duplex in mint         guesthouse set among giant juni­       Glade Elementary. Four bed­
 Gateway Realty, 140 W. Grant,          condition, creek in backyard, 2 br.    pers. $65,000. Mini-Farm: Let your     rooms, large family room, fire­
 Lebanon, OR 97355, (503) 258-2148.     each unit, 10 min. from Walla          horses, chickens, goats and milk       place, over 1,950 sq. ft. on Vi acre
                             (15,6)     Walla College, $87,000; beauti­        cow call it home on 3.8 acres with     with large garden. $74,900 . Three
                                        fully updated turn of the century      2-bedroom 12'x55' mobile home.         bedrooms, family room, fireplace,
 Three Bedroom Home, adjoining          home, only $47,900; and several        Pole barn needing roofing and cor­     on 1 acre with large shop, creek, fir
 AAA. Large lot, basement, and          more. Contact Gladys Ring, Cen­        rals included. $18,000. Contact        trees. $78,900. More properties
 extra large outbuilding. Super spot    tury 21, Dale Snider, Realtors, 118    Max Mays, (503) 576-2520,              available close to these schools.
 for tinkerer, horse trader, healfu     S. 2nd, Walla Walla, WA 99362.         Christmas Valley Realty, Christ­       Call for information, Ina Tichenor,
 food store, etc. On highway. Call       Ph. (509) 529-7160. After hours,      mas Valley, OR 97638.           (6)    Art Lutz Co., Realtors, Battle
 Bill Crow (206) 939-4500. (6, 20, 3)   (509)529-4655.           (1, 15, 6)                                           Ground office (206) 687-5131 or
                                                                               SDA Real Estate Brokers and As­        687-4541.                  (1, 15, 6)
                                        For Sale: 1.7 acres, 30 miles SE. of   sociates National Directory will be
 Business Opportunity in Farm           Portland on bluff overlooking          published Fall 1980. A valuable        For Sale: Recreational property,
 Community. Service Station             Clackamas River. View of Mt.           reference distributed to over 3,800    50'x60', Lake Connor Park Pri­
 Complex. Office space, mechanic        Hood. Eight miles from Hoodview        churches in U.S.A., Canada. To         vate Camping Club. Thirty min­
 shop, carpeted and newly painted       Church and school. Priced for im­      be included, send business card.       utes north of Seattle. Full services
 1,100 sq. ft. building with kitchen,   mediate sale, $7,500. Phone (707)      Willie Manipol, Realtor, 1500 East     — water, electricity, septic.
 appropriate for home. Located 100      963-2237.                        (6)   Chevy Chase, Glendale, CA              Swimming pools, tennis courts,
 miles SE. of Bend, Oregon.                                                    91206.                    (6, 20, 3)   clubhouses, hiking trails. (206)
 $50,000. Contact Max Mays, (503)       One of a Kind, Spacious                                                       771-5761.                         (6)
 576-2520, Christmas Valley Re­         6-bedroom, 4-bath tri-level, taste­    Caldwell, Idaho: Split-entry home
 alty, Christmas Valley, OR             fully decorated. Storage that          for sale or lease option, $47,500,     $39,950—2 apartments with out­
 97638.                           (6)   doesn't quit. Beautifully land­        10% assumable loan. 2 miles from       side entrances, presently rented
                                        scaped,      sprinkler     system,     academy, Vi mile from elemen­          for $430 per month. Large im­
, 4-Bedroom Home, 2,700 sq. ft., 8      $159,500. Nearly new, 4-bedroom,       tary, Vi mile from church. 2 bed­      maculate older home on corner
  blocks from Walla Walla College.      3-bath split-entry, fireplace, also    rooms up, unfinished downstairs.       lot, only $52,500. Mountain view
  Family kitchen, 3 baths, fully        place for wood stove. Good area        All electric. 80'xlOO' fenced back­    plus 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full
  finished basement with double-        $81,500. Lotsa livin' in 2,550         yard. 10'x30' patio. Terms nego­       basement, double garage, private
  sized bedroom and recreation          square feet including full base­       tiable. (208) 642-4345. (1, 15, 6)     area, $56,200. Beautiful cathedral
  room can be turned into extra         ment. 2 fireplaces, private back­                                             ceilings with skylight in kitchen,
  apartment. Large storage area, ga­    yard. Close to WWC, $54,000.           Beautiful 2-Year-Old Home With 3       large lot, finished basement im­
  rage and carport. Garden space, 12    Multifamily building lots, excel­      Bedrooms and 1 Vi Baths for Rent in     maculately and tastefully deco­
  bearing fruit trees, raspberries,     lent investment opportunity. For       Hillsboro, Ore. Fenced and land­       rated. All located in College Place.
