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1.   Guidance Notes.

2.   Sample Covering Letter Despatching Tender Documents

3.   Sample Invitation to Tender documents
     3a     Invitation to Tender - Services (2-Stage) [PQQ has been used]
     3b     Invitation to Tender - Services (Open) [PQQ not used]
     3c     Invitation to Tender - Goods (2-Stage) [PQQ has been used]

4.   Sample Award Letters (Non European)
     4.1    Successful Tenderer
     4.2    Unsuccessful Tenerers

5.   Sample Standardised European Award and Rejection Letters

     5.1    Background and guidance document on the use and application
            of the various letters
     5.2    Overview of Legislative requirements in relation to Contract
     5.3    Minimalist Intention to Award
     5.4    Award Letter
     5.5    Minimalist Rejection Letter for Shortlisted Tenderers
     5.6    Minimalist Rejection Letter to companies who were not
     5.7    Detailed Intention to Award
     5.8    Detailed Rejection Letter for Shortlisted Tenderers
     5.9    Detailed Rejection Letter for companies who were not

                                                                       SECTION 6
                                                         INVITATION TO TENDER
                                               Item 1 – Contents & Guidance Notes
                                                              Revision B, 17Jun„09
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  This document contains the standard format for an Invitation to Tender and it is
  suggested that this be used for purchases and contracts greater than £50,000
  and a more complex nature.

  Please contact the Corporate Procurement team if you have any problems in
  drafting or using the documents.

  Instructions for Use

  1.   Ensure you have at least 3 candidates from whom to invite bids, refer to
       Section 1: Guide to Procurement, Pages 4 & 5.

  2.   Draw up your timetable for tender despatch date, tender closing date and
       award date.

  3.   Complete the invite letter and Instructions to Tenderers following the
       guidance notes. Consider where to use optional material in square
       brackets. Ensure the documents make sense for your purchase / contract

  4.   You will then need to complete the documentation attached to your letter.

  a.    The Contract Terms and Conditions

        The standard terms and conditions detailed are those in use within the
        Council and must not be changed in any circumstances.

        If you require more detailed conditions, you may attach an additional
        page(s) of special conditions which are not covered by the main terms
        and conditions. However, you should take care when doing this and seek
        further advice from Legal if you are in any doubt or difficulty.

        A Special Conditions of Contract section has been included – any
        options which do not apply should be deleted.

  b.    The Specification

        Include a description of what it is you want done or supplied.

  c.    Pricing Schedule

        This should link to your specification and is useful if you want to see a
        price breakdown or schedule of rates.
                                                                        SECTION 6
                                                          INVITATION TO TENDER
                                                Item 1 – Contents & Guidance Notes
                                                               Revision B, 17Jun„09
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d.    Selection Criteria
      The criteria used to select the successful tender should be identified and
      qualified prior to the Tender being issued

e.    Tender Return
      The form of tender must be duly completed and submitted with the
      pricing schedule, supporting information, (if required) and annexes duly
      completed to:
      [Name of Organisation]
      by no later than noon on [date]

      Enclose a tender return label / envelope:
      The tender reference number should also be noted on the envelope.

      The City Council is now moving towards processing tenders through an
      Electronic tendering system. Where tenders are processed through the
      e-Tendering system it should be acknowledged that all communication
      and correspondence with the suppliers MUST take place through the
      ALITO E-Tendering portal via the automatic link from where the
      documents are down loaded at by the due date and time.
      In circumstances whereby a supplier does not have a computerised
      access to the Internet they should complete the paper document in black
      ink or typing, in English and submit it to the person and address
      identified above and the document(s) MUST be received by the Council
      in advance of the date and time specified.
      Envelopes/packaging containing the completed questionnaire must be
      clearly marked as “Completed Tender relating to (identification of
      No tender will be considered which is late - for whatever reason.
      N.B. We do not open any tenders until after the deadline has
      expired, therefore there is no penalty for returning a tender early!

5.   Check your documents prior to despatch; to ensure that they are clear,
     consistent, complete and „tenderer proof', especially the terms and

                                                                      SECTION 6
                                                        INVITATION TO TENDER
                                              Item 1 – Contents & Guidance Notes
                                                             Revision B, 17Jun„09
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     conditions, specification and pricing schedule. Despatch the documents
     allowing a reasonable time for return of bids.

     Do not send out the award and decline letters at this stage.

6.   After tender opening evaluate all bids.

7.   Complete award and decline letters

         Letter to successful tenderer.
         Letters to unsuccessful tenderers.

                                                                       SECTION 6
                                                         INVITATION TO TENDER
                                               Item 1 – Contents & Guidance Notes
                                                              Revision B, 17Jun„09
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