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									       OnlineBooks and Blackwell
            Reference Online

                     Nigel Thompson
               Account Development Manager

 During this session you will learn about e-Book resources
 from Wiley-Blackwell:

  – Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks
  – Blackwell Reference Online 
What are OnlineBooks™?

 OnlineBooks are electronic versions of Wiley research
 books available through Wiley InterScience
What’s available?
A dynamic library on your desktop:
   – More than 3,000 titles
   – Approximately 30-50 new books added each month
   – Many published at the same time as print version
Subject Coverage
    A dynamic library on your desktop—providing leading
    information across a broad range of subject areas:

• Business                       • Life Sciences
• Chemistry                      • Mathematics and Statistics
• Computer Science               • Medicine and Healthcare
• Earth and Environmental        • Physics and Astronomy
  Science                        • Polymers and Materials
• Education                        Science
• Engineering                    • Psychology
• Law                            • Social Sciences
Selecting Content

 Wiley InterScience offers you the flexibility to select
 content simply. You can either:

  – Browse for Content
  – Run a Search    
Selecting Content             Go to:

                                           Browse by subject area

                          Run a Search

                                Browse by product type          

                                       Browse by subject

                              Browse by alphabetic list of
                                     book titles
Table of Contents

                         Go to a chapter summary

                        View content at
                      chapter level in PDF          
Chapter Summary page

                             Download Citations in plain
                              text or EndNote™ format

                             Access related articles

                                       Includes keywords, DOI,                   author details
Full text in PDF format

                                  Familiar PDF format for
                                  convenient reading and
 Advanced Search

Run your search by filling out the
Advanced Search form, using
boolean operators where necessary
Search Results

                                           Original search criteria listed

                            Go to content at
                          chapter level in PDF            
Search Results
Flexible Pricing Options

• OnlineBooks are primarily aimed at the library buyer, with
  convenient pricing options and generous discounts

• One-Time Fee or Flexi-Subscription pricing options

• Individuals can purchase single chapters through Pay-
Blackwell Reference Online
                      Largest Academic Social Science and Humanities
                                Reference Resource Online

                 Authoritative - written by the leading experts in the field.

                 Comprehensive - full coverage of the key debates which
                 define the subject.

                 Ground-breaking - original essays which not only chart and
                 summarize existing scholarship but provide new perspectives.

                 Proven - many of the titles will already have featured on
                 undergraduate and postgraduate reading lists.

                 International - with contributions from scholars all over the world,
                 Blackwell Reference Online gives a truly international perspective.                 
Blackwell Reference Online
                      Largest Academic Social Science and Humanities
                                Reference Resource Online

                 Almost 300 Reference Volumes covering Humanities and
                 Social Sciences, including:
                 • Blackwell Companions and Handbooks
                 • Major reference works
                 • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, subject guides

                 Available as a complete collection or as 6 subject bundles:
                 Business and Economics, History, Language and Linguistics,
                 Literature and Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Religion, and
                 Sociology and Psychology.

                 One time purchase with archival rights

                 Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology
                 Available in print and online
                 Available on subscription or as one off purchase            
                                  Library branding
Homepage                          shows who has
                                 made the purchase
 routes to full
                                                              Get to any book
                                                            from the homepage
  Complies with
international web
                                                              Link direct
                                                              to subject
   Clean and
Subject Homepage                  When in a subject
                                   you can search
Lists new titles                 within the subject or
   published                       across all books
   within the

                                                                  Lists available
                                                                    titles within
                                        Lists sub-                    selected
                                        disciplines                  discipline                 
 Title Homepage
 Permanent URLs                    When in a book you
and DOIs at chapter               can search within the
      level                         book or across all

    Interactive                                           Cover
     Tables of                                            image

      Lists other
  titles published
      within the
Full Text                        When in a book you
  High quality                  can search within the
   print style                    book or across all
     sheets                            books
 (removing the
    need for

   Full text in
  HTML format

             References and
 Powerful interface that
   allows exploring of
  chapter level content              Start exploring
according to its metadata               from any
                                   independent facet
                                    such as Subject,
                                   Key Topic, Person,
   Allows easy cross                Period or Place.
   subject browsing

   Smart term lists
     only show
  contained within
  available chapter
  set (depends on
Advanced Search
 Boolean and
 supported as
                                 Select specific
                                  subjects and
   Pattern and                        their
 Adjacency also                  subdisciplines
  available with
customer defined
    precision /
     proximity                      Search
   parameters.                    specific titles
Search Results                 Results ordered by
 Search term                      relevance

 Refine result
  by Subject,
   Key Topic,
Person, Period
    or Place                                                    Access
  powered by                                                   chapter or
     article                                                  complete title
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