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2009 summer

                  a publication to our friends from The Good Samaritan Health Center

                buiLT on A                   From raising the steel beams to choosing
                                             paint colors for the walls, every decision
              FounDATion                     about Good Samaritan’s new building was
                oF PRAyeR                    a matter for prayer.                Story on page 4
The Good Samaritan
Health Center

Javina belton-Winston

                                                   letter to our friends
Front Office Assistant
Connie branom, MA, MFT, LPC
WyeTony Cribbs, RDH, b.S.
Registered Dental Hygienist                                 embracing opportunities
Audrey Dean, RD, LD, Rn, CDe
Nutritionist, Diabetes Education Coordinator
Jessica Garcia
                                                   Dear Friends,
Front Office Assistant/Interpreter                     When the Good Samaritan Health Center leadership and I, more than three years ago, began to
Caprena Green
Medical Assistant                                  contemplate and later execute our relocation to Hollowell Parkway, there was no expectation of a
Roberta Green                                      severe economic downturn, how it would affect our mission, and the crisis it would create globally and
Chief Operating Officer
Karen Gordon, MS, Rn, FnP-C
                                                   in our community among those we serve. This economic crisis, while extensive, is in no way different
Family Nurse Practitioner                          than any other life difficulty that individuals and organizations face as it presents challenges, causes
Deborah Gray                                       pain and creates opportunities. The
Dental Hygienist
Kelly Hudson, MS, Rn, FnP-C                        circumstances and outcomes of our difficult          “Speaking the truth in love, we will
Family Nurse Practitioner
                                                   time underscore just how critical and
Liberty Jones                                                                                            in all things grow up into him who
Administrative Coordinator                         necessary our ministry is for those suffering
Shalena Jones                                      job loss, thus opening an opportunity                 is the Head, that is, Christ. From
Medical Assistant
eric Jordan                                        for our provision of health care.                     him the whole body, joined and
Sterilization Technician                               I am often asked “are you having                  held together by every supporting
Laura Layne, Rn
Director of Health Services                        more patient calls and visits as a result             ligament, grows and builds itself up
yamila Lewis                                       of this poor economy?” The resounding
Front Office Assistant/Interpreter                                                                       in love, as each part does its work.”
nancy Gail McLaurin, DDS
                                                   answer is “Yes” as we have already
Dental Director                                    experienced a 30% increase in patient                                                  ~Eph. 4:16-17
Cecilia (CiCi) Melo
Medical Assistant                                  encounters this year, a very significant
Ron Pirtle, MD                                     trend. Each day I care for at least one new child whose parents have been laid off and no longer have
Family Practice Physician
                                                   health insurance. Thus, I have the awesome opportunity to treat a child and comfort a parent.
Andrew Provence, MA, LPC
Counselor                                              Conversely, while patient demand has escalated, the same poor economic forces have negatively
Glenda Ramos
Front Office Assistant/Interpreter
                                                   impacted giving to The Center. So, we have increased costs due to the greater patient volume, yet funds to
Karen Rose                                         cover these expenses have decreased, thus another opportunity. Consequently, we must look for creative
Director of Development & Public Relations
                                                   ways to increase capacity without increasing our expenses. Sounds like magic! A partial solution to this
LaShaundra Ruby
Dental Supervisor                                  issue is the recruitment of more volunteers and interns who will join us in this important work.
Rosa Santiago                                          Finally, and more importantly, when people experience difficulties, God has an opportunity to meet them
Front Office Assistant/Interpreter
Kathy Smith, DDS
                                                   in their pain, and our staff is present not only to care for bodies but also to minister to souls. We are eager
Dentist                                            to give a warm embrace or hold a hand in prayer. We also direct our patients to our prayer room, a haven
Merry Smith
Dental Assistant                                   where wearied patients can repose, reflect and refresh as they converse with God.
Linda Trevathan, MS, Rn, FnP-C                         Yes, this economy has created enormous opportunities to serve, care for, and extend mercy and love
Family Nurse Practitioner
William C. Warren, iV, MD
                                                   to so many who have lost their earthly financial security. I pray that we will have the capability, capacity,
Pediatrician, Medical Director                     and monetary resources to provide for the increased patient demand. I also pray that those we serve will
Delise White                                       find God’s security and peace which is independent of the vagaries of the world’s economy. Jesus says in
Human Resources Director, Volunteer Coordinator,
Compliance Officer                                 John 14, “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled,
Cheryl Wilson
Dental Assistant                                   nor let it be fearful.”

