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									                                   VOLCANO PROJECT
Volcanoes come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of activity and, therefore, notoriety. As you will learn,
volcanoes are not always big cone-shaped mountains that spew out lava in giant explosions. As such, each of you will be
assigned a volcano from a list of the more notable events in history. Gather information on your assigned volcano. Once
you have gathered enough information to answer the questions below, you will prepare a presentation for the class. This
presentation may be in the form of a poster or model of your volcano. Details of the actual method of presentation are left
to the discretion of the “artist”. However, you will be expected to provide the following information:

GENERAL INFO                                                                   If doing a poster:
Volcano Name                                                                        Prepare a poster no smaller than
Type of Volcano                                                                        17”x22”. Display boards may also
Location (Country, State, etc.)                                                        be used.
Map Coordinates (Lat/Long)                                                          Poster should be neat and
Elevation of Summit (height)                                                           organized.
Crater Dimensions                                                                   Creative use of varied materials is
Volume (amt. of magma it could hold)                                                   strongly suggested.
General Description of area                                                         In addition to the photos, also
                                                                                       include a diagram of the volcano
ERUPTIONS                                                                              with the parts listed below labeled.
First Eruption
Most famous eruption                                                            If doing a model:
Last Eruption                                                                         Be sure model represents your
Duration of Eruption                                                  assigned volcano
Eruption Type                                                        Does not have to function, although that would be a
General Description (amt of damage, severity, # people                bonus.
killed, area covered)                                                Be sure to place on a stable material for display.
                                                                     Consider use of a 4-sided box (Bottom & 3 sides)
Pictures (Must choose 2 if doing poster)
                                                                      for display of additional information
Picture of your volcano in present condition
                                                                     Creative use of varied materials is strongly
Picture of your volcano prior to eruption
Picture of your volcano during eruption
Picture of effects of your volcano after eruption                    Parts of volcano can be labeled on a diagram and
                                                                      on the model itself.
                                                                     At least one photo should appear with the model.
Volcano Parts:
1. Magma chamber
2. Country rock
3. Conduit (pipe)
4. Base
5. Sill
6. Branch pipe
7. Layers of ash emitted by the volcano
8. Flank
9. Layers of lava emitted by the volcano
10. Throat
11. Parasitic cone
12. Lava flow
13. Vent
14. Crater
15. Ash cloud

Volcano Choices:
Tambora, Indonesia                           Papandayan, Indonesia                     Cotopaxi, Ecuador
Krakatau, Indonesia                          Lamington, Papua New Guinea               Pinatubo, Philippines
Mount Pelee, Martinique                      El Chichon, Mexico                        Komagatake, Japan
Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia                    Soufriere, St. Vincent                    Mount Etna, Italy
Unzen, Japan                                 Oshima, Japan                             Hibok-Hibok, Philippines
Laki, Iceland                                Asama, Japan                              Mount Saint Helens, Washington
Kelut, Indonesia                             Taal, Philippines                         Mount Rainier, Washington
Galunggung, Indonesia                        Mayon, Philippines                        Mount Kilauea, Hawaii
Vesuvius, Italy                              Agung, Indonesia                          Yellowstone, Wyoming
Here are some suggestions for making a model volcano.

Option #1
    1. First we need to create the 'salt dough'. Mix 6 cups flour, 2 cups salt, 4 tablespoons cooking oil, and 2 cups of
       water in a large bowl. Work the ingredients with your hands until smooth and firm. Add more water to the mixture
       if needed.
    2. Stand a soda bottle in the baking pan. Mold the salt dough around the bottle making sure you don't cover up the
       bottle mouth or drop any dough into the bottle. Take your time on this step and build your volcano with as much
       detail as you like.
    3. Fill the bottle most of the way with warm water mixed with a little red food coloring.
    4. Put 6 drops of liquid detergent into the bottle.
    5. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
    6. Slowly pour vinegar into the bottle and jump back quick!

Notice the red 'lava' that flows out of your volcano. This happens because of the baking soda and vinegar mixture. Mixing
baking soda and vinegar produces a chemical reaction in which carbon dioxide gas is created - the same gas that bubbles
in a real volcano. The gas bubbles build in the bottle, forcing the liquid 'lava' mixture of the bottle and down the sides of
your volcano.

Option #2
What you will need:
   a soda bottle
   1/4 cup (60 ml) water
   1 Tablespoon (15 ml) baking soda
   1/4 cup (60 ml) vinegar
   a square of toilet tissue
   a few drops of red food coloring
   a few drops of liquid dishwashing
   modeling clay in dark gray and red (or
   box to build model in
   model trees, etc. for the surroundings
How to make your volcano
1. Build a mountain around the soda pop
2. Put the water, soap, food coloring and
vinegar in the pop bottle.
3. Wrap the baking soda in the toilet tissue and twist the ends to make a little packet.
4. When you are ready to make the volcano erupt, drop the packet of soda into the bottle. The acid of the vinegar and the
base of the baking soda combine to foam, froth and erupt.
For a nice volcano model, use grey clay to build the cone, and add red clay in rivulets down the side to look like lava

