Riddles and Mind Puzzles

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					Riddles and Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles often include riddles. Sometimes you see brainteaser
puzzles, logic games, and riddles and so on. Some of the puzzles
entertain the mind for a length of time, while others you can pass over
quickly. The puzzles gear you up to solve problems, while helping to
improve memory.

How riddles and mind puzzles work:
Some of the popular puzzles are the word search. These are intended to
enforce thinking, problem solving and to help you look between the lines
to explore possibilities. The word puzzles are something as follow:

You have a list of words to find in the puzzles:
Bird – Blue Jay – Red Jay – Cardinal – mocking bird – Parrot – Bellbirds
– Osprey – Owl – Bowerbirds – bee-eaters – nightjars – canary –

Now you have some scrambled words to sort through to find each of the
birds listed.

C   B   W O I Y R P M O D G J K S PB N
        L   A
G   A   P I N J S A I O S T - B E R DCE I
        I   G
A   B   U L T L T J C
        R   R            P C O Y L EDELG
A   R   D G C T T J KA RW C O U DP
        B   D                         LH
A   C   I
        K   1  A O        I C ECE B        E J C J BT
         N   T R         N K CRSE         J AO DC IJ
A C R K- A R             G       E       A YC H KRA
W P O T A   L                 B        E        YKC HC D R
C K R P Y U A S R    I               A         SO P R KSS

As you can see, you have a block of words to sift through and sort out
where the list of words is. You can create this word search at home, or
buy them at stores. Some of these puzzles are in TV guides, books,
crossword puzzles and so on. You want to have some patience when creating
word search puzzles such as this one, since I nearly pulled out my hair
trying to write this thing for you.

Other type of mind puzzles is easier to create. You can create the riddle
puzzles, or word puzzles. Word puzzles help you to build your vocabulary.
Word: National – Television – Media – Cable – Live –

Use     these words to create a block of words, building your vocabulary. You
can     use one word to start building or mix the words together and build a
new     vocabulary from each word or combined words.
New     List: at – lat – ton – lion –

I came up from the first word with this list. You can look at the words
backward, forward, sideways, crossways, etc. continue the list so that we
have a complete new vocabulary. New list continues: Television: vision –
lion – Steve – Levi – lone – TV – noel –
Media: med – ad – mead – I – ID – Demi – Dim – dam – die –
Cable – be – lea – cab – lab –
Live – Vile –

Notice that the last word can only create one word, yet if you expend
your vocabulary, exploring you may find that it can turn into another

Now join the words together and create new words:
National – Television – Media – Cable – Live
New List: vision – at – it – label – vive – dam – dim – velvet –

You continue creating new words from the joined list. Notice that it is
somewhat easier to create new words from a single word, but when you come
join the list, it becomes a bit more challenging. Use this as a guide to
create the type of puzzles you like, whether it is complex or simple.

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