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									Creating Your Own Mind Puzzles

Creating your own mind puzzles is a rewarding experience. Not only can
you explore your creative mind, you can use the mind to create puzzles
you can enjoy. You can sit and laugh over the puzzles you create, which
laughter promotes youth. Still, the rewards reach above laughter and
youth. You will also reach the benefits of enjoying an active mind.
Having an active mind will keep you ahead of life’s, up, and down games.

Puzzles are fun, yet when you create your own, you have your own
fingerprints in writing that you can share with your children, friends,
family, and other people. In time, you may publish your own mind puzzle
book by creating your own mind puzzles often.

To create your own mind puzzles, you can start with names, places, words,
numbers, etc. Let’s try it together.

Word puzzles:
Start building a block of words that comes to your mind. Write each word
on paper.
Example: penny – letter – romance – center – solution – mystery –
Now, we can write a list of associating words –
Fiscal – weak – alphabet – inspired – piece – discovery – trivia –
undiscovered – state of mind –

Next, review your first word list. Find the word that associates with the
first word in your list. Penny – think for a few minutes about what penny
means to you. We could go with fiscal, since it involves money, or we
could choose weak. Weak is an option, since a penny amounts to nothing
these days. On the other hand, if you apply the rule – “A penny saved is
a penny earned,” you might associate the penny with fiscal. Next,
consider letter.
Letter could associate with writer or alphabet. It doesn’t matter what
you choose in this instance, yet you can elevate writing letters verses
alphabets and probably draw your own conclusion.

Now think of romance. Romance, when you consider variant sides, romance
could associate with undiscovered – mystery – inspired – state of mind,
etc. In this case, we will associate romance with inspired, since to feel
romance, you must feel inspired to guide you to that state of mind. Now
think about how romance can associate with mystery and undiscovered. Draw
your own conclusions. My conclusion is that you have to explore your
inner self, which is a mystery often to most of us to find our skills in

Center is something to discover, since you have the center of the
universe to consider, middle areas, and centerpieces that go on a table –
thus center associates with pieces.

Solution is something we discover. Solution is obvious in this instance,
since we must discover answers to our problems. Discovery – Solution are
emulsions, which we use mixtures of answers with key points to discover
ways of solving our problems.
Mystery is something we have to discover also. Mystery is secrecy, or
trivia. Mystery is undiscovered, since we must explore the secrecy to
find solutions to the thriller or unidentified answers.

Mystery is also inspired, since when we have mystery we often feel
inspired to explore the foundation to find answers. The hidden messages
beneath the surface often inspire one to explore the possibilities by
offering suggestions.

This is what mind puzzles are – mysteries we must discover answers to
solve the problem. Mystery then, is something undiscovered. Yet, what
does mystery mean to you?

Mind puzzles include various styles of word puzzles. You also have
choices of lateral puzzles, block puzzles, wooden puzzles, etc, as well
as other types of mind puzzles.

To save money however, you can practice creating your own mind puzzles so
that you can open your mind up deeper than you would relying on someone
else doing the work for you.

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