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Volume 28, No. 3           Maarch 2010

      This Month’s Meeting:
      Wednesday 10th at 7 pm

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   Utah’s Award Winning Computer Magazine!

                  By Cliff Millward, Editor

Finally, Some Good News!                                         Some More Good News!
     I took back the HP all-in-one “network” printer.                We should all defrag our systems periodically,
I never could get it to connect with the network. It             right? Well I went into a sub menu in Windows 7
would work with a USB connection, but that is not why            and told it to defrag my system – it seemed to take
I bought the printer. I wanted it to be connected with           forever! I mentioned this to Don Nendell, and he put
all the computers in my home, not just one.                      me in touch with Colleen Toumaya at the Diskeeper
     Fast forward: I decided to try an-                                        Corporation. I downloaded a copy of the
other brand, so I checked out Kodak and                                        newest version of Diskeeper, installed it,

Epson wireless printers.                                                       and told it to “do it’s stuff.”
     According to Sandy Berger (an In-                                             Wonder of wonders, it examined
ternet reporter) the Kodak has many                                            and defragged my system in just a few
problems, so I went with the Epson.
     I eagerly opened the box and hooked            Problems                   seconds! Kudos to this company and to
                                                                               Don Nendell for introducing me to this
up this lovely black printer, entered the                                      product. (More next month.)
network code and it found and recog-
nized the network. So far, so good (as                                        Some Bad News!
the HP recognized the network also.)                                 Microsoft recently warned Windows users to be
     Now for the real test; installing the driver software,      aware of an anti-virus scam download that claimed
that is where the HP bombed out. I put in the disk,              it was from them. It is called Microsoft Security
told it to install, and after the few commands I was             Essentials 2010. It offers a “trial version” which, if
required to answer and after a few anxious moments,              downloaded, will first block access to real antivirus
the screen informed me that it was finished installing           companies!
and stated, please reboot the computer.                              Here is what the header of the program looks like.
     I said to my self, “this may be too good to be true,”
so I did and then gingerly told the computer to print
a test page and . . . . . Walla! — IT PRINTED! I then
installed the driver on my other computers and they
all connected effortlessly! I then checked the fax — it
worked; the copy feature — it worked; the scanning fea-
ture — it worked; the color photo feature — it worked:
and finally, the color printing on CDs (the main reason
I purchased the printer) — and it worked! (The color
printing on CD’s and photo paper was superb!) So,
barring unforeseen circumstances, I am very pleased
with this printer.
     However . . . . . . Windows 7 still freezes at times.
It usually occurs, when I try to delete something us-
ing Windows Explorer or if I try to do something too
rapidly. Also, occasionally in InDesign, the “hand”
feature is all I can use. No text tool, box tool, etc. I             Looks real doesn’t it? But it isn’t! Be careful out
hope that in the future, a Microsoft or Adobe patch              there; there are lions, and tigers, and bears ready to
will fix these problems.                                         pounce on you!

                                        Page 2   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
     Blue Chips
  “Utah’s Award Winning Publication”
Magazine Staff
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              2nd Wednesday of every month


                                                                                                                  Jonnie Duran
                                                                                                                Philip A. Frederick

      University of Utah, Union Building, 7:00 p.m.

                                                    Page 3       Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
{DK 2010} Diskeeper 2010 Professional
The Only way to Prevent Fragmentation Before it Happens
Reviewed by Don Nendell                                 Hardware Support:
                                                                                                                   Windows Review
                                                        The various editions of Diskeeper run on the
{DK 2008} Manufacturer:                           Intel x86 platform (including the Intel Pentium
     Diskeeper Corporation                        and Pentium-compatible CPUs from other manu-
     7590 N. Glenoaks Blvd.                       facturers)
     Burbank, CA 91504                                  {DK 2009} Disk Subsystems Support-
     Phone: (800) 829-6468 /                      ed: Primary Partitions, Extended Partitions, Logi-
        (818) 771-1600 / (818) 252-5514           cal Drives, Volume Sets, RAID Arrays (hardware
     FAX: (818) 252-5514                          and software), Mirrored Disks, Mounted Volumes
Technical Support Contact:                        (letter-less drives)
     8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Pacific Time                 Resource Requirements:
     E-mail: tech_                The disk space requirements for Diskeeper
     Web site: <>                depend on several factors. On Windows Vista,
     Blog: <>                XP and Windows 2000 systems, Diskeeper will
Knowledge Center:                                 need about 11 MB. Allow about 10 MB of extra free
     <                 space for temporary files during the installation. If
     documentation/documentation.asp>             Internet Explorer is not present on your computer,
     Registered users receive 90-day Free tele-   some other needed files (hhupd.exe, 50comupd.
phone support and special upgrade pricing         exe, and wintdist.exe) may be added. Further, your
     Note. A free Technical Support Web site      system may require a new or updated version of
contains a searchable knowledge base              the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), which
     {DK2010} Note. Diskeeper Corpora-            is less than 6 MB.
tion supports green initiatives by using inter-         {2008} Additional Software Require-
net downloads as its primary means of software    ments:
distribution. Street Price: $59.95, $69.95 with         Diskeeper relies on the Microsoft Manage-
HyperFast (Free 30-day Trialware and further      ment Console (MMC). The MMC provides a
information at their web site <www.diskeeper.     single point of control for system utilities such as
com>. See graphic of comparison prices.)          Diskeeper. The MMC is used as a central location        patibility list; and, while there you can,
                                                  for a variety of Microsoft and third party admin-              3. Select the type of environment your com-
                                                  istrative tools.                                        puter runs in from the choices of: Home User,
                                                        A Note About Fire walls:                          Small Business or Corporate/Government
                                                        As a normal part of its operation, the Dis-       for a “Continuing return from a smart
                                                  keeper Service (DkService.exe) acts as a server         investment.” The one investment that pays for
                                                  on your system. If you are running a hardware or        itself many times over in restored performance
                                                  software firewall, you may see messages indicat-        and hardware life is Diskeeper with InvisiTask-
                                                  ing Diskeeper Service is trying to act as a server.     ing. Once installed, Diskeeper invisibly and auto-
                                                  These messages are expected; you can safely al-         matically maintains performance from that day
                                                  low these events. This functionality is designed        forward. Performance is consistently maximized,
                                                  to allow for support for network operations (e.g.       hardware life is lengthened and costly upgrades
                                                  Remote Control) via Diskeeper Administrator.            and refreshes are delayed.
                                                  You may also be notified that Diskeeper is trying              4. Installation benefits include greener,
                                                  to access the Internet. It is important to note that    more efficient computing, faster boot times and
                                                  Diskeeper does not access the Internet (except          application load times for Microsoft Outlook, Excel
                                                  when you specifically use the Check for Updates         and Word applications. Anti-virus scans or backups
      Operating System Requirements for           feature), but it does use Windows mechanisms            are routinely cut in half. Reliability gains include
Diskeeper 2010:                                   that may trigger these alerts from your firewall.       crash prevention, increased computer uptime and
      Diskeeper 2010 Home Edition: Win-           Again, these messages are expected and you can          extended hardware life by an additional 1 - 2 years.
dows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium,        safely allow the events.                                “Diskeeper is the IT solution for tight budgets
Windows 7 Home Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Pro-            Note. If networkability or automatic update       and remains the standard in performance
fessional, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows      checking is not required, you can safely disable        enhancement software.” (See CBC 2 Graphic)
Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate,       this feature.                                                  Product Line:
and All Windows XP Editions. Diskeeper 2010             {DK 2009} Native 64 bit operating                        {DK 2010} The new Diskeeper 2010 pro-
Home Notes: Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows,       systems support:                                        vides new adaptive technology designed to wring
Does not support Windows Vista Business, Win-           BOOT-TIME MODE safely performs                    every last drop of performance out of every com-
dows Vista Enterprise, nor Windows 7 Enterprise   Microsoft-recommended defragmentation of                puter (even across your network) automatically.
      Operating System Requirements for           critical system files.                                  There is a Diskeeper 2010 edition perfect for
Diskeeper 2010 Professional Edition:                    Network Management Support - Con-                 all of our (e.g., little guy’s) needs. With enterprise
      All Windows 7 Editions, All Windows Vista   trol Diskeeper settings and functionality via           level features now included in all workstation
Editions, and All Windows XP Editions. Note:      Diskeeper Administrator edition or Group Policy.        editions, Diskeeper 2010 provides maximum per-
Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows                     For More Information on Compat-                   formance at the desktop level. The Full Version
      Operating System Requirements for           ibility:                                                Product Line includes:
Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier Edition:                     1. Please read the Microsoft Knowl-                      Diskeeper 2010 Home Edition (for
      All Windows 7 Editions, All Windows Vista   edge Base article about Diskeeper <http://              home users) - Automatic defragmentation the
Editions, and All Windows XP Editions. Note:;en-          “pros” use designed for home-computing needs
Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows               us;130539>,                                             to keep non-networked PCs healthy and running
      Operating System Requirements for                 2. Afterwards (On Diskeeper’s web site)           at top speed ($39.95). Note. Home With Hy-
Diskeeper 2010 HomeServer:                        peruse the DK 2010 Operating System (O/S)               perFast, the Solid-State Drive Optimizer
      Windows Home Server                         support differences and Diskeeper product com-          for PC’s ($49.95)

