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									                                                Conference Registration Form

                                            Army Conference on Applied Statistics
                                               October 17 – October 19, 2007

All conference attendees and speakers* must submit a registration form and pay a registration fee. Advance registration will be
accepted two weeks prior to the meeting—mailed by October 2nd. The advance registration fee is $250; late or on-site
registration is $275. Student registration for graduate students local to the Houston area is $25. Retirees are asked to pay $125.
For advance registration, payment must accompany the registration form. Please fill out this form and mail to:

         U.S. Army Research Laboratory
         ATTN: AMSRD-ARL-CI-CT (Bodt-ACAS)
         APG, MD 21005-5067

You may also fax this form to 410 278 4988. * Only the listed invited speakers and tutorial presenters need not pay the
registration fee.

Section 1

The registration fee is a flat fee of $250, which includes a social on Tuesday evening and the Wilks Award Banquet on
Wednesday evening. A $25 student rate, offered to local university students, excludes the social and dinner. The retiree rate is
$125. There is no additional charge for the short course. Please check each activity that applies:

        I will attend the short course ―An Introduction to Network Analysis," during October 15-16.
        I will attend the social on Tuesday, October 16th at 6:30 PM.
        I will attend the Army Wilks Award banquet on Wednesday evening, October 17th at 6:30 PM.

Section 2

Please return the registration form even if planning to register (pay) on site.

Enclose a check in the specified amount payable to "Army Conference on Applied Statistics", or provide all the credit card
payment information requested in the shaded area below. The address is your billing address. Registrations with incomplete
payment information will be returned. Please write legibly.

            Name:                                        Amount:        $250 (on or before Oct 2)

            Address: (use billing address if paying by   Payment method: (payable to “Army Conference on
                     credit card)                                             Applied Statistics”)

                                                         If paying by credit card:
                                                           Account #:
                                                           3-Digit Security Code:
            Phone:                                         Expiration Date:
            Email:                                         Signature:
Section 3

         Our mailing list is updated each year. Some conference registration packets are sent to residences; some are sent to
business addresses. If you are not receiving your registration packet at the correct address, or would like to change or add an
address, please fill out the address information below.




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