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Chip Plus - August 2009 Issue

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					Have fun with IncrediMail   » Eliminate malware with A-Squared Free » Back up files on the Internet

    Tools To
your youTube
                                                 Supplement to CHIP August 2009

                                                                                  without a
                                                                                  Snapter treats images of
                                                                                  documents clicked by a camera
                                                                                  to make them appear as if they
                                                                                  were scanned.

                                                                                  Keep your KidS
                                                                                  Safe online
                                                                                  K9 Web Protection can come to
                                                                                  your rescue with efficient web
                                                                                  filtering tools that keep harmful
                                                                                  sites at bay.

                                                                                  Keep your
                                                                                  thoughtS a

                                                                                  With Efficient Diary you can
                                                                                  maintain a secure online
                                                                                  journal for free.

 stubborn files                                                                   create elegant
                                                                                  Create a product catalog all by
                                                                                  yourself and that too for free
     Trying to get rid of a file that refuses to budge?                           with Vevo! Catalog Maker.
    You’ll soon find that you don’t need to try so hard

                                        Dr. Know
                                        Project Natal, Accelerometers, Google Wave, A-GPS

                                        PC DoCTor
                                        Overcome problems encountered while using AVG Antivirus

                                        In DeTaIl
                                        Find out what makes a digital photo frame work

                                       recover deleted fileS
                                       Bring back mistakenly deleted files

4    Delete stubborn files
We provide simple solutions to help you
get rid of undeletable files

7    recover DeleteD files
Learn how you can recover files that have
been deleted by accident

10   10 tiPs                                 4
10 exciting tools to improve your
YouTube experience

12   tiPs & tricks
Optimize the usage of Windows,
Word, Excel and the Web

20 scanning without                          SpECialS
a scanner                                                                           GROUP TechnOlOGy ediTOR
Snapter is a handy application that         46    Dr. know                              hatim kantawalla
can stand in for a scanner                  Let more about Project Natal, 
                                            Accelerometers, A-GPS and Google Wave   AssisTAnT ediTOR - TechnicAl
24 keeP your kiDs                                                                         Jamshed avari
safe online                                 48    Pc Doctor                       
Monitor and configure the use of the        Overcome problems encountered                      cOPy desk
Internet on your child's computer           while using AVG Antivirus                      sharon khare
31have fun with                             50    in Detail                             gareth mankoo,
your emails                                 A deeper look into the functioning         Dolwin fernandes,
Give your emails a new look and feel        of a digital photo frame                      kamakshi s
with the help of IncrediMail                                                                 ART diRecTOR
                                                                                           nirmal biswas
35 create ProDuct                            35                                                  desiGn
catalogs                                                                              Jagdish limbachiya,
Learn how to create your very own                                                        brijesh gajjar,
product catalogs for free                                                                sachin Pandit,
                                                                                       hemali limbachiya
39 riD your Pc                                                                                  heAd OFFice
of malware                                                                                Intelligent Computing CHIP,
                                                                                              Infomedia 18 Limited
A-Squared Free is a great tool to                                                      `A’ Wing, Ruby House, 2nd Floor,
overcome the problem of malware                                                          J.K. Sawant Marg, Dadar (W),
                                                                                           Mumbai - 400 028. INDIA
43 back uP large files                                                                     Phone: (91 22) 4030 2323
on the internet                                                                              Fax: (91 22) 4030 2707
                                                                                           E-mail: can store up to 50 GB
of your data on the net for free
                        The main reason personal computers
                        were invented was to process data.
                        They form the alpha and the omega of
                        computing. As times have evolved in the
                        field of technology, we're faced with new
                        challenges as far as storing, removing,
                        manipulating and optimizing data are
                        concerned. Getting hands-on solutions
                        is one thing, but getting them without
                        shelling out a single paisa is even more
                        satisfying. That's what we focus on.

                        Besides managing data and tackling the
                        problems with storage, we're also faced
                        with the intimidating challenge of keeping
                        computers secure. Luckily we have scores
                        of applications that can dodge even the
                        quirkiest bugs, viruses, worms and malware;
                        and most of them are for free.

