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           Stephanie Walker
           is Right Person at
           Right Time to Lead
           NC REALTORS®

J A N U A R Y -M A R C H 2 0 1 1 , V O L . 9 0 N O . 1
                             Insight January-March 2011

                                                               Cover Story              8
2    President’s Message
4    Editor’s Desk                                              Stephanie Walker of Sun Realty
4    By the Numbers                                             in Kill Devil Hills demonstrates
5    Events Calendar                                            the qualities of passion, poise
6    Five Minutes With ...                                      and perseverance. Couple
12   Inside NC REALTORS®                                        those with experience, and it’s
22   End Notes                                                  evident she’s the ideal person to
24   Closing Thoughts                                           lead NC REALTORS® in 2011.

                             6    Five Minutes With …
                                  Christina Valkanoff of Keller Williams Realty in
                                  Raleigh has been lauded as one of NAR’s “30
                                  Under 30,” making her a rising star in real estate.

                             16   How to Win the Negotiation
                                  By concentrating on collaboration and shared goals
                                  in your negotiations, you’ll better your odds of
                                  coming out on top – and you’ll come across as a
                                  nice guy (or gal)!

                             7    Government Affairs

                             14   REALTOR® Partners Program

                             19   Housing Opportunity Foundation

                             20   The Forms Guy

                                                                                                                                                      By Stephanie Walker
                                                                                                                                  President, NC Association of REALTORS®

                                                                                                                                                                 Volume 90, Issue 1

       Together in 2011, We’ll Focus on the Future                                                                                                               NC Association of REALTORS® Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                 Chartered in 1921

                                                                                                                                                                 Stephanie Walker, Kill Devil Hills

        T       hey say you can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.
                There is no question that such is the case with our members and committed volun-
                teers within the NC Association of REALTORS®. It’s no secret that the past couple
        of years have been difficult for all of us, and I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been and
        how excited I am to be involved with such a dynamic group of volunteers right now. We’ve
                                                                                                                                                                 Lou Baldwin, Winston-Salem

                                                                                                                                                                 Tom Barton, New Bern

                                                                                                                                                                 IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                                                                 Mary Edna Williams, Raleigh
        rolled up our sleeves, gotten to work and are focused on the future.
             In April, I gathered the Executive Committee and a dozen members for a two-day                                                                      REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS
                                                                                                                                                                 Michael Davenport, Kill Devil Hills,
        strategic planning session. Our goal? To produce a “road map” for 2011. Not surprisingly,                                                                   Region 1
                                                                                                                                                                 Tori Humphrey, Ocean Isle Beach,
        the No. 1 strategic objective was to ensure the financial stability of our association. With                                                                Region 2
        that objective in mind, and not wanting to wait until 2011 to begin, 2010 President Mary                                                                 Jay Dowdy, Fayetteville, Region 3
                                                                                                                                                                 Tony Craver, Durham, Region 4
        Edna Williams assembled a Financial PAG so we could get started.                                                                                         Kevin Green, Greensboro, Region 5
                                                                                                                                                                 Vernon Luffman, Mount Airy, Region 6
             I can honestly say I have never been involved in any group so willing, committed and                                                                Marlene Peeler, Shelby, Region 7
        energized to accomplish a goal – and in short order. To date, we’ve spent nearly four days                                                               Roger Parham, Charlotte, Region 8
                                                                                                                                                                 Donna Anderson, Charlotte, Region 8
        looking at every aspect of our association, looking at our for-profit and non-profit entities,                                                           Steve Dozier, Hendersonville, Region 9
                                                                                                                                                                 John Wood, Cary, Region 10
        and assessing how we operate and what should change to provide us a more stable finan-                                                                   Theresa Clark, Cary, Region 10
        cial environment.
                                                                                                                                                                 EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT
             We are in the final stages of putting into place the last remaining directives from the                                                             Andrea Bushnell
        Structural PAG of 2008. The second week of December provided an opportunity for                                                                          EDITOR
        Executive Committee orientation and committee chair/vice chair orientation that included                                                                 Kevin Brafford

        the chairs/vice chairs meeting with their Executive Committee liaisons and their staff                                                                   ASSISTANT EDITOR
                                                                                                                                                                 Barbara West
        liaisons. The session ended with a goal-setting session for 2011.
                                                                                                                                                                 BUSINESS OFFICE
             I’m honored to be at the helm during this time of transition in our industry and in our                                                             NC Association of REALTORS® Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                 4511 Weybridge Lane
        association. I’m fortunate to be working with amazing volunteer members and staff. The                                                                   Greensboro, NC 27407
        2011 Leadership Team and the Executive Committee are committed to accomplishing our                                                                      Phone: (336) 294-1415
                                                                                                                                                                 Toll Free: (800) 443-9956
        goals and continuing to deliver the same level of service to our members.                                                                                Fax: (336) 299-7872
             My dad always told me to “play the hand you’re dealt.” While we’ll be faced with many                                                               Insight (USPS 017602) is published
        challenges in 2011, we’ll have an opportunity to refresh our thinking, renew the great asso-                                                             quarterly by the NCAR Management
                                                                                                                                                                 Corp., 4511 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro,
        ciation we’ve all worked hard to build, and retool ourselves, ensuring the long-term growth                                                              NC 27407. Member subscriptions of
                                                                                                                                                                 $3.90 are covered by annual member-
        and success of NC REALTORS®. I look forward to joining you as we focus on the future.                                                                    ship dues. Periodicals postage rates
                                                                                                                                                                 paid at Greensboro, NC.

        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                               POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
                                                                                                                                                                 Insight; 4511 Weybridge Lane,
                                                                                                                                                                 Greensboro, NC 27407.
                                                                                                                                                                 Advertising of a product or service
                                                                                                                                                                 does not imply endorsement, unless
        Stephanie Walker                                                                                                                                         specifically stated.

    Contact Us: Members of the NC REALTORS® staff can be reached Monday through Friday during regular                                                                 For all the latest news and
    business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 336-294-1415 or via email using the person’s first initial and                                                            business tools, check out
    last Our fax number is 336-299-7872.                                                                                                  

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2            INSIGHT                 January-March 2011

                                                                                                    By Kevin Brafford

       Improving Economy is Best Present for All

       L       ike many of you, I’m guessing, I did a fair amount of
               my Christmas shopping last month online. Yes, it
               was a matter of convenience, but also one of sur-
       vival. Teen-infested malls cause me to break out in hives,
       long checkout lines elevate my blood pressure, and incon-
                                                                        says Jonathan Basile, a vice president for economics at
                                                                        Credit Suisse Securities. “That tends to happen in recover-
                                                                        ies when everything starts to ignite at the same time.”
                                                                              Then there’s this report last month from Fannie Mae’s
                                                                        Economics & Mortgage Market Analysis Group:
       siderate drivers in parking lots … well, don’t get me started.   “Improvements in consumer spending and consumer con-
            That said, I did make one mall excursion, and while I       fidence, increased demand for goods and services, and
       encountered all of the above, the effects of ‘Tis the            falling unemployment claims will cause the housing recov-
       Season didn’t cause the expected level of heartburn. Why?        ery to gain momentum going into 2011.”
       Because the long lines equaled ringing cash registers, and             Glad tidings, I say. The real estate industry has been
       that equals – at long last – an improving economy.               dog paddling at best – and drowning at worst – for what
            Retails sales for November, if you haven’t heard, rose      seems like eons. But no more, says Doug Duncan, the chief
       significantly enough that department stores enjoyed their        economist for Fannie Mae. “Despite rising mortgage rates,
       best month in more than two years. (December was                 our forecast for home sales is stronger than the previous
       expected to be even better.) And a survey of CEOs at             forecast, given our brighter economic growth and labor
       America’s largest companies suggests hiring will pick up in      market outlook,” he says. “We expect modest increases in
       the first half of this year. Other positive stimulators          home sales, despite recent interest rate rises, due in part
       include an emerging package of tax cuts and long-term            to modest additional declines in home prices, and we
       employee benefits.                                               expect people to take advantage of affordability as their
            “We could be on the verge of a period of economic           employment and income outlook brightens.”
       activity that will surprise everybody by how strong it is,”            Good cheer, to be sure. Very good cheer.

       The numbers
       tell the story.

    12 Number of weeks the average potential
    homebuyer searches for a home.

    36 Percentage of first-time homebuyers who got
    help with their down payment from family or

    52 Percentage of Americans who expect the
    housing market to recover after 2012.

    66.9 Homeownership rate in third quarter of
    2010, which remained unchanged from the
    previous quarter.

    $33,000 Median equity gain experienced by a
    typical seller who purchased a home eight years

4      INSIGHT      January-March 2011

    Key Dates in the Coming Months
    Jan. 18-21      NC REALTORS® Inaugural Meetings                                Pinehurst
    Jan. 19         Vision Quest                                                   Pinehurst
    Feb. 10         Professional Standards Course (NCREEF)                         Greensboro
    Feb. 14-17      GRI 100                                                        Greensboro
    March 9         Professional Standards Program                                 New Bern
    March 10        Professional Standards Program                                 Durham
    March 11        Professional Standards Program                                 Hickory
    March 18-22     NAR AE Institute                                               Dallas, Texas
    March 21-24     GRI 300                                                        Cary
    April 4-7       GRI 200                                                        Atlantic Beach
    April 11-13     NC   REALTORS®    Legislative Meetings                         Raleigh
    April 13        Legislative Day                                                Raleigh
    April 28-30     NAR Region 4 Leadership Retreat                                Asheville
    May 9-14        NAR Midyear Meeting                                            Washington, D.C.
    July 10-13      Regional AE Conference                                         New Bern
    Aug. 15-18      GRI 200                                                        Asheville
    Sept. 11-13     NC   REALTORS®    2011 Convention & Expo                       White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.
    Nov. 9-14       National Association of REALTORS® Convention & Expo            Anaheim, Calif.

