Using Creative Skills in Mind Puzzles

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					Using Creative Skills in Mind Puzzles

Using creative skills in mind puzzles allows you to explore the mind,
have fun, and develop skills you never thought you had. Creating mind
puzzles helps you to reap the benefits of promoting an active mind. When
you mind is active, you enjoy working, playing, communicating and so much

Mind puzzles are challenging. You have many options with mind puzzles,
including testing your mind online, buying your own mind puzzles, or
creating your own puzzles at home. Not only will you benefit from mind
puzzles, but if you ask your children to participate, they too will
benefit from learning.

Mind puzzles often include trivia,   mind bogglers, words, subjects, and
letters and so on. You will find a   list of mind puzzles online including
the word puzzles, letters, lateral   puzzles, block puzzles, optical
illusion, wooden puzzles and more.   Mind puzzles can be creative
question/answer strategies also.

How creative question/answer mind puzzles work:
In the 50s, a player missed the pitch during tryout during Washington
Senator game. Which player missed the tryout?

Try to use your mind to think about who this player was, rather than
looking below for the answer.

Answer: Fidel Castro missed the Washington Senator tryout.

What is the undeviating expansion amidst two individuals?

Answer: Laughter

Why is hospital staff confused?

Answer: Patients are placed in private rooms, yet the gown given to them
is broadcasted.

If you see, the story behind question/answer mind puzzles is to help you
by prompting your cognitive mind, creative mind to explore possible
solutions to solve the problem. Thinking abilities enhance greatly when
you practice mind puzzles often.

Teachers often use mind puzzles at schools to help children develop
skills. Children often learn how to play fairly with other children while
enjoying mind puzzles. In addition, children learn to use their thinking
cap to explore possible solutions to discovering answers that fit.

Let’s try some more.

What man invented the first metal helmet?

The same man that established the first…”cross-country ski” events,
introduced in the country, Switzerland, and whom also wrote the mystery
of “Sherlock Homes.” (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

Can you tell me what president of the United States of America is on the
100-dollar bill?

Answer: There is not a president on the 100-dollar bill. Benjamin
Franklin’s head is on the 100-dollar bill and he was not a president. In
addition, his head turns in the opposite direction of other heads on
American money.

Mind puzzles include the mind bogglers. You can find puzzles that twist
your mind by inspiring you to solve the mystery.

How mind bogglers’ work:
Mind bogglers’ are trickery questions that you must find answers to solve
the mystery. Some of the puzzles are fun, while others are plain out
stupid. For example, which came first, “the chicken or the egg?” This has
been a long time explored mind boggler that millions of people still
explore today, yet the truth is obvious because God created all things,
which means the chicken had to have been created first.

Here’s another for you.

a) The average American drinks around 500 gallons of water yearly.
b) The average American makes over 50,000 phone calls yearly.
c) The average American spends 10,000 hours in front of the television
each year.

d)   None of the above
e)   All of the above
f)   A
g)   B
h)   C

Answer: if we calculated the average time that people spend creating
foolish “multiple” question “tests,” we’d be here all day searching for
answers to the above question.

Now that you have an idea of how mind puzzles work, you can start
searching for some puzzles online to boggle your mind and enforce
thinking. In addition, you can use your creative skills to explore your
mind with puzzles.

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