                                                  Page 4   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
      Diskeeper 2010 Professional Edition             {DK 2010} Prologue                          have to go to in order to get the
(for desktop systems) - Automatic protection               {DK 2009} Betcha thought I re-         specific/particular bit of informa-
against fragmentation-related problems for PCs
and laptops ($59.95). Note. Professional With         ally screwed up this time ({DK 2010}        tion I’m referring to herein, that is,
HyperFast ($69.95)                                    again), with all those {Brackets}’s         if I hadn’t already done it for you here
      Diskeeper 2010 Professional Pre-                there, didn’t you? Betcha thought I had     in this Review. For example: The Title
mier Edition (for advanced desktop systems)           lost my marbles - finally, didn’t you?      hereon is “new” in this Review, ergo it
- Advanced defrag technology that automatically
boosts speed and productivity for power users and     That you had finally caught me in a         gets identified as {DK 2010}; and, the
high-end systems ($99.95). Note. Pro Premier          gigantic, bigger-than-life, gaff, didn’t    Diskeeper corporate/product vita above
With HyperFast ($109.95)                              you? A real “boo-boo,” huh? All those       has changed very little, if at all, since my
      Diskeeper 2010 Home Server Edition              {x}’s out there? Well, maybe you have       Diskeeper 2008 Review 1 & 2 (See
(specially designed for Windows Home Server
system) - Top-speed cruise control for your Win-      caught me, and then again, maybe you        below), ergo it receives a {DK 2008}
dows Home Server (WHS), allowing you to enjoy         haven’t! You’ll just have to read on and    prefix, and so on.
unprecedented performance and reliability for         see for yourself, won’t you?                     {DK2009} Note. Ordinarily
centralized applications and shared files ($59.95)         {DK 2010} Allow me to explain          you would have had to go back into
      The “Complete” DK 2010 product line
also includes: Diskeeper 2010 Server Stan-            what’s going on here once again. I liked    the BCM Archives to retrieve such
dard Edition ($349.95), Diskeeper 2010                what I did in my last DK Review, and        vital information for yourselves,
Server Enterprise Edition (for small to large         thought I would repeat the process          if my “head” wasn’t (screwed) on
server environments) ($599.95) and Diskeeper          once again with this Review. After          straight, and I hadn’t already done
2010 Administrator ($299.95) (See graphic for
price comparisons.)                                   all, how can you keep repeating             it for you. Sorry ‘bout that little
      {DK 2009} Note. In addition, there’s            the same thing over, and over, and          pun! Not! ;-}
even a Diskeeper 7.3, an award-winning                over and over again! Here’s what                 Also, please Note that Foot-
online defragmenter for OpenVMS.                      I’m talking about:                          notes 1 and 2 (See Footnotes be-
      Also, there’s I/O Express 4.3, which
is Data caching software that allows you                                                          low) serve the same purpose in all
to “GET MORE DONE” on your Alpha and                                                              my Reviews (as they do throughout
VAX systems. I/O Express increases I/O                                                            all normal literature.)
throughput, decreases elapsed batch job
time, allows for better utilization of your
CPU, and increases system productivity,
plus there’s much, much more. (Get more
data on all these marvelous products on
the DK web site).
      {DK 2010} Overall, I’d say that’s pretty             {2009} I decided to “Try” some-
darned impressive!                                    thing no one else had ever done before,
      One Key Final Note. A Diskeeper li-             starting with my May 2009 BCM
cense is required for each computer to be
                                                      Diskeeper 2009 Review 1 & 2. I actu-
      {DK 2009} About Diskeeper Corpora-              ally wrote the Review acting as if I’m
tion, Innovators in Performance and Reli-             the “head of a hard drive (HD)” seeking
ability Technologies                                  out the “next sequential cluster” of a
      With over 33 million licenses sold -[{2010}
35 million now,] making it the most widely
                                                      “Fragmented HD 4 ” and presented the
embraced performance software on earth - from         “whole picture chronologically”
home users to large corporations, CIO’s, IT           (in essence acting just exactly like a            {DK 2010} To reiterate, actually
Managers and System Administrators of Global          “fully” defragmented Diskeeper hard         this is just doing the Review exactly like
Fortune 1000, Forbes 500 enterprises, and 450
                                                      drive would do) on the paper/monitor,       a hard drive head would have to do it by
of the Fortune 500, rely on Diskeeper software to                                                 starting at cylinder 0, head 0, and sector
provide unparalleled performance and reliability      or whatever medium, the viewer was
to their business laptops, desktops and servers.      using. Crazy, yes! But, by doing so, I’d    1, the first sector on the disk, e.g., the
      Particularly noteworthy, on January             be emulating exactly what the HD head       Master Boot Record (MBR), and then
21, 2009, DK 2009 received full Certified
                                                      has to do just to keep everything in        proceeding from there (See also “The
for Windows Server 2008 and Certified                                                             larger explanation is this” below.)
for Windows Vista status, as well as, on              order for you to understand what was
February 23, 2009 Diskeeper Corporation               being said [herein], and continuing               {2009} BTW You do understand
Achieved Gold Certified Partner Status                {2010} that same procedure now,             MBR’s and FAT’s, and stuff like that,
in Microsoft Partner Program for the 8th
                                                      herewith and herein. Get it? Got            don’t you? Plus, you can now easily see
Consecutive Year, {DK2010} and for the                                                            (and follow graphically) what a fine ser-
9th Consecutive year in 2010.                         it? Good!
      In addition, Diskeeper Corporation further           {DK 2010}                              vice I’m providing herein by bringing all
provides real-time data protection and real-time      Let’s clarify that                          that Stuff(?) forward, and identifying it
Undelete data recovery software (www.
                                                      explanation of                              clearly with {x}’s here for you, instead of For further information, call 800-                                                 you having to go somewhere else like the
829-6468. A variety of system management tools,       these {x}’s just a
trialware and free utilities are available at <www.   little more: Each                           DK web site, for instance, and dig>.                                      one, i.e., {x}, is                          it out for yourself, or alternatively, you
                                                      meant to describe                           could dig it out in our BCM Archives
                                                      where “you” (aka
                                                                                                      , if you were so inclined. That’s all.
                                                      the hard drive                              ;-} In other words, it’s all here for you
                                                      head) would                                 in one place.
                                                      Page 5   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
{DK 2010} Note. To get a better                                                          recanting, I had my fingers X’d
idea of what I’m referring to here,                                                      above {x’d, get it?}, and that makes
see “Some Things Never Seem to                                                           all this legal now? Besides, I’m
Change” below. The list is quite exten-                                                  standing on home base - and I’m
sive, I do believe. ;-}                                                                  safe there, you know? Ta! Da! After
                                                                                         all, there’s always been, and there
                                                                                         always will be, an over-abiding,
                                                                                         strong, vital and recurring need
                                                                                         to add a “Security 101, or Update,
                                                                                         et al.,” to my Security-Related Re-
                                                                                         ports/Reviews (S/R), as well as,
