The Celine Dion Las Vegas Event 2011 by allisonfelix


									The Celine Dion Las Vegas Concert
World-renowned singing sensation Celine Dion has returned to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas in a
new show. This event is better and more spectacular than her previous performance that ran
between 2003 and 2007. This show includes a selection of her numerous hits as well a variety of
songs from other performers such as Billy Joel and Michael Jackson.
Celine Dion performs with both an orchestra and a band during different segment of the
performance. The show includes a video montage of her recent tour and family as well as
hologram performances of herself and Stevie Wonder. It is a show that should not be missed
during your next visit to Las Vegas.
The Celine Dion Vegas Show - What is Hip About It?
There are a number of great things about the new Celine Dion Concert including:
      A stunning and spectacular video and light display
      The use of holograms to enhance the musical experience
      A great sounding orchestra and band
      A personal touch with frequent conversations between Celine and her audience

The visual presentation for the show was designed exclusively for the performance by Ken
Ehrlich, the director of the Grammy Awards show. The show features stage pieces that move and
a light and video display that is adapted for each song. This creates an astounding visual and
audio experience.

Dion performs the song "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?" in a duet with a hologram of
herself. The same hologram technique is used on a duet that Dion performs with Stevie Wonder
on the song "Overjoyed".
Celine is accompanied by an orchestra and band with 31 musicians. They are located behind her
on the stage for most of the show. The show does not have any back-up dancers. Dion is
accompanied by a three-piece band during a performance of Ella Fitzgerald's "If You Can't Sing
It, You'll Have to Swing It."
Dion takes frequent breaks during her show to talk to her audience. It creates an intimate
atmosphere despite the large size of the theater. It is another indication of the close relationship
that she has with her fans.
Celine Dion Vegas - Most Popular Attractions
The most popular attractions of the Celine Dion show, in addition to what is mentioned above
are the songs and music. She performs a wide variety of songs including both original songs and
songs of the other artists such as Paul McCartney and Ella Fitzgerald.
Audience Reviews
The video of the audience reaction to the opening night show was extremely positive. The
following are a summary of how the audience felt about the one of the best Las Vegas shows:
      Will see it again next time we are here
      Better than ever
      Wonderful
      Amazing Voice
      Really enjoyed it
      Enjoyed French song
      Totally different from "A New Day" show - more clean
      Blown away
      Absolutely incredible
      Can't get over it
      Loved opening number
      Sounds incredible

Where to Get the Goodies

Tickets for the Celine Dion Las Vegas show are available online. There are also numerous
Celine Dion souvenirs that are available for purchase at Caesar's Palace. From the reaction of the
audience it is a show that should not be missed during your next visit to Las Vegas.

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