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lk presentation


Introduction for
LK international wannabes
• Situated 20 km away from the German
  border LK is a small town in the
  countryside, with about 3000
• It’s history goes back many century’s,
  changing from a place for monks, to a
  trade center, today LK is an inspiring
  place with beautiful church, small
  stream, market place with cobble stone
  streets, gym and second hand shops.
• + a great FOLK HIGH SCHOOL
            What is a folk high school?

• The Danish Folk High Schools offer non-formal
  adult education. Most students are between 18 and
  24 years old and the length of a typical stay is 4
• You sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time at
  the school. There are no academic requirements for
  admittance and there are no exams - but you will
  get a diploma as a proof of your attendance.
                   What can I do there?
• Enjoy nature, you will find fairy tale like
  environment in the nearby forest.
• You can take long walks or listen to a
  concert, take advantage of everything
  the school has to offer, be creative and
  try your limits.
• You can spread your wisdom and
  assimilate other people’s knowledge,
  become a better world citizen.
           Why do people go there?
• “I wanted to try something new -
  living in a foreign country, different
  language, meet new people and "reset"
  my brain after three years of my
  University studies.”
• “To explore this specific system of
  non-formal education and integration,
  to gain more experience in an
  intercultural environment.”
• “I wanted to be wiser, and to meet a
  lot of great people. ”
              What do you get from it?
• “It opens one's eyes to the world which we are
  part of and should know about. And it does this in
  a unique way through close interaction between
  young people from different cultures.”
• “Get to know more about culture in several
  countries at one time; get friends from all around
  the world; compare your culture, politics, state
  system, national character with all the other
  nationalities; improving English all the time -
• “You get to practice your English skills, learn
  about other cultures and thereby becoming more
  tolerant to people who are different from you.
  And also you get another perspective on yourself
  and your culture.”
                            When is this?
• Program is running between
  beginning of January till beginning
  of June, with possibility to join
  later or leave earlier, if a very good
  reason is said previously.
• Totally up to the schools decision,
  they will decide if they will take
  you for shorter period or not.
           What about getting wiser?
• Classes take place before and after lunch.
  Approximately 9.15 to 12.00 and 13.15 to 16.00
  with a coffee/tea break, Monday to Friday.
• You will be able to choose 2 major subjects,
  witch you will attend twice a week.
• And some minor subjects – you will have
  them once a week.
• There will be project weeks and different trips
  to make your program more colorful.
• Besides that you can organize whatever your
  mind can come up with, there is always a
  room to fill with Yoga, Party, Circle training,
  Movies, Pool, etc.
                       Major subjects
• Art
• Band
• E-music / Tone space
• Singing
• Journalism
• Chinese language and culture
• Theology and existence (Danish)
                                Minor subjects
•   Songwriting             •   Choir
•   Psychology (D)          •   Sculpture
•   Ceramics                •   World citizen
•   Bronze casting          •   Cultural encounter
•   Drawing/graphics        •   Climate
•   Rhetoric (D)            •   Painting
•   Grief and courage (D)   •   Out door
•   Art history             •   Sport
                 What else is to know?
• You will be part of a circle (group of
  students), having a circle teacher and
  duties, just like at home, from time to
  time you will have to clean and wash
  the dishes, but you will do it with your
  circle, so it’s fun.
• You will make presentation for
  morning singings and prepare your
  national food during “Culture eating”.
• The rest is mystery.
                                What’s sure:
• You will never get bored.
• You will come out as a new person, ready
  to face any challenge life might bring in
  front of you.
• There will be always someone to hug.
• Distance from family rarely will make you
  feel homesick, as you are in a loving
• Your time will be always filled with the
  weirdest programs.
• You will put on some weight, cause
  kitchen is good, and there is food 4-5
  times a day.
• You will have a feeling of globality, as
  you would be part of an international
  nation, having friends from China till
  Peru, borders will fall.
• Interculturality will be natural for you –
  useful in days when mobility is the
  driving force.
• You will sing a lot.
• You won’t be angry or sad.
                                    Just be aware:
• This is not formal education, you can not transfer
  credits to your university, as there are no exams
• Don’t expect university style teaching, free talking
  and “upon agreement” topics to discuss in classes
• Don’t go if you are antisocial and don’t like being
  with people 24/7, you can always stay in your
  room, but you will miss the whole point.
• Don’t go if you are racist and have problems with
  skin color, religion, etc. Open mindedness is a
• You can not go twice! Good to know before, cause
  you will want to go again or wish would never end.
  This is a once in a lifetime experience, so take
  advantage of it.
               How much does this cost?
• It’s almost free 
• Accommodation in single or double room, according to
  your choice, will be provided.
• You will have 3 main meals + 3 times coffee/tea/snack and
  fruit all day – like an All inclusive hotel.
• You do get to pay 400 EUR for the material account*,
  witch is for everything you use in art classes, trip to
  Berlin and whatever they come up with. – that’s it!
• You need to take care of your travel costs to and from the
  spot and your pocket money of course.
• I have spent about 1200 EUR for the whole 5 months stay.
  This can be less or bit more, according to your own
  “shopaholicness”, but there is not too much to pay for as
  everything is provided, also desert .

*valid in 2010 for new EU country students, similar price
   should be for 2011 as well, but you get to know that
   before leaving
                                                Do I qualify?
• Are you between 18-25(30, at your own risk )?
• Are you able to leave for 5 months?
• Can you afford the stay? – sorry, inconvenient question, but
  can be a problem in our country, though being student in
  other city for 5 months is about the same amount.
• Do you speak English well enough to understand this
  presentation without dictionary/assistance. Intermediate
  level is a must as you might be only Hungarian/Romanian.
  Teaching is in English, your life will be in English, you will
  improve, but must have a starting point to survive.
• Danish is not required, but if you know it, you have access
  to all the classes.
• It’s good if you like to play on an instrument, to paint or do
  creative things, but it’s also okay, if you have never done
  that and would like to try it.
• There is no recipe for perfect candidate, you don’t have to
  be the best student in your class, you can be anyway, this
  school is about being different.
              Information taken from
• / available in
  English, with description about folk high
  schools in general
• / in Danish
• Answers from a survey made for LK
• My own experience

• If you still have questions ask on the
  mail provided on the next slide. Be sure
  to write in English.
                         How can I get there?
• If you would like to be one of the students write to:
• Send a CV and a motivation letter until the end of
  September 2010 – include your full name in the
  document title.
• Mention if you are able to go for 5 months or you have
  exams, etc. witch would keep you from being there in
  the beginning/end.
• Convince us that you deserve a place in this wonderful
  school. It is a gift. 
• Pre selection will be done by former students.
• You may be asked to attend a small interview, totally
  non-formal, just to test your language skills.
• Final approval will come from the school.
Good luck and apply with confidence!
        Have a smiling day!
              Made by EmoKe

             September 2010

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