                                                                                         all of my regular Reviews; but this
                                                                                         time, I’m doing it herein as Page
                                                                                         1, which automatically makes this
                                                                                         a Security-Related Report/Review
                                                                                         then, doesn’t it?
     {DK 2009} In reality, all these                                                          FYI. Just in case you’re curious,
Reviews (plus all other writings, actu-                                                  the “Subjects” covered in the previ-
                                             I have partially figured out why I’ve       ous 102 “Security-Related” Reviews/
ally) do exactly the same thing; it’s just
                                             started doing the Security-Related          Reports [From 03/99 to the Cur-
that nobody else, I don’t believe, has
                                             Reports/Updates in the first place; it      rent BCM - 03/10] are: Anonymous
ever highlighted the reference(s),
                                             simply boils down to my byline: “Hap-       Surfing (1) [01/09]; Backing Up
material(s), etc., being used with {x}’s
                                             piness is a working computer!”              Drives (3) [09/08; 12/08; 02/09(*)];
in this manner before, that’s all. Now,
                                             (HIAWC) Duh!                                Encryption Software (11) [06/00;
let’s move on and see what pops up (er,
                                                  {DK 2009} Amazingly, all my Dis-       07/01; 12/03; 12/04; 10/04; 07/06;
out?) with our {x}’s. OK? OK?
                                             keeper products Reviews (See Some           06/08; 07/08; (3) 08/08]; Media-
                       {DK 2008}
                                             Things Never Seem to Change be-             Related (3) [02/08; 03/08; 04/08];
                                             low) are not even counted amongst           Smart Cards (4) [12/00; (3) 01/01];
                           BTW I am
                                             the previous 102 Security-Related           Secure Hard Drives/External (3)
                       not doing my
                                             Reports and Reviews 1 & 2 I’ve done         [10/06; 04/07; 11/07; 12/09]; Secure
                       usual Security-
                                             over the past 10 years (See below). They    Hard Drives (External/Encrypted)
                       Related Review
                                             should be by extension, however, as they    (5) [05/08; 10/08; 11/09; 12/09;
                       this month. The
                                             are smack dab in the middle of the battle   01/10]; Secure Hard Drives/Internal
                       great and ven-
                                             against “Computer Evils! Hoo-rah!           (1) [10/05]; Security-Related Re-
erable Utah Jazz guru, Carl Malo-
ne, once opined, “A man gotta do,                                                        ports (15) [05/08; 07/08; (2) 08/08;
what a man gotta do!” So be it! ;-}                                                      11/08; 12/08; 01/09; 03/09; 07/09;
                                                                                         08/09; 09/09; 10/09; 11/09; 12/09;
                                                                                         01/10; 02/10]; Security Suites (2)
                                                                                         [03/99; 08/06]; Spyware Detection
                                                                                         (4) [06/05; 07/05; 03/06; 12/06];
                                                                                         USB Tokens (3) [04/00; 06/03;
                                                                                         11/09]; USB Flash Drives (UFD’s)
                                                                                         (18) [12/02; 02/03; 03/03; (2) 01/04;
                                                                                         02/04; 02/05; (3) 12/05; 01/07;
                                                                                         03/07; 04/07; 10/07; 02/09(*);
                                                                                         09/09; 11/09]; USB Utility [02/10];
                                                                                         Utility (5) [09/02; 07/06; 11/07;
    {DK 2009} Note. Carl has been                                                        11/08; 03/10]; Virus Protection
voted Top All-time Jazzman of all time                                                   (5) [07/04; 06/05; 06/06; 12/06;
by the local media (Salt Lake Tribune,                                                   12/07]; Wireless” Internet Security
Sunday, April 12, 2009, pg. C1),                                                         (13) [08/02; 09/02; 10/02; 11/02;
    {DK 2010} and will, I predict,                                                       07/04; 10/04; (2) 03/05; (2) 07/07;
with a high degree of certainty, be                                                      08/07; (2) 09/07; 07/09] (Plus the
joining Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan,                                                         Meeting Memoranda in the 05/04
and teammate John Stockton in                                                            BCM adds much more on “Wireless”
the Basketball Hall of Fame this                                                         Internet Security.)
year. Congratulations again Jerry            {S/R 2010} Page 1                                “When someone does some-
and John, and premature con-                 My Security-Related Report                  thing good, applaud! You will
gratulations, Carl!                             All together now, “Aaaaw!” I             make two people happy.” - Samuel
    {DK 2008} One thing though,              take it all back. Hey! Ok, So I’m           Goldwyn
                                             Page 6   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
     {S/R 2010} Hold it. Hold it!             hardware to its knees. Solutions that
Wait a sec! Although DK 2010                  let them elegantly defragment systems
cannot be officially designated a             without impacting day-to-day perfor-
Security-Related (S/R) product,               mance have long been Diskeeper’s goal.”
yet, it most definitely fits perfectly into        {Processor 2010} Third. From
the whole S/R family that is working          Troubleshoot A Hard Drive: Tips
so hard to keep your PC “working safer,       To Take When You’re Dealing
smoother and faster.” It’s the latter         With A Drive That Won’t Work by
characteristic that marks DK 2010 as          Holly Dolezalek, Storage, How To,
the leader of the pack, and therefore, it     Processor Magazine, February 12,
logically should be in the mix naturally      2010 <>. “‘People
anyway, under any circumstances.              often forget to do... regular maintenance
But then, here’s a very strong support-       and defrag their hard drives,’ [Scott]
ing reason for the S/R designation, and       King [vice president of operations for
besides, it comes from another (unbi-         the Planet <>, a
ased) source:                                 hosting company] says. ‘That’s how
     {Processor 2009} First. From             you get drives that are jumping all over
Diskeeper’s Storage Performance-              the place to get to data and avoid bad
Enhancing Software Makes A Big                sectors. By performing regular mainte-
Difference by Carmi Levy, Storage             nance with ScanDisk and defrag [with
Efficiency, Processor Magazine,               DK 2010], you can identify those bad                 {DK 2010} we get number four-
February 13, 2009 <www.processor.             sectors before they wipe out your data          teen (14) in the DK series: DK 2010
com>. “Interesting Fact 3: Antivi-            or corrupt your OS’.”                           Professional, March 2010 1 & 2.
rus vendors have expressed interest                Get all that? Good! Because                     From the above list of Reviewed
in applying Diskeeper’s performance           that’s the end of this Security-                DK products, one just might get the
enhancement technologies to reduce            Related Report. All together now,               strange(?) idea that I probably, “sort
system overhead associated with run-          Aaaaw gee!                                      of,” like these people and their marvel-
ning resource-intensive monitoring                 Hey, you know what? That                   ous products? “Noooo Way!” You
processes.” [See also DK News release         makes this my 103 rd S/R, then.                 say? Way!
below.]                                       Like Wow!                                            BTW Just think about having to go
     {S/R 2010} There! That ought to               Oooo! Wasn’t that sneaky? ;-}              back and read all those Reviews again
be proof enough for you, but wait, there’s         “Things may come to those                  to learn about DK 2010’s development
lots more “updating news” to be gleaned       who wait, but only the things left              history to date. Whew! Well, that’s what
