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Scena 5 Advanced PVR-ready HD Receiver Platform
The Scena 5TM Series is an advanced Satellite, Terrestrial or Cable multiformat High Definition
Set-top Box platform with Common Interface for the European markets. Uncompromising
in its ability to deliver exceptional audiovisual quality, the platform is packed with support       DIGITAL
for the leading edge digital TV standards and connectivity technologies including MPEG-4                       AUDIO

AVC, H.264, XViD, Dolby Digital, MP3, JPEG, HDMI, HDCP and USB 2.0.                                   0
                                                                                                     1 Digits

All Scena 5 Series products support watching High-Definition or Standard-Definition
                                                                                                     7 DAYS
programmes at the best possible quality and feature an auto setup wizard that makes it
easy for you to configure, use and connect to the latest display technologies. In addition,
the products can output High Definition content to a HDMI display and simultaneously
output a re-formatted Standard-Definition to a second TV or VCR. All Scena 5 products                PVR
are PVR-ready and provide enhanced recording and library capabilities when used with an              TV recording & playback
external USB2.0 Hard-Drive.                                                                          Pause live TV
                                                                                                     Scheduled recording
                                                                                                     Bookmarks & Video editing
The unique design allows vertical or horizontal mounting and integrates with the latest trends       Play mp3, JPEG, MPEG2,4
                                                                                                     Media library
in home audiovisual equipment.

Available Models:
IDL 5530C (Cable)
IDL 5540T (Terrestrial)
                          IDL 5550S (Satellite)
                          IDL 5570C (Cable-Conax)
                                                                             Full     HD
                                                                             1920x1080i resolution
Scena 3 Advanced PVR-Ready Receiver Platform
The Scena 3TM is an advanced standard definition single tuner satellite PVR-Ready product
addressing cost, design and quality conscious consumers. It incorporates unique functionality
addressing the need for a high-quality picture and sound device with in-home connectivity
and easy-to-use TV recording capabilities.
While the product is a fully featured satellite DVB receiver, it features HDMI interface for              AUDIO

crystal clear picture and sound allowing consumers to get the most out of new display
                                                                                                1 Digits
technologies (i.e. Plasma and LCD screens). It also features a USB2.0 interface supporting              display
seamless connectivity to mass-storage devices for TV recording (i.e external USB
hard-drives) and file sharing (i.e. MP3 music and JPEG photo files). Two Common Interface
slots allow access to free and Pay TV programs. The unique slim design features VFD
display and integrates with the latest trends in home audio-visual equipment.                   PVR
                                                                                                TV recording & playback
                                                                                                Pause live TV
                                                                                                Scheduled recording
                                                                                                Bookmarks & Video editing
Available Models:                                                                               Play mp3, JPEG, MPEG2,4
IDL 3290S       (Satellite, 2xCI, HDMI output)                                                  Media library

Scena 2 Advanced Standard Definition Receiver Platform
The Scena 2 TM is an advanced series of standard definition Set top boxes.
They incorporate unique product design and a rich set of functionalities addressing             STEREO AUDIO

cost, design and quality conscious consumers. The Scena 2TM is a fully featured DVB
satellite, cable or terrestrial product range designed for the various European market          7 DAYS
requirements providing superb picture and sound, multilingual and easy-to-use
graphical user interface, teletext, subtitles, two common interface slots as well as             0
                                                                                                1 Digits
a smart card reader with an optional embedded Conax support allowing access to
free and pay TV programs. With its robust channel search engine and intuitive
electronic program guide (EPG), it has never been easier to keep your set-top-box
up to date with available services on air and track your favorite programs. The unique
design features a VFD display for enhanced comfort and integrates with the latest                OUT DOOR USE

Available Models:
IDL 2060 S   (Satellite FTA, 10 digit VFD, 12/24V)
IDL 2065 T   (Terrestrial, 10 digit VFD, 12/24V)
IDL 2260 S   (Satellite, 2xCI, 10 digit VFD, 12/24V)
          Novel LNB technology unveiled

          The Inverto LNB line is designed to provide superior reception performance of satellite signals
          with enhanced feature-sets. The Inverto LNBs family consists of two product lines featuring
          over 50 different products. Inverto’s broad LNB product line is designed to meet the most
          stringent reception conditions and continuously tested to provide field assurance to diverse
          needs of operators and end-users across EMEA markets and beyond. Inverto Digital Labs
          engages in system- and product- level research to consistently pioneer across product metrics
          and set the standards in the LNB market.

          All Inverto LNB’s feature low phase noise performance, a key requirement of the newly introduced
          DVB-S2 standard in Europe for High Definition Television [HDTV].

          BLACK Ultra
          The BLACK UltraTM designs are high performance LNBs and some of the lowest noise figure
          LNBs available addressing the need for superior reception performance under the edges of                                                                        High-Gain
          the satellite footprint skirt. Thanks to their novel front-end architecture and superior
          components, the LNBs provide higher gain yet with lowest noise figure and best phase noise
          performance. The combination of higher spec components, excellent isolation and advanced
          filter design enables improved handling of interfering spurious and provides
          a leap in the overall reception performance compared with standard LNBs.

          BLACK MultiConnect
          The BLACK MultiConnectTM concept is a patent pending innovation that allows quick and
          easy installation of several LNBs on a dish antenna. The innovation is based on a unique                                                                    Dielectric feed
          design of the LNB and its corresponding accessories as well as on novel horn and slim feed                                                                      Cascading
          technology incorporating advanced dielectric materials and optimum design to ensure maximum                                                                      system
          energy transfer from the dish to the LNB circuits.

                                                  FTA Communication Technologies               Tel. +352 264 367 1 Fax. +352 264 313 68
                      For purpose of brevity, some product descriptions in this sheet remain at platform level and may not be referred to as detailed datasheets of the products.
                                       Inverto Digital Labs reserves the right to amend, omit or add products, product-lines, and/ or features without notice.


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