  strawberries, asparagus, grapes.      real estate assistance, call Carol     scaped. Close to church and ten-       Ask for Burton Bliss, Aulis Peter-
  Elwood Boyd, 1022 Broadway,           Ward, Wasser Agency, College           grade school. Very clean inside        son Realty. Office (509) 525-2880;
  College Place, WA 99324. (509)        Place, WA 99324, (509) 529-0480        and out. Ready now. $495 month.        after hours, (509) 529-7019.
  525-2405.             (P 15, 6, 20)   eves. (509) 525-6271.     (1, 15, 6)   (503) 640-4359.     (15, 6, 20, 3)                                (1, 15,6)

                                                               NOV. 7-9
              Don't miss
              Walla Walla
                                                               Friday vespers will feature a panel discussion on the topic of the family.
             OPS Amateur                                       Panel chairman will be Dr. Joe Barnes, a member of the college religion
                                                               staff and chairman of the sociology department at Walla Walla Commu­
             Hour Weekend                                      nity College. Other panel members will be Darold Bigger, new pastor of
                                                               the Walla Walla College Church, and Patricia Aichele, member of the
                                                               Walla Walla Community College counseling staff and a family coun­
                                                               selor. During their discussion, they will be sharing their perceptions of
                                                               the condition of the American family, and also offer suggestions that
             'Friday vespers at 7:30                           could lay the groundwork for solutions to some of the problems facing
              p.m.                                             families today. Pastor Bigger will speak at the Sabbath morning wor­
                                                               ship service on a topic related to the family. Bigger recently joined the
             "Annual OPS Amateur                               church as senior pastor, after serving as a pastor in the La Sierra
              Hour Saturday night                              Church. He will also speak at the Sunday morning Parent-Son breakfast
              featuring local talent.                          in Kellogg Hall. The weekend will also feature, for the first time, a men's
                                                               choir of present and past OPS members to sing an anthem and re­
              8 p.m.                                           sponses at the Sabbath morning church service. Anyone who is in­
             'Parent-Son breakfast                             terested in participating in this choir should contact the men's deans,
                                                               Sittner Hall, Walla Walla College, College Place, Wash. Music will be
              Sunday morning at                                sent to those interested, and rehearsals will take place after Friday
              8:15 a.m.                                        evening vespers, and between 10:20 and 10:50 a.m. on Sabbath morn­
                                                                ing. Gerald Ferguson of the college's music department, will direct the

                                    Plan now to attend this Men's Club event!

                                                                                                                GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 33
Thinking About Moving to Ore­            Gorgeous Large 12-Room, 2-Story         Non-Smokers'        Insurance      for
gon? Let us help you with your           Queen Antoinette home, 3,396 sq.        Homeowners, Renters and Auto
Real Estate needs in Roseburg and        ft. plus attic, full basement, one      will save you money. In greater
surrounding areas of beautiful           acre, near Salem, Ore. 4-car ga­        Portland area, please call: Helga
Umpqua Valley. We are members            rage, greenhouse, 20'x20' sepa­         Smith, 14441 S.E. Division, Port­                   Body
of Multiple Listing Service, so
have many business opportunities
as well as residential properties to
                                         rate multipurpose room. On bus
                                         line. $185,000. Financing avail­
                                         able. Larry Sufficool, Leonard
                                                                                 land, OR 97236. Business: (503)
                                                                                 760-5668; residence (503) 775-
                                                                                 8493.                 (P 1, 15, 6)
choose from in Douglas County.           Blank & Associates. (503) 297-                                                    Manufacturer's Warranty — Not
Call Charles or Pennie at Century        1736 or (503) 666-9134.           (6)   Professional Carpet Service—              valid for three score and ten years
21, C. Todd Realty, (503) 459-2207                                               Special Prices on our carpets,            without Preventative Maintenance.
or (503 672-0156.                        For Rent: 14'x70' Mobile Home.          vinyl, formica countertops, woven         Attend Seminar.
