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									How to Prepare for Driving Test
By Jia Liu 07-22-2009

What You Should Know before Going to DMV
1. Remember the names of the function of the car in English 2. Know arm signals 3. Be familiar with the area around the DMV where you want to take your test

What You Need to Bring to DMV with You
1. Be accompanied by a California licensed driver 18 years of age or older 2. Bring proof of insurance 3. Bring instruction permit 4. Provide a currently registered vehicle that is safe to drive

What Does DMV test?

Tips for the Driving Test Based on My Own Experience
1. Check the side mirror and blind spot when changing position 2. Don't go to the driving test if not ready 3. Enough traffic check

Some Helpful Videos
Rules of the Road (19 videos) H0yON1Xf0&feature=related Top 10 Reasons for Failing the Driving Test (11 videos) f_NfEwZls&feature=channel

The End
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