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					                                                                 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CRITERIA

R   ecognized as a pioneer of the urban investment concept
     among institutional real estate managers, MacFarlane
Partners is one of the leading real estate investment
                                                                        Chuck Berman
management firms in the United States and a preferred capital           Managing Principal and Vice Chairman
provider for properties that promote smart growth, urban                199 Elm Street
                                                                        New Canaan, CT 06840
revitalization and sustainability.                                      Tel: 203.972.2984
                                                                        Fax: 203.972.2987
Well-versed in the intricacies of urban property markets, we  
specialize in large-scale properties that often involve multiple
land uses and public/private capital structures. Our focus on
urban areas enables us to execute complex transactions and to           Greg Vilkin
assess market potential where others may see none. We also              Managing Principal and President
                                                                        201 Spear Street, 14th Floor
are accustomed to working with our joint venture partners and           San Francisco, CA 94105
local agencies to overcome the regulatory, environmental and            Tel: 415.356.2500
capital issues that urban properties can encounter.                     Fax: 415.356.2599
Since launching our urban real estate investment management
program in 1996, we have invested in 7.1 million square feet of
commercial space and 10,300 multifamily housing units in               EAST COAST MARKETS
urban and high-density suburban submarkets of select U.S.
metropolitan areas. Our key investment criteria include:                Matthew Adler
                                                                        Senior Vice President, Investments
                                                                        535 Fifth Avenue, 18th Floor
Location:                   Preference for New York City;               New York, NY 10017
                            Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; the          Tel: 415.356.3596
                            San Francisco Bay Area; Boston;             Fax: 415.356.2599
                            Chicago and Seattle. Sites must be
                            located in urban or high-density
                            suburban areas. Will not consider
                            “greenfield” sites.                         John Green
                                                                        Vice President, Investments
                                                                        1025 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Ste. 1000
Property Type:              All property types, with a                  Washington, DC 20036
                            preference for office, multifamily          Tel: 202.828.1292
                            residential (both rental and for-           Fax: 202.828-1290
                            sale), retail and mixed-use       

Property Size:              $50 million minimum total project          WEST COAST MARKETS
                                                                        Dirk Hallemeier
Investment Type:            Equity, mezzanine debt.                     Senior Vice President, Investments
                                                                        201 Spear Street, 14th Floor
Existing Properties:        Underperforming properties that             San Francisco, CA 94105
                            have market-related occupancy               Tel: 415.356.2546
                                                                        Fax: 415.356.2599
                            problems or expansion potential,
                            and/or require renovating,
                            upgrading or recapitalization.

New Development:            May or may not be fully entitled;          WEST COAST DEVELOPMENT SITES
                            Commercial projects may or may
                            not be substantially pre-leased.            Susan Smartt
                                                                        Managing Director, Development
                                                                        201 Spear Street, 14th Floor
Note Purchase:              Purchase of performing or non-              San Francisco, CA 94105
                            performing loans and other debt             Tel: 415.356.2572
                            instruments that are secured by             Fax: 415.356.2599
                            real estate (or partnership interests
                            in real estate).

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