                (4, 18, 1, 15,6,20)      Garden, grapes, fruit, access to        woods, miniblinds, wallpaper. We
                                         river. Domestic and irrigation          will help you with all your decorat­
Maui, Hawaii: Deluxe beachfront          water furnished. $200 per month.
condo for rent. Sleeps 4. Beautiful      Prefer retired couple. J. H. Tram­      ing needs. Professional Carpet
view. Fully furnished. Off-season        mel, Rt. 3, Box 3785, Prosser, WA       Service - visit our showroom at
rates. Mrs. Goble, 24208 SE. 448th                                               3839 N.E. Killingsworth, Port­
                                         99350, (509) 786-1228.            (6)   land, Ore., or call at (503) 281-1167.
St., Enumclaw, WA 98022, (206)
825-3017.       (18, 1, 15,6,20,3)      For Sale: 1972 Marlette 14x70 with                                 (P 6, 20, 3)
                                        8x12 tip out. Two bedrooms, \Vi
For Sale: 2 homes on single lot.        baths, carport, swamp cooler.            The Village Retirement Home of­
One mile from Pacific Union Col­        Garbage disposal, refrigerator,          fers unusually fine fellowship,
lege. Garden space, patio, lawn.        stove, electric furnace, large gar­      cafeteria, health plan, church and
Three bedrooms, two baths, One          den spot, 60'xl20' lot. Three            entertainment facilities, a com­
bedroom rental. $100,000. Will          blocks from SDA church and               munity of single-story dwellings
carry second. (707) 965-3902.           grade school. Quiet neighbor­            on 12 beautiful, landscaped acres.
                       (1, 15, 6, 20)   hood. Call (509) 287-2955, Farm-         Send for free brochure. The Vil­
Grandma-Type House: Classy,             ington, Wash.          (15, 6, 20, 3)    lage, 18001 S.E. Powell Blvd.,
solid, neat. Well insulated, gas                                                 Portland, OR 97236. Phone (503)
heat. Wood stove, big basement.         19.7 Acres Choice Land 3 miles           665-3137.                (A 4, 1,6)
Sprinklers, fruit, grapes, garden. 5    SW. of Sandy and 30 miles from
blocks from church. $39,900.            Portland City Center. Three-room         Forest Glen Senior Residence,
Super Location: Walk to stores          house, large shed, deep well and         Canyonville, OR 97417 or call
and shopping mall. 3-bedroom,           pump, pond, Vi acre productive           (503) 839-4266. Private apts.,
2Vi-bath family home. Large             blueberry bushes. $110,000. 116          meals, vegetarian available, maid
rooms. Huge yard, apples, 2-car         NE. 136th Ave., Portland, OR             service, utilities, etc., all included.
garage. $59,500, or offer. Myran        97230, (503) 253-3990. (15, 6, 20)       Beautiful scenery and complete
Maas Real Estate, 556 Chemeketa         Retire in Eastern Oregon —               living as low as $358 per month.
St., NE., Salem, OR 97301, (503)        12'x72' trailer home on % acre,                                     (P 6, 20, 3)
364-6227.                  (6, 20, 3)   large shop, good garden, fruit           Seppo's Body and Paint Service lo­
Older Type, 2-Bedroom House,
large fenced lot, near Adventist
                                        trees. $25,900. Call (503)934-2664.
                                        Cliff Reich, Star Rt., Monument,
                                                                                 cated at 8829 S.E. Stark is able to
                                                                                 handle any job, large or small.                    Protect
clinic, new church, park, stores,
post office. Quiet, rural-like
                                        OR 97864.                        (6)
                                        Real Estate Opportunities in Idaho.
                                                                                 Quality repairs at reasonable
                                                                                 costs. Come on by. You'll be                        Your
 neighborhood, paved street, side­
walk, sewer, city water. $36,900.
                                        Business or investment property.
