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Tips For Vacation In China
                                   China is an amazing country; with the highest population in the world China has the most beautiful sceneries in
                                   the world and is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. With winning the bid for Beijing Olympic
                                   2008, China has become more recognized in the world. And in 2010, Shanghai (China) held one of the biggest
                                   expo in the world. With many world events that China hosted and will be hosting, visitors and tourists from all over
                                   the world are increasing rapidly every year.

                                   Below are important tips when having vacation on China for business or for leisure:
                                   - Choose the right hotel deals. Great hotel is a plus to get your good resting before continue your Chinese
                                   ancient and civilization discovery journey. If travelling on budget, choose cheap hotel that has good standard.
                                   - Chinese people are known for the shyness and humble, not showing their feeling and emotion in public. So as a
                                   foreigner in China, it is essential to respect the etiquette and learn not to speak and act bluntly
                                   - When you have gift for Chinese, below is the gift that is a taboo for Chinese: clocks, straw sandals, crane,
                                   handkerchief, anything white, blue or black
                                   - Learn to eat by using chopstick; spoon and fork are rarely used in Chinese restaurant in China. Most of the food
                                   is shared in China, it is a culture. When using chopsticks, do not stick the chopstick standing upright in rice bowl,
                                   as it will look like incense burned at Chinese funeral.
                                   - When drinking alcohol with Chinese, always toast first before having a first sip; it is Chinese etiquette regarded
                                   as respect
                                   - Eating in Chinese meal usually has more than 7 course dishes. Chinese believes that it is better to serve more
                                   food than serving less, leaving the guest hungry.
                                   - When you are eating out with Chinese in China, always offer to pay the bill even though the Chinese already
                                   offer to pay the bills. Chinese consider it to be a good manner show attempt to fight to pay for the bill.
                                   - When you are invited to have dinner or lunch, or given present, it is better firstly to refuse politely the offer a few
                                   times. For Chinese host, it is polite to offer something a few times and it is polite for the guest to refuse a few
                                   times too.
                                   - If you love zoo and fight for animal right, it is better not to visit the zoo in China as China is still lack of animal
                                   - Many of the things in the world is “Made in China”, but you will be surprised on the higher price of the authentic
                                   high end goods (except in Hong Kong), especially electronics, than anywhere else in the world. If you were to buy
                                   the fake goods, you have to expect the good to be not so long lasting and be good at bargain!!
                                   - Leave space in your luggage for shopping in China. There are a lot of things you might want to buy in China; e.g.
                                   souvenirs, clothing, handicrafts etc. For the first timer shopper in China, it is better to shop in department store or
                                   shopping centre, as the quality of goods is guaranteed for the money that you pay. You might find the same
                                   goods in the street with very cheap price, but if you are not very good at looking for the quality of the product, you
                                   might be disappointed for the goods that you buy on street.
                                   - Do not feel obliged to buy something on a shop, even if the shop keeper is very nice with you.
                                   - Prepare medications with you during your journey to China especially when you plan to eat much delicious,
                                   unique street food in China.
                                   - If you are travelling in China alone, it is better to know Chinese writing for the destination that you would like to
                                   go in case that you get lost and need directions. Many Chinese especially older generation, does not know how to
                                   speak and read English; even some of the taxi driver cannot understand and read English.

                                   There are many cities in China and each city has different etiquette and custom. Above is the high level
                                   knowledge that you should be aware of when visiting China. Enjoy your holiday and visit in one of the most
                                   impressive countries in the world.

                                   You can spend a long time to travel the whole China. For a first timer, you have to visit Beijing and
                                   Shanghai. Even though Beijing and Shanghai are big cities, you can still get discount hotel for the good hotels in
                                   the 2 big cities.

                                   You can also find this article published on Tips For Vacation In China, and on the tag pages cheap hotel, china
                                   , discount hotel, hotel deals, travel tips.

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