                        Another pressing issue in the field of
                        security is the problem of children
                        accessing the Internet, for all the wrong
   Getting hands-on     reasons. Keeping a tab on their activity
                        manually is not easy, especially for working
     solutions is one   parents who are compelled to leave their
                        children alone at home with the perilous
   thing, but getting   dark side of the Internet just a click away.
                        However, we have a solution for that too.
       them without     If you look at all the purposes that we use
shelling out a single   the computer for, there's always some some
                        scope for misuse. The greater the amount
 paisa is even more     of data we work on, the higher the chances
                        of problems arising. Thankfully, we have
   satisfying. That's   rays of hope to counter all these problems
                        without compromising on much. We just
  what we focus on.     have to look in the right places for them.

                        Gareth Mankoo
4 feature  application

                                                                                                                                           hemali limbachiya

                                      delete stubborn files
                                      Deleting unwanted files can sometimes prove to be almost impossible
                                      because of various factors. Instead of just letting these files be, it is better
                                      to take some measures to get rid of them. Here, we show you some simple
                                      and useful techniques to do the same.
                                      by gareth mankoo

    key detailS
                                                 e store files, folders, applications and      Select 'explorer.exe' and click 'End Process'.
                                                 other data on our computer for future         Click
                                                                                              ff "File | New Task", enter "command". Click "OK".
    Skill level
                                                 use. However, once we have no use for         In
                                                                                              ff the command prompt navigate to the folder
                                     such files, they are nothing but a waste of space.        which contains the file that you want to delete.
    now you can
                                     Deleting them is the best option. Holding down            Once you are in the folder, simply type 'Del'
     Force delete files             [Shift] while pressing the [Del] key deletes it           followed by a space and the filename. For example,
     Force uninstall applications   permanently from your computer.                           'Del Unwanted.txt'.
    project time                         There are many instances though when files            Type 'exit' and hit [Enter] to close the prompt.
    45 Minutes                       simply refuse to get deleted for a number of              In
                                                                                              ff the task manager click 'File | New Task'.
    what you will need               reasons. We have collected some useful tools, tips        Type 'Explorer.exe' in the textbox and click 'OK'.
    Internet connection
                                     and tweaks for Windows that can help you get rid
    Listed applications
    Windows XP bootable CD
                                     of these troublesome files for good.                     WindoWs RecoveRy console
                                                                                              The Windows Recovery Console helps administrators
                                     Use Task manageR                                         to recover their systems from fatal crashes and other
                                     Using the task manager to delete a troublesome           problems. Make sure that you have administrative
                                     file is one of the most common methods. First,           privileges or your local machine.
                                     make sure that you have quit all other applications.     ff Insert the bootable Windows XP CD.
                                     ff  Hold the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] to      Click
                                                                                              ff 'Start | Run'.
                                         launch the 'Task Manager'.                              In
                                                                                              ff the command prompt, enter, 'E:\i386\winnt32.
                                     ff to the 'Processes' tab.                                  exe /cmdcons' (where 'E' is the CD-ROM).

                                                                                                         intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                   application  feature 5

ff 'Windows Setup' dialog box will appear on
   your screen. This dialog box will contain brief
   information about Console. Click 'Yes'.
ff installation will complete automatically. After
   it completes, restart your machine.
ff Select 'Windows Recovery Console' on startup.
ff for the files to be copied into your system.
ff you have Windows installed on only one drive
   then enter '1' and press [Enter]. Else, select which
   installation of Windows you want to start.
The next time Windows starts, Microsoft Windows
Recovery Console will automatically start. Use this
console to navigate to the location where the file is
stored and delete it.

                                                              'Kill Process' terminates the process while 'Unlock' gives you more options to unlock the file. Click the
deleTe WiTh UnlockeR                                          appropriate buttons on the 'Unlocker' dialog box to perform one of these actions .
Unlocker is a free application that can safely get rid of
files that refuse to be deleted. Using it, various errors
can be dealt with, especially file access denial, sharing
issues and broken links.
    Here's how to go about with the installation and
configuration process:
ff the site
ff the 'Download' link on the top bar. Doing so
    will redirect you to where the EXE file is available.
ff the link, 'Unlocker 1.8.7 - From this website'
    and save the file to your hard drive.
ff  Double-click the file named 'unlocker1.8.7' and
    complete the installation process.
ff  Once the application is installed you will notice a
    tray icon called 'Unlocked Assistant'. Right-click the
    file that cannot be deleted and click 'Unlocker' in
    the context menu.
ff 'Unlock' to remove all the restrictions that
    Click                                                     After executing the 'winnt32.exe' file with the '/cmdcons' parameter, the files from the CD will be
                                                              copied to your hard drive.
    keep you from deleting the file.
Once the file is unlocked you can delete it from the
respective source. Unlocker also provides you with
another option that enables you to kill the process.

