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					Challenging Mind Puzzles

Challenging mind puzzles are sometimes fun to explore. While the puzzles
present challenges they intend to encourage your mind to take part in
solving problems. When you mind learns to solve problems you will find
life is much easier. Rather than running from problems you will learn how
to take life’s challenges with welcoming arms and head them on.

How challenging mind puzzles open the mind:
Can you turn the word Navy into Army? Start by changing one letter at a
Navy – Nave – Name – Same – Came – Rave – Rams – Rim – Maim – Arm – Army

You can come up with your own words to complete the puzzle. There is no
right or wrong, so try to come up with some ideas of your own. Now try to
solve the Terse Verse puzzle below.

He ran to   the   beach
H I A B R   E V   I G
E C M T O   T Y   W O
E A O Y C   H U   M E
O M C E C   A C   S O
W E T E R   A P   R A
C K E B E   A C   K W
S P R K E   T O   T H
S K I R T   A O   F O
E W Y K W   C T   O
H E R N T   C H   F O

Look at the puzzle, find “he ran to the beach,” and then continue to find
the rhyme that completes the puzzle. Take a few minutes and think about a
rhyme that best fits the puzzle. Once you find the rhyming parts to
complete the puzzle, next create a new vocabulary from the puzzle,
picking out as many words as you can and then write a new sentence. The
sentence does not have to rhyme.

Hi – he – of – give – am – me – so – wet – go – tot – speech – to – rap –
beck – beach – oar – bee –we – my – pare – skirt – at – par – came – hum
– ran – he – woe -

To give a speech:

As you can see, you can continue to find words in the puzzle to make a
new sentence. Use the word list above and create a new sentence or find
your own words and create a sentence from the list.

Other types of puzzles help you to build vocabulary. As you build your
vocabulary, you will start to improve your IQ and memory. The puzzles are
fun to solve in most instances, yet some are more challenging. We can do
one more so that you get the point.

Mind Puzzle
With this puzzle, you will see a list of scrambled words below. Try to
pick from the words, which word that does not fit in the list.

Take your time to review the scrambled words and attempt to solve the
puzzle. One of the words does not fit in the puzzle, which you will need
to unscramble to see why it does not fit. Once you solve the puzzle use
the list of words and create new words to build your vocabulary.

Candy – rascal – sugar – chocolate – honey – pie – sweet

Candy - Andy – can – Dan – and – an –
Rascal – as – cal – scar –
Sugar – rag – as –
Chocolate – late – locate – at – eat – lat – loco – ate – coal – ho – hot
– hat –
Honey – on – no – Hon –
Pie – pi –
Sweet – set – wet – stew – sew –

As you can see, some words are harder to find more than a word or two. It
doesn’t matter, since the point is you are building your vocabulary and
learning how one word can turn into many words. Continue and see if you
can get more words from each word listed.

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