NC REALTORS®                                                                              The 2011 NC REALTORS®
Convention & Expo                                                                         Convention and Expo
                                                                                          will be held Sept. 11-13
                                                                                          at The Greenbrier, an
Sept. 11-13, 2011                                                                         award-winning resort
The Greenbrier                                                                            that first opened its
Resort                                                                                    doors in 1778 and
                                                                                          features a spa, casino
                                                                                          and championship golf
                                                                                          among its 6,500-acre

                                                                          January-March 2011         INSIGHT      5

                               Name:                     Christina Valkanoff
                               Location:                 Raleigh
                               Firm:                     Keller Williams Realty
                               Local Association: Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®

    (Valkanoff was recently honored among NAR’s “30                I’ve found that my interior design background gives
    Under 30,” considered the real estate industry’s rising        me an edge as a REALTOR®. My clients are very recep-
    stars.)                                                        tive to my staging ideas and when it comes to the prepa-
                                                                   ration part of getting the homes ready, they take my
    When I found out I had been selected among NAR’s               advice. It also helps my homes sell faster. We have stories
    “30 under 30,” I was sitting in my office. It had been         after stories of homes that have been on the market for
    a crazy morning and we had about 10 closings that                                  200 to 300 days and within the first
    month and we were crazy busy. I had tons of                                         weekend of me taking over the house
    emails to respond to, and I was                                                     and staging it, we sell the home.
    just trying to answer the calls
    coming in and get everything                                                       In March, my husband and I are
    done. The email from NAR had                                                       expecting our first child, a little
    been in my inbox for probably 30                                                    girl. We are so excited. I’m still keep-
    minutes to an hour before I saw it.                                                 ing busy, though! I’ve been on the go
    At one point, I just looked down                                                    so much lately and at a recent
    and saw the subject line and start-                                                  meeting with my team, I was just
    ed screaming. My assistant, Susan,                                                   jumping all around, excited about
    was with me and we called my hus-                                                    our new business plans. One of my
    band. It was just so exciting.                                                        team members looked at me and
                                                                                          said, “Christina, are you still wear-

                                                       Christina witteamanta
    I got my real estate license out of                                                    ing high heels?” I looked at my
    high school and actually received
    the Harnett County Association of
                                                          and her                          team and said, “Yes! I am preg-
                                                                                            nant, I am not sick!”
    REALTORS®’ first-ever scholar-
    ship. In college, I worked for differ-                                      I couldn’t do anything without my hus-
    ent REALTORS® in the area. I was                               band’s support and love. I am truly the luckiest woman
    always really busy with school, working, and other             in the world when it comes to my husband. We have so
    activities I was involved in. I’m not really sure how I        much fun together, and we both have huge entrepreneur-
    managed to do it all. To this day, I have no idea how I        ial hearts. Right now, my husband owns the franchise
    do what I do – I just do, I’m full of energy all the time      rights for Wake County for Dairy Queen. Through our
    and on the go. When I was younger and playing sports,          Dairy Queens, we’ve been able to give back to the com-
    my dad would always say, “Christina, don’t just stand          munity by partnering with local organizations such as Y
    there and let things happen, go make things happen.”           Guys and the Children’s Miracle Network.
    He’d say it on the court and off the court, and I’ve real-
    ly applied that in my life.                                    My goal as a REALTOR® is to be the No. 1 agent in
                                                                   our area. My plan is to double my business next year.
    I went to college at N.C. State and Meredith, major-           That’s my standing goal. Over the next year, I also really
    ing in marketing at N.C. State with a minor in interi-         want to make sure my team is set and taking good care
    or design from Meredith. I’m a huge N.C. State fan, but        of the buyers. But I also want to make sure that my hus-
    all of my family are huge Carolina fans. When I decided        band and I take the time to enjoy our new bundle. I
    to go to N.C. State, I certainly ruffled some feathers.        definitely plan to keep working hard, but I also plan to
    But now, my dad and I go to games together. He wears           spend a lot of time with my family when the baby
    his Carolina blue and, of course, I wear my red.               arrives.

6   INSIGHT      January-March 2011

                                                                                          By Julie C. Woodson
                                                                        Director of Political Communications

  Regulatory Issues Moving Forward

  T       he N.C. Appraisal Board voted on Dec. 14 to         > Expanding the list of offenses meriting disciplinary
          approve rules changes that will implement           action to include offenses affecting “fitness.” The REC
          Senate Bill 829 (Regulation of Appraisal            may investigate the moral character and general fitness
  Management Companies). These rules were expected to         as they generally relate to the real estate brokerage busi-
  go into effect in January.                                  ness, the public interest and the public’s confidence in the
       The NC REALTORS® government affairs team was           real estate brokerage business.
  actively involved in writing, negotiating and lobbying
  for passage of Senate Bill 829, which requires the reg-     > Increasing the application fee for a real estate broker
  istration of Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs)          license to $100.
  and enables the NC Appraisal Board to regulate these
  entities.                                                   > Allowing unlicensed broker employees (vacation rental
       Specifically, there are rules that: require AMCs to    reservationists only) to offer or accept price adjustments
  register with the NC Appraisal Board; require AMCs to       within limits set by the broker’s landlord client in their
  use appraisers competent for jobs solicited, including      management agreement.
  geographic competency; and require AMCs to provide
  critical information when registering, including back-      > Changing the broker responsibility/liability related to
  ground about the owners of the AMC, so the Appraisal        the HUD1 closing statement. Currently, a broker must pre-
  Board can determine who is ultimately accountable.          pare and provide an accurate closing statement to the
       Additionally, these new rules lay out the operation    parties in a transaction. Under the proposed rule, the bro-
  guidelines for the AMCs by detailing the requirements       ker can provide the settlement statement or rely on an
  for the Compliance Manager, the appraisers allowed to       attorney. If the broker chooses to prepare the statement,
  be on appraisal panels, and the processes the AMCs          the broker must present his or her client with a detailed
  use to review appraisers. Prior to this legislation, AMCs   closing statement showing the receipt and disbursement
  weren’t regulated by the state or federal government.       of all monies relating to the transaction about which the
       “This legislation, and the rules                       broker should know. If a closing statement is prepared by
  associated with it, ensure that home-                       an attorney or lawful settlement agent, a broker may rely
  owners have accurate valuations of                          on the delivery of that statement, but the broker must
  their residences and lenders have                           review the statement for accuracy and notify all parties
  accurate valuation of their collateral,”                    to any errors.
  says Cady Thomas, NC REALTORS®
  government affairs director. “This                          > Changing the Recovery Fund to the “Real Estate
  means fewer foreclosures, which pro-                        Education and Recovery Fund.” The fund will continue to
  tects homeowners, banks and the real          Cady Thomas   be used to pay unsatisfied judgments where the
  estate market.”                                             aggrieved party has suffered a direct monetary loss by
       The N.C. Real Estate Commission (REC) will pro-        reason of certain acts committed by any real estate sales-
  pose a series of legislative changes for the 2011 long      person licensed before April 1, 2006, or by any real estate
  session. Several are aimed at clarifying exemptions for     broker. Additionally, the fund will be used for educational
  licensure contained in the statutes with regard to          purposes.
  attorneys, trusts and housing authorities. Others deal
  with disciplinary actions.                                       “The proposed legislative changes must go
       The suggested changes include:                         through multiple layers of review before they are
                                                              approved by any committee or legisla-
  > Allowing the REC to impose fines against licensees as     tive chamber,” says David McGowan, NC
  part of their punishment in addition to or instead of any   REALTORS® director of regulatory
  sanction the REC may otherwise impose. The amount of        affairs. “Our staff will continue to be
  the fine can’t exceed $1,000 for each violation of the      actively involved throughout this
  statute and the rules adopted by the REC.                   process. We’ll keep our members
                                                              informed as we move forward with
  > Expanding the REC’s ability to discipline a broker who    these and other issues in the regulato-
  is disciplined by another licensing board.                  ry and legislative arenas.”               David McGowan

                                                                                  January-March 2011            INSIGHT      7
Leading by Example
Passion, Poise and Perseverance Make Stephanie
Walker a Perfect 2011 President for NC REALTORS®
By Kevin Brafford

                               ramed certificates of accomplishment adorn the walls of
                               Stephanie Walker’s office at Sun Realty in Kill Devil Hills.
                               There are enough of them that if they were hung differ-
                               ently they might resemble – or at least symbolize – the
                    steps of a ladder.
                         And that’d be both appropriate and befitting the ascension of
                    Walker to the summit of her profession’s leadership at the state
                    level. On a mid-January night in Pinehurst, she’ll be celebrated as
                    the NC Association of REALTORS®’ 90th president.
                         Walker uses words such as “honor” and “privilege” and “oppor-
                    tunity” to describe what the next 12 months will bring. She’s confi-
                    dent, yet humble. She’s opinionated, yet a willing listener. “Cindy
                    Chandler (a close friend of Walker’s and the 2006 NC REALTORS®
                    president) told me, ‘Remember, it’s just your turn to steer the bus
                    … and it ain’t your bus.’That is such good advice,” says Walker.
                         For more than a decade,Walker’s been preparing to drive the
                    bus. She’s earned an alphabet soup’s worth of designations – ABR,
                    CRS, GRI, RSPS, SFR and SRES – that are testament to her devo-
                    tion to the real estate industry. She’s a “Golden R” and President’s
                    Circle contributor to RPAC, meaning she gives at the highest level.
                    She’s a graduate of the NC REALTORS® Leadership Academy and
                    the NAR Leadership Academy, where she was a member of its
                    inaugural class.
     “I am fully invested in what we do,” she says. “I can’t              mom had summers off, so we’d load up our big old
imagine there’s anyone more passionate about professional                 Oldsmobile and make the drive and spend eight to 12
standards than I am – well, maybe Ted Kelly (NC REAL-                     weeks here. My dad was traveling a lot, and instead of fly-
TORS® president in 1998). It’s the benchmark of who we                    ing into Minneapolis he’d just fly into Norfolk and drive
are. I believe in RPAC and that our presence in Raleigh and               down.”
Washington must be felt. And I believe that REALTORS®                          Walker had started school at an early age and was
make a difference in the communities where they live.”                    only 16 when her senior year began. Her parents were
     Walker’s community is the Outer Banks.That’s where                   about to move to Laurel, Md., a Washington suburb, so
the tiny toes of a precocious little girl first wiggled in the            she finished her coursework early. “I missed my high
sand more than four decades ago. And they’ve been wig-                    school graduation. It was really hard at the time, but it’s
gling ever since.                                                         not a big deal to me now.We were a family, and our family
                                                                          was moving.You did what you had to do.”