deleTe files Using Unlockme
UnlockMe is another helpful tool that will help you
get rid of stubborn files. Download it from, http://
    Once you complete the installation process, simply
right-click the file or folder that you wish to delete. You
will see an option called 'Unlock Me' in the context
menu. Click it to unlock the file. Once unlocked,
deleting it will not be a problem.
    You need to keep in mind that the application that
is running the locked file terminates. For example,
the MS Word process is killed when you unlock a
document file. Hence you need to save all the other           After installing UnlockMe, right-click on the file that you wish to delete and select 'Unlock Me' from
                                                              the context menu.
files that use the application before unlocking it.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
6 feature  application

                                                                                                                    UninsTall applicaTions
                                                                                                                    Using Revo UninsTalleR
                                                                                                                    Deleting files is one problem that we have
                                                                                                                    addressed in the points mentioned above. Getting
                                                                                                                    rid of undeletable applications can also be a task
                                                                                                                    sometimes. The first thing we do is try uninstalling
                                                                                                                    it using the Windows uninstaller. This can be done
                                                                                                                    by double-clicking 'Add or Remove Programs' in the
                                                                                                                    Control Panel and uninstalling directly. However,
                                                                                                                    there may be occasions when the application will
                                                                                                                    refuse to budge. You can also try uninstalling the
                                                                                                                    application from the application's folder in 'All
                                                                                                                    Programs', in the Start Menu.
                                                                                                                        Revo Uninstaller can forcefully uninstall
                                                                                                                    applications that are difficult to delete. It makes it
     Revo Uninstaller lists the files in a grid. Click the 'View' button and select 'Details' for a detailed view
     for a list of all the applications.
                                                                                                                    possible to uninstall files that throw up errors the
                                                                                                                    moment the uninstall process commences. It is freely
                                                                                                                    available for download on the Revo Uninstaller site.
                                                                                                                    Follow these steps to get started,
                                                                                                                    ff and click the
                                                                                                                        'Download' tab.
                                                                                                                    ff  Under 'Free and Full Download' section, click
                                                                                                                        'Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware'.
                                                                                                                    ff  Double-click the downloaded executable file and
                                                                                                                        complete the installation process.
                                                                                                                    ff  Once the installation is complete, you will see the
                                                                                                                        logo of 'Revo Uninstaller' on your desktop as well
                                                                                                                        as the Start menu. Click on any of these to launch
                                                                                                                        the program.
                                                                                                                    ff launching the program, the dialog box will
                                                                                                                        arrange the application logos in a similar manner
                                                                                                                        as displayed in the 'Add or Remove Programs'
                                                                                                                        dialog box from the Control Panel. Click the 'View'
     You can select the location of the files that you wish to delete and also specify particular extensions.           button and select 'Details'. This will display the
     Click 'Options' and navigate to 'Junk Files Cleaner | General' in the left pane.
                                                                                                                        installed applications in a grid, with information
                                                                                                                        on the source of the files (web address), date of
                                                                                                                        installation, version and the size of the file
                                                                                                                        among other details.
                                                                                                                    ff uninstall the file, simply right-click the entry
                                                                                                                        in the grid and click 'Uninstall' from the context
                                                                                                                    ff simply remove an entry from the list of
                                                                                                                        programs, right- click the entry and click
                                                                                                                        'Remove Entry'.
                                                                                                                    This is a proven and tested method to eradicate
                                                                                                                    applications that do not get uninstalled in one go.
                                                                                                                    The best part of using this application is that it
                                                                                                                    also removes the entry name in the list of installed
                                                                                                                    applications, even if the uninstallation files are
                                                                                                                        Revo has a 'Hunter Mode' as well. This mode allows
     Click the 'Tools' button in the Revo interface. This will allow you to run Windows system tools and            you to use the application when it is minimized on
     also provides with 'Junk Files Cleaner'.
                                                                                                                    your system tray.