from Ms. Levy’s article about Diskeeper,      by those who hustle.” - Abraham                 I’m actually doing here for you with all
so hold on to your hats. Here goes.           Lincoln                                         these {x’s} and CBC2 graphics. ;-}
     {Processor 2009} Second.                                                                      “History repeats itself. Histo-
“IN THE RUSH TOWARD ever-fast-                {DK 2010} Some Things Never                     rians repeat each other.” - Phillip
er processor speeds and previously            Seem to Change                                  Guedella, English historian, writer
unheard-of amounts of memory, the                   {2009} I must confess, from the out-      and barrister
importance of storage to overall system       set, that I probably should be barred from           {DK 2008} But, in my defense, my
performance is often forgotten. But           reviewing, at a minimum, any more of            bias has always been totally posi-
Diskeeper, a maker of defragmentation         the Diskeeper products! Why? Because I          tive. What’s to be negative about [all of]
and storage performance-enhancing             just might be perceived to be simply just       these great products? I’ve had nothing
software, believes storage should be          too “biased” to be fair in my evaluation of     but “Fabulous” experiences with every
given the attention it deserves. ‘You’ve      their products, that’s why! Don’t believe it?   previous version of any Diskeeper prod-
got CPU speeds getting faster all the         Then visit our web site’s <>         uct I’ve ever Reviewed. [So there!]
time, as well as constant system mem-         BCM Archives 1 & 2 and see for yourself [re.         {2002} Paraphrasing what I wrote in
ory growth,’ says Derek De Vette, vice        DK 7.0 Workstation, June 2002 1 & 2             my first Review, “Diskeeper is definitely
president of public affairs at Diskeeper      ; DK Home 7.0, Apr. 2003 1 & 2 ; DK             a Keeper!” (Pun definitely intended). It
( ‘But the drive           8.0 Professional, Feb. 2004 1 & 2; DK           has literally saved my bacon uncounted
is still by far the slowest component in      Undelete 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 Pro, Nov.             times, to be sure. Basically, to coin a
a PC or a server.’ He continues, ‘Your        2002 1 & 2, June 2004 1 & 2 and Sep.            phrase, it really simply all boils down to
computer is only as fast as its weak-         2006 1 & 2, respectively; DK 9.0 Profes-        “PC basics.” But, enough from me, let’s
est link. Even if you have the fastest        sional, Dec. 2004 1 & 2; DK 9.0 Home,           hear what Diskeeper has to say about all
processor and you’ve maxed out your           June 2005 1 & 2; DK 10 Professional             this in their recent News Release.
memory, if there’s a bottleneck here,         Premier, Mar. 2006 1 & 2; DK 2007
this is where you’ll hurt the most.’ De       Professional Premier, June 2007 1
Vette says system administrators have         &2
                                                ; DK 2008 Professional Premier,
always understood how a fragmented            Jan. 2008; 1 & 2; DK Undelete 2009,
drive can bring otherwise powerful            Nov. 2008 1 & 2; and now,
                                              Page 7   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
{DJ 2010} NEW DISKEEPER                       solution for eliminating the harmful and       ily managed, tools to put fragmentation
2010: THE ONLY WAY TO                         costly effects of fragmentation.               issues behind them - completely and
PREVENT FRAGMENTATION 4 -                          “I am very impressed with Diskee-         forever. Diskeeper 2010 is the only
BEFORE IT HAPPENS                             per 2010, particularly the IntelliWrite        way to prevent fragmentation before it
     Burbank, CA - November 17, 2009          feature. I do a lot of speech recogni-         happens.
- Diskeeper Corporation launched              tion, and noticed a big difference, as              Free 30 day trialware and further
today Diskeeper 2010 performance              IntelliWrite addresses fragmentation           information at <>
software - the only product available         proactively. This is a major advantage         or call 800-829-6468.
today that actually prevents fragmenta-       for disk-intensive applications. The                {DK 2010} Like Sgt. Friday (of
tion before it happens. Utilizing a new       performance for achieving proactive            Dragnet fame) says, “That’s all well and
revolutionary technology called Intel-        fixes vs. reactive was very fast - I noticed   good, but we need the facts on DK2010,
liWrite, Diskeeper 2010 intelligently         a significant shift within one day.” said      to make our case, ma’am.” Luckily they
writes files to the disk to prevent up to     Joseph L. Marion, Principal at Health-         were provided to us in a previous 2009
85 percent of fragmentation from occur-       care Integration Strategies, LLC.              Diskeeper News Release:
ring. Coupled with Diskeeper software’s            “There are several interesting and
superior defragmentation technology,          useful improvements in Diskeeper               {DK 2009} NEW DISKEEPER
Diskeeper 2010 delivers a complete            2010, the most important of which is           2009 DEFRAG: A NEW
performance solution for every Win-           speed,” said David Yohn, Ph.D., Direc-         STANDARD IN PERFORMANCE
dows system at every site, and goes far       tor, Marchi Thermal Systems in Red-            & RELIABILITY
beyond what defragmentation alone             wood City, California. “Not only does              (Burbank, CA) December 1,
can achieve.                                  the IntelliWrite technology speed up           2008 - Diskeeper Corporation today
     The negative effects of file fragmen-    disk defragmentation since it prevents         launched new Diskeeper 2009 - with
tation have been battled since the inven-     fragments from occurring, and not only         the fastest and most thorough defrag
tion of the modern computer in an effort      does the software simply perform its           engines ever built. With Enterprise
to negate its crippling effects on perfor-    functions much faster than did earlier         features included in all workstation
mance and its life-shortening toll on         versions, the benefits of improved disk        editions Diskeeper provides maximum
hardware. Originally defragmentation          optimization means the systems run             performance at the desktop level reduc-
could only be performed manually, and         faster all the time. Every function seems      ing your overall energy consumption
was followed soon by scheduled solu-          faster, especially those that use large        and providing optimum computing. For
tions. Scheduled defrag remained the          disk files like PhotoShop or AutoCAD. I        anyone responsible for a Windows PC or
only solution until fairly recently, when     was afraid that the IntelliWrite feature       network computer, Diskeeper 2009
fully automatic defrag came along, giv-       might become a system resource hog             is a must-have utility right alongside
ing IT back considerable hours while          and slow performance, but the opposite         security solutions 3 for overall system
keeping system performance and reli-          is indeed the fact.”                           health and performance. While viruses
ability consistently maximized. Now                                                          and spyware are threats that might oc-
fragmentation can be prevented before         Key Elements                                   cur and should be protected against[,]
it occurs.                                         The benefits of Diskeeper 2010            fragmentation continually occurs and
     Diskeeper 2010 takes enter-              include dramatically improved system           must be eliminated.
prise network [and home PC’s] per-            performance from faster file reads and
formance far beyond what defrag-only          writes. By curtailing the excessive I/Os       {DK 2009} Diskeeper 2009 [and
can achieve. Prevention coupled with          associated with fragmentation, wear            DK 2010] Key Features:
the advanced features in Diskeeper            and tear on the drive is greatly reduced,          1. Real-Time Defragmentation
2010 makes previously unapproachable          resulting in extended hardware life.           automatically handles performance-
levels of system efficiency a reality. Sig-   Behind the scenes, free space is consoli-      robbing fragmentation as it occurs to
nificant savings are achieved reducing        dated, further reducing the chances of         maintain system performance at top
energy consumption and cooling - even         future fragmentation, and the location         speed while reducing backup times and
more than is done with conventional           of the most commonly used files is opti-       lowering boot times and eliminating the
defragmentation.                              mized for faster access. All of this occurs    need for scheduling or manual defrag.
     Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite         with zero impact on system resources....           2. New! InvisiTasking tech-
prevents the majority of fragmenta-                Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite          nology advances ensure no resource
tion before it even happens and for           offers enterprises the powerful, yet eas-      conflict whatsoever while performing
any fragmentation that does occur,
