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					                      Template for Foundation Programme Posts

Programme Reference Number                   42.6

Description of Post

                                         Obstetrics and Gynaecology

F1/F2      Hospital     Specialty                            Subspecialty             Clinical Supervisor
F2         Leicester    Obstetrics and                                                Prof J C Konje
           Royal        gynaecology
Location(s): Leicester Royal Infirmary
Women’s Hospital
Clinical Supervisor
Name                    Professor J C Konje

Post Held                 Consultant & College Tutor

Current Numbers for Clinical Team on Base Ward
Consultant     SpR/ST        F2    F1     Other (Please Specify)

       1                2         1        1
Job Plan Please Complete – W/R (Outpatients), MDT, Meetings, X-Ray Conference etc.
                      Mon                  Tue                 Wed               Thu               Fri
AM                    Gynae/Obs On         Gynae/Obs On        Gynae/Obs On      Gynae/Obs On      Prof J C
                      Calls; Specialist    Calls; Specialist   Calls; Specialist Calls; Specialist Konje
                      Gynae/Antenatal      Gynae/Antenatal     Gynae/Antenatal   Gynae/Antenatal   Theatre List
                      Clinics              Clinics             Clinics           Clinics
Lunchtime                                                         Intrapartum
PM                    Prof J C Konje       Prof J C Konje      Gynae/Obs On      Gynae/Obs On      Teaching
                      Gynae                Antenatal           Calls; Specialist Calls; Specialist
                      Outpatient Clinic    Outpatient Clinic   Gynae/Antenatal   Gynae/Antenatal
                                                               Clinics           Clinics
Educational Activities
   1. Weekly multidisciplinary meetings on intrapartum care
   2. Monthly Journal Club
   3. Structured Friday pm teaching programme
   4. Monthly Perinatal Morbidity & Mortality Meetings
   5. Participation in and presentation of Departmental Audits
   6. Trent wide full training days; Leicester, Sheffield & Nottingham
Other Comments
Highlights/opportunities/unique features of post. Why you would recommend it to applicants.
      Provides excellent opportunities for
      Counselling
      Breaking bad news
      Understanding ethical issues
      Audit
      Understanding the balance between acute/elective & community vs hospital based care

        Please note that the programme/post information provided is subject to change.

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