                                                                                                                               intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                    application  feature 7

                                                                                                                                   sachin Pandit

                                recover deleted files
                                If your computer is used by multiple users, there may be instances when
                                important files get deleted permanently. Recovering such files may not
                                be as difficult as it seems. Let’s take a look at some tools that can help
                                recover these files.
                                by dolwin fernandes

key detailS
                                      reating a backup of files is important to          at how to go about using this utility.
                                      avoid data loss in case files get deleted             Download the setup from the site. Double-click
Skill level
                                      accidentally. The 'System restore' utility         this file and follow these steps:
                               in Windows can help one recover system files              ff Select the drive from where the file was deleted.
now you can
                               and settings to a certain extent. But at times, the       ff Click the ellipsis button and browse for an
 Recover deleted files        recovery process may fail if restore points were not         appropriate location to save the file.
 Recover files from damaged   created. However, to avoid such losses we have               To
                                                                                         ff set a search criteria, click the 'Filter' tab on the
disks                          collected and reviewed some useful software that             main interface and set appropriate options as
project time
                               can help recover deleted files with ease.                    required.
30 Minutes
                                                                                         ff Once done, click 'Start Scan'. Once the scanning
what you will need
Internet connection
                               UndeleTe plUs                                                process has been completed, the application will
Listed applications           Undelete Plus is the most common utility used                list files based on their extension or category.
                               to recover deleted files. It is a freeware and can           To
                                                                                         ff restore a particular file, select the checkbox
                               be downloaded from,                   next to the file and click 'Start Undelete'.
                               Recovery/Windows-Portable-Applications-Portable-          ResToRaTion
                               Undelete-Plus.shtml.                                      Restoration is another free utility that can help a
                                  It is simple to use and it supports all Windows file   user recover deleted files. The advantage of using
                               systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. You can        Restoration is that it is very simple to use and is
                               also recover data from flash drives. Let's take a look    pretty light on your system. It supports the FAT and

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
8 feature  application

    NTFS file systems. Data can also be recovered from SD
    cards and flash drives.
        You can download Restoration from www. After
    downloading it extract the zip files, run the .exe file
    and follow the steps below:
    ff  Select a drive from where the file was deleted,
        enter the file name in the text box and click 'Search
        Deleted Files'.
    ff the required file is displayed in the list, select it,
        click 'Restore by copying' and browse for a new
        location to save the restored file.
    A disadvantage of the application is that it does not
    allow the user to set filters or search criteria. Also you
    cannot scan two or more drives at a time and the
                                                                 Select an appropriate drive from the 'Select disk or partition' dialog box and click 'Analyze' to check
    search results are not segregated according to the
                                                                 your system for deleted files.
    file types.

    handy RecoveRy
    Handy recovery is another file recovery utility that
    comes with a simple wizard to help users restore
    deleted files. It supports the FAT 12/16/32, NTFS/
    NTFS 5 + EFS, HFS/HFS+ file systems. It even allows
    users to create an image of a partition for deferred
    recovery as well as set filters for better search results.
    Handy recovery 4.0 can be downloaded from www.
       Let's take a look at how this application can help
    users recover deleted files.
    ff Once the setup file has been downloaded, execute
       it and complete the installation process.
    ff After the installation is completed, run Handy
       Recovery. You will now be able to view the file in
       Recovery Wizard.                                          Undelete Plus allows users to set criteria before searching for a deleted file. It also segregates files
                                                                 according to their type.

     aTTEMpTiNG rECOvEry
     Before using any of the above tools to recover data
     it is necessary to stop working on the partition
     from where the file was deleted. If a write operation
     has been performed on the drive after the file has
     been deleted, it may not be possible to recover the
     deleted file. This is because the block on the hard
     drive from where the file was deleted might be
     overwritten by another file, thus erasing every trace
     of data which was earlier present on it. Therefore,
     if you're trying to recover a file from drive 'C', for
     instance, make sure you save the file on drive 'D' to
     avoid write operations and to successfully recover
     the file. This precaution should be taken as soon as
     you realize that the file has been deleted.                 The main disadvantage of Restoration is that it does not list files and folders based on their

                                                                                                               intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                          application  feature 9

                                                                                                             Select an appropriate drive from the list and click
                                                                                                             'Analyze'. Once the analysis is over, you will be able
                                                                                                             to view files that can be recovered.
                                                                                                             Simply select a file or folder to be recovered and
                                                                                                             click the 'Recover' button on the toolbar.
                                                                                                             Select a location to save the file and click 'OK'.