          tephanie Ann Golliday was born in California and                     Knowing what you want to do, career-wise, at 18 is
          raised in North Carolina,Virginia and Minnesota,                50-50 at best. At 17, the odds worsen. “I knew I was going
          the younger of Jay and Marty Golliday’s two chil-               to college, and at that point I thought I’d be a fashion
          dren. He was a Navy veteran and a nuclear engi-                 designer,” she says. “So I went to the International Institute
neer and she was a school nurse with roots in Virginia’s                  of Fine Arts in Miami. Imagine that – 17 years old and liv-
horse country.                                                            ing in Miami.”
     “My dad was in the Navy and stationed in San Diego                        One semester was enough. “It was a snotty little girls’
when I was born,”Walker says. “We moved to the                            school of 300 to 400 students, and I knew fairly quickly
Tidewater area (of Virginia) and began visiting the Outer                 that it wasn’t for me. So the next semester I enrolled at
Banks. My parents’ very good friends                                                             the University of Maryland. I moved
– my godparents – had a second                                                                   right into a dorm and had a ball for
home in Kill Devil Hills, and we                                                                 the next four years.”
eventually bought the house next

door as a second home.We’d come                                                                                    alker received her
down here as often as we could.”                                                                                   degree in 1983, all
     The Outer Banks was remark-                                                                                   the while spending
ably preserved in the 1960s and ‘70s.                                                                              long weekends and
There were no bright lights, no fast-                                                            full summers at the house in Kill
food restaurants and no strip malls.                                                             Devil Hills. “Stu stayed there as well,
“It was the most peaceful little place,                                                          and I’d bring friends down from
and I don’t think there was a time                                                               Maryland during the school year,” she
when I didn’t love it.”                                                                          says. “In the summers when I was
     In 1971, Jay was presented with                                                             here, I worked at the marina as the
a job opportunity at a nuclear power                                                             first mate on a boat named the Crystal
                                              Stephanie worked as a first mate on a
plant southeast of Minneapolis.               boat named Crystal Dawn cutting bait,
                                                                                                 Dawn – which is still in operation. I
“None of us were thrilled with the            baiting hooks and taking fish off the line.        cut bait, baited hooks and took fish
idea of moving to Minnesota,”Walker           She still enjoys fishing today.                    off the line. I’d deal with 50 people in
recalls, “so we made a deal:We’d                                                                 the morning and 50 people in the
lock the house (in Tidewater) and                                                                afternoon who didn’t have a clue
move there for a year. At the end of that year, if we hated it             what they were doing. I had a blast.”
we’d move back.                                                                 During the school year,Walker worked part-time for
     “My dad really wanted us to like it, so that first                    her father’s engineering software company (Modifications
Christmas, Stu (her older brother by four years) and I got                 Systems, Inc.), and it morphed into full-time work after
skis and a snowmobile.We had season tickets to the Vikings                 she graduated. “I was in a marketing position that MSI sort
and things like that.Well, we came to love it. Red Wing                    of created for me,” she says. “I’d put together presentations
was a beautiful, clean small town.The people were incredi-                 for us to solicit new work. I was traveling a lot – to New
bly nice, and it was an amazing place to raise a family.”                  York, Texas and a good deal of time in Wilmington.”
     Still, summers were spent at the Outer Banks. “My                          Everyone has life-altering moments, and one of

                                                                                              January-March 2011       INSIGHT       9
Walker’s came in a hotel room in Wilmington some 18                           when everything else was closed,” she says.
months after graduation. “It struck me that here I was, in                          Stephanie and Bill, a policeman, became fast friends
the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful summer day,                        quickly. “I never had any idea that I’d date him, much less
stuck in a hotel room. I pretty much realized that I didn’t                   marry him, and there were many reasons for thinking that.
have a life – at least not the life I wanted. I really just                   I was, what, 23 years old? He was 32, going through a
wanted to be here.                                                            divorce, had three little boys and was a cop to boot.”
     “What’s ironic is that I had just been offered a job at                        But love rarely pays attention to rhyme or reason.
our company’s No. 1 competitor. I was shocked at how                          Their first official date was that New Year’s Eve when they
much these people were willing to pay me, and it was                          attended the night’s biggest party, which was at – you
extremely flattering, but I didn’t take it.”                                  guessed it – the bowling alley. They’ve been together since
     Not only that, but she quit MSI                                                                  and were married in June of 1989. “I
and moved to the Outer Banks for                                                                      married Bill, and then I turned
good, where she opened a tanning                                                                      around and literally married the boys
salon.Within a year and a half, more                                                                  (Joseph, 10; Daniel, 8; and William,
than a half-dozen similar businesses                                                                  6) in a separate service,” she says. “It
had opened in the area, and once the                                                                  was a package deal, and I loved it.”
entrepreneurial adrenaline wore out                                                                        What drew her to Bill then still
and revenues flattened, she closed                                                                    draws her to him today. “He’s inher-
the business. “I remember my exact                                                                    ently good, and he wants the best for
words: ‘A monkey could do what                                                                        everybody,” she says. “Listen, there
I’m doing.’ It just wasn’t challeng-                                                                  are people here to this day who thank
ing, plus I needed a job.”                                                                            him for arresting them and helping
     One day she was reading the                                                                      turn their lives around. He’s just an
paper, scanning the classified ads,                                                                   amazing man.”
and wise words from Jay Golliday                                                                           The first wave of real estate
popped into her head. “Dad told me              Stephanie met her husband, Bill, in the
                                                                                                      development at the Outer Banks was
there were two things you should                local bowling alley and became a family               percolating, and Stephanie Golliday
always know how to do. One was to               of five with Bill’s three children: “It was a         Walker was in the middle of it. She
bartend, which I did in D.C. while I            package deal, and I loved it.”                        was a newlywed in a beautiful new
was in college, and the other was to                                                                  home with three adorable boys. Life
sell real estate.”                                                                                    was good. And then, just like that, it
     Pirate’s Cove, a new development on the Manteo side                      was turned upside down.
of the Roanoke Sound, needed a sales agent. “They told                              “My mom had been dealing with colon cancer for sev-
me that I needed to get a real estate license, but that                       eral years, but at this moment she was actually doing quite
they’d go ahead and hire me. Because it was a self-con-                       well,”Walker says. “It was right after Christmas, and mom
tained development, they could hire people without a                          and dad had retired and were now living in White Post,
license.                                                                      Virginia. She’d just had some scans and had gotten a good
     “So I called my mom and borrowed $100 to take a                          report – everything was good.
real estate class. I’d work during the day and go to school                         “Then one day – it was Jan. 23 – he went out to put
at night. It kept me busy, that’s for sure.”                                  back up a piece of gutter that had fallen down. He was on
                                                                              an extension ladder, and she was spotting him … to this

          omething – rather someone – else was starting to                    day, I don’t know exactly what happened. All we know
          keep her busy as well. Stephanie was introduced                     is that the ladder came down and his feet got caught up
          to Bill Walker in September of 1985. Pleasantries                   in it.”
          were first exchanged at the big social gathering                          After initially being rushed to a hospital in Winches-
spot on the Outer Banks: the bowling alley. “Bowling was                      ter,Va., he was transferred to a trauma facility in Fairfax,
big here the year the bowling alley opened, because it was                    where he underwent surgery to decompress the spine. His
the only place for people to gather in the wintertime                         spinal cord was crushed, and rods were inserted.

