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Developing a web site for the Sunny
         Morning Products

           Yong Choi
Developing a Web site
   Define the objective of the web site
       Identify your target audience
       Have a statement of purpose
       Know your main objectives
       Have a concise outline of the information your site will
       Determine the web site’s contents
   Design the web site
   Build the web site
   Test the web site
Developing a web site for the Sunny
Morning Products (SMP)
   Sunny Morning Products (SMP) is an international
    bottler and distributor of fresh orange juice and
    sports drink. To better accommodate the customers
    and visitors, SMP has decided to open the Internet
   You and I as a web development team will create the
    Internet store for Sunny Morning Products.
   Also, we will provide travel information pages and a
    web-based database table as well.
Planning Analysis of the Web Site
   Objective
       Develop marketing corporate web site that
        provides relevant company information and allows
        consumers to place orders
   Web site contents
       Company description
       List of products and prices
       List of available job positions
       Feedback, Order, and Search forms
       Travel Discussion and Web DB Table
        Design of the SMP website
                             Home Page

Employment     Products    Links          Travel       Feedback   Search

             Banner   Contents     Drink       Fruit     Gifts       Ordering
                                   Gift        Gift     Baskets     Information
                                   Packs      Packs

                                                                    Order Form
Creating the Sunny Web Site
   Your first step is creating a web folder that will
    contain all the required files of the web site!!
       File  New  New Web Site  One page Web site
   Location of the new web
       Identify location of the web site and Assign website name:
        your last name + sunny.
       Download and save “Files for the FrontPage Lab”
Creating Home page 1
   Download and Insert files
       Use “HomePage” word document for the index.htm page
       Insert two maps (map1 and map 2) and then, change to
        thumbnail size pictures
            Downloading time of the pictures (bottom of the screen)
   Save Your Work !
       See actual codes of the web page
       Two ways to test the web page
Creating Home page 2
   Apply background picture file
        Bkgrnd.gif
   Type following after maps
        Brighten your day. Enjoy some of our sunshine!
        Apply a marquee (scrolling message)
           Web component  Dynamic effects  Marquee

   Background sound
        Minuet.mid
   Insert last modified date and time right after “last updated”
        Automatic update.
Creating Home page 3
   Apply heading 3 for followings;
       Welcome to the Sunny Morning Products Web Site!
       Brighten your day. Enjoy some of our sunshine!
   Create a navigation bar at the top of the Home Page.
       Two ways (vertical or button)
   Always organize your web folder
       Move all graphic and sound files into Images folder
    Creating Home page 4
   Using META Tags
        A META tag is an HTML tag that includes text which
         identifies how the web page developers wants to add
         the web site to a search engine’s index.
        Most search engines gather information about web sites
         by collecting data based on HTML code entered into the
         HTML document by the web page developer’s. These
         keywords are called META tags.
Creating Home page 5
   Page Properties  Custom
   Add followings in the User variables section;
       Name: description
       Value: Sunny Morning Products produces Olympic Gold
        brand orange juice and sports drink. Check out our
        Sunshine Country Store
       Name: Keywords
       orange juice, sports drink, citrus products, gifts,
        holiday gifts, oranges, grapefruit
Creating the Employment page
   Import partially completed HTML document
       employ.htm
       Apply heading 3 for the title of the page
       Apply same background color
   Creating bookmarks
       A bookmark is a named location in a web page that is
        the target of a hyperlink.
       Bookmarks make web pages easier to navigate
       Either text-based or none text-based bookmarks
Creating the Employment page
   Creating text-based bookmarks
       Create bookmark list
          No bookmarks: hyperlink button  bookmark

          Insert  bookmark textbox:

              Accounting

              Advertising

              MIS

              Customer Support

          Open hyperlink dialogue box, and then book mark to

           each one
Creating the Employment page
   Create nontext-based bookmarks
       Create before the contact information phrase
       Bookmark name text box: To Apply
       Using Top of Page text and button
          Insert Top of Page Button (Up.gif) before the

           text (Top of Page)
       Create before the navigation bar
       Bookmark name text box: Top
Creating the Employment page
   Type the (your) e-mail address
   Apply same background
   Copy and paste navigation bar from the Home
    page and then, create hyperlink from the
    employment page to the home page.
   Save your work
Creating a Travel Service page
   Create a new page
   Assignment two save names
       File name: Travel
       Page title name: Travel service
   Insert graphic and text files:
       Travel.txt (Select Normal paragraphs from the Convert Text
        dialog box)
       LONDON.gif and SANFRAN.gif
   Place the cursor the before the letter A in “Around
    the world” and then insert LONDON (London tower).
       Wrapping style in Left
Creating the Travel Service page
   Do the same thing for the SANFRAN.gif (Golden Gate
       Place the cursor the before the letter W “World-famous
        Times Square”
       Wrapping style in Right.
   Apply heading 3 to page title:
       Planning a New Year Gateway!
       Apply same background color
Design the Links Page
   Do this by yourself!
   Create a new page and then save as Links
   Copy and paste the navigation bar
   Type Links to My Favorite Sites
   Type and highlight MSN - The Microsoft Network.

   Type and then, type
    Yahoo! to replace the selected text.
   Apply Same background color

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