                                                   Bill Warren

2 The Samaritan’s Journal                          s um m e r 2 O O 9
                                                                                                    at the
                                                                                                     Conference attendees work in the
                                                                                                     Community Room.

Space to Share
The Georgia Free Clinic Network held a 3-day grantwriting workshop at Good Samaritan
Health Center on March 5-7. Thirty attendees came from health clinics across Georgia. We
are excited for the ongoing opportunities to open our doors to serve others in the healthcare
community as we seek to be good stewards of the expanded space God has blessed us with.

                        it’s The Journey 2-Day Walk
                        Join The Good Samaritan Health
                        Center’s team on Sunday, October 4,
                        as part of the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for
                        Breast Cancer. Funds raised by the
                        walk support breast cancer screening,
                        diagnosis, and education for patients
                        of The Center and other local
                        agencies. Registration information
                        available at
                          Good Samaritan Health Center booth at Susan
                          G. Komen Run for the Cure 5K, May 9.

                                 Volunteers Can earn Credit                                         Vinings Run
                                 Georgia physicians and dentists can earn continuing educa-         For the Kids
                                 tion hours by donating their time to treat the uninsured at        Help support The Good
                                 Good Samaritan. Physicians with active licenses can earn 1         Samaritan Health Center
                                 hour of CE credit for every 4 hours of volunteer work, up to       by being part of this year’s
                                 10 hours earned. Any dentist can earn up to 10 hours credit        run, sponsored by the Rotary
                                 by providing uncompensated care at The Center.                     Club of Vinings. The 5K
                                 For volunteer information, contact Delise White,                   Run/Walk is on Saturday,
                                                                                                    September 12, 2009. Visit
                                 Volunteer needs                                                    registration information.
                                 •   Dentists                           • Optometrists and
                                 •   Dermatologists                       Ophthalmologists
                                 •   Neurologists                       • Portuguese Interpreters
                                 •   Pulmonologists                     • X-Ray Technicians               september 12

                                                                                  su m m er 2OO9        The Samaritan’s Journal 3
stories                            buiLT on A
from the
                                   oF PRAyeR
 Ron Pirtle and Shalena Jones                oes God really care about what color paint you choose?” scoffed
 unpack the medical lab
                                             the construction worker as Lynne Warren and Laura Calbert stood
 On the Cover: Lynne Warren with
 Leobardo Lucero, who painted
                                             in the hallway deliberating on paint colors for the exam rooms and
 the prayer room at Good Sam.      voicing the need to pray about it.

                                   It was a stressful moment in a series of deci-   upon the strong foundation of prayer
                                   sions involved in planning, constructing         each step of the way.
                                   and seeing the new building come to frui-
                                   tion. But Lynne emphatically replied, “Yes!      Now as Roberta Green, Chief Operating
                                   God cares about everything, even all the         Officer, and Lynne, women’s auxiliary
                                   details. We want our patients to not just see    member and wife of founder Dr. Bill War-
                                   a beautiful building when they come here,        ren, reflect on the building process, stories
                                   but to feel the love of God all around them!”    of the power of prayer saturate everything.

                                   That desire to impact patients motivated         Many of the donors who helped make the
                                   each decision in the building process,           building possible wrote prayers for Good
                                   and behind that desire was a dream built         Samaritan on slips of paper. Those prayers

4 The Samaritan’s Journal          s um m e r 2 O O 9
                                     Lynne Warren with Leobardo
                                     Lucero, who painted the prayer
                                     room at Good Sam.

                                  were placed in the threshold        people using His creativity for His pleasure, as a way of serv-
                                  of the main doors, and the          ing Him as the Good Samaritan staff serves others. In all of it,
                                  cement was poured over              it is His creativity shining forth as He dwells in this place.”
                                  them with both a literal and
                                  symbolic meaning that the  “This whole thing is more than just a building,” Roberta
                                  whole ministry was built andsays, “it is about increasing the impact on patients. And it’s
                                  founded on prayer.          working! With adequate space for everyone to work, we saw
                                                              an immediate impact on the ability of our staff to provide
The Prayer Room itself is the smallest but mightiest room in  excellent care to our patients. Patient visits increased by more
the new building. When the Prayer Room was being construct- than 500 within the first month after the move!”
ed, The Center’s board members wrote Scripture verses on
pieces of paper and placed them inside the walls. When a pa-
tient enters the Prayer Room, they are already surrounded by

“We want our patients to not just see a
 beautiful building when they come here but
 to feel the love of God all around them.”

