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                                          STAY IN THE GAME
                                                                                                             March 2009
                                          Stay Active, Eat Like a Champion!
                                          By Barbara Dolynchuk, B.Sc., R.D., Sport Nutritionist
                  Meeting energy and nutrient requirements is key in fuelling an active lifestyle. Nutrition essentials that
  MEDICINE TEAM   ensure you feel great and perform your best include:
Sports Medicine
                                          Meeting your energy needs: Maximizing performance nutrition isn’t possible in the face of energy
                                          deficits! Physically active people need to consume more calories than sedentary. Avoid fatigue, loss
         Dr. Deirdre McLean
                                          of muscle mass and increased risk of injury by learning to meet your energy requirements as the day
Certified Athletic Therapists             progresses. Follow a healthy eating pattern of five to six small, balanced meals throughout the day.
         Melanie Tuck-Hoppins
         Rebecca Spiers                   Meeting your nutrient needs: Although active people require more calories, their basic dietary needs
         Rob Manca                        are not very different from any ordinary healthy person. A healthy, balanced diet includes:
Physiotherapist                             •   Carbohydrates:    60-70% of daily caloric intake
         Cara Lee                           •   Protein:          12-15% of daily caloric intake
Registered Massage                          •   Fat:              less than 30% of daily caloric intake
Therapists                                  •   Vitamins:         supplied by a balanced diet that includes adequate servings of fruits and
         Tom Altheim                                              vegetables each day
         Glenda Brandl
                                            • Minerals:           supplied by a balanced diet
Sports Psychology                           • Fluids:             proper hydration before and during physical activity and rehydration afterwards
         Julie Isaac                      Eating and Drinking what your body needs before, during and after the workout: Drink fluids
         Keith McDonald                   and eat a small carb-rich meal, low in fat and protein a few hours before your workout. Sip on water
                                          during your workout to stay hydrated. Eat and drink following your workout to maximize your body’s
Registered Dietitian
                                          recovery. If meal time is more than two hours away, have a small snack rich in carbohydrates right
         Barbara Dolynchuk
                                          after exercise.
Certified Exercise
Physiologist                              Fuelling-up with food! Healthy eating, regular physical activity and adequate sleep are safe ways to
         Crystal Horne                    achieve an active, healthy lifestyle and are key when you are working toward body weight or composi-
                                          tion changes. Be aware that often the purity and effectiveness of supplements are questionable, how-
                                          ever, the supplement industry promotes them to consumers looking for a performance or health
       March is                           advantage.
       National                           When in doubt, consult a sport specialized Registered Dietitian to help maximize your active lifestyle.
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                                             Tom has been a massage therapist at Collegiate for close to five years. He
                                             completed his two-year massage therapy program in 1997 through the Northern
                                             Institute of Massage Therapy – via their affiliate in Clyde, Alberta. In 1998 he
                                             opened a small clinic in Drayton Valley, Alberta. In 2001 he began doing contract
                                             massage therapy for a staff wellness program at a large sawmill in Drayton Valley.
                                             He has a keen interest in massage therapy for sports injuries as well as repetitive
                                             strain injuries. A highlight of his career was volunteering at the World Games IAAF
                                             in Edmonton in 2001. He actually did massage on three medalists – two athletes
                                             from Africa and one from Bahamas! He noted that it was interesting that the poorer
                                             nations didn’t bring their own therapists compared to the more developed countries.
                                             He worked full time – 10 years – as an EMT for the ambulance service in Drayton
                                             Valley. He does myofascial and craniosacral therapies and Taping for Dysfunction.
                                             In his spare time he volunteers with local Search and Rescue organizations. He
        Tom Altheim, RMT-A                   enjoys spending time in the outdoors camping with his wife and two sons.
        Registered Massage

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                                                           Rebecca Spiers is now a Full Body Certified
                                                           ART® Provider. She recently completed the Spine
                 Ph. 403                                   Active Release Techniques course in Dallas, TX.
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                        1,                                 Rebecca joins Melanie Tuck-Hoppins as a Full Body
               4826 R Bishop Place
                       oss Str
                               eet, Re
                                       d Deer,             Certified Provider. Rob Manca has his Lower
                       llegiate                 AB         Extremity and Spine ART® courses as well.
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