                                                                                                            RecoveRing files fRom cds
                                                                                                            and dvds
                                                                                                            Using a CD or DVD is probably a good option for
                                                                                                            backing up or storing files and folders. However, it is
                                                                                                            quite likely that over a period of time, the disc might
                                                                                                            get damaged in some way or the other, thus making
                                                                                                            the data unreadable and inaccessible.
                                                                                                               If you have important data on a scratched CD
 CD recovery toolbox can restore files from scratched or damaged CDs and DVDs. Before clicking 'Next'
 make sure that you have entered an appropriate location to save the files.
                                                                                                            or DVD, there are chances that data might still be
                                                                                                            recoverable from bad sectors. For this, we will use the
                                                                                                            CD Recovery Toolbox.
                                                                                                               CD Recovery Toolbox was designed specifically
                                                                                                            for data recovery from CDs and DVDs rather than
                                                                                                            hard disks. It can be downloaded from link www.
                                                                                                            free-count-reg-19082.html. Let's take a look at how to
                                                                                                            go about this amazing utility.
                                                                                                            ff After launching, CD Recovery Toolbox will first
                                                                                                               check for CD or DVD drives.
                                                                                                            ff Once your CD or DVD has been detected, click
                                                                                                            ff next screen that appears will display the disk
                                                                                                            ff Click the browse button and select an appropriate
                                                                                                               location to save the files. Click 'Next'.
                                                                                                            ff the next screen select the checkboxes next to
  Undelete Plus allows users to add filters before searching for deleted files. These filters help in          files that need to be recovered and click 'Save'.
  narrowing down a search and providing more specific results.

                                                                                                             baCkiNG up SySTEM SETTiNGS
                                                                                                             Backing up your system's settings and drivers
                                                                                                             is also as important as backing up files and
                                                                                                             folders. 'System Restore' in Windows is
                                                                                                             probably the best tool to backup Windows
                                                                                                             settings and drivers. Let's take a look at how
                                                                                                             to create a restore point and revert back to
                                                                                                             system settings.
                                                                                                             ff to 'Start | Accessories | System tools | System
                                                                                                             ff the 'Create a restore point' radio button.
                                                                                                             ff Enter a name and click 'Create'.
                                                                                                             ff later restore your system, run System Restore.
                                                                                                             ff the 'Restore my system to an earlier point'
                                                                                                                radio button and click 'Next'.
  Handy Recovery allows users to create an image of the entire disk. To create an image click 'Tools|Save    ff Select a restore point from the list and click 'Next'.
  disk image' and browse for an appropriate location to save it.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
10 hands on  10 tips

                                                             Tools to improve your
                                                             youTube experience
                                                             Here are ten handpicked tools that can help you make
                                                             the most of YouTube. Among these, are tools that
                                                             will help you block ads, remove comments and also
                                                             download YouTube videos easily.
                                                             by gareth mankoo

