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The Regulatory Compliance Manager is responsible for development and administration
of regulatory compliance programs at two manufacturing facilities in the Los Angeles
area. The position plans and follows through with practices that promote a safe and
healthy working environment and comply with all government regulations.

Areas of responsibility include
    Safety equipment analysis for each job function
    Safety and compliance training on all safety equipment and procedures
    Safety and compliance exhibits
    Corporate Business Emergency Plan
    Hazard control
    Evacuation maps, procedures and drills
    Earthquake and other emergency preparedness
    MSDS education and administration
    Hazardous waste control
    Vehicle safety
    Emissions and air quality (AQMD)

You must have a BA or BS degree and at least four years of experience of regulatory
compliance management at a manufacturing facility. A degree in EOH will count
towards experience. We offer competitive benefits and salary and are an Equal
Opportunity Employer.

Please forward your resume to or fax to 818-899-2966.

Job Opening Date: 6/2/06

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