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Midnight on the Moon


									Midnight on the
by Mary Pope Osborne

    Presented by
Why I chose this book. I
chose Midnight on the
Moon because what
would you be doing on
the moon during
midnight? Also I like the
magic tree house series
and Midnight on the
Moon looked different.
Authors purpose
I think Mary Pope Osborne wrote this book to
entertain the reader.Because it does not give
facts and it has lots of interesting parts that
entertain the reader.The author did a good job
writing this book.
 Characters and Setting
Who      Where
Annie    On the moon
Morgan      When
          Present time
          And the future
                                 In the beginning…
 Annie wakes up Jack at midnight because she senses the magic tree house
  is there.
 They go to the magic tree house and see a book.
 They wish they were there.

 Jack thinks it is a moon training place but he is wrong.
In the middle…

 They get sent to the moon in the future.
 Peanut is acting weird and Annie and Jack don’t
  know why.
 They need another M thing they think but they
In the End…

Morgan became free.
Morgan thanked them and
 told them what happened.
They got back safe and
The summary is:Jack and Annie wish they were at
the moon and it comes true.They are left on the
moon to find the last M thing.
                  My Opinion
If you like the Magic Tree House series this is a
must read for you.This book is awesome.I might
have to read it again.For trying a new book I
would conceder it.
My name is Mari.
I am in third grade.
I have one sister.

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