                                        3,200 sq. ft. Great location. Good
                                                                                 pleased you did. Open 7:30-5:00
                                                                                 Monday through Friday. Closed                      Health
 Mrs. Alvin Long, Box 808, Myrtle       traffic How. $82,500. Also new           sundown Friday through Sunday.
Creek, OR 97457.                  (6)   2-bedroom home. Close to college         Portland, Ore. Phone (503) 252-           Team of nine medical specialists
For Sale: 3-Bedroom, 3-Bath             and shopping center. $39,900.            6759. Free insurance estimates.           will discuss the three major prob­
Home. 18 mos. old. Formal living        Many homes and acreages. Earl                                   (A 4, 1, 6)        lems he/she treats and how to
and dining room. Professionally         Dupper, 20-20 Realty, 333 Or­                                                      PREVENT them.
                                        chard, Nampa, ID 83651. (208)            Planning a New Home or a New
draped throughout. Floor to ceil­                                                Roof? We do custom homes and
ing stone fireplace with heatolater,    466-2020 or 466-6656.           (6)
                                                                                 roofing (commercial and residen­                   Christian
heat pump. 2 blocks off Foster Rd.                                               tial) in the Portland Metro Area.
in Damascus, Ore., 10 miles from        SERVICES:                                We'd like to show you our work                     Business
Portland Adventist Medical Cen­                                                  and give you a bid. Jim Kenney, J.                 Seminar
ter, approx. 6 miles from Hood-         Beautiful Fiberglass Spas for fam­       K. Construction Co., Inc., (503)
view school. Dbl. wall const, with      ily enjoyment and hydrotherapy.          665-2625 or 226-7888, car 253.            Salishan Lodge, Gleneden,
cedar siding on 1+ acre. Lawns          Thousands of therapeutic bursting                        (6, 20, 3, 17, 1, 15)
and fruit trees in. Underground         bubbles to gently massage and                                                                Oregon
sprinkling system. Phone (503)          relax you. Designed for indoor or        Draperies-Special Sale for
658-5225.                     (6, 20)   outdoor installation. Can furnish        GLEANER Readers: Custom,                          NOVEMBER
Roseburg - Usable 2Vi Acres Includ­     complete powerpack jet-action kit        commercial, ready-made, shades,                     7,8,9
                                        for self-installation saving hun­        miniblinds and woven woods.
ing 4-Bedroom. Septic, water,           dreds of dollars, or we can install.     Free estimates entire Portland                       1980
electricity, ready to build or          Beautiful, enduring colors coor­         Metro Area. Free UPS delivery
M.H. Trees, view, l l/2 acre            dinating ceramic tile for waterline      anywhere in Northwest. All qual­
pasture, 1,936 sq. ft. greenhouse,      enhancement. Need sales en­              ity custom work done in our work
shed, barn. 7-8 miles to RJA.,                                                   room. Affiliated 20 years with                Sponsored by Green Lake
church, shopping. Buyer to fi­          gineer and installer for certain                                                             SDA Church
                                        areas. Contact Hawthorn Marine           Dale's Draperies, 12540 SE. Divi­
nance. $33,500. (503) 673-7813.(6)      for factory direct prices. Phone         sion, Portland, OR 97236. (503)           REGISTRATION FEE: $25.00 per
Oahu,       Hawaii:       Beautiful     collect: (206) 466-3522. (1, 15, 6)      761-1810. Dorothy Nathan, SDA                family
beachfront condo for rent. Fully                                                 Drapery Consultant. Home phone            SEND CHECK TO:
furnished. Contact Richard              Old-fashioned Battle Creek               (503) 297-5406.            (6, 20, 3)         DR. RAY DAMAZO
Molstead. Rt. 2, Box 314,               therapy treatments, hydrotherapy
                                        massage, steam baths, poultice           Home for the Active Retired in                855 106th Ave. NE.