Diskeeper 2010 utilizes the most
powerful defragmentation engines
created to rapidly handle any remain-
ing fragmentation with zero impact on
system resources. Diskeeper 2010
also optimizes file placement for fast
access utilizing its I-FAAST technology.
Diskeeper 2010 is the only complete
                                              Page 8   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
vital real time defrag operations allow-      {DK 2010} Page 2                              {DK 2010} We’re Going for the
ing Diskeeper to consolidate files even            Experience a whole new level             Diskeeper 2010 Professional
faster on busy systems.                       of system speed and efficiency -              Edition This Time
     3. New! I-FAAST 2.0 boosts ac-           prevent fragmentation before it                   Diskeeper 2010: A Disk Per-
cess speeds for your most frequently          happens!                                      formance Revolution. Diskeeper
used files (by an additional 10% - 80%).           Slow computer? Every system, every       2010 Professional Edition is unlike any
Now available in Diskeeper Profes-            network, every home and home office           other product on the market today. Now,
sional edition.                               suffers from the effects of fragmenta-        more than ever, it is important to have a
     4. New! Powerful Free Space              tion 4. When fragmentation occurs, the        system that is reliable and performs at
Defragmentation Engine has been               system has already wasted precious I/O        the peak of its ability. Diskeeper 2010
enhanced to increase file-write perfor-       resources by writing fragmented files to      Professional Edition performance
mance.                                        cluttered spaces on the disk. It’s always a   technology elevates system performance
     5. Low Free Space Defrag En-             better strategy to prevent fragmenta-         and debugs fragmentation related prob-
gine increases ability to effectively         tion from happening and work with a           lems as they occur, without competing
utilize existing storage and retrieve files   clean, fast disk. Now, for the first time     for system resources and without any
faster - even when you have less than 1%      ever, you can - but only with Diskeeper       attention needed from the user. Here’s
free space.                                   2010.                                         the “down and dirty” 5:
     6. New! Terabyte Volume En-                   Diskeeper 2010 on your desktop,
gine technology rapidly eliminate tens        laptop and home server means a clean
of thousands to millions of fragments         disk and unprecedented speed and reli-
found on drives from 60GB on up. Now          able efficiency. Every minute. Every day.
available in Diskeeper Pro Premier            It means systems will last years longer            IntelliWrite. Revolutionary
edition.                                      due to reduced drive wear.                    fragmentation prevention tech-
     7. Frag Shield 2.0 boosts reli-                                                        nology. IntelliWrite fragmentation
ability by automatically preventing           {DK 2010} Choose the Diskeeper                prevention is what you’ve really wanted
crash-inducing fragmentation of critical      2010 performance software                     since the first time you defragmented a
system files.                                 edition that is right for you.                hard drive. IntelliWrite fragmentation
     {DK 2008} Note. Please see                    Diskeeper 2010 Home. Pre-                prevention technology prevents up to
my January 2008 DK 2008 BCM                   vents most fragmentation before it is         85% of the fragmentation every sys-
Review 1 & 2 to refresh your mem-             created and increases system speed            tem suffers from, leaving only a small
ory on the ALL-too-numerous-                  and efficiency for all home comput-           amount to be quickly eliminated by
to-mention herein program en-                 ers and laptops. Give your home PC            powerful, invisible Diskeeper defrag
hancements introduced with the                faster-than-new speed and reliability         engines, which means that your system
brand-new DK 2008. Sorry ‘bout                without any additional effort on your         will run at maximum performance lev-
that! [Not!]                                  part. Simply install Diskeeper 2010.          els on a clean, fast and efficient disk.
     8. New! MOM/SCOM(*) inte-                That’s it!                                    Here’s how it accomplishes its task: It
gration. Microsoft Operations Manager              Diskeeper 2010 Professional.             prevents fragmentation before it can
(MOM) and Systems Center Operations           Provides essential performance and effi-      happen, creating a level of disk speed
Manager (SCOM) allow monitoring and           ciency increases for your home comput-        and efficiency previously unapproach-
management of computers intercon-             ers that the “Pros” rely upon. Includes:      able. When fragmentation occurs, the
nected by networks. Diskeeper provides        IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention         system has already wasted pre-
MOM/SCOM with numerous alerts,                technology and I-FAAST file optimiza-         cious I/O resources, drive wear
reports and the ability to manage and         tion technology.                              and energy by writing fragmented files
control product settings and configura-            Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier.              to many spaces on the disk instead
tions.                                        The ultimate edition for power users          of contiguously to one spot. And
     (*) Note. MOM/SCOM Manage-               and high-performance PC and laptop            defragmentation can never re-
ment Pack is included with Diskee-            computing. Includes: IntelliWrite,            claim this waste. New Diskeeper
per Administrator Edition.                    I-FAAST, & Terabyte Volume Engine             2010 with IntelliWrite elevates the
     Get it? Got it? Good!                    (TVE) technology for terabyte-sized           whole approach to solving fragmenta-
                                              volumes.                                      tion alone by addressing how files are
                                                   Diskeeper 2010 HomeServer.               written to disk. It intelligently writes
                                              A vital performance tool for your Win-        contiguous files to the disk so system
                                              dows Home Server (WHS), Diskeep-              resources are not wasted creating frag-
                                              er 2010 Home Server prevents the              mentation. As a result, a whole new
                                              majority of the fragmentation that can        level of system speed and efficiency
                                              quickly lead to slows and even crashes.       beyond what can be achieved with
                                              Get the same advanced performance             defragmentation alone.
                                              technology for your home server that
                                              corporations depend on to keep their
                                              businesses running.
                                              Page 9   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
    InvisiTasking. InvisiTasking             my problems certainly have to belong           rence that cannot be avoided, but
technology offers true transparent,          squarely with me,                              it can be controlled.
background processing. InvisiTasking               { D K 2 0 0 9 } (e x c e p t i n g o f         Simple Definition. Disk fragmen-
technology allows Diskeeper 2010             course, my run-in with installing XP           tation 4 is a process whereby files are
to defragment your computer in real-         SP3. For all the gory details, read my         constantly being broken into multiple
time, completely eliminating the need        (explicative deleted) exploits in my           pieces, so that they will fit into available
for cumbersome maintenance opera-            Reviews in the BCM issues of De-               spaces on a drive.
tions. Frees up grid locked resources        cember 2008 through April 2009                       3. {DK 2007} “The larger ex-
and lets your computer hum along at          1&2
                                                 .) HIAWC                                   planation is this: Every hard drive
peak performance. Diskeeper 2010                   {DK 2008} Note. For more on              stores files in chunks called clusters. For
Professional enhances the reliability        the “Complete” PC hard disk security           example, in the Microsoft Windows XP
and performance of your computer -           3
                                               protection picture, please see also my       operating system, clusters usually are
automatically!                               Reviews on: CyberDefender (Anti-               4,096 bytes in size. A file of that size
                                             Virus and Spyware/Malware/Pharm-               or smaller needs just one cluster. But a
                                             ing/Phishing Removal Tools) software           file that is 4,097 bytes in size requires