10      INSIGHT       January-March 2011
Stephanie, Stu and their family members were told that he                 Realty in Corolla, where she stayed until 2002 (the same
wouldn’t walk again. “I kept telling myself, ‘Okay, we’ll                 year she served as president of her local board). A ReMax
just make the best of it.We’ll still be able to fish from the             office just across the street caught her eye, and she
pier, and we’ll figure out a way to do this and do that.’”                worked there until she went to Sun Realty in 2005, which
     Days passed, and Jay remained on a ventilator. On the                she’s called home since. “I simply got tired of driving to
11th day, doctors discovered a series of fractures in his                 Corolla all of the time,” she says. “From our office here,
neck that had gone undetected and would render him a                      I’m just 10 minutes away from my house.”
ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. As often seems to hap-                      That also puts her a few minutes closer to the state
pen when the health worsens of one spouse in a couple                     association’s headquarters in Greensboro, which is a good
who have been together for decades, Marty’s cancer began                  thing these days. It’s about 300 miles door to door for
to take a greater toll.                                                   Walker, her SUV and her IPod. “Some people sing in the
     “One of us (Stephanie or Stu) was there at all times,”               shower; I sing in the car,” she says. “I have concerts. I can
Walker says, “and we were running on adrenaline.We                        be Guinevere from Camelot. I can be Frank Sinatra, I can
moved dad several times, and it got to a point where he                   rock out or chill to classical. That’s my alone time, and I
just wanted to go home so they could be together. So for                  love my alone time.”
about three weeks, we did that – we turned the dining                          Her “alone time” includes deep-sea fishing dates with
room into a room for her and the living room into a room                  Bill, who retired in 2003 and today is the coordinator for
for him, with around-the-clock nursing for both.”                         the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program for the
     Marty passed away in April of 1994. Jay hung on until                College of the Albemarle. “We’ll take our boat up to the
January of the following year, and how he passed will                     eastern shore of Virginia and spend the day,” she says. “Up
touch your heart. “I had found an                                                                there it’s like it was here 40 years
acute long-term rehab facility in                                                                ago. It’s calm, quiet, there’s no traf-
Greensboro that I thought would be                                                               fic, and the sunsets are amazing.”
good for him,” she says. “When I got                                                                  As Walker drives the NC REAL-
there on the day they were trans-                                                                TORS® bus in 2011, she’s not
porting him, they told me he had                                                                 expecting many potholes. “We’re
died in the plane en route.                                                                      well on our way to healing,” she says.
     “The thing is, it was a beauti-                                                             “Because of what we’ve been
ful, spring-like day – you could                                                                 through, our association will be bet-
even hear the birds. Somehow, I                                                                  ter and stronger than we’ve ever
just think it was a conscious deci-                                                              been before. I’m proud that despite
sion on his part to die that day. My                                                             losses in membership, we’re still
secretary said, ‘He got up in that                                                               delivering the same high level of
plane and got close to your                                                                      service that members are accustomed
momma, and he just wasn’t coming                                                                 to – and that we’re doing it without
                                              Stephanie with her grandson, Jackson
down.’”                                       Walker, who is 2 years old.
                                                                                                 having raised dues.”
                                                                                                      While the drives to and from

          ixteen years have passed,                                                              Greensboro are equidistant, the trip
          but not a day goes by when                                                             home invariably seems shorter. “I
          Walker doesn’t think of her parents. “We all have               love coming over the bridge,” she says, “simply because I
          our triumphs and tragedies,” she says. “Those                   love this place, and I love what awaits me here.” That
years were incredibly difficult and draining, but I’ve been               includes Jackson Walker, who’s the apple of his grand-
fortunate to have many wonderful things happen in my                      mother’s eye. “When you’re playing bulldozers and dump
life as well.”                                                            trucks with a 2-year-old, that’s all you’re thinking about,”
     Bill and their sons – and now a grandson – are among                 she says. “When he looks up at you and asks, ‘Grandma,
those things, and real estate is another. After working at                need some dirt?,’ you know that all is right with the
Pirate’s Cove into the early 1990s, she went to Beach                     world.”

                                                                                             January-March 2011       INSIGHT       11

     Asheville’s Booth Finds a Special Niche

     T         he availability and price of land in many areas of
               the state have long been a challenge to those
               wanting to create housing that is affordable to
     critical workers. That’s especially true along the coast
     and in the mountains, where the workers who create
                                                                    1. Find land that offers opportunity. Look for properties
                                                                    that already have some of the infrastructure in place like
                                                                    utilities, streets and parking. Infill properties offer some
                                                                    great opportunities.

     some of the nation’s best places to live, work and play        2. Make sure there’s cash flow. There is no more building
     can’t afford to live.                                          for future equity or planning on a break-even basis. There’s
            When Kirk Booth, president of the                       got to be cash flow right away.
     Asheville Board of REALTORS, started
     his real estate development business 10                        3. Line up funding. Booth usually expects to have about
     years ago, he wasn’t focused on the                            30 percent up front with other funding sources standing
     issues of affordable housing. Instead, he                      ready.
     saw a niche of first-time homebuyers
     and investors who were looking for a                           4. Get government assistance. Talk to the city and coun-
     new home product in a price range that            Kirk Booth   ty about available properties, grants and stimulus funding.
     the market was just not serving.
            “We’ve always worked in the market range of             5. Establish a relationship with a lender. Banks today are
     $100,000 to $130,000 because that was the largest part         looking for past experience and performance. An estab-
     of the market,” Booth says. “I basically started out with      lished relationship with a community lender is critical.
     infill lots in the city that no one knew about, bought
     them at an affordable price and then once I built the               While it usually takes a good year of planning for each
     house, had a large spectrum of potential buyers.”              project Booth undertakes, he says it’s worth it. “It gives me
            During the past decade Booth has developed more         great joy to provide a gleaming new house to people who
     than 70 single-family homes in Asheville, most of which        never thought they would ever have the opportunity to live
     have been affordable for persons at the median income          in one,” he says. “They come see the houses and the appli-
     or below.                                                      ances are new and they’ve got hardwood floors, and they
            “As a developer, it’s your business and it has to be    can’t believe that this could be theirs so affordably.”
     profitable,” he says. “Your margins are going to be                 Not only are his clients happy, Booth points out, the
     smaller in that price range because of land costs, but         community also benefits by having more high-quality,
     you can still build an affordable product. You just have       affordable housing available that is generating tax rev-
     to work smarter.”                                              enues and jobs.
            Booth credits a number of factors to helping him
     create affordable housing profitably and offers five           (This article was written by Diane Greene, NC REALTORS®’
     suggestions:                                                   director of community outreach.)

     Faye Brock Receives Honor From CRS

     F      aye Brock, a broker/owner of Century 21 Brock &
            Associates in Wilmington, has been honored by
            the Council of Residential Specialists for her serv-
     ice and achievement.
          Brock was one of nine CRS designees nationwide
                                                                    volunteered their time and expertise to serve CRS and its
                                                                    members. To be eligible for this award, nominees must
                                                                    have 15 years of continuous membership with CRS and
                                                                    tangible volunteer work at the state and local levels.
                                                                         Brock has been an active member of CRS since 1996.
     who were presented with the prestigious Medallion              Among her many achievements, she was named North
     Award during ceremonies at the 2010 NAR Conference             Carolina CRS president in 2005 and N.C. CRS of the Year
     in New Orleans.                                                in 2006. She’s a 2007 graduate of the CRS National
          The Medallion Award recognizes individuals who            Leadership program and has served as a regional vice
     have excelled in their real estate careers and have also       president in several capacities.

12   INSIGHT     January-March 2011
Local AEs Awarded Scholarships for 2011

T       hree local association executives are recipients
        of 2011 William D. North AE Institute
        Scholarships to attend the upcoming AE
Institute on March 18-22 in Dallas, Texas.
     The honorees are Janet Brashear (Ashe County
                                                           REALTORS®) are receiving scholarships from the North
                                                           Carolina Association of REALTORS® to attend the AE
                                                                Also, Aldrich, Edwards, Morris and Nash were
                                                           among local association executives who received schol-
Board of REALTORS®), Kim Brennan (Triangle                 arships to attend the 2011 Regional AE Conference in
Commercial Association of REALTORS®) and Susan             New Bern on July 17-19. The others include: Kathy
Morris (Salisbury/Rowan Association of REALTORS®).         Hendricks (Lincoln County Board of REALTORS®);
     Further, Viva Aldrich (Wilkes County Association      Lisa Hunnewell (Yancey-Mitchell Board of REALTORS®);
of REALTORS®), Jo Anna Edwards (Alleghany County           Chris Triepke (Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Board of
Association of REALTORS®) and Paula Nash                   REALTORS®); Dana Wooten (Johnston County
(Pinehurst-Southern Pines Area Association of              Association of REALTORS®).

Thomas, McGowan Promoted; Bailey Hired

S     everal changes have taken place within the NC
      Association of REALTORS® staff in the past few
     Cady Thomas, who for the past 2 1/2 years served
as director of regulatory affairs, has been promoted
                                                           department as director of political communications.
                                                           She will use her skills in the public policy arena to pro-
                                                           vide additional information to NC REALTOR® members
                                                           regarding legislative and regulatory issues.
                                                                “We welcome Julie to the government affairs
to director of government affairs, filling the position    team,” Thomas says. “She will continue to be the staff
left vacant when Rick Zechini left in early December.      liaison to the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance, and
In her new role, Thomas will drive government affairs      she will use her strong skills and creativity to increase
efforts on behalf of the 35,000-member state associ-       communication and engage our members, as well as
ation.                                                     homeowners, on issues impacting private property
     David McGowan, who had spent the six previous         rights and housing affordability.”
years as NC REALTORS®’ political specialist (where              Thomas, McGowan, Woodson and
his primary focuses were grassroots efforts, member        Mary Catherine Green, the association’s
mobilization and lobbying), has been promoted to           RPAC manager, all work out of the
director of regulatory affairs. In his new role, he’ll     Raleigh office.
monitor state and federal regulatory departments and            In other staff news, Scott Bailey has
agencies and lobby (in an expanded role) on issues of      joined NC REALTORS® as business
importance to REALTORS® and homeowners in North            development manager, working out of
Carolina.                                                  the Greensboro office. Bailey, a graduate       Scott Bailey
     “Cady and David have proven themselves to be          of Arizona State University, brings more
dedicated and hard working members of the NC               than 12 years of experience in the sales
REALTORS® team,” says Andrea Bushnell, Executive           and business development industry.
Vice President. “They will approach their new duties            In this new position, Bailey is
with enthusiasm and skill. Many of our members, as         responsible for overseeing advertising,
well as legislators and leaders of state regulatory        booth and sponsorship sales. He and his
agencies, already know Cady and David through their        wife, Jill, who works at the N.C. Zoo,
previous roles, and they will continue to be a great       have relocated to North Carolina from         Loretta Moody
lobbying team for REALTORS®.”                              Phoenix.
     Elsewhere, Julie Woodson, who joined the associ-           Lastly, Loretta Moody has rejoined the staff as a
ation’s staff in 2007 in the communications depart-        part-time receptionist. Moody last worked with NC
ment, has moved formally into the government affairs       REALTORS® in 2009.