Sandpoint, ID 83864. (208) 263-         wraps. We teach you how to enjoy         beautiful city of Stayton. Newly              Bellevue, WA 98004
2450.                      (6, 20, 3)   a more complete health program.          remodeled and refurbished home                (206) 454-2722
House for Sale: 3 bedroom with          "European-trained," licensed             in excellent location. Private
detached garage. Completely re­         corrective therapist. C. E. Miller,      rooms, home-type atmosphere,                  Reservation Information for­
modeled inside and out. New sid­        9224 S.E. Foster Rd., Portland,          good food. Special diets, experi­             warded upon receipt of check.
ing and paint; like a new house.        OR 97266. Hours 8-6, Sunday-             enced geriatric care. 819 N. Birch,
Located in Granger, Wash., on 2l/2      Thursday. Call (503) 771-3333.           Stayton, OR 97383. (503) 769-
lots. $30,000. (509) 854-1347. (6)                              (P 1, 15, 6)     2461.                     (1, 15, 6)

                GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 34
Carpet Cleaning Service: Newest         Car Insurance Renewing? Wash­
truck-mounted equipment for             ington residents give drivers' ages,
deep cleaning action, not just sur­     records, vehicles, use. Also                                                                NORTH PACIFIC UNION 1

face clean. Only hose and cleaning      homeowners, renters, boats. Low                                                            CONFERENCE DIRECTORY 1
tools go in home. Free estimates.       cost Pemco—compare, save.
An Investment project. Andy             Phone, write today. Dick Stafford,                                                       10225 E. Burnside                   J
(503) 631-7210; Dwaine (503) 658-       agent, 11723 N.E. 70. Kirkland,                                                          Mail Address: P.O. Box 16677          I
2018.                      (6, 20, 3)   WA 98033. (206) 822-8823.                Daylight Saving Time                            Portland. OR 97216                   iij
                                                          (A 7, 4, 1, 6, 3, 1)                                                   Phone: (503) 255-7300               ail
Storm Windows and Doors: Re­                                                                     Oct.   Oct.    Oct.    Oct.
placement windows, aluminum             Farm Buildings: Pole and frame                            in      17     24      31      President .... .Richard D. Fearing
siding installed. Free estimates. 10    construction. Will build new or re­      Coos Bay        6:43   6:31    6:20    5:10     Secretary ........R. C. Remboldt
years experience. Call Andy (503)       pair old. Excellent references.          Medford         6:38   6:27    6:16    5:06     Treasurer ..........Duane Huey
631-7210 or Dick Oliver (503) 655-      Call Miner Construction. (503)           Portland        6:35   6:22    6:10    4:59       Assistant ......Merle Dickmatf!
1140 evenings. A Gladstone Park         667-0484.                (P 1, 15. 6)    Seattle         6:31   6: IS   6:06    4:54     Attorney ...... James K. Hopps*
Church Investment project.              Diesel Engines, rebuilt, for any ap­
                                                                                 Spokane         6:12   5:59    5:46    4:34     Communication .. .Morten Juberg
                           (6, 20. 3)   plication up to 150 HP, with new
                                                                                 Walla Walla     6:17   6:04    5:52    4:41       Assistant ........Ed Schwisow
                                                                                 Wenatchee       6:24   6:10    5:58    4:46       Intern ..........Larry Bunnell
Single? Waiting for God to bring        injection pumps and starters,            Yakima          6:25   6:12    6:00    4:49     Data Center .Eugene H. Lambert
that special person to your             about !/2 new price. (206) 942-5671.     Boise           7:10   6:59    6:48    5:38       Associate ........John Lawson
doorstep? God says, "We must            Diesel Engines, Rt. 1. Box 164-D.        Pocatello       6:57   6:45    6:34    5:24       Associate .......Charles Smith
act our part, and divine power,         Raymond, WA 98577. (P A 1, 6, 3)         Billings        6:38   6:25    6:14    5:03
                                                                                                                                 Education ........T. W. Walters
uniting with our effort, will bring                                                                                             * Associate. Secondary
victory." CD 153. Give God a            Building Contractors: We can save        Havre           6:40   6:26    6:13    5:01         Curriculum .. .V. H. Fullertonj
chance to work! Write Adventist         you money on heating and air con­        Helena          6:51   6:38    6:26    5:15       Associate. Elementary              !l
Contact, P.O. Box 4250, Takoma          ditioners, gas. electric, heat           Miles City      6:26   6:14    6:01    4:50        Curriculum ........Erma Lee
                                         pumps, supplemental systems,            Missoula        6:59   6:46    6:34    5:22       Certification
Park, MD200I2.(6.20,3, 17. 1, 15)                                                                                                    Registrar ...... Elaine Reiswig
                                        any size, complete York com­             Juneau          7:07   6:48    6:29    5:12
                                         puterized heating systems in­                                                           Home Health Education Office ;f
Pisgah Estates Retirement Center                                                 Ketchikan       7:00   6:43    6:26    5:1(1
                                                                                                                                   Manager ........Ron Woodrufff
in beautiful North Carolina, near        stalled anywhere in the state of        Anchorage       6:04   5:42    5:22    4:02
                                                                                                                                 Human Relations,                    :~
church, Adventist hospital and          Washington and Portland area.            Fairbanks       5:48   5:23    4:58    3:34       Evangelist ........E. A. White!
