CAPE FEAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE


Work as a professional and provide excellent customer service in the North Campus Copy Center
of the Printing Services Department while providing all phases of photocopying services for the
entire college including equipment operation, inventory management and bookkeeping.


Receives direct supervision from the Printing & Copying Technician.

Exercises no supervision.

Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Support the College Goals and planning priorities of the Institutional Effectiveness division
toward accomplishing the College’s mission.

Work as a professional and a self-starter in the absence of daily supervision.

Perform the reproduction of a variety of materials including handouts, tests, syllabi, forms,
flyers, brochures, class schedules and other assignments.

Prepare materials for publication and distribution: collate, staple, drill, pad, cut, fold, and bind
printed materials as specified by work orders.

Appropriately handle and secure confidential documents (i.e., course exams, etc.)

Order and stock supplies; notify supervisor of shortages; complete purchasing forms as needed.

Perform minor repair and preventive maintenance on equipment; contact outside maintenance
contractor for service repair as appropriate.

Exercise critical thinking and mathematical skills to determine correct material yields for
inventory control and appropriate and effective use of available equipment and technologies,

Exercise critical thinking skills to effectively prioritize projects and manage time and work load
to realize efficiencies.

Effectively maintain records regarding completion of work requests; allocate job costs as
appropriate; assign costs to various types of projects; computer data entry and records
maintenance for departmental billing of services.

Revised July 11, 2011 I.E. Office/VP
Operate equipment, specifically hydraulic paper cutters, paper folders, thermal binders and other
bindery equipment, as well as high-speed networked print devices, digital color copiers, 10-bin
collator/booklet maker, stitcher, stapler and paper drill.

Proficiently use desktop computer, industry standard software and software interface equipment.

Organize and implement the function of the Copy Center at the North Campus and coordinate
with supervisor to manage and balance the work load as needed during peak production times.

Other Important Duties and Responsibilities:

Review copyrights for printing assignments; ensure that all copy work complies with legal
restrictions. Follow proper procedures in handling tests and other instructional materials.

Employ methods of quality control to recognize errors in publications and communicate with
customers to make corrections.

Perform other duties assigned.


       Knowledge of:

       Modern office procedures, methods, and computer operations and software, including
       spreadsheets, word processing and publishing.

       Basic principles and procedures of record keeping for inventory, production and billing.

       Techniques and procedures involved in the reproduction of printed materials.

       Basic operational, servicing, and maintenance characteristics of modern
       photocopying and related equipment.

       Ability to:

       Work effectively as a professional and a team member by establishing and maintaining
       effective and appropriate working relationships with customers and co- workers.

       Quickly grasp concepts and apply knowledge to changing environments such as
       technology changes, software updates and changes to workflow to improve efficiency
       and effectiveness.

       Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

       Pay close attention to details and multi-task.

       Perform a variety of document reproduction services for the College as needed.

       Prepare and maintain records and logs of copying and printing activities.

Revised July 11, 2011 I.E. Office/VP
       Understand and follow oral and written instructions.

       Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and
       responsibilities, which may include the following:
               --- lifting materials and supplies of up to 60 pounds
               --- walking, standing, or sitting for extended periods of time
               --- stooping and bending to perform work assignments
               --- operating assigned equipment.

       Effectively mitigate risks for personal danger, which may include exposure to:
               --- hazardous chemicals and materials.
               --- extremely loud noises.
               --- hot equipment parts
               --- extremely sharp mechanical blades and drill punches

        Maintain mental capacity, which permits:
               --- making sound decisions and using good judgment
               --- demonstrating intellectual capabilities.


Environmental Conditions:

Indoor environment working with others; exposure to noise, grease and oils, fumes, heat,
solvents, and toxic materials.

Physical Conditions:

Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may require maintaining physical
condition necessary for walking, standing, or sitting for prolonged periods of time; lifting up to
60 lbs and carrying heavy materials; stooping and bending during assigned activities.

Experience and Training Guidelines


               At least two years of recent experience using office equipment such as computers,
               copiers, faxes, phones, printers, etc. Must be able to demonstrate computer
               proficiency for purpose of billing records maintenance, inventory control and
               software interfaces for publication production.


             Required: High School Diploma or the equivalent thereof.

             Preferred: Associate Degree preferred.

Revised July 11, 2011 I.E. Office/VP

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