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					                         TCH Training Team

                          Join the Fun Now!!!
TCH has been designated as an Official Charity & Training Program of the
P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Arizona Marathon & ½ marathon!

We have initiated a new program that will
  • Help you reach your training and fitness goals
  • Help TCH fulfill its mission of creating Strong Kids, Strong Families
     and Strong Communities

TCH will be the ultimate volunteer experience. First we will ask you to train
to run or walk a marathon or half-marathon race. While doing so, we will
also ask you to raise money that will be used to provide programs and
services to over 1,000 men, women and children with a developmental

In return, we will provide you with methods and schedules on how to train
properly, organize group training runs (for all levels of ability), provide you
with incentives and invite you to special pre-race training workshops, pre-
race pasta dinner and a post-race Victory party!

                     P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona
                           Marathon & ½ Marathon
                              January 13, 2008

                       Sign up and start training NOW!

             Stop by for an information packet or call or e-mail
           Jarrett @ 480-730-4223 OR
                         TCH Training Team
                      Empowering people with disabilities.
                    OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU


  1. A comprehensive training schedule including coaching, seminars & group

  2. Fundraising materials and training sessions

  3. Incentive prizes and entry into the P.F. Chang’s Arizona Roll
     Marathon/Half Marathon.


  1. To raise a minimum of $300 to benefit TCH

  2. Adhere to deadlines and team policies

  3. To run or walk the P.F. Chang’s Arizona Rock ‘N Roll Marathon or Half

July/August – 2007
Kick-off meeting to go over fundraising and training.
The Rock N Roll marathon will send a representative

September - October – November – December – 2007
Group Training Runs
Motivation and Nutrition seminars
Strength training sessions

December 6
Deadline for minimum $500 in fundraising to get FREE race registration

December 21
All donations due to the TCH Training Team must be recorded in your account by
this day.

Friday & Saturday, January 11 & 12

Health & Fitness EXPO at Phoenix Convention Center

Saturday, January 12

5:00 p.m. – Pasta dinner – carb load at TCH

Sunday, January 13

7:40 a.m. – marathon start
8:30 a.m. – ½ marathon start

Upon completion of race – Head to TCH in the Family Reunion area
7:00 p.m. Concert at Tempe Beach Park

Week of January 14
Post Race Victory Celebration at location/time to be named later.
             TCH Training Team
             Empowering people with disabilities


Amount Raised               Incentives*

$300 minimum                + Special TEAM TEMPE training t-shirt
                            + TCH Training Membership: includes seminars
                            and instruction on strength training, nutrition &
                            + Coaching and training schedules

$500                        + Payment of entry fee into P.F. Chang’s Arizona
                            Marathon or ½ Marathon
                            + Special TEAM TEMPE race shirt

$750                        +Invitation to TEAM TEMPE carbo- load dinner
                            held the night before the race
                            +special team goodie bag

$1,000                      +Invitation to Post Race Victory Celebration with
                            Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman

$1,000+                     +Entry into drawing for an Elite Racing trip

TOP FUNDRAISER              Wins a special trip! (tba)

*At each of the higher levels you will receive all the benefits of the lower
level in addition to the incentives listed.

There are many ways for you to raise money for this worthy cause, and as long
as you allow plenty of time, it will be easier than you think.

We think this is one of the most effective way to raise money:
  1. Make a list of 150-200 people – your friends, relatives, people you do
      business with (doctor, dentist, lawyer, other business people, your
      parent’s friends, etc.). If 120 of them return a donation at an average of
      $35 each (which is the average per 200 letters sent), you will have raised
  2. Check out the sample letter found in this packet.
  3. State the purpose of why you are volunteering and the race that you are
      training for.
  4. Include a personal story of why you are doing this, where applicable.
  5. State your fundraising goal.
  6. Mention that donations are tax deductible. Be sure to also say that you
      can pay by using a credit card!
  7. Close by expressing your appreciation and gratitude!