                                                                             capitals, all capitals, no sentence case, unnecessary punctuations
             high QUaliTy videos
     1       the quality of YouTube videos can vary depending upon
                                                                             and profanity. It is available for download at the following site:
    certain factors. If you have a computer with a good configuration
    and good Internet speeds then watching videos in their best
    possible quality won't be a problem. Here's a user script that            4       searching for a video and loading it can be quite
    can help you view videos in 720p High Quality. To install this           cumbersome on a computer with a slow Internet connection.
    user script, simply visit the following site:    Here's something that can considerably lighten the load on your
    scripts/show/31864. Click Install. This script also gives you more       browser while viewing videos. What makes Quietube
    features like auto-looping, downloading in multiple formats,             really cool is that it's neither an application nor a browser
    removal of in-video ads, etc. You need to make sure that your            add-on, so it doesn't need to be installed. It is a tool that can be
    browser supports such scripts.                                           used on just about any browser. All you have to do is visit http://
                                                                    On this page, you will come across a 'quietube'
             yoUTUbe pRevenT aUToplay                                        button. Click and drag this button and drop it on the tab or on
     2       'youtube Prevent Autoplay' is a great tool,                     the page that has the YouTube video playing. All the elements on
    for advanced users, to block Autoplay of YouTube videos. This            the page will be removed and you will see your video on a plain
    can be used with any browser that has a script editor, like              white page without any other elements. This keeps distractions
    Firefox has Greasemonkey. This is basically a user script that           to a minimum and lightens the load on the browser.
    gets installed into your browser and affects every page that you
    browse. It is available at the following site:           easy yoUTUbe video
    scripts/show/12008. Once on this site, simply click 'Install'. The        5      doWnloadeR
    script will be automatically installed into your browser and will        if you use Mozilla Firefox, then here's a fantastic tool to help
    take effect immediately.                                                 you download videos directly from YouTube. However, since this
                                                                             is a Greasemonkey script you will have to download the script
             yoUTUbe commenT snob                                            editor from the following site:
     3         comments in YouTube can sometimes be quite                    firefox/addon/748. Once you install this Greasemonkey, visit
    annoying. Here's a great Mozilla Firefox add-on that can get             the site:
    rid of invalid comments posted on any video. 'Comment Snob'              Click 'Download now' on this page to install the add-on. Once
    doesn't remove all the comments from the YouTube page; rather,           you install this script you will be able to download videos from
    it filters out comments that fulfill the following criteria: More        YouTube in four formats, FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD Quality. You can
    spelling mistakes than those specified (value is customizable), no       specify the name of the file while saving it.

                                                                                                    intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                 10 tips  hands on 11

 sachin Pandit

                                                                     switch to Sprink. This is a great tool to enjoy YouTube videos on

 6       the main problem that surfaces when you try to
                                                                     a standalone player. A major advantage of using a standalone
                                                                     player is that it allows you to continue with other work while
download large files with videos is slow Internet speed. For those
                                                                     still keeping the video in view on your desktop. Sprink can be
who have a fast connection, there's no problem downloading
                                                                     downloaded from here:
the video in a jiffy. However, users who suffer low bandwidth
speeds have to often bear the brunt of failed downloads and
connections that get timed-out while the download is still
on. is a great site to get your YouTube videos
downloaded without worrying about the bandwidth. Simply
                                                                      9        insteaD of waiting for your YouTube videos to load at a
copy the YouTube video link from the address bar and paste it        snail's pace and watching it later, because of a slow connection,
in the textbox in You will see two different    you can get the videos loaded in a jiffy. Thanks to SpeedBit
download links available; one for FLV (low quality) videos and       Video Accelerator, streaming and buffering speeds are upped,
one for MP4 (high quality) ones. Select your desired format to       thus getting rid of interruptions caused because of lagging. Visit
download the video.                                                  the following site: to download
                                                                     the application. This application can also increases the speed of
          vixy.neT                                                   streaming multiple YouTube videos at a time. The efficiency of
 7       Just like, is also a popular           SpeedBit also depends on your Internet connection speed.
YouTube downloading website. Here too you have to paste the
YouTube video link in the textbox that's provided. The major                 TUbesTop
difference between both the sites is that provides the      10        by default, when a YouTube video loads, it starts playing
video in more formats. After entering the link in the textbox,       automatically. There are a number of reasons for which users may
select the file format from the dropdown box that's provided         not want videos in YouTube to play automatically. For instance, if
below and click 'Start'. The YouTube flash file will get converted   you have a slow connection that doesn't stream videos smoothly
to the format that you have selected. Make sure that you have an     then you can stop the Autoplay, wait for it to stream and watch
appropriate media player to play these files.                        it later without any lags. Mozilla Firefox users can disable the
                                                                     Autoplay feature of YouTube with the help of an add-on called
          spRink                                                     Tubestop. This is available at the following link, 'https://addons.
 8      browsers are often responsible for slowing down    '. Users can also use this
videos and causing them to load after a long time. If you feel       tool if they want to open up multiple videos in YouTube and
that your browser is slowing you down then you can always            want to view them one at a time.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
12 hands on  tips & tricks

                                                                              TIPS &
 sachin Pandit


                 winDows vista                                                you're well versed with the operating                   Double-click the 'Welcome Center'
                                                                              system or if you realize that you do                    icon in Control Panel.

