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Hope Artiste Village by jizhen1947


									                   Hope Artiste Village,

Greystone Lofts,                The Thread
North Providence                Factory,
                                Falls &
Hope Artiste Village is
 a community, an eclectic mix of
 artists and entrepreneurs all
 working and living together in
 one of the biggest mill
 restoration projects in Rhode
 Island History.

 We strive to be the new artistic
 center of Rhode Island...a New
 England Destination. With easy
 access from I-95 and located
 minutes away from downtown
 Providence, the new Hope Artist
 Village will be a cultural
 destination point. We welcome
 you to explore the possibilities...
               Our First Years
• The Village Project started June 2005.
  Urban Smart Growth established construction
  and development team in the village.

• The project is currently in the middle of its second phase of
  development, and coming to the end of its second year of

• June 2005 - January 2009
   – 77 Tenants: 116,820sf
   – 41 Signed Tenants in 2008 including 1 restaurant
   – 3 out of 11 live/work occupants have a practicing
     commercial enterprise. Rollover leasing is finding more
     and more of this type of user
                 Workshop & Industry
Light industrial spaces were the first
     completed spaces and are now
    95% filled with a wide variety of
                     artisan tenants.

                   Tenants Include:

 Woodshop co-op, Furniture maker,
       Baker, Tattoo Artist, Jewelry
     Maker, Coffee Roaster, Tai Chi
  studio, Pilates studio, Technology
            Services co., Belt maker
2005- Light Industry
Light Industry: Before and After

  Unit 715 in 2005   Unit 715 in 2007
         2006 Light Industry
          Before and After

Space Available for   New Harvest Coffee
        2007 Light Industry
         Before and After

Space Available for   The Hive Custom
     Lease            Tattoo Studio and
                  Office Suites
Our Executive Office Suites offer the flexible lease terms, full
list of amenities, and a professional office atmosphere.

•   Flexible Terms- yearly or month to month lease options.
•   Utilities, taxes, data installation included.
•   Community Kitchen!
•   95% rented, 5% under construction
2005 Office
             2006 Office
           Before and After

Space Available for   McCarten Violins Workshop
Live / Work Lofts
        The Village has invited eleven
          live/work tenants to a
          small interactive
          community along Main
          Street. Each unit features
          impressively designed
          bathrooms and kitchens,
          open floor plans, and a
          dramatic spiral staircase.
          Refinished floors, exposed
          brick walls, and restored
          loft windows.

        100% pre-leased between
          July and September 15th.
2005- Live/Work
                 2007- Live/Work

     Close to Completion                       Live/Work Model

Tenants include: A practicing Psychotherapist, Red Bull, Cuff Link
designer, and a Harvard professor
2005: Office/Retail
Completed Hallway Construction

   New Hallways   Jagged Design Allows Natural Lighting

 Tenants Include:
 Violin maker/tutor, Printer shop, 2 game stores,
 Pole Dance fitness studio, Ergonomic office supply
 store .
 Coming Soon: USG’s Co-working office space
2005 Restaurant
2007 Restaurant –
 The Blackstone
2008 Restaurant - Roshina
  Open House September 2007
1000+ attending. Repeated in ‘08
Construction: Phase Three
• 134 Residential Apartments

• 600 to 1,400 square feet

• Mix of single and two level units

• Open floor plans
Greystone Lofts, North Providence, RI
•150 Residential Apartments
•Phase 1 (60 units) opened in September 2008
•Phase 2 completed in December 2008
•43 Signed leases (January 9th)
•10 deposits
•9+ per month leasing rate

•Located 5.5 miles outside of Providence
•Riverside/wooded location
The Thread Factory
One of the largest and most
ambitious mill redevelopment
projects in the state of Rhode
Over 1 million square feet to be
500,000 square feet slated for
office and commercial
The first phase will bring online
over 80,000sf of office/industrial
business space, and 60 residences.

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