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									Unanswered Mind Puzzles

Have you ever run across a question that seemed unanswerable?

I have been stumped by this question: fire IS TO igneous AS wood IS TO
___? for some time. I have wasted several hours trying to find the answer
to this question, and I have to admit, I’ve never been more puzzled.

It all started when I made my daily visit to a puzzles and games website.
I clicked a link that said Ancient Cryptography Society. While there, I
read an article about Edgar Allen Poe, and I learned that he wrote a
cryptogram that no one solved until 150 years after his death. The
website looked interesting, and I decided I wanted to sign up for it.
I really like cryptograms, and I wanted to know more about this Ancient
Cryptography Society.

When I got to the bottom of the page, instead of a signup link, there was
the question. Apparently, the Ancient Cryptography Society requires an
answer to the question before you can gain entrance to the main site.
“This should be easy.” I thought to myself, and I couldn’t have been more

I thought the answer was petrifaction, but I was wrong. I Googled the
question, and got nowhere. I accessed the online library at my college.
No analogies there, either. I got the same result at Ask Yahoo. I have
pondered and ruminated on this question and I am still no closer to the
answer than I was when I first read it.

So now here I sit, telling you about the question that is burning a hole
in my brain. I have obsessed about it, I have gone back and tried other
answers, and still I couldn’t tell you what the correct answer is. It’s
driving me crazy because I can’t answer this question.
It seems to me that the answer has got to be so simple, so obvious, that
any reasonably intelligent person should be able to solve it.

This has gotten me to thinking: If Edgar Allan Poe wrote a cryptogram no
one could solve for 150 years, could he have drafted this unanswerable
analogy, too. Maybe it will remain unsolved for 150 years, too. Who
knows? Do you?

You will run into these type of puzzles on occasion. Using your analytic
mind however makes it possible to figure out what the puzzle is saying.
Imagine yourself solving a mystery puzzle that no one has solved. You
will feel like Einstein without recognition, unless your name gets out
and you’re a published in the World Book of Genius as the person who
solved the unsolved puzzle.

Various mind puzzles are offered on the net. You   have advantage with the
Internet, since you will find free mind busters,   mind puzzles,
Cryptography puzzles, and various other types of   puzzles to your liking.
The riddles are fun too, so be sure to check out   some of the riddle mind
puzzles online.
Mind puzzles offered on the Internet encourage you to explore your
abilities, mind, and to use the four hemispheres of the brain to discover
answers to sometimes multiple problems. At what time mind puzzles present
unsolved elements, instead of running away from the problem stay with it
and attempt to solve the problem, since it will increase your IQ. Our
future is demanding that we have a high IQ to beat the robots that is
replacing humankind.

How to find mind puzzles online:
type in the keyword at the Search Engine. If you want Cryptography
puzzles, then type in this keyword and the search engine will use its
spiders, crawlers, and other spotters to locate links relevant to your

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