                 01                                                           not need these applications, you will
                                                                              find the Welcome Center screen quite
                                                                              unnecessary. Here's how you can
                                                                                                                                      Select the 'Run at startup' checkbox.

                                                                                                                                     winDows vista
                 disable Welcome                                              disable Welcome Center:
                 every time Windows Vista starts,
                                                                              ff your system is currently turned

                                                                                 on, restart it.
                                                                                 Once Windows Vista starts, simply
                 the welcome center window appears                               de-select the 'Run at startup'                      copy a paTh To The
                 containing a list of features that can                          checkbox in the Welcome Center                      clipboaRd
                 be used instantly with a single click.                          window.
                 This is mainly for users who are new                         This will disable the feature for good.                at times, one may require copying a
                 to Windows Vista. It also provides a                         However, if you want to use the feature                path of a file or a folder to keep track
                 quicker means to launch various Vista                        again, here's how:                                     of file locations. One may even require
                 applications and online services with                        ff Click the 'Start' button and select                 copying paths of files or registry keys
                 the help of shortcuts. If you feel that                         'Control Panel'.                                    and pasting them on a Word file so
                                                                                                                                     as to access these files quickly in the
                                                                                                                                     future if the need arises. The task of
                                                                                                                                     copying a file path might prove to
                                                                                                                                     be quite hectic since Windows Vista
                                                                                                                                     doesn't include a feature or a tool to
                                                                                                                                     do so. Also, right-clicking the file and
                                                                                                                                     selecting 'Properties' for the path isn't
                                                                                                                                     always the best option since it is time
                                                                                                                                     consuming. Hence we use a free third
                                                                                                                                     party tool called 'ClipboardPath'. It can
                                                                                                                                     be downloaded from the website,
                                                                                                                                     clipboardpath. Once you're on the
                                                                                                                                     website download the setup file and
                                                                                                                                     install the application. After you have
                          Deselect the 'Run at startup' checkbox to prevent the Welcome Center from being displayed every time
                   01     Window Vista starts.
                                                                                                                                     successfully installed the application
                                                                                                                                     follow these steps:

                                                                                                                                 intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                          tips & tricks  hands on 13

                                                                                                                                network. Authentic users who would
                                                                                                                                need to access the folder would require
                                                                                                                                knowing the entire network path of
                                                                                                                                the folder. Hiding a folder on a network
                                                                                                                                does not completely prevent unwanted
                                                                                                                                users from accessing the folder, but it's
                                                                                                                                a good practice to do so as a first step
                                                                                                                                considering security. Here's how to go
                                                                                                                                about it:
                                                                                                                                ff Right-click on an appropriate folder
                                                                                                                                   and select 'Properties' from the
                                                                                                                                   context menu.
                                                                                                                                ff Click the 'Sharing' tab.
                                                                                                                                ff Click 'Advanced Sharing'.
           After installing ClipboardPath, right-click on a particular file or folder and select the 'Copy Path to Clipboard'      In
                                                                                                                                ff the 'Share name' text box
  02       option from the context menu.                                                                                           simply append the '$' sign to the
                                                                                                                                   folder name.
 Browse to any file on your system
ff                                                                  copy text from dialog boxes you can                         ff Once done, click 'OK'.
 whose location you wish to copy.                                   download a free tool called 'Download
ff copy the path of the file or a
 To                                                                 Scrapper' from the link www.raymond.                        winDows vista
 registry key simply right-click it and                             cc/blog/archives/2008/05/25/how-to-
 select 'Copy Path to Clipboard' from
 the context menu. This option is
 added to the context menu as soon
                                                                       Once on the webpage click the
 as the application is installed.                                   'Download Scrapper' link and save                           disable Uac
 Simply open any word processor or
ff                                                                  the setup file onto your system. Once
 Notepad, right-click anywhere and                                  done, follow the steps given below:                         winDows Vista comes with a
 select 'Paste'. The path of the file                               ff Extract the files to an appropriate                      security feature known as the User
 will be copied here. The file can be                                  location on your system.                                 Access Control (UAC). This feature was
 saved for the record.                                              ff Double-click the EXE file. A dialog                      included in Windows Vista mainly
                                                                       box appears containing a crosshair                       for security purposes. Every time an
winDows vista                                                          at the top right of the window.                          application is executed, the UAC dialog
                                                                    ff Simply click and drag the crosshair                      box appears asking the user to allow

