Making your own mind puzzles

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					Making your own mind puzzles

It is good for all of us to be creative and use our brain and minds to
learn to solve problems as well as make them. We all need to keep our
selves motivated and active; making mind puzzles and than trying to solve
them will help us learn new skills on being creative and than being able
to solve them.

You can make mind puzzles by using what you already know and applying it
in different ways to solve them.

Try this one take a pencil and cut a string half the size tying it to the
end. Slide the pencil through a buttonhole and string. Now the pencil
will be looped into the buttonhole. Now you can challenge yourself and
see if you can free the pencil from the hole. It can be done the same way
as putting it on just makes you think because the string is only half the
size as the pencil.

Make a word search puzzle using graph paper. Make a list of words and set
aside. Scramble up the alphabet and see how many words you find in the
scramble mess taken from the list.

You can make this same word search puzzles without a list of words. Just
by searching, the scrambled up ones to see how many words you can find
with them.

Work puzzles can also be done like a crossword puzzles only with number
or words. Make a list of numbers or words ranging from three letters to
five whatever you want. Take one word, put it in the center, and build
off that connecting the numbers or words from the list. Your words and
numbers can crisis cross one other in order to connect others to them.

Make your own Sudoku puzzle. Employ a ruler draw one large square in one
color. Now in another color make nine squares in the large one, you will
have three rows across and three rows down. Inside these nine squares
draw another nine squares in each using another color to make it easier
to distinguish the different squares. You should have one large square,
color 1: nine squares of color 2, 3 across, and 3 going down, nine total
and nine smaller squares in color 3 going across and down, nine little
square color 3 inside of color 2. Using the number 1 through 9 put two
numbers in each of the color 3 squares.

Do not use the same number twice in each small box, color 2 or in each
row or column. All there is left is to solve the puzzles by filling in
all the small boxes. Begin with the color 3-box use one through nine
using each on only once, than go to the next. The object is to have one
through nine used once in each row and column and small box. Be sure to
have a lot of patience and a good pencil with an eraser to solve this

You can go on the Internet and search for mind puzzles to find web sites
that are set up for making your own puzzles. These are neat sites giving
you all the information and templates to use for them.
Mind puzzles can be printed off to use later. Save your templates and add
to them later.

Be creative and use your skill to make and learn new one by making your
own mind puzzles. Enjoy your new way of learn and rebuilding your memory
skills with mind puzzles. Have fun with puzzles and the puzzles will
reward you with great abilities.

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