                                                                                   January-March 2011        INSIGHT      13

                                                                                              By Kristin Miller
                                                                                    Partners Program Manager

     Program Adds New Benefits for Members

     T      he REALTOR® Partners Program strives to offer         Furnitureland South
            helpful and cost saving benefits for members. In           Did you know that the world’s largest home fur-
            today’s challenging market, we recognize that it      nishings retail showplace is right here in North
     is more important than ever to provide our members           Carolina? With 1.3 million square feet of showroom dis-
     with value added savings and discounts. With the assis-      play, Furnitureland South, a 40-year-old, family-owned
     tance of the REALTOR® Partners Committee, the                business, offers NC REALTORS® and your clients dis-
     Service Corporation Board of Directors recently added        counts of 40 to 50 percent below retail on everything it
     two new partners, 1-800MD and                                                              sells, plus additional savings
     Furnitureland South to the                                                                 on merchandise featured in
     REALTOR® Partners Program.                                                                its new Outlet Center.
         Here is more detailed infor-                                                               In addition to extraordi-
     mation about the new additions                                                           nary savings on quality furni-
     to our family:                                                      ture, NC REALTORS® now receive complimentary,
                                                                         professional design services from one of the 140
     1-800MD                                                             sales and design consultants. These services
          Mobile Health, eHealth and TeleHealth are                      include architectural assistance with floor plans,
     just a few of the terms that are used to describe the        room design and layout, fabric and finish selections, and
     next generation of healthcare, which is more broadly         flooring, window treatment or paint options.
     known as Telemedicine. Innovative solutions are neces-            And as an exclusive opportunity and extra benefit
     sary to cut costs and improve the quality and affordabil-    just for you and your clients, you also receive a 5 per-
     ity of healthcare.                                           cent rebate on your purchase that may be used toward
          Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Charlotte, 1-      the selection of any in-stock item on a subsequent
     800MD touts itself as managing the nation’s largest          order.
     network of housecall and telemedicine physicians. 1-
     800MD provides fast and inexpensive access to board
     certified physicians who diagnose illnesses, recommend           “In this difficult economy, it is important that we
     treatment and prescribe medications when appropriate         provide useful discounts for our members,” says
     over the telephone. Quality medical care is available 24     Stephanie Walker, 2011 president of NC REALTORS®.
     hours a day, seven days a week and 365                       “With the addition of 1800MD and Furnitureland South,
     days per year throughout the United                                             the REALTOR® Partners Program has
     States.                                                                         again demonstrated its strong com-
          1-800MD is an easily accessible and                                        mitment to provide our members with
     inexpensive alternative to non-emer-                                            the best tools and resources at the
     gent emergency room visits, urgent                                              best price.”
     care clinic visits or the inconvenience of
     traveling to a scheduled appointment with your primary
     care physician. Common conditions treated include
                                                                    NC REALTORS® can access more information
     allergies, arthritic pain, rashes, cold and flu, headaches
                                                                    regarding these new benefits by logging in to our
     and migraines, respiratory infections, sore throat and
                                                                    website at These new program
     sinus infections.
                                                                    additions hopefully will help save you more time
          NC REALTORS® who enroll in the 1-800MD program
                                                                    and money in your day-to-day business.
     receive a 15 percent discount, meaning the plans can
     run as little as $5.06 per month.

14   INSIGHT     January-March 2011
January-March 2011   INSIGHT   15
                                              HOW TO WIN THE
                                             NEGOTIATION ... AND
                                              STILL PLAY NICE
                                             You’ll Better Your Odds of Coming
                                              Out on Top By Concentrating on
                                              Collaboration and Shared Goals
                                                                By Mariwyn Evans

                ou won’t get through even one day without the               have sold for in the last few months. “Real estate is a clas-
                need to negotiate. So if you have to do it, why             sic example of the objective standard. You can calculate
                not get better at it? Perhaps the first thing to            replacement cost and market value; you can create a for-
                learn about negotiating is that “better” doesn’t            mula for value outside the transactions,” says Palm
                necessarily mean being the nasty guy or gal.                Springs, Calif., attorney John Patrick Dolan, author of
     “There are basically two approaches to negotiation – the               Negotiate Like the Pros.
     adversarial and the interest-based,” says Richard Reuben,                   Asking the person on whose behalf you’re negotiating
     associate professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia             about factors such as bottom line price, timing, and terms
     School of Law.                                                         is your next step, says Tom Hayman, president of
          Today, most negotiators favor the interest-based                  Negotiation Expertise LLC in Peoria, Ariz. “You have to
     approach. This method, popularized by negotiating guru                 set the ceiling and the floor.”
     Roger Fisher, director of the Harvard Negotiation Project                   But while facts are critical, don’t focus on the nuts
     and co-author of the negotiation classic Getting to Yes:               and bolts and ignore a client’s emotional needs, says John
     Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (Houghton                      Ritchie, an associate broker with Gables & Gates, REAL-
     Mifflin, 1992), emphasizes collaboration and shared goals              TORS®, in Knoxville, Tenn., and a certified trainer.
     over hardball tactics. But don’t think interest-based negoti-          “People make an objective decision after they satisfy their
     ation equates to weakness. “You can still negotiate aggres-            emotional needs.”
     sively on your interests; you just don’t want to be a jerk,”                Emotions may play a particularly large part in today’s
     Reuben says.                                                           market, which features longer times on the market, sellers
                                                                            who may have lost equity to dropping prices, and buyers
     PART 1: PRENEGOTIATION PLANNING                                        convinced they can bid down the price further.
                                                                                 The way to understand these emotions is simple: Just
     Scope Out the Goals.                                                   listen, says Laurence Tamkin, broker-owner of Total
          At the core of interest-based negotiation is under-               Success Realty in Austin, Texas. “Really listen to what the
     standing the goals and desires of all parties to a negotia-            other person is saying and repeat back what you’ve heard
     tion. In a real estate transaction, that includes you, your            to validate their opinions,” he suggests. “You’ve made the
     client, the other associate, and the other associate’s client,         emotional deposit by listening, so now they’re willing to
     says Adorna Carroll, ABR®, ABRMSM, vice president of                   let you make the withdrawal.”
     Realty3 Carroll & Agostini in Berlin, Conn., and a fea-
     tured speaker at NC REALTORS®’ Vision Quest on Jan.                    Decide on the Bottom Line.
     19 at Pinehurst.                                                            Another important aspect of prenegotiation research is
          Another part of preparing to negotiate involves com-              determining your client’s best alternative to a negotiated
     piling objective criteria, from CMAs and relative ratings of           agreement, or BATNA. Having a BATNA lets you weigh
     local school districts to the maximum mortgage a buyer                 the risks and rewards of not making a deal against these
     can qualify for. These facts are key tools in what Fisher              alternatives.
     calls principled negotiation – the ability to negotiate on                  For real estate buyers, a BATNA can be walking away
     facts, not emotions. Armed with the facts, you don’t need              from the deal and looking for another home, renting until
     to argue when a buyer indignantly claims your client’s                 you find what you want, or staying where you are.
     house couldn’t possibly be worth that much. Instead, you                    One form of BATNA might be to continue to look at
     point to the objective criteria of what comparable houses              other homes during the negotiation or to have a second