                                             (BCM Dec. 2007 1 & 2); Panda (Anti-            two clusters (leaving most of the second
                                             Virus) software (BCM July 2004 1 &             one empty). A 50MB file uses more than
     I-FAAST. Diskeeper 2010 I-              2
                                               and BCM June 2005 1 & 2); Web-               12,200 clusters. In the ideal world, all of
FAAST file optimization technology           root’s SpySweeper and Sunbelt’s                a file’s clusters would be located adjacent
accelerates file access times to meet the    CounterSpy (Spyware Removal Tools)             to each other in one long, unbroken
heavy workloads of file-intensive appli-     software Reviews (BCM July 2005 1              chain. With contiguous clusters, a hard
cations. Utilizing a specially formulated    &2
                                                ); and,                                     drive’s performance improves. Files can
technology, I-FAAST closely monitors               {DK 2009} Sunbelt’s VIPRE                be read more quickly since the drive’s
file usage and organizes the most com-       (Antivirus and Spyware Removal Tool)           read/write heads don’t need to move a
monly accessed files for the fastest pos-    software (BCM April 2009 1 & 2).               great deal [i.e., all over the hard drive,
sible access, boosting file access and             {DK 2008} Note. Here’s a Quick           much like my {x’s} herein.] But that’s
creation to speeds above and beyond the      “Conclusion” Extracted From the:               theory. In the real world, files are very
capabilities of your system when it was      ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE AND                         often stored in clusters scattered across
new, up to 80% faster.                       DISK DEFRAGMENTATION (Dis-                     the drive. This is fragmentation 4, a natu-
                           Increase          keeper) White paper (See Test                  ral occurrence. The result is degraded
                      Computer Speed.        Cases and Results graphic below):              system performance that continues to
                      Your computers               “Antivirus Scans are significantly       erode as a hard disk’s content becomes
                      will run faster with   faster on desktop systems with regularly       increasingly fragmented through ordi-
                      Diskeeper 2010         defragmented files and free space (See         nary use as files are created, deleted,
                      installed - period.    Graphic.) As capacity to quickly respond       and modified. It is a fact, fragmentation
                      You’ll enjoy using     to new anti-virus attacks is a critical        can’t be avoided, but it can be controlled
                      every aspect of your   component of any organization’s secu-          [as I mentioned earlier]. And don’t be
system from downloading to accessing         rity plan 3 , software that automatically      fooled, Size Does Count - Big Disks,
files to surfing the web with greater ease   keeps systems defragmented should not          Big Files, Equals Big Problems. Big
and efficiency. Leave hang-times, freeze-    be overlooked as the tool that makes           drives and big files result in far more
ups and other fragmentation-based            fast antivirus scans possible.” [Which         disk fragmentation than just a few years
crashes in the dust.                         technically makes DK 2010 a S-R                ago. And with these large files often
                                             product Review then, doesn’t it?               broken into hundreds, or perhaps thou-
{DK 2008} Ok! [So] Why Then                  Sneaky, HE! HE!]                               sands of fragments, system performance
Is It So Crucial to Defrag Your                    2. {DK 2008} The Quick “An-              can quickly slow to a crawl [See also To
Drives Daily?                                swer” to our question posed in the             Summarize below].”
     1. Diskeeper (formerly Executive        byline above is this: Fragmenta-                     4. {DK 2010} A recent study of
Software - the name change was in            tion is a natural hard drive occur-            1,836 office workers, conducted by
honor of a significant [Diskeeper]
10 th Anniversary) answers our rhe-
torical question by telling us that disk
fragmentation causes crashes, slow-
downs, freeze-ups and even total system
failures. If after all these years of my
“agonizing” with you here in print, you
don’t know me by now, at least “Heaven
knows, I’ve had more than my share
of PC troubles!” If the number one
reason for performance bottlenecks is
“fragmentation 4,” then all the rest of
                                             Page 10   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
Opinium Research in the United King-         mented regularly, the fastest CPU in         still hesitant to replace WinXP with
dom, found that 36 percent cited “slow       the world won’t improve your system’s        the new operating system, citing
computers” as a major cause of stress        performance, because information from        hefty hardware requirements and ap-
in the workplace. In fact, this complaint    the disk simply can’t be delivered fast      plication incompatibilities as primary
was near the top of a list of 10 things      enough [See below and graphic of Cost        roadblocks.” (Processor Magazine,
that annoy workers most, second only to      of Manual Defragmentation.]                  December 21, 2007).
“grumpy or moody colleagues.” Where                                                            {DK 2009} Note. That was
the majority of the items on the list have                                                17 months ago, and very little
no clear solution, “slow computers”                                                       has changed either as everybody
as a complaint, however, can be easily                                                    seems to be waiting, and waiting,
addressed. While there can be many                                                        and... for Windows 7 to be released
reasons, the most common cause of a                                                       with SP1...
slow computer is file fragmentation - the
splitting up of files into many pieces in
order to better utilize disk space. When
files are fragmented, each and every
fragment must be collected whenever a
file is accessed. This additional activity
greatly slows computer performance,
and also reduces the life of the computer
hard drive. Of course, the most costly
problem affected by slow computer
performance is the loss of production
by employees, which directly impacts a
company’s bottom line.
      5. {DK 2008} The PC Perfor-
mance Problem
      [Which slams us right] back to our         6. Let’s face it, manual
number one priority, the PC perfor-          defragmentation just isn’t real-life
mance problem. Even the best hardware        practical [besides, it’s very costly,           {DK 2010} which is now hard
will eventually slow down unless the         See graphic.] Who has time to defrag         upon us, and DK 2010 handles that
drive is defragmented daily.                 every system, every day? In a word,          one brilliantly - just as you might
                                             “no one!” Well, two (2) words then!          expect.
                                             Manual defragmentation has to be con-
                                             sidered a break-fix situation. Plus, the
                                             defragmentation software supplied with
                                             the Windows operating system (which
                                             incidentally is supplied by Executive
                                             Software) is in their own words, “a duct          7. {DK 2010} Bottom line. Dis-
                                             tape solution.”                              keeper 2010 is “Ready, Willing, and
                                                 Though Microsoft has improved            Able” to handle the defragmentation
                                             disk defragmentation for Vista [and          problems in all Windows O/Ses, includ-
                                             Windows 7], the built-in defragmenter        ing XP, Vista and 7. Naturally, you can
                                             in Windows still falls short on many         use the embedded Defrag programs
                                             counts (See CBC 2 Graphic.) But              in all the Windows O/Ses all you
                                             then, who’s counting? Evidently Drew         want, but you only have to see what’s
                                             Perry seems to be, as he stated in an        left fragmented on the HD after their
                                             article, 2007: An IT Year In Review.         use (Windows, that is) to realize why
                                             He writes, “. . . More than a full year      Diskeeper has 90% + of the Defrag
                                             after Vista’s release, businesses are        market cornered.
    {DK 2009} Umm! An apple
a day? Now I’m not nearly so
sure.... This sounds more like a
“prune” at work, actually, doesn’t
it? Keep reading...
    {DK 2008} The disk drive is
by far the slowest of the three main
components of your computer: CPU,
Memory and Hard Drive (e.g., Hard
Disk, or HD). If the drive isn’t defrag-