those prayers and also the prayers of one man who worked on             Pictured left to right; Josh Mudd, McWhirter Realty, project manager,
the building. Leobardo Lucero, one of the painters, found out           Roberta Green, John Buckley, Benning Construction Co., builder,
the room was to be the Prayer Room and told Lynne, “I will be           Al Secco, Robertson Loia Roof, architect.
painting this room today, and as I paint, I will be praying that
God will use this room to change people’s lives.”                     When all is said and done, says Lynne, “This building, no
                                                                      matter what we do to make it lovely and attractive, it’s really
The plan for the new facility was to be functional, efficient,        the staff who makes this place a place of love, grace and hope
and to make the most out of the space. But the desire was more        that changes the lives of our patients. When life is difficult,
than that, Roberta says. “It was to glorify God and honor our         it is easy to get cynical and turn from God, but having a
patients. We want to leave an impression on our patients, to          place like Good Samaritan provides a glimpse of hope and
make them feel so loved and cared for that maybe someday as           help to get people through hard times. Our staff, literally,
they look around and see the beauty and design of the build-          has been moved by compassion to help others.”
ing, they would ask, ‘Why would you do all this?’ And then we
could share with them all about God’s extravagant love.”              And that is what makes this new facility truly a building full of
                                                                      growing opportunities.
Even down to the smallest details, Lynne shares that each
decision was made seeking the will of God, and it was “His                                                  Article written by: Faith Watson

                                                                                su m m er 2OO9                    The Samaritan’s Journal 5
a new home
of compassion

Opening New Doors                             Grand Opening and                             Many Hands Help on Moving Day
On February 25, 2009, the staff, Board of     10 Year Anniversary Celebration               It was “all hands on deck” for staff and
Directors, and other friends of The Good      On March 28, 2009, The Good Samaritan         volunteers on moving day, February 23.
Samaritan Health Center opened the            Health Center celebrated 10 years of          We are grateful to the many volunteers
doors of the new health center at 1015        service as we hosted the Grand Opening        who worked hard unpacking and setting
Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. Before          of our new building. The Center first         up the clinic and to Chick-fil-A for
the ribbon cutting ceremony, a time of        opened its doors on January 4, 1999,          providing lunch.
prayer and dedication was held, as the        and since that day, nearly 160,000 visits
staff walked through the new building and     have been made by patients for medical,
                                                                                            Clockwise from top left
around the grounds praying for the people     dental, mental health counseling, and         Dr. Bill Warren shows his “handyman” skills.
who would walk through the doors of The       health education services. More than          Staff and volunteers welcome guests to the Grand
Center when it opened on February 26          200 guests attended the drop-in event,        Opening. l-r: Kris DeLoach, Women’s Auxiliary member,
                                                                                            Toni Cribbs, Dental Hygienist, Merry Smith, Dental
and for the opportunities to serve for many   where they received a tour of the building.   Assistant, Dr. Gail McLaurin, Dental Director, Dr. Tony
years to come.                                Guests were served refreshments in the        DeLoach, Board Member and volunteer dentist.
                                              community room and musician James             Volunteers who helped with the move. Wesleyan School
                                                                                            high school students helped to unpack and sort the
                                              Casto played in the lobby.                    dispensary in the new building on moving day.
                                                                                            GSHC staff join Board Chairman David Pattillo to open
                                                                                            the new Center.
to the

                          Thanks to our Volunteer Groups
                          • Spiritual Partners Group of Adults                  If you have a group that would like to
                          • Wesleyan School High School Students                volunteer for a project at The Center,
                          • Mt. Vernon Baptist Church                           contact Delise White,

                          Caring for Families Moving for Atlanta

                            Capital Campaign & building update
                            On February 27, 2009, the completed building at 1015 Donald Lee Hollowell
                            Parkway officially became The Good Samaritan Health Center’s new home. We held
                            a grand opening open house on March 28 and have settled in comfortably to our
                            wonderful new home and neighborhood.

                            The “Caring for Families; Moving for Atlanta” Capital Campaign has received more
                            than $10,674,000 in gifts and pledges, exceeding our goal of $10,300,000. This
                            includes the sale of the Ivan Allen property. Thank you to each of our donors for
                            your ministry partnership as we continue “spreading Christ’s love through quality
                            healthcare to those in need.”