Western North Carolina Medical          Residential/Commercial. Call col­                                                        Lay Activities,
Center, ideal climate, scenery. All      lect, (206) 825-1646. ATA Service       Add one minute for each 13 miles wesl.            Sabbath School . .D. E. Caslowl
homes on ground level, carpeted,        Specialties.Inc.(PA2,7,4, 1,6,3)         Subtract one minute for each 13 miles           Ministerial, Evangelism             j
electric heat, fireplace. For further                                            east.                                             Coordinator .. .William McVay
                                                                                                                                 Outreach .........Philip Samaan
information, write: S. E. White,        MISCELLANEOUS:                                                                           Publishing ............Del Sudds
Pisgah Estates, Box 6953.               Wanted: Older Two-Place Airplane                                                           Associate ...... .Lee Andersoifl
Asheville, NC 28806. Phone (704)                                                                                                   Associate .......K. D. Thomasi
667-5508.                (PA 1. 6. 3)   for Pastor in Alaska. Must be low
                                        time and dependable. (Cessna 140         ADVENTIST                                       Religious Liberty .. .A. R. Lickejj
                                                                                                                                   Associate .... .Glenn PattersoriJ

                                        type preferred). Contact Pastor                                                          Loss Control                       1>
Wanted—Residents: The Northern          Mike Jacob, P.O. Box 3931,                                                                  Director ........ J. W. Griffif
California       Conference      of     Kenai, AK 99611. (907) 283-                                                              Stewardship,                       '!
Seventh-day Adventists is build­
ing an Adventist retirement facil­
ity in the beautiful Napa Valley in
                                        Wanted: Champion Juicer, used.
                                                                                 CENTERS                                           ASI ....... Joseph C. HanseriJ,
                                                                                                                                 Trust...........C. F. O'Deli, Jr|
                                                                                                                                    Assistant ......... ,B. L. Cooftj
Yountville, Calif. This 80-unit in­     For Sale: Acme Juicer in excellent       Alaska                                             Assistant .........R. L. Burns
stitution will be ready for occu­       condition. Kirby Davis. Box 67,                                                             Treasurer .........L. F. Rieley
                                                                                 718 Barrow Street                                 Tax Counsel .......Roger Rey
pancy Nov. 1, 1980. Please con­         Malo. WA 99150. (509) 779-               Anchorage. Alaska 99501
                                        2314.                             (6)                                                    Youth Activities,                 "_,
tact R. H. Roderick, Northern                                                      (907) 279-2458                                   Temperance, ...... Jere PatzeC
California Conference, (415) 687-       The Minor Prophets Are of Major                                                             Health                          |
1300, forapplications. (1, 15.6.20)     Importance! Leslie Hardinge.             Idaho
                                                                                 7777 Fairview                                    Local Conference Directory
Do You Have Handcrafted Items           Ph.D.. has recorded the life, times                                                         ALASKA—William WoodruffJ
                                        and work of Hosea, Joel,                 Boise, Idaho 83704
You Would Like to Sell? May pur­                                                   (208) 375-7524                                      president; Eugene Starr^L
chase or sell on consignment. (503)     Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Obadiah,                                                                  secretary-treasurer: 718 Bar-1
362-7570 or (503) 873-5126.             Nahum, Jonah. Haggai. Malachi,           Montana                                               row St., Anchorage, AK 99501 j
                           (1. 15,6)    Amos. Micah, Zechariah. Vital            1425 West Main Street                                 Phone: (907) 279-2455.         |
                                        end-time messages. High quality                                                             IDAHO—Bruce Johnston, presi^
                                                                                 Bozeman, Montana 59715                                dent: Reuben Beck, secretary*!
