Sample Letter of Interest/Cover letter for education by jlegrand

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									Your Name 11 Street Address City, PA 15111 555-555-5555 (c) Month 9, 2010 Personnel Department Some Area School District 611 Tree Road City, PA 15111 Dear Personnel Department: In this area you need to write the EXACT address that the school district requests the letter be sent. You can usually find it on their website.

If the job posting asks you to send it to a specific person, then insert their name instead of Personnel Dept.

I am interested in obtaining the Insert Position Name position available in Insert Name School District. Having recently completed two undergraduate degrees at Insert College University, I exhibit many of the qualities that constitute an excellent teacher. I graduated summa cum laude and received the Faculty Excellence Award in Secondary Education. Both of these achievements demonstrate my academic success in all areas, including educational psychology, instructional technology, and special education. I am a highly qualified candidate for any Insert Position Name at School District. Through my student teaching internship at Name School District, I have become keenly aware of my strengths in teaching: motivating students using various methods, conveying my strong content knowledge, crafting instructional activities to best fit the needs of the students, and accommodating for all students’ individual differences. In addition to my student teaching and other field placements, I have been a resident assistant at University for the past two years and worked as a summer camp resident assistant for Talented Youth during the summer of 2007. These positions afforded me the opportunity to have direct interactions with diverse populations of students and therefore helped to foster my skills and knowledge as an educator. These experiences are excellent expressions of my commitment to be involved in extracurricular activities with students outside the academic classroom. One of my courses at University allowed me to observe and interact with several classes your High School. The supportive learning environment I witnessed has led me to believe your district would not only allow me to utilize my talents but also provide me with the opportunity to cultivate new and improved abilities. I have enclosed all my application materials and would welcome the opportunity to interview for this position. Feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 or Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Your Name

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