16      INSIGHT       January-March 2011
home already selected before you make your first offer. The      will often ring true,” he says. Listening – without agreeing
strength of your alternatives is a big factor in who holds the   with the other party’s position – also shows that you’re a
power during the negotiation. The more powerful your             nice person and makes the other person more willing to
client’s position – whether that results from market condi-      hear your position. Once you’ve received a response to
tions, the ability to buy with cash, or a greater willingness    your question, paraphrase the answer back to your counter-
to walk away from a deal – the more aggressive your nego-        part, and then ask if that’s what the other party meant.
tiating tactics can be.                                               Listening is also a way to understand another party’s
      Also remember that in a negotiation, power can be real     emotions and build rapport. Emotions are present in every
or perceived. If you have a strong personality or are much       negotiation, says Daniel L. Shapiro, associate director of
more knowledgeable about your local market than the other        Harvard Law School’s Harvard Negotiation Project and co-
sales associate, for example, it might create a perception of    author of Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You
power that actual market dynamics don’t justify.                 Negotiate (Viking, 2005).
                                                                      “Buying a house is an incredibly emotional experience.
Scope Out the Other Side.                                        Clients will trust you more if you appreciate their emotions
     Researching the goals and motivations of those on the       – their fear of getting a bad deal, their excitement about
other side of the transaction (both the client and the sales     moving, their sadness at leaving their home of 30 years.
associate) is just as important to negotiating a mutually        Connecting with them on a human level will make the
acceptable agreement. Before you begin a negotiation, ask        whole negotiation flow better,” he says.
peers in your office about the other sales associate and how
he or she negotiates.                                            Be Flexible, Stay Focused.
     Find out how long the house has been on the market.              Keeping your emotions under control will prevent you
Search Google for information about the sellers, as every-       from digging in your heels when you’re pushed hard by the
thing you know works to your and your client’s advantage.        other side. Instead, look for ways you can alter your posi-
One of the biggest untapped sources of information on the        tions to reach agreement without making a concession
other party is that party’s agent, says Carroll. “Ask ques-      you’re not comfortable with.
tions like, ‘Are your clients in a hurry to buy?’ or ‘How             To conduct this sort of “what if?” negotiating, you
long has your client been looking?’ or even ‘What is it          must have discussed with your client in advance what
about the property that appeals to your client?’ You’ll be       information you should share and how and when you’re
amazed at the information other sales associates will share      going to share that information during the negotiation,
with you.”                                                       especially anything of a confidential nature. “It’s part of
     “Before presenting an offer, I’ll often ask the other       your fiduciary duty,” says Will Martin, general counsel for
sales associate what it’s going to take to make a deal. Most     the NC Association of REALTORS®.
of the time people will tell me,” says Ritchie, instructor for        Discussing options with your clients and letting them
the REALTOR® University course “The 3 Ps of                      make the final decision on concessions gives the client a
Negotiating” and author of Leading the Real Estate               sense of autonomy that reinforces their trust in you. Clients
Transaction. Ritchie uses the information he gains to subtly     want your advice, but sometimes they want the freedom to
“train” the other sales associate in how to present his offer.   make a decision that you may not agree with. And even if
     For example, he’ll tell the other associate how he and      you don’t agree, it’s still critical to find merit in the client’s
his client arrived at the price they’re offering. Then if a      point of view and communicate that understanding to the
question arises, the other salesperson will be able to explain   client.
the offer more fully. “Someone has to manage the negotia-             Further, salespeople have to exercise care not to let
tion; it may as well be you,” he says.                           egos get in the way of a settlement. Positional bargainers,
                                                                 those self-styled tough negotiators who refuse to budge,
PART 2: IN THE THICK OF THE DEAL                                 often hurt themselves and their clients in just this way.
                                                                 “You have to differentiate between negotiating to produce
Listen and Learn.                                                an agreement and haggling,” says Howard Chung, vice
     If asking questions and listening are critical before       president of Washington residential operations for John L.
beginning a negotiation, they’re just as vital during the        Scott Real Estate in Bellevue, Wash. Negotiators often get
give-and-take portion. Keep questions gentle, suggests           caught up in getting more and use tactics like splitting dif-
Reuben. You don’t want your questions to seem like an            ferences down the middle that may not really benefit their
interrogation that puts anyone on the defensive.                 clients, he says.
     Also, pay attention to seemingly irrelevant or throw-            Also, keep in mind that beating down your opposite
away comments spoken as asides or at the end of a conver-        number can have a bad effect on your reputation. You will
sation, suggests Rich Birke, director of the Center for          probably have to do business with this sales associate
Dispute Resolution at Willamette University in Salem, Ore.       again, or someone else in the same company, so “don’t let a
“People say things when they think no one is listening that                                              (continued on page 18)

                                                                                     January-March 2011         INSIGHT        17
     negotiation turn into a turf war,” says Chung.                            Win-win doesn’t mean that everyone gets an equal
          In addition, if the other side isn’t really satisfied with      share but rather that all parties get an agreement they can
     the deal, they’ll place endless roadblocks in the way of get-        live with and fulfill. In negotiating, as in life, having a goal
     ting the transaction closed. “People who have made major             and sticking to it is what gets the job done and leaves
     concessions up front will perceive even minor concessions            everybody satisfied.
     later as major stumbling blocks,” warns Carroll.                     (Assistant Editor Barbara West contributed to this story.)

                                          Nine Ways to Tone up Your Tactics
      Although most negotiators favor an atmosphere of mutu-           Ariz. For example, to a seller faced with a low offer, you
      al cooperation and emphasize strategies over tactics, that       might say, “I know that this is $10,000 less than you wanted,
      doesn’t mean they don’t have a few tricks of the trade.          but when you compare months of $3,000-a-month mort-
      Those include:                                                   gage payments, it’s not too off base.”

      1. Start Simple and Build. Negotiate small points first,         5. Try the Silent Treatment. Silence is another tried and
      especially those on which you share a commonality, and           true tactic that seldom fails, suggests Susan Kuttner
      get agreement on those, suggests Herb Cohen, founder of          Schiffman of Keller Williams Realty in Carmel, Calif.
      Power Negotiations Institute in Delray Beach, Fla. “Once         “Salespeople who get nervous during a silence and jump in
      people have invested the energy in a negotiation, the goal       with one more sentence or thought just display their own
      becomes more desirable. Always save the price for last.”         insecurity. Don’t be afraid to be quiet and give the other per-
      Negotiating small points first also allows you to assess the     son time to process the information you’ve shared so they
      other party’s negotiating style and build trust, says Michael    can come around to your position.”
      Benoliel, director of the Center for Negotiation in Potomac,
      Md. The exception may be a deal-breaking point.                  6. Offer Tit for Tat. Never make a concession without get-
                                                                       ting a reward, says Steven Cohen, president of Negotiation
      2. Chip Away and Gain. Another common tactic is “the             Skills Co. in Pride’s Crossing, Mass. If you give something –
      nibble.” After everyone is in agreement, you bring up an         ideally something you don’t care much about – you should
      “Oh, by the way” type of minor point. Most people will give      get something in return.
      a concession then just to be finished with the negotiation,
      says Palm Springs, Calif., attorney John Patrick Dolan,          7. Give the Illusion of Choice. Present concessions in
      author of Negotiate Like the Pros.                               pairs to give the other side a sense of control, says Lynn
                                                                       Johnson of Lynn Johnson Realty in Fulton, Texas. Johnson
      3. Break the Deadlock. If you reach an impasse, take a           suggests something like “My seller could make the repairs
      break. Go to the bathroom, go to lunch, resume tomorrow.         indicated in the home inspection or we could give the buyer
      Faced with a tough question, Herb Cohen says he often            a check for $1,000 at closing to make the repairs.” Just be
      slowly takes out his fountain pen, shakes it, writes a few       sure that your client will be equally happy with either
      notes, and returns it to his pocket before responding. “It       choice.
      gives me time to think,” he says. If your impasse is over
      one issue, such as price, it may be beneficial to move on        8. Act Up. If you’re confronted with an unrealistically low
      and get agreement on other points and then return to your        offer by a buyer, you can use a classic negotiating tactic –
      point of disagreement, says Benoliel. A similar idea is to       the flinch, or wince. This can be a truly physical reaction or
      backtrack to places where you have agreed earlier and            just a “wow” or “gosh,” anything that is an overreaction to
      remind the participants that you’re most of the way to a         someone’s position, says Dolan.
      deal, suggests John Ritchie, an associate broker with
      Gables & Gates, REALTORS®, in Knoxville, Tenn.                   9. Never Say Never. Remember that impasses are just a
                                                                       part of the negotiating process. “One of the biggest mis-
      4. Try Again. If the offer really is as high as your buyer       takes negotiators make is walking away too soon,” says
      can afford, you can return a counter with the same price         Benoliel. Adorna Carroll, ABR®, ABRM(SM), vice president of
      again, and the words, “This is our highest and best offer,”      Realty3 Carroll & Agostini in Berlin, Conn., says she’ll call up
      suggests Betty Byrnes with Coldwell Banker ERA Dave              a buyer’s representative some weeks after a negotiation
      Trueblood, REALTORS®, in Kokomo, Ind. “It works like a           that didn’t reach an agreement to see if the buyer has made
      charm when the asking price and the offer price are fairly       a purchase. “If not, I tell the sales associate that something
      close.” No matter what you’re offering, you can make it          has changed at the property and that they should take
      look better by using perceptual contrast, says Tom               another look,” she says. “Providing new information is a
      Hayman, president of Negotiation Expertise LLC in Peoria,        great tactic for getting people back to the table.”

18      INSIGHT       January-March 2011

                                                                                       By Diane Greene
                                                                        Director of Community Outreach

Workforce Housing Program Sees Positive Results

W          hen Homes4NC created the NC Workforce           Housing Specialist is making waves
           Housing Program in 2010, we did so with         and headlines. Homes4NC Director
           three goals in mind: to provide valuable edu-   Jody Wainio of Buyers Choice Realty
cation and resources to REALTORS® and consumers;           in Wilmington has been featured in the
to increase sales to homebuyers earning less than the      Wilmington Star News for the help that
area median income; and to build a positive image of       she is providing to workforce buyers
REALTORS® as strong housing advocates in their             and for the attention she is bringing to
community.                                                 the issue of affordability.                  Jody Wainio
     While these are long-term objectives and we are            “Everyday workers don’t make
just one year into the program, we already are seeing      enough money to afford the average-priced home in
success. In a recent survey of the 235 REALTORS®           Wilmington,” Wainio explains. “This affordability gap
certified as NC Workforce Housing Specialists (WHS),       can negatively affect Wilmington’s ability to attract
82 percent rated the information and education pro-        tourists, businesses and new residents to the area. By
vided by the certification program as “Very Valuable.”     taking the workforce housing training, I hope to
And while the majority could not yet attribute any         bridge this gap for my clients. What I’ve learned so far
sales to information gained through the WHS pro-           has definitely given me an extra edge.”
gram, 32 percent had sales in the pipeline because of           One of those clients, Inga Delts, is glad that
the special knowledge they’ve gained through their         Wainio took the time to become so informed. Wainio
certification.                                             helped her buy a house in
     One REALTOR® who can attribute                        short sale and matched
a happy client to the Workforce                            her with a financing pro-      “By taking the
Housing Specialist program is Teresa                       gram with such manage-         workforce housing
Pitt of Century 21 Vicki Berry Realty in                   able payments that, even       training, I hope to
Raleigh. Pitt had sold a modest home                       after she became ill and
                                                                                          bridge this (afford-
to her client, Karen Walters, several                      had to take a leave from
years ago. When Walters recently lost                      work, she has been able to ability) gap for my
her accounting job, she contacted Pitt       Teresa Pitt   maintain her home.             clients. What I’ve
for advice. Luckily, Pitt had just taken a                      “I love Jody,” says       learned so far has
WHS class covering the state’s affordable housing pro-     Delts. “Thank goodness for definitely given me
grams, and she was able to direct Walters to a coun-       her knowledge of work-
seling agency where she could apply for foreclosure        force housing or my son
                                                                                          an extra edge.”
prevention assistance. Thirty days later, her client was   and I would still be living in
approved for 10 months of mortgage payment assis-          an apartment instead of our own, comfortable piece
tance that saved her home and her good credit.             of the American Dream. Despite everything that has
     “Teresa is an excellent REALTOR®,” Walters says.      happened, it’s been a really good year.”
“When she told me about the Home Protection                     We’re expecting stories like these to multiply
Program, I knew that she had my best interests at          across the state as the public awareness component
heart. I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else.”           of our Workforce Housing Program rolls out over the
     Fast forward to the coast and another Workforce       next few months. This effort will include newspaper
                                                           articles, radio and television interviews and communi-
                                                           ty outreach events – all designed to enhance your
                                                           image as the spring selling season gets under way.
                                                                Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advan-
                                                           tage of consumer interest generated by our aware-
                                                           ness campaign. Get certified as an NC Workforce
                                                           Housing Specialist, get involved in our outreach
                                                           efforts and get results! For a list of upcoming classes,