Unadella's Catering Service for         cassettes in brown vinyl albums.           (406) 587-8267                                      treasurer; 7777 Fairviewjj
groups up to 25. Delicious vegetar­      At ABC or Spoken Word, Box                                                                    Boise, ID 83704. Phone: (208>i
ian meals prepared to perfection.       5041, Oxnard, CA 93031.           (6)    Oregon                                                 375-7524.
Prepare food your home or mine.         Live in the Country. The little          605 S.E. 39th Avenue                               MONTANA—Paul Nelson, presii
Portland area. Reasonable. (503)        Fruitland       Church        needs      Portland. Oregon 97214                         :      dent: Vernon L. Bretschl
231-3789.                (15,6,20)                                                 (503) 233-6371                                 ;    secretary; Burt Pooley, treai
                                        missionary-minded people to lo­                                                                surer: 1425 W. Main St.?
Mershon Construction Company,           cate in our beautiful northeastern       Upper Columbia                                 •       Bozeman; Mail Address: P.OJ
excavating, site preparation,           Washington mountains. Land is            S. 3715 Grove Road                                     Box 743, Bozeman, MT 59715*
driveways, landscaping, rototill-       available. SDA school for chil­          P.O. Box 19039                                         Phone: (406) 587-3101, 3102. >
ing, pole barn construction. Free       dren. Contact Loren Price, Gen­                                                             OREGON—H. J. Harris, presft
                                                                                 Spokane. Washington            99219                  dent: Rankin Wentland, secret
estimates. Portland and Walla           eral Delivery, Fruitland, WA               (509) 838-3168                                       tary; Ted Lutts, treasurer; 605
Walla areas (503) 695-5631.             99129,1509)722-3601. (15,6,20)                                                                  S.E. 39th Ave.. Portland, OH
                       (15, 6, 20)                                                        College Place Branch                         97214. Phone (503) 233-6371. "
                                        Magee Aviation, Inc. New and             508 S. College Avenue
                                        used Cessnas, all makes used.                                                                UPPER COLUMBIA—Donald Qj
                                                                                 P.O. Box 188                                           Reynolds, president; Clarenci
  Christian Counseling and              Take planes, cars and boats in           College Place. Washington 99324                        Gruesbeck, secretary:
  Seminars Available, Concilia­         trade. Financing available. Forthe         (509) 529-0723                                                 , treasurer; S. 371$.
  tion Counseling Associates.           best possible deal, call Keith                                                                  Grove Road. P. O. Box 190391
  Dr. Lyle Cornforth, Director;          Magee or Mike Baker (509) 884-          Washington                                             Spokane, WA 99219. Phone;
  1427 S.E. 182nd (Dempsey              7166. Pangborn Field, Wenatchee,          20015 Bothell Way S.E.                                (509) 838-2761.
                                        WA 98801.              (P 15, 6, 20)      P.O. Box 1048                                      WASHINGTON—Glenn Aufdert
  Center) Portland. Ore. (503)                                                                                                          har, president: Lenard Jaecks,
  760-2624, or 38 Tremont, Col­                                                   Bothell. Washington 98011
                                         "Midlife" Parents: Are you disap­          (206)481-3131                                       secretary: Roy Wesson, trea*
  lege Place, Wash. (509) 529-           pointed because your adult chil­                                                       :       surer; Mail Address: 2001f
  5432. Individuals, couples,           dren no longer attend church?                          Auburn Branch                            Bothell Way S.E., Box 1008;
  groups by appointment. Con­            Want to share encouraging prom­          5000 Auburn Way S.                                     Bothell. WA 98011. Phone},
  tact for regular or scheduled                                                   Auburn, Washington 98002                              (206)481-7171.
                                         ises? Please write: Lois Carscal-
  seminars.         (P 15, 6. 20)        len, Route 1, Box 102, Potlatch, ID        (206) 833-6707
                                         83855.                 (P, 6, 20, 3)     Thursdays 12:00-6:00 p.m. only

                                                                                                                         GLEANER October 6, 1980 page 35
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