Additional suggestions:
                                                      Grading Rubric
This is a guideline for grading your project. It is provided to give you an idea of there areas that will be
considered when evaluating your project. Please read this and consider all the areas before starting your
project. Possibly have someone grade your project according to this chart as you go so that you can consider if
you are going in the right direction.
   CATEGORY                         5                       4                       3                            2                              1                     0
Student Info Included                                                                                                                                           No info
                      All items included                                  One item missing                                       Two items missing
(Name, Date, Period)                                                                                                                                            provided

                                                 One item missing or      Two items missing or Three items missing or            More than 3 items missing      No info
General Info Included All 8 items included
                                                 inaccurate               inaccurate           inaccurate                        or inaccurate                  provided

NOTE: Types of volcanoes will include cinder cone, composite (strato), shield, caldera, and lava domes. Other names may be possible as some volcanoes are in
multiple categories. Location and coordinates should be specific. Dimensions are available for all of the listed volcanoes. General information might include a
description of the surroundings. Is it in a populated area? Etc.

                                                 At least 4 items are  Half the information is One 2 items included and          Minimal or no information No info
Eruption Information All 6 items included
                                                 included and accurate included or accurate accurate                             included or accurate      provided

NOTE: Some of the dates of eruptions may be the same. For example, the first eruption may be the most famous. It is possible that the volcano is currently erupting.
Eruption types will be Strombolian, Vulcanian, Vesuvian, Pelean, Hawaiian, subterranean, or plinian. Include details about its most notable eruption (date, severity, #
people killed, etc.)

                         Clear, accurate         Diagram is included; Diagram is included;
                                                                                             Diagram is included; 3-5            Diagram has less than 3        No info
Volcano Diagram          diagram; with all 15    11-14 of parts clear  6-10 parts clear
                                                                                             labeled parts.                      parts labeled.                 provided
                         parts shown.            and accurately shown. and accurately shown.

                                                                                                                             Very disorganized and
                                                                                             Not organized. Not all info     poorly prepared. Lines not
                                                 Layout is planned and Info could be better                                                               suggestions
                         Clear, neat, organized.                                             fits properly. Some attempt     straight. Spacing is sloppy.
Overall Presentation                             organized. Writing is organized. Writing is                                                              followed for
                         Layout well planned.                                                to make it work. Writing        Writing is hastily done.
                                                 not neat              sloppy                                                                             organization
                                                                                             and lines are hastily done.     May have been done in
                                                                                                                                                          and neatness
NOTE: Plan out the presentation. Decide where you will place all the information around the actual artistic area. Make sure the information will fit before you start.
Use a ruler, compass, or other materials to make straight lines, curves, or circles. Take measurements to center information or space it appropriately.
                         Various materials are
                         used for effect.        Some use of materials,   Moderate use of varied    Minimal use of either varied No use of either varied
                         Attention to detail     attention to detail,     materials, attention to   materials, attention to      materials, attention to detail, No creativity
Use of Creativity
                         obvious. Good use of    and/or use of color.     detail, and/or color.     detail, or color.            or color.                       0/3
                         color.                  Some 3/3                 Minimal 3/3               Some 1-2/3                   Only 1-2/3
                         All 3/3
NOTE: Use of various materials will drastically help with the presentation. Adding dimension, texture, and realism will be effective. Suggestions might include cutting
out letters to attach, framing pictures on paper before attaching, using foam letters, using toothpick flags for labels, using string, etc. You might also consider a
dimensional volcano even if doing a poster. If doing a model (and maybe a poster) consider use of trees, lakes, grass, cellophane, figurines, and other materials to add
realism (found in most arts & crafts stores). Attention to detail will be measured in your depiction of the volcano (or volcano diagram). Also evaluated will be the
appropriate use of materials such as glue or tape (staples not recommended). Use of color for accuracy as well as eye-catching effect is suggested.

                           ________ / 30            ________ / 24           ________ / 18                ________ / 12                  ________ / 6

                                                                  FINAL GRADE
 Add up the total points in each section and divide by 30. Multiply this number by 100 and you will have your
            final percentage on the project. Any extra credit will be explained to the class as well.
                                   Grade Sheet
Please complete this grade sheet and turn in with project. Failure to turn in this grade sheet will
deduct 10 points from your project grade.


Period:                                                          Date:

Name of Volcano:

Type of Project:                         Poster                                    Model

                   Must be turned in to Room 208 (or Room 300) by
Due Date:
                   1:50 PM, January 30, 2007 (Extra credit date: 1:50 PM, January 23, 2007)
Date Submitted:                                                            Time Submitted:

        CATEGORY               Total Points   COMMENTS
Student Info Included
(Name, Date, Period)

General Info Included

Eruption Information

Volcano Diagram

Overall Presentation

Use of Creativity

(Add above. Divide by 30)

Turned in on or before
Extra Credit Date                 + 10

                                                  Do Not Write Below This Line

                                              STUDENT RECEIPT

Date received:                                                       Time received:

Received By:

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