                                                                              January-March 2011      INSIGHT         19

                                                                                                By Will Martin
                                                                                              General Counsel

     Owners’ Association Disclosure and Addendum
     Hey, Forms Guy! Can you tell me about the recent                Forms Guy: Paragraph 6(a) of the contract states
     changes to the Owners’ Association Disclosure and               that “Buyer shall pay any fees required for confirming
     Addendum form (form 2A12-T)? Sincerely, Bunny                   account payment information on owners’ association
                                                                     dues or assessments for payment or proration and
     Dear Bunny: I’d be delighted. But before I do, you              any charge made by the owners’ association in con-
     need to know that, according to the new version of              nection with the disposition of the Property to Buyer,
     the Offer to Purchase and Contract (form 2-T), the              including any transfer and/or document fee imposed
     Owners’ Association Disclosure and Addendum form                by the owners’ association.”
     now must be attached to the contract if the property
     is subject to regulation by an owners’ association.             Bunny: Are there any other changes?

     Bunny: No fooling? Who’s responsible for completing           Forms Guy: Yes. In paragraph 6, the list of docu-
     the addendum?                                                 ments relating to the development in which the prop-
                                                                   erty is located has been expanded to include the
     Forms Guy: Paragraph 7(a) of the contract states              association’s rules and regulations and any architec-
     that the addendum shall be com-                                                   tural guidelines. The seller agrees
     pleted by the seller, at the sell-                                                to deliver any relevant documents
     er’s expense.
                                             “  The buyer is entitled to rely          to the buyer that are either in pos-
                                                                                       session of or reasonably available
     Bunny: Cool. Can you tell me             on the truthfulness of the               to seller.
     about the changes to the adden-          seller’s representations in
     dum now?                                 deciding whether to enter into           Bunny: What does “reasonably
                                                                                       available” mean?
     Forms Guy: Sure. For starters,           a contract to purchase the
     paragraph 1 has been expanded            property. Ultimately, the law            Forms Guy: Good question, Bunny.
     to allow for the insertion of infor-     expects the buyer to look after          What owners’ association docu-
     mation about more than one                                                        ments are “reasonably available” to
     owners’ association since some
                                              the buyer’s own interests                the seller will depend to some
     properties are subject to regula-        and conduct a reasonably                 extent on the circumstances and
     tion by more than one associa-           thorough investigation of the            the particular document. For exam-
     tion. You should also note that                                                   ple, I don’t believe the seller ordi-
                                              property before making a
     the blank where the regular asso-                                                 narily would be expected to obtain
     ciation dues are inserted has            decision whether or not to               a copy of the owners’ association’s
     been moved from the contract             proceed with the transaction.      ”     articles of incorporation from the
     and into paragraph 1 of the                                                       Secretary of State or the restrictive
     addendum.                                                                         covenants from the Register of
                                                                                       Deeds. On the other hand, I think if
     Bunny: OK, what else has changed?                             those documents can be obtained from the owners’
                                                                   association or the association management company,
     Forms Guy: The list of services and amenities that            if there is one, they would be considered “reasonably
     are paid out of regular dues has been modified and            available” to the seller.
     expanded to include several additional items, such as
     storm water management/drainage/ponds and private             Bunny: Is there anything else?
     road maintenance. Also, a new paragraph 5 has been
     added where the seller discloses fees charged by the          Forms Guy: You should be familiar with the para-
     owners’ association in connection with the transfer of        graph that comes just before paragraph 1 of the
     the property, including document preparation fees,            addendum. It’s important to understand that the rep-
     statements of unpaid assessments and transfer fees.           resentations the seller makes in paragraphs 1 through
                                                                   5 of the addendum, with the exception of the repre-
     Bunny: Who pays those fees?                                   sentation about confirmed assessments, are made

20    INSIGHT     January-March 2011
“to the best of seller’s knowledge,” that the seller is   development by completing the addendum. The
not warranting that any documents provided by the         buyer is entitled to rely on the truthfulness of the
seller about the development are accurate or com-         seller’s representations in deciding whether to enter
plete, and that the buyer should have all information     into a contract to purchase the property. Ultimately,
confirmed and any documents substantiated during          though, the law expects the buyer to look after the
the due diligence period.                                 buyer’s own interests and the buyer is therefore
                                                          expected to conduct a reasonably thorough
Bunny: I’m confused. If the buyer is expected to con-     investigation of the property before making a
firm the accuracy of everything in the addendum and       decision whether or not to proceed with the
all the documents the seller gives the buyer about        transaction.
the development, what’s the purpose of having the
addendum in the first place?

Forms Guy: Great question, Bunny. The seller, as the
owner of the property, is in a position to provide         Have a question or a suggested topic of discussion
information about the development to a potential              for The Forms Guy? Contact Will Martin at
buyer, and the contract now requires the seller to dis-     
close to the buyer what the seller knows about the

                                                                     Martin & Gifford, PLLC is a law firm
                                                                     dedicated to serving the interests of
                                                                     real estate brokerage professionals
 Experienced                                                         across the State of North Carolina.

 Committed legal                                                       Professional license defense – North
                                                                       Carolina Real Estate Commission
                                                                       Commercial and residential real estate
                                                                       litigation – fee disputes, defense of
                                                                       misrepresentation and other claims against
                                                                       real estate agents
                                                                       Representation of landlords and property
                                                                       managers in lease disputes and evictions
                                                                       Construction litigation
                                                                       Risk management guidance for firms and
                                                                       agents – development of specialized forms,
                                                                       policies and procedures
                                                                       Formation and licensing of real estate firms


                                                                              January-March 2011       INSIGHT        21

     Fed Releases Updated Appraisal Guidelines                       owned property – enough property to produce $3 billion
     The Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller of the       in savings by 2012. The properties for sale include the
     Currency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Office       Old Orchard Light Station in Lower New York Bay off
     of Thrift Supervision and the National Credit Union             Staten Island, which was built in 1893. The minimum bid
     Administration recently released the latest and what is         is $45,000. In Hackensack, N.J., the government is sell-
     expected to be final version of property appraisal guide-       ing the former Social Security Administration Trust Fund
     lines. The new guidelines set a standard for appraisal          building for a minimum bid of $500,000.
     independence. Lenders can exchange information with
     appraisers, but they cannot “directly or indirectly coerce,     Foreclosure Defense Attorney Faces Foreclosure
     influence, or otherwise encourage an appraiser or a per-        The South Florida attorney who has been in the national
     son who performs an evaluation to misstate or misrepre-         spotlight for using lenders’ sloppy paperwork to stop
     sent the value of the property.”                                them from foreclosing on thousands of homes is in fore-
                                                                     closure himself. Peter Ticktin and his wife haven’t paid
     Realogy Faces Lawsuit Over Health Insurance                     anything on their mortgage since December 2006, but
     Realogy Corp., parent company of Century 21, Coldwell           continue to live in the 3,920-square-foot Boca Raton
     Banker, Coldwell Banker Commercial, ERA, Sotheby’s              home. Deutsche Bank dropped its foreclosure action in
     International Realty, and Better Homes and Gardens Real         February after the Ticktins’ attorney said they couldn’t
     Estate brands, was the recent target of a national class-       respond to the foreclosure notices because the bank
     action suit contending the company had offered sales            hadn’t produced paperwork proving it had the right to
     associates no-coverage health insurance. The suit was           foreclose.
     filed in U.S. District Court for Nevada. It says that in July
     2007, Realogy sponsored and sold a major medical and            Delinquent Borrowers Would Rather Rent
     limited health insurance program to its 14,700 franchised       Half of homeowners who are delinquent on their mort-
     and company-owned offices, affecting 250,000 associ-            gages would rather rent than buy a home, according to
     ates and their families. The suit claims that Realogy said      Fannie Mae’s third quarter national housing survey. This
     the plans were available in all 50 states, but they weren’t.    is the first time the rental preference has exceeded the
     As a result, some practitioners’ claims weren’t paid.           percentage of people who would rather buy. Fifty per-
                                                                     cent said they would rather rent, up 10 percent from
     Boulder, Colo., Named Smartest U.S. City                        January, while 45 percent said they would buy a home,
     A study that looked at the education levels of the resi-        down 11 percent since January. According to the quar-
     dents from the 200 largest metros identified Boulder,           terly survey, 68 percent of Americans think it’s a good
     Colo., as the nation’s smartest city, and named nine other      time to buy a home, down 2 percent from the last sur-
     mostly small-city locales that are home to high tech and        vey conducted in June, while 29 percent of Americans
     aerospace companies as well as brainy people. Durham,           think it’s a bad time to buy a home, up 3 percent from
     N.C., ranked fourth among the top 10 brainiest cities. The      June.
     rankings were based on the percentage of adults at least
     25 years and older who have attained at least a bache-          Survey: Half of Americans Dissatisfied With Dodd-
     lor’s degree.                                                   Frank Bill
                                                                     The turbulent financial crisis sparked overwhelming
     Lifestyle Search About to Launch                                support by Americans for Congress to enact financial
     Lifestyle searches are expected to soon become one of           legislation to prevent future bailouts. However, accord-
     the hottest trends in real estate. At least four search         ing to the latest findings from the Chicago
     companies are about to debut lifestyle search capabili-         Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index, the land-
     ties, according to a report from consulting firm WAV            mark Dodd-Frank Bill, which was designed to overhaul
     Group. The leading innovator is Onboard Informatics,            the nation’s financial system, failed to meet this press-
     which is working with EXIT Realty Corp., as well as             ing consumer expectation. Among the report’s key find-
     Sunnyvale, Calif.- based MLSListings Inc. and the New           ings, trust in the financial system dropped to 25 per-
     York Daily News. Onboard users will be able to tap into a       cent in September from 26 percent in July 2010, the
     database that provides information about 75,000 neigh-          Index’s all-time high. In what was one of the most
     borhoods and includes school ratings, population demo-          sweeping pieces of legislation enacted since the Great
     graphics and reviews.                                           Depression, only 12 percent of respondents declared
                                                                     they were satisfied with the Dodd-Frank Bill while 54
     Government Auctioning Off Excess Property                       percent of Americans were dissatisfied. Two-thirds of
     President Obama recently ordered the sale of as many as         respondents believe it is insufficient to protect against
     55,000 unused and unwanted pieces of government-                future bailouts.