 Dear Dr. Warren,                                          Memorials & Celebrations
                           nderful ten years of            We thank the following individuals for their generous support:
 Congratulations on a wo
                           You are such a great
 helping so many people.
                                                           In Memory Of                             Lucille Dearmin
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huff
                             neighbor”. I consider         D.b. Allen Jr.
 example of “loving your
                                                                                                    barbara Deutschman
                                                           Mr. H.C. Aldredge                        Mrs. Frances C. Brugh
                            ing to be able to
  it a pleasure and a bless
                                                           Mary Lynn Allen                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huff
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lazenby               Joyce H. Floyd
                           nderful institution.
   contribute to such a wo
                                                           betsy broome                             Mr. and Mrs. William C. Warren III
                                                           Joyce Broome’s Bible Study and Spouses
                              you and all those
                                                                                                    Hortense Hill

   I pray God’s Blessings on
                                                           Darlena brown                            Mrs. Frances C. Brugh
                                                           Mr. Joe F. Elliott
                           d I wish for many
                                                                                                    Mike LaPenta
   who assist you there an
                                                           Russell Calomeris                        Mrs. Frances C . Brugh

                            those who need help.
                                                           Ms. Jenna Calomeris                      Jack H. naish
    more years of serving                                  John Deal
                                                           Frances C. Brugh
                                                                                                    Jane D. Naish
                                                                                                    James P. Poole
                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. H.C . Aldredge
                   –From A Friend of Good
   Women’s Health Grants                                                                                               Top Left: Margaret Currans (l) and
                                                                                                                       Sabrina Tindal (r) from Susan G.
   In 2009, Good Samaritan received the largest grants ever from two of our strongest                                  Komen for the Cure with Karen Rose
   partners for women’s health and the fight against breast cancer:
                                                                                                                       Top Right: Randi Passoff, Founder
      Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Atlanta Affiliate’s $117,000 grant in April will                             and Director of It’s The Journey,
      make it possible for 700 women to receive clinical breast exams and 300 women to                                 Inc. with Dr. Bill Warren.
      receive mammograms and any other needed diagnostic tests.

      It’s The Journey, Inc., producers of the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, granted
      $50,000 in March to provide mammograms and diagnostic tests for more than 200
      women in the coming year.

   4 Stars from Charity navigator                                          Highlighting our Prayer Room Ministry
                               For the 5th consecutive year, The           The Prayer Room Ministry is off to a great start with six volun-
                               Good Samaritan Health Center                teers who serve our patients and staff. As the ministry grows,
                               received the 4 Star rating of ex-           the need also grows for more volunteers willing to work regu-
                               cellence from Charity Navigator             lar shifts in the Prayer Room. A crucial need is for Spanish-
                               indicating that Good Samaritan              speaking volunteers who can read Spanish prayer requests and
                               Health Center consistently ex-              follow up with those who have given requests, as well as pray
                               ecutes its mission in a fiscally re-        with Spanish-speaking patients. Another need is for dona-
                               sponsible way, and outperforms              tions to cover the costs of materials and Bible study workbooks
                               most other charities in America.            to keep our Prayer Room stocked with resources to share with
   This “exceptional” designation from Charity Navigator dif-              our patients. If you would like to be a Prayer Room volunteer,
   ferentiates Good Samaritan Health Center from its peers                 please contact Delise White at or by
   and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust.             phone at 678.553.4904.

   Clarke Rawson
   Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Robinson
                                      Dr. and Mrs. Armand Hendee
                                      Mrs. Nancy T. Hogan
                                                                           Terry Zebrasky
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Bud Profit
                                                                                                                    For the Birthday of
   betty Sheffler                     Mr. James E. Jowers, Jr.             William Warren Stone                     bill Calton
   Mr. Joe F. Elliott                 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Keeble IV       Lynne Warren’s Bible Study and Spouses   Ms. Karen Rose
                                      Ms. Renee M. Keeble                                                           Mark Chandler
   Gary Shetler
   Carrie Shetler
                                      Mr. and Mrs. E. Polk Kellam, Jr.
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marchman
                                                                           In Celebration of                        Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Warren
   Dr. Henry K. Stanford              Mrs. Kathryn McGrew                  Steve brock;                             Catherine Dukehart
   Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Walker        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mowry           builder of the year Award                Mr. and Mrs. Ed Addison
                                      Mrs. Melanie B. O’Kelley             Ms. Gloria Tippin
   William Warren Stone
   Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Abernethy      Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Robertson    bill & Lynne Warren’s
                                                                                                                    In Honor Of
   Mr. and Mrs. John Adair            Mr. and Mrs. David G. Salyers        Grandchildren                            Dr. William C. Warren iV
   Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Austin          Mr. and Mrs. Brad Schroer            Anne and George Thomas                   Mrs. Martha K. Stone
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Christian   Mr. William M. Taylor, Jr.
                                      Mrs. William C. Warren Jr.           John Stone                               Don and Jo Wells
   Mr. and Mrs. Madison Cole, Jr.                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collison            Magnolia Plastics Inc.
   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collison      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Warren
                                      Mr. and Mrs. William C. Warren III
   Mr. James L. Drinkard
   Ms. Miriam Drummonds               Mrs. Charles Woodall, Jr.            For the Graduation of
   Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Farrow       Reginald Tucker                      Dr. Walter J. Hoyt Jr.
   Ms. Donna Hauser                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huff             Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bickerstaff

