Refusal the Project Opportunity Letter by ics15473


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									Letter 3-1L2                                                                    (04/04/2011)

Letter will be sent Via Certified Mail to Contractor:

Contractor (Project Administrator/Project Engineer to Provide Mailing Address on second page)

COPIES: Can still be sent to the following via e-mail.

Appropriate Project Manager, If Consultant Construction Engineering Inspection project,

Appropriate Resident Engineers:; If a Palatka Job,; If a Gainesville Job,; If a Lake City Job,

Appropriate Resident Support Engineer:; If a Lake City Job,; If a Gainesville Job,; If a Palatka Job

Project Administrator:; If a Palatka Job,; If a Jacksonville Project; If a Jacksonville Project
                                                                                 Certified Number

August 2, 2011

Contractor’s Name
City, State, Zip

Job Description:
Financial Project Number:
Federal Aid Project Number:
Contract Number:
County – Section Number:

Attn: Person’s Name
      Contractor’s Name

In light of your refusal to sign the letter mailed to you on date    regarding the preconstruction
survey of the original ground line elevation, the Department takes the position that the cross
sections in the plans are correct as shown.

This email is to remind you of the requirements of Article 9-3.2 and 9-3.3 of the Department’s
Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.

As you know, once the original ground has been disturbed, it will be impossible to take accurate
original ground cross-sections. If you decide to take a cross section survey of the original
ground, we require that you notify the Department in advance so we will have the opportunity to
verify your survey as per Article 9-3.2.

Your failure to respond within ten (10) days from receipt of this Letter shall be considered
evidence of your agreement with the Department’s position as stated above.


Resident Engineers Name
Office Name Resident Engineer


                                        Letter 3-1L2

1.   If option two was used on Letter 3-1K then send this letter via CERTIFIED MAIL ON

2.   To be used 14 days after letter 3-1K, if no response is received from Contractor.
     Project Administrators and CCEI’s will need to determine if the Resident Engineer/
     Senior Project Engineer will be copied.

2.   See Plans Preparations and Documentation Manual Section 8.6 ORIGINAL PLAN

3.   The emails on the first page shall be cut and pasted into Microsoft Outlook or other email
     program. You are not to leave them in the body of the email. (If you do not have the
     authority to send this letter directly then the emails on the first page will be left in the
     body of the email and forwarded to the Resident Engineer.

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