22   INSIGHT     January-March 2011
Active Adult Housing Sector is Stalled                               Wells Fargo Settles Pick-a-Payment Suit
Even as members of the baby boomer generation make                   Wells Fargo has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit
their way into retirement, the active adult housing sector           involving pick-a-payment home loans. The proposed set-
is stalled. The National Association of Home Builders                tlement makes available at least $50 million in compen-
studies this effect in the 55+ Housing Market Index,                 sation for borrowers who lost their homes. The plaintiffs
which evaluates markets based on a scale of “50” or                  argued that these loans violated federal truth-in-lending
greater as “good confidence” and less than “50” as                   laws because the documents didn’t adequately disclose
“poor confidence.” Results for the third quarter 2010                the potential for the loan balance to increase if borrow-
weren’t stellar, with the index basing its findings on               ers chose to pay less than the interest due. Wells Fargo
current sales, prospective buyer traffic and anticipated             also agreed to offer loan modifications to borrowers who
six-month sales. On the Housing Market’s “50” scale, the             still reside in their homes and are in default and others
index is now a 15, with all categories seeing drops in con-          who are at imminent risk of default.
fidence since last quarter.
                                                                     Legislation Expands Fair Housing Protections
Operation Home Relief Keeps Vets in Their Homes                      The Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act, H.R. 6500,
The National Association of REALTORS® is extending its               introduced by U.S. Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.),
widely successful Facebook Causes campaign, “Operation               Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.), and John Conyers (D-Mich.),
Home Relief.” The campaign was launched in October to                aims to expand federal Fair Housing Act protections to
help military families obtain foreclosure assistance, and            prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation, gen-
America responded with enthusiasm – within 20 days,                  der identity, source of income, or marital status. The bill
NAR matched $20,000 in donations to the cause. NAR                   also calls for an updated definition of “familial status”
launched Operation Home Relief through its consumer                  and would enhance the investigative potential of the U.S.
website,, a free comprehensive website                Justice Department with regard to fair housing and fair
that focuses on topics of interest to homeowners.                    lending violations.

                The North Carolina Association of REALTORS®
                Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors...
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                           American Home Shield            Bank of America              ZipLogix
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                                                                                            January-March 2011       INSIGHT       23

                                                                                        By Andrea Bushnell
                                                                                    Executive Vice President

     As a Family, We’re Finding Solutions Together

     A        s I am writing this, my family and I are getting   ers of the French Renaissance once stated, “[A] strong
              ready to celebrate our first holiday season in     imagination begetteth opportunity.” The Service Corp.
              North Carolina. Our extended family will all be    board is certainly finding such opportunity. The mem-
     together just as we have always been. Another fear          bers of the board have worked tirelessly and selflessly
     occasioned by our move to North Carolina van-               to find funding to provide services to our members at a
     quished. Facing our fears and obstacles together has        time when services are desperately needed.
     kept us close.                                                   At the same time the Financial PAG is turning the
          For forever and a day, members of the                  association inside out. As the saying goes, no stone is
     REALTOR® association have referred to each other as         being left unturned. The members of the Financial PAG
     “family.” As members of the REALTOR® family, we             have been charged with looking at all assets, programs
     have faced our share of fears and obstacles together.       and services of NCAR, its entities and subsidiaries to
     The economy, short sales and foreclosures, shadow           find ways to ensure long-term financial viability of the
     inventory, declining market prices – you name it and        association without further burdening the members.
     our members have faced it. And yet our “family”             They are looking for efficiencies (or inefficiencies that
     members are still coming forward to volunteer, to           need to be corrected), and ensuring that all dollars are
     make sure that the North Carolina Association of            going to their highest and best use in this market. This
     REALTORS® continues to thrive and improve and pro-          is hard work as many “sacred cows” have come under
     vide necessary services to our members.                     scrutiny – and will continue to come under scrutiny. A
          Two important events have coincided in the last        number of recommendations will come forward in
     few months. The Service Corp. Board of Directors            January to the full Board of Directors; however, the
     held strategic planning meetings and President Mary         work of the Financial PAG is not complete. It is critical
     Edna Williams’ Presidential Task Force on the financial     that adjustments be made quickly when possible. Just
     stability of the organization (Financial PAG) has con-      as our members are adjusting to this market every day,
     vened. In both cases the members of the Service             so must our association. NCAR no longer has the luxu-
     Corp. Board and the members of the Financial PAG            ry of leisure or complacency in any of our efforts.
     have looked way beyond “business as usual.” Both                 Everything NCAR does must be thoughtful and
     groups have recognized that the members of the NC           fully argued and discussed. Nothing can be held back.
     Association of REALTORS® are working in a market            We must, however, be prepared to move quickly – to
     without precedent. Both groups are looking deeply           get ahead of the needs of our members and not be
     into the respective organizations to envision the pos-      afraid to move forward in providing for our members.
     sible.                                                      We are facing and will continue to face our fears and
          The Service Corp. Board is approaching the task        obstacles together and by doing so we are finding and
     of raising non-dues revenue to support NCAR with            will continue to find solutions. We will find ways to be
     incredible enthusiasm, energy and imagination. As           together as we have always been. It would appear that
     Michel de Montaigne, one of the most influential writ-      we are indeed a “family.” Fear vanquished.

             “[A] strong imagination begetteth opportunity.”
             – Michel de Montaigne, one of the most influential writers of
             the French Renaissance

24   INSIGHT      January-March 2011
                     Magnify the Level of Your Communication Skills.

 Attend Spokesperson Training to                                Instructors:                      Peter Mosca, BAK Communications
 Help You Become More Effective in                              Date:                             Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                                                Time:                             9 a.m.-4 p.m. (buffet lunch from noon to 1 p.m.)
 Communicating the REALTOR® Message.
                                                                Class Fee:                        $175

                                                                Cancellation Fee:                 $50
         he North Carolina Association of REALTORS®
                                                                Location:                         The Carolina Hotel
         once again is pleased to offer Spokesperson
         Training – annually one of our most popular pro-       For More Information              Keri Epps-Rashad at 336-217-1049 or
grams. It will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday,     Contact:                
January 18, in conjunction with the 2011 Inaugural
Meetings. The site is The Carolina, the historic hotel at
Pinehurst Resort.
     Spokesperson Training is designed for incoming local       The entire Registration Form must be completed.
                                                                Please mail or fax the Registration Form along with
presidents and presidents-elect who want to improve their       your registration fee. Make checks payable and mail
skills in dealing with the media. However, the program is       to: NCAR, 4511 Weybridge Ln., Greensboro, NC
                                                                27407. Phone: 800-443-9956 Fax: 336-218-0463
available to all NC REALTORS® members who wish to
hone their public speaking ability – whether it is at a podi-   Name

um or in a one-on-one interview.                                Company
     This workshop will be led by Peter Mosca of BAK            Address
Communications in Howell, N.J. The morning session –            City                                                    State               Zip
“Essential Public Speaking Skills” – promises that attendees    Phone                                                   Fax
will be less apprehensive about public speaking and also be
more comfortable with preparing and writing a public
speech. The afternoon session – “Understanding Media &          PAYMENT INFORMATION:                         VISA/MasterCard                 Check
Media Relations” – provides a greater understanding of
                                                                Name on Card
media relations as a discipline, promotes ways of building
                                                                Card Number                                                           Exp. Date
positive relationships with the media, and increases the
understanding of news and news organizations.                   Signature                                                             3 Digit Code

     To maintain the program’s effectiveness, space is limit-   RE License Number
ed to 30 attendees. Spokesperson Training typically sells out         Please check here if you have a disability that will require services at this course, and
                                                                attach a description of your needs.
quickly, so don’t delay – register today!

                    V I S I T W W W . N C R E A LT O R S . O R G F O R M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N .

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