Enjoying Crossword Mind Puzzles

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					Enjoying Crossword Mind Puzzles

Crossword puzzles prepare you before you get started. Usually, crossword
puzzles follow the same pattern, regardless of the style. You can
effectively complete crossword puzzles by preparing yourself. You should
have a thesaurus and dictionary at your side. Some of the crossword
puzzles are complex. Some of the puzzles have phrases or obscure words.

How to complete crossword puzzles successfully:
If you are not use to crossword puzzles, use a pencil instead of a pen.
Likely, you will be erasing often until your vocabulary expends. It is
always smart to read the puzzles before attempting to answer the
questions. Look for clues to help you solve the problems. Looking for
clues will help you solve the difficult areas easier.

Try to mark the clues in difficult areas. Creating a mark at clues, you
can usually solve the puzzles easily. Create different marks on the
tricky clues. Use reference materials to help you solve the puzzles.
Prepare ahead and take breaks to avoid overloading your mind. The larger
puzzles especially are commonly difficult.

Do the easy stuff first:
Try to fill in all the easier clues first. Then break down the puzzle
into blocks. Block the puzzle across and then down until you reach the
ending of the clue’s list. This will give you advantages when doing
harder crossword puzzles. The longer words will become easier and you can
eliminate a third to a half of the puzzle quickly.

Find your clues, especially the hints that have two or more solutions in
solving the problem. Jot down each clue alongside its relevant clues.
Keep marking until you have solved enough of the squares to eliminate the
words that do not belong in the puzzle.

Complete the easiest clues first. Then work toward the longer words.
Search for words that are not linked to the theme of the puzzle. The
linking words sometimes mix obscure words that may not be familiar to
you. Use your thesaurus or dictionary.

With some puzzles, you may need to use your Bible or an encyclopedia.
With some puzzles, the words lead you to clues that quote the Bible. The
crosswords may make references to an explicit location or an episode in
biblical history.

Work through the clues in the same fashion as   you did with the easier
clues. Work through the clues block by block.   Next, fill in additional
words. The puzzle will become easier to solve   as you fill in more
squares. Use previous clues to help you solve   the puzzle you are
currently working through.

Working through the longer clues in crossword puzzles:
The longest clues you may need to understand the theme of the puzzle. The
longer clues tend to play on words that relate to the theme of the
puzzle. Follow the process of elimination and apply basic logic.
The puzzle may become a little tricky. Sometimes the puzzles use numbers
or symbols to complete parts of the word or phrase. Use your creative
mind at this point to assist you with solving the puzzle. Think positive
as you work through the tricky areas, since it promotes power of the

Some puzzles have word arrows in each theme that relates to the clues.
These types of puzzles often require that you place an actual arrow where
the clues intersect. Sometimes you have to replace words, or letters,
such one with the same number.

Follow simple steps when working through crossword puzzles. You will
likely discover that solving crossword puzzles is not as demanding as you
once thought. Once you complete the puzzle successfully, you will reap
good rewards.

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