                                             Page 11   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
    They say a picture is worth
a thousand words - nay, maybe               DK 2007 - sit back and relax forever,          {DK 2010} Page 4 - And Now,
even a million - but I dare you             because you no longer need to                  The Rest of the Story
to check my statement out - for             “Schedule” any DK 2010.                             In a Nut-
“FREE!” It’s a no-brainer, really!              {DK 2010} That’s because Dis-              shell - the
    8. {DK 2008} Your best line of          keeper 2010 is primarily designed as a         compendium.
defense, according to Diskeeper: “Auto-     “Set It and Forget It” disk defragmenter.      (Are we there
matic defragmentation with Diskeeper        In order to accomplish this goal, it           yet?) Dis-
[DK 2010], the Number One Automatic         creates a Windows service (See Note            keeper 2010,
Defragmenter, is the only true defrag       below), which facilitates communica-           the automatic
solution.”                                  tion between the operating system and          defragmentation
                                            the individual components that make            the “pros” use,
                                            up Diskeeper 2010. The service al-             which is also
                                            lows Diskeeper 2010 to run in the              designed for
                                            background while other applications            home-comput-
                                            are running. As long as your operating         ing needs to keep
                                            system is up and running, Diskeeper can        non-networked
                                            defragment your disks, whether you are         PCs healthy
                                            logged on or not.                              and running at
                                                Note. Diskeeper utilizes the Win-          top speed, fea-
                                            dows Movefile API. to safely move files        tures automatic
                                            while the operating system is active. This     defragmentation,
                                            essential API was developed jointly by         (See Quick
                                            Diskeeper Corporation and Microsoft,           Launch Config-
                                            which ensures full data security (there’s      ure Diskeeper
                                            that word “Security 3 ” again) at all times.   graphic) which
                                                {DK 2008} FYI I love analogies.            means, bottom
                                            Get this one. “Just like a ‘Stealthy’          line, fragmenta-
                                            Nuclear Submarine, [Diskeeper]                 tion is now solved
                                            ‘Runs Silent, Runs Deep’- all the              as it occurs, in
                                            while quietly operating in the                 real time. It is
                                            background.”                                   possible to defragment hard drives
{DK 2010} Page 3                                {DK 2009} Yes! And now get                 without clumsy or long maintenance
 So, What’s it All About Alfie?             this: “Diskeeper is your key to a              processes. Scheduled defragmentation
     Since the “30-day Trial” of any DK     smooth, safe and fast drive!” (I’m             processes (robbing valuable IT hours)
2010 product is “Free,” and I’ve writ-      thinking more like [a] prunes                  are a thing of the past. And, with
ten “just a little ;-}” about the whole     [analogy] here? How ‘bout you?)                the new InvisiTasking technology,
process many (I ask you, is fourteen            {DK 2010} Yes, it’s definitely             defragmentation is done transpar-
too many?) times before, I’ll try not       prunes, I’m absolutely sure now,               ently. There is now zero resource con-
bore you “again” with those process         since all my systems are “Squeaky              flict because Diskeeper 2010 only
particulars (you can however, see it all    Clean!” Best news of all! You’re only          utilizes untapped, unused resources to
again, thankfully this time in glorious     seconds away from “true perfec-                defrag your volumes. PC performance
full-color graphics - CBC 2 graphics 6 ,    tion”, and it’s yours, “Free to try”           and productivity are never impacted
to be precise.) I must say however, that    for 30 days. Hit their web site right          by the consolidation of free space on
the whole process from start to finish      now for PC satisfaction at its best!           your drives.
is - as it always has been from the very
first time I touched DK - ever so easy,
intuitive and totally hands-free - “ab-
solutely brilliant.” From installation to
running DK 2010 for the first time, to
just simply letting DK 2010 “Do Its
Thing Automatically” - which BTW will
cover your backside (CYA) wonderfully
with InvisiTasking, which was begun in
                                            Page 12   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
                                             {DK 2010} On the Personal Side                proudly proclaim it again, and again!
                                                  {DK 2009} I’ve spent a great deal        “It goes without saying, Diskeeper
                                             of time thinking of some “Catchy” analo-      2010 products are darn well worth their
                                             gies that would exemplify DK as being         weight in Gold, (roses?) And then
                                             the “Best of the Best!” Well, here’s          some.” Amen!
                                             [another] one. Let’s try it on for size!
                                             “Diskeeper gives your PC Maxi-
                                             mum Performance, Increased
                                             Speed, Keeps Systems Running
                                             Smoothly, and Gives One a Perfect
                                             Piece of Mind.” (Hmmm! Prunes
                                                  {DK 2010} And now, let the
                                             CBC2 graphics 6 clearly show
                                             what I’m talking about!
                                                  Although we’ve been told,
                                             “Diskeeper’s primary concern is perfor-
                                             mance, not creating a pretty disk
                                             map [my emphasis here, see below
                                             and CBC2 Graphics], Diskeeper will
                                                                                               Where DK 2007 was the “turn-
                                             not defragment a file just for the sake
                                                                                           ing point” in the race to perfection;
                                             of a nice-looking file structure graph
                                                                                           DK 2008 was the “straight-away”
                                             with all files tightly packed together.
                                                                                           stretch run; DK 2009 “hit the ‘Fin-
                                             Diskeeper arranges a volume’s files for
                                                                                           ish Line’ first;” and now, DK 2010
                                             the best possible disk performance.
                                                                                           is headed to the “victory circle.”
                                             Clicking on the Job Report tab displays
                                                                                               Bottom Line. I heartily en-
                                             a comprehensive statistical report on the
                                                                                           dorse and highly recommend all
                                             analyzed volume, along with recommen-
                                                                                           Diskeeper products. And, on this
                                             dations for performance improvement
                                                                                           wondrous occasion, more so than ever
                                             and a volume health report. Diskeeper
                                                                                           before, it’s Diskeeper 2010 Profes-
{DK 2010} Conclusion                         2010 will also display a list of the most
                                                                                           sional, without reservation, nor hesita-
     Remember how your PC or laptop          fragmented files as shown.” That said,
                                                                                           tion. So, “Go for it!”
ran when it was new? Diskeeper 2010          check out the actual screen captures (See
(See Diskeeper Solutions for Public Sec-     CBC2 Graphics) of my very own PC
tor, Business, and Home/Home Office          after DK 2010 has had a “free rein”
graphic) has been designed to keep your      for a week, or so. A true thing of beauty!
system faster than new. Simply install       Kindly notice, the “Before” Defrag
Diskeeper 2010 and your computer             graphic and compare it with the
will run faster and more reliably than it    “After” Defrag graphic. Hoo-rah!
ever has before. As DK 2010 Pro will
most likely be the Diskeeper product of
choice for the majority of my readers out
there, as the amount of storage capacity
is increasing exponentially these days,
with cell phones, digital cameras, et al.,
you can’t go wrong regardless of choice:
Diskeeper Professional or Profes-
sional Premier. Each has its best
use place in the overall scheme of
things; for defragmentation, don’t
leave home without it.
                                             {DK 2010} Story Moral
                                                 Very appropriately named,                      In closing, once again, regardless
                                             “Diskeeper,” it should be awarded             of whichever version of Diskeeper
                                             a ten out of any ten-rating system,           2010 you choose for yourself, you can’t
                                             that is, if I were into giving out ratings.   ever go wrong with any of them. Each
                                             Never-the-less they certainly do deserve      in its own way is definitely a “(Disk)
                                             one of my highest of accolades, I can         keeper!” Ouch! I JUST HAD TO SAY
                                             assure you. I’ve said it before, and I’ll     THAT! Again! ;-}