6 The Samaritan’s Journal             s um m e r 2 O O 9
                                    Coming in spring 2010
                                     the 4th annual

                                                                                                 The Good Samaritan
                                                                                                 Health Center

                                                                                                 board of directors
                                                                                                 David A. Pattillo
                                                                        aritan Health Center
                                    llenges we all face, The Good Sam
                                                                                                 Kirk M. McAlpin, Jr., esq.
Keeping in mind the economic cha                                         remember that the
                                     a golf tournament in 2009. Please
 decided to forego the expense of                                         ains the same. Any
                                                                                                 William C. Warren, iV, MD
                                     grow and our need for support rem
                                                                                                 President and Founder
 need for our services continues to                                           and families in    Rev. Larry Arnold
                                        providing healthcare for individuals
  gift you give in 2009 will go 100% to                                            0!            Charlie M. becker
                                              ard to golfing with you again in 201
           our community. And we look forw                                                       Jon Calbert
                                                                                                 Daniel Callahan, MD
                                                                                                 Anthony M. DeLoach, Sr., DDS
                                                                                                 Pat Fiol, Rn
                                                                                                 William D. Hoyt
                                                                                                 Veda S. Johnson, MD
  Georgia Baptist Healthcare Ministry                                                            S. Douglas King
  Foundation awarded a $150,000 grant to                                                         Lorin Middelthon
  The Good Samaritan Health Center. Grant                                                        eugene D. Scott
  funds will provide healthcare for nearly                                                       Glenn D. Warren
  1,800 patients who live inside the perimeter                                                   nancy Wilkinson
  of Atlanta.
                                                                                                 directors emeritus
  The McKesson Corporation Foundation gave                                                       Roy Abernethy
  $25,000 to care for uninsured children from                                                    David Harper
  low income families at Good Samaritan.                                                         J.C. Johnston, DDS

     Top: Bill Warren accepts a check for $150,000 from Georgia                                  Good Samaritan Health Center is a
                                                                                                 private, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable
     Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation board member                                        entity serving Atlanta’s neediest people:
     Leland Strange in a Feb. 19 ceremony.                                                       the working poor, the homeless, the
                                                                                                 destitute, recent immigrants, and people
     Bottom: Roberta Green with Charlie McKinney,                                                who have no health insurance.
     McKesson Foundation.                                                                        Good Samaritan Health Center is a
                                                                                                 full-service healthcare center staffed by
                                                                                                 physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses,
                                                                                                 dental hygienists, dental assistants,
                                                                                                 counselors, educators, and others. in
                                                                                                 addition, the Center is blessed to have
  We desire to acknowledge             Days of Compassion and Healing                            the onsite services of many volunteer
                                                                                                 doctors, dentists, and other providers.
  your donations to GSHC. if
  your name is listed incor-           Your gift made in memory, honor, or celebration of
  rectly in any of our publica-        a person, anniversary, birthday, wedding, or other
  tions, please contact us,
                                       special event also makes a difference in the lives of            people in need. Give the gift of Compassion and
                                       Healing. $100 sponsors one patient visit. $2500
                                       sponsors a day of care for either the medical or dental
  donate Online!                       clinic. $5000 sponsors a full day of medical, dental
  you can donate online
                                       and mental health services.
  using Visa, Mastercard, or           Contact Karen Rose, 678.553.4905, karen@
  American express!
                             , with any questions or for
                                       assistance in making donations.

                                                                                                        The Samaritan’s Journal 7
                                                                                             M ZiP CO
                                                                                                                         non PRoFiT





                                                                                                                         u.S. PoSTAGe
                                                                                                                        PeRMiT no641
   1015 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy.
   Atlanta, GA 30318

   Spreading Christ’s love
   through quality healthcare
   to those in need.

s u mmer 2009          The Samaritan’s Journal

                                                                                                        Mark your Calendar
                                                                                                        Women’s Auxiliary
                                                                                                        October 21 at the Capital City
                                                                                                        Club in Brookhaven

                                                                                                        Run for the Kids
                                                                                                        Saturday, September 12, 2009

                                                                                                        It’s The Journey
                                                                                                        2-Day Walk
                                                                                                        Sunday, October 4, 2009

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