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 The Foundation’s Civic Engagement/Grassroots Leadership Development strategy is intended to support organizations of color and other
 community-based organizations committed to fostering the civic engagement and leadership development of low and moderate-income adults and
 youth in Boston and Chelsea. By focusing on issues of concern within their respective communities, these groups provide opportunities for
 participants to learn new skills, formulate possible solutions, make decisions and take collection action in securing changes that lead to social,
 economic and political equity and justice. The goals for this strategy are listed below. The organization should identify measurable activities and
 outcomes related to the specific goals for grassroots leadership development.

Required activities and outcomes are listed below. We welcome the inclusion of other activities and outcomes that the organization deems important
to track in their grassroots leadership development work.

                                 PLANNED                                                                            ACTUAL
Goals for the grassroots   MEASURABLE                 OUTCOMES                    MEASURABLE                OUTCOMES                      MEASUREMENT
leadership development     ACTIVITIES                 What benefits or changes    ACTIVITIES                                              How did you know that
                                                      will result from proposed                             What benefits or changes      these outcomes had been
work: (Identify the        What activities do you
                                                      activities?                 What activities did you   resulted from activities in   achieved?
specific activities and    plan to undertake?
                                                      Should be measurable        actually accomplish?      the program?
outcomes for each of the   Should be measurable &
goals listed below.)       quantifiable               improvements
                           performance targets
Increase the number of     √   Conduct #              √   Community
community activists and        meetings/forums to         meetings and
leaders, especially            engage community           forums inform and
among youth and                members to identify        expand the
people of color, who are       issue(s) of concern.       engagement of
engaged with the                                          residents as new
                           √   Identify and recruit
grantee organization                                      members on issues
                               # constituents as
and the community in                                      of concern.
addressing issues of
                               committed to           √   Concerned
                               working with the           residents select
                               organization on the        and participate on
                               issue of concern.          different levels with
                                                          the organization,
                           √   Engage, expand
                                                          depending on
                              and support a core         interest and time
                              group of #
                                                     √   Current and new
                              members to take
                                                         members find
                              more active
                                                         support and
                              leadership roles.
                                                         opportunities to
                                                         formulate and
                                                         decide on action
                                                         plans and
                                                     √   Action plans and
                                                         campaigns lead to
                                                         increased publicity
                                                         and broader
                                                         support for
                                                         resolving identified

Increase constituents’    √   Provide #              √   Members have a
leadership skills and         workshops and              good understanding
sense of their own            trainings to develop       of the issues and
ability to influence          skills of members          are able to educate
issues of concern to          to become effective        and advocate in the
their communities. For        leaders, organizers        community and/or
youth constituents, the       and advocates on           through public
approach should               identified issues.         processes.
encompass a youth
                          √   Provide additional     √   Members develop
                              services, support          skills and
framework which allows
                              and/or mentoring           confidence to act
for personal
                              as needed by #             and take leadership
development and
                              individual members         roles within and
opportunities to be
                              and/or youth.              outside the
civically and
                                                         organization on
meaningfully engaged,     √   Provide structured
                                                         issues of concern.
and connected with            opportunities for
caring and supportive         leaders and youth      √   Members,
adults on an ongoing          to have decision-          especially youth,
basis.                        making roles in the        have services and
                              organization.              support that
                                                         respond to
                                                         individual and
                                                         academic needs
                                                         and promote
                                                     √   Youth have long
                                                         term, positive
                                                         connections with
                                                         caring adults
                                                     √   Members have
                                                         meaningful decision
                                                         making roles in the
                                                         organization and on
                                                         action plans and

Increase the capacity of   √   Develop or refine     √   Training and
grantee organization to        training curriculum       curriculum are
promote civic                  to support member         effective in
engagement and                 engagement and            educating members
leadership development         leadership                on the issues and
of community                   development.              the related public
members.                                                 systems and
                           √   Have the ability to
                                                         processes. For
                               assess the
                               progress of
 (Please also refer to                                   communities,
                               members’ skills
“Indicators of                                           training and
Organizational Capacity                                  materials are
to Develop Grassroots      √   Develop or refine         linguistically
Leaders for Broader            organizational            appropriate.
Community Change” for          structures or
                                                     √   Methods are in
other activities and           processes to
                                                         place to assess the
outcomes                       provide and support
                                                         skills development
                                                         and level of
                               engagement and
                                                         engagement by
                           √   Develop or refine
                                                     √   Member
                               the ability to
                                                         engagement and
                               communicate with
                                                         leadership is
                                                         evidenced on staff,
                               constituent and
                                                         board and advisory
                               broader community
                                                         levels, as well as in
                               on issues or work.
                                                         actions and
                           √   Have or develop an        campaigns.
                               understanding of
                                                     √   Employs different
                               system change or
                               public policy              methods and tools
                               advocacy and               for communicating
                               organizing                 with members and
                                                          the public, e.g.
                           √   Have or develop
                               relationships with
                                                          newsletter, website
                               appointed and/or
                                                          and/or connections
                               elected policy
                                                          with local media.
                               makers and aides.
                                                      √   Have a “power
                                                          analysis” as part of
                                                          an action plan or

* Note: If your organization is applying for or has received operating support, this chart should only be completed for the programs that are consistent with the
Hyams Foundation’s funding guidelines. If your organization receives program support from Hyams, this chart only needs to be completed for the program(s)
funded by Hyams.

Please note: The “PLANNED” portion of the Program Outcome Chart should be completed when an organization submits a proposal request and the “ACTUAL”
portion should be submitted with the grant report at the end of the grant period. If your organization did not complete the “PLANNED” section when submitting its
grant request, please complete this as well as the “ACTUAL” section when submitting the grant report.

For your additional reference, please review the Hyams Foundation’s logic model for Civic Engagement-Grassroots Leadership Development and the Indicators of
Organizational Capacity to Develop Grassroots Leaders for Broader Community Change document. Both can be found in the download section of the Hyams

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