                                             Page 13   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
    One thing’s for certain. Apples
and prunes aside, your PC will run
better, faster and more reliably
with Diskeeper 2010 Professional
installed. Period.
    “You become successful the
moment you start moving toward
a worthwhile goal.” - Samuel                 all such files into one location, re-        all of my BCM Reports/Reviews. It
Johnson                                      sulting in instant access of Users’          provides each of us with the only
                          Ciao!              files and increased overall system
                                             performance and reliability. Disk
                                                                                          means of observing larger, and
                                                                                          therefore, clearer graphics than
    Footnotes                                fragmentation occurs when a file             any individual Report/Review can
      See the actual Reports/Reviews         is broken up into pieces to fit on           possibly display due to page space
in the Blue Chips Magazine Archives          the disk. Because files are con-             publication considerations/limita-
at <>. Note. Always               stantly being written, deleted and           tions (See graphic above.)
choose the .pdf format for its               resized, fragmentation is a natural               In the Comic Book Creator
beauty.                                      occurrence. When a file is spread            program’s absence, MashON appli-
       If you are reading this Review        out over several locations, it takes         cations <> offer end-
from directly out of an Internet search,     longer to read and write. But the ef-        less opportunity for personal expression
you are seeing it in HTML format.            fects of fragmentation are far more          and an entertaining way to emotionally
Yuk! No graphics! To see all the             widespread: Slow performance,                connect with brands and characters.
beautiful graphics in this Review, the       long boot-times, random crashes              For instance, users can create digital
ones I’ve worked so hard to entertain        and freeze-ups - even a complete             media featuring themselves with their
you with, you will need to follow the pro-   inability to boot up at all. Many us-        preferred game characters or posters of
cedures outlined in Footnote 1. Enjoy!       ers blame these problems on the              themselves on the cover of their favorite
       Feature(s) precisely identi-          operating systems, when disk frag-           magazine. These engaging, highly per-
fied as reason(s) for designating            mentation is often the real culprit.         sonalized creations can then be shared
this Review/Report as “Security-                 5
                                                   down-and-dirty definition.             seamlessly across 24 social networks
Related.”                                    Sometimes written “down and dirty.”          including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and
      {DK 2010} Fragmentation: a                 adjective:                               Friendster. The MashON Creator can be
computer disease caused by Us-                   1. realistic; unvarnished                packaged with templates most relevant
ers constantly writing, deleting                 2. earthy, coarse, uninhibited, etc.     to the particular audience of a web site.
and resizing their computer files                3. unscrupulous                          These can vary from simple, single frame
on the hard drive. This causes                   4. fiercely competitive                  e-cards, to multi-framed comic strips,
files to become scattered or “frag-              6
                                                   The Comic Book Creator pro-            multi-page graphic novels and comic
mented” into many pieces. The                gram is no longer available for sale         books and even t-shirts and skateboards.
more fragmented these pieces                 to the public, nor is supported, for         Creations can then be browsed using
of information are in, the longer            shame. It has to be classified as            MashON’s cover flow Gallery and viewed
it takes the computer to read                one of most beautiful and useful             through the MashON Player. You might
them. Fragmentation is a natural             utilities I’ve ever used throughout          find it fun to check them out.
occurrence and major cause of
performance degradation on PCs
and servers. A “defragmenter”
or “defragmentation software”
is a program that consolidates
                                             Page 14   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010

                                              


             Page 15   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
                                    





                                                      







             Page 16   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010







         Page 17   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010



                                                                               

 




                            Page 18   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010

                    Page 19   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010

                    Page 20   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010

                                         
                                             
                                                      

                              
                                    
                                 

         Page 21   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010


                                                 

                                              

                                                



                Page 22   Blue Chips Magazine — March 2010
            Utah Blue Chips Calendar
                      March, April 2010

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                            U of U
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                                          C&C Bldg.
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Easter                     7:00 p.m.

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