Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Procedures by mmcsx


									                             Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Procedures

IJR’s RMA procedure has been designed to simplify the process for our Dealers.
NO RMA numbers will be issued. Simply include a copy of this RMA with your returns
and make sure to either email or fax to 602-548-7183.

Defective Merchandise
Defective products must be returned within one year of purchase to be considered for
credit. All returns are inspected and evaluated to determine their warranty status. The
warranty period for lasers and inkjet cartridges is one year from date of purchase.

Packaging Recommendation for RMA returns
All returns are subject to incoming inspection for shipping and handling damages.
Unfortunately we can’t be responsible for damage due to inadequate packaging. We
recommend that packing materials consist of the ORIGINAL packaging if at all possible.
Bubble wrap, newspaper or other packing is less desirable, but will work if used wisely.

Empty lasers, if not in the original carton, must be wrapped individually. Laser toner
expelled during shipping can damage inkjet components; don’t include unwrapped
inkjets with lasers. Wrap and pack the empty inkjet cartridges separately.

Important - Please make note
Inkjet cartridges dry quickly when open to the air. If an inkjet cartridge is defective on
installation (DOI), advise your customers to immediately re-install the cartridge clip prior
to packing for return. Do not place tape or any adhesive product over the printheads or
electronics on inkjets, as this will severely damage them. Returning cartridges that
were DOI, without their clip re-installed, may affect our ability to provide

RMA Form
The RMA form can be found on our IJR website under ‘Dealer Services’. You can
download eiither a pdf or Word document to use for your return. You must include a
copy of the completed RMA form as the packing list.

For additional questions related to shipping or packing of your RMA, please contact

                         IJR, Inc. 17453 N. 25 Ave., Phoenix AZ 85023
              602-504-9233 (Local & Intl.) | 800-344-4511 (US) | 602-548-7183 (Fax)

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