We think this is the most effective way to raise money:
      1. Send an e-mail to everyone in your address book with a link to your
personal fundraising webpage at

This is a fun way to enjoy fundraising. Get people to bring food and drink potluck
style to your home – invite as many people as possible. If you charge $20 per
person for 50 people (25 couples), you can raise $1,000!

Ask your guests to bring something of value and either silent or live auction it off.

Ask family and friends to clean out their homes and donate money for a garage

Many businesses will match funds raised by their employees. Even if your place
of employment does not have such a program, maybe your boss will match the
money you raised (e.g., $1.00 for every $2.00 you raise).

Get dinner for two from a local restaurant, a day off from your boss, or any other
prize, and conduct a raffle. Sell tickets for $5.00 or 3 for $10!
                                      TCH Training Team

                           YES! I would like to contribute to the TCH
                     and support you in your first half marathon (marathon)!

                                            In recognition for the efforts of:

                                                 (Name Participant)

                                              Who is participating in the

                       P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon

Name:      ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone #:             ________________________________________________________

Can We Recognize Your Gift? ______________________________________

                               Please circle the appropriate contribution below:

$26.20     She/He can do 26.2.
$52.40     I want to be an Ultra Supporter.
$75.00     Super Supporter Division.
$100.00    Amazing Super Division.
$200.00    Mega Supporter Division
$500.00      Platinum Supporter
______       Other

           Be creative! $_______________

           My company will match this contribution!
           A matching gift form from my employer is attached.

           Bill my   Visa     Master Card       American Express

Card # ___________________________________________ Exp. Date: ________________

Signature ___________________________________________________________________

  Go to and click on the event “P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Arizona and then find my
          name. You will be directed to my webpage where you can make a contribution online.

                            Please make checks payable to the Tempe Family TCH and
                                 Mail your contribution to ME at the address below:

                                                      John Doe
                                                    1234 Main St.
                                                   Anywhere, U.S.A.
                                         Sample Letter



On January 13, 2008 I will be running the P.F. Chang’s Arizona Rock ‘N Roll (1/2) marathon. This
will be my second half marathon, but this time I’m running for a cause that I truly believe in and
for which I hope to make a contribution.

Through my training and ultimately completion of the event my goal is to raise $1,000 for the
Tempe Family TCH. I’m hoping you will help me with this goal.

There are three areas that, with your support, will make a tremendous difference in our young
people’s lives:
   • Financial Assistance – No one is turned away from the TCH for the inability
          to pay fees. Your generous donation allows thousands of youth, teens, families and
          adults to participate as members in Tempe TCH programs such as childcare, day camp,
          youth sports, aquatics, water safety classes and health and fitness programs.

    •   Youth & Teens – The Tempe Family TCH Teen Center is an essential resource
        for teens, providing many healthy, positive activities and programs including sports and
        recreation. Some of our teen programs include Middle School Madness, Youth &
        Government and Tempe TCH Youth Leadership. Our programs provide quality, safe,
        and enriching activities as well as cultivate leadership development skills, mentoring
        opportunities and community service.

    •   Swimming and Splash Week – Water Safety is a major concern for all of us. Through
        our swimming programs, we teach children how to swim, and offer life-saving lessons
        to kids and their parents. Prepare to SWIM (Secure, Watch, Instruct, and Monitor) is one
        of our safety instruction classes, which includes a mandatory 3-hour CPR Class. As part
        of our commitment to water safety, we also provide a week of free swim lessons to
        anyone who would like to sign up.

Your tax deductible contributions will be greatly appreciated. Please see attached form for
detailed contribution information.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Your name
Tempe TCH Training Team Member
                   Tempe TCH Training Team
                    Empowering individuals with disabilities

 YES, I want to be a part of the TCH Team,

                             Sign me up!!





Do you plan to participate in the Full marathon____ or ½ marathon_____ ?

Please deliver this form to Jarrett at TCH OR E-mail the
information to OR mail to Jarrett’s
attention at TCH – 215 West Lodge Drive, Tempe AZ 85283.
Questions? Call 480-730-4223.

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