03                                                                     to the dialog box or error window
                                                                       from where you would like to
                                                                       capture text.
                                                                                                                                or deny execution of the application.
                                                                                                                                At a point of time this might prove to
                                                                                                                                be quite annoying and unnecessary for
copy TexT fRom                                                      ff Once the selection has been                              several users. In this tip we show you
dialog boxes                                                           made release the crosshair to view                       how to disable the User Access Control
                                                                       the text on the main screen of                           with a single click using NoUAC.
there are occasions when your                                          'Download Scrapper'.                                        Please note that it is never
computer is loaded with errors, mainly                                                                                          recommended to turn off the UAC
due to corrupt files or virus attacks.                              winDows vista                                               since it provides high level security. To
At such times Windows throws up a                                                                                               disable UAC with a single click, follow
dialog box displaying the error number
and the message. If a user would
require further information of the error,
                                                                    04                                                          the steps below:
                                                                                                                                ff to the link
                                                                                                                                ff Click the download link and save
he would probably have to type in                                   shaRe hidden foldeR                                            the file to an appropriate location
the entire error message on a search                                                                                               on your computer.
engine and then acquire details of the                              let's assume that you're connected                          ff Double-click the 'NoUAC' file.
same. Now copying text from these                                   on a corporate network. Now, you                            ff Click the 'Don't see UAC window'
pop-up windows might prove to be                                    might have to share files on the                               radio button in the window that
quite tedious, since the error message                              network with several but not all users.                        appears.
might involve several numbers as well                               Thus it would be advisable to hide the                      To later enable UAC, click the 'See UAC
as some hexadecimal digits. Hence, to                               folder that you wish to share on the                        window' radio button.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
14 hands on  tips & tricks

     MiCrOSOFT WOrd
    worD 2007

    vieW docUmenTs
    WiThoUT foRmaTTing
    the greatest advantage of using
    a WYSIWYG editor like MS Word is
    that the printed copy resembles the
    document that you edit on your PC.
    While MS Word enables you to set a
    varied number of printing preferences,
    it also enables you to control the way                                          Background printing helps you manage your system resources effectively while printing large or heavy
                                                                          01        Word documents.
    your system reacts when a document
    is being printed. You can either halt
    your system completely till the print                             documents with many images and                                    worD 2007
    job is completed successfully or run the                          graphic elements.

    process in the background. This feature                              To change the background printing
    in MS Word is called 'background                                  options carry out the following steps:
    printing'.                                                           In
                                                                      ff MS-Word, click the 'Office button'
        Enabling background printing                                     and click 'Word Options'. This button                          geTTing sTaRTed WiTh
    basically sends your Word document                                   can be found at the bottom of the                              macRos
    to a selected printer through the                                    drop-down menu.
    Windows printing system after MS                                  ff the 'Advanced' option
                                                                         Click                                                          macros help you to extend and
    Word has completed spooling the                                      appearing on the left panel of the                             customize the use of MS Word as per
    document without locking up any of                                   'Word Options' dialog box.                                     your requirements. There are two
    your system's resources. If the feature is                        ff Scroll down through the available                              methods by which macros are created.
    turned off, MS Word halts all the other                              options till you reach the 'Print'                             One is to record recurring activities
    processes and prints the document on                                 section in the dialog box.                                     and run them as and when required.
    high priority.                                                       By
                                                                      ff default, the 'Print in Background'                             The other is to create blocks of VB
        If you are printing small files, you                             option is checked. Keeping the                                 codes which are more powerful and
    wouldn't find too much difference                                    option checked enables background                              the output is more effective. To get
    even if the option is turned off, but                                printing. To disable the feature                               the macro editor started, carry out the
    it does make a world of difference                                   simply uncheck the option.                                     following steps:
    while printing large documents or                                    Click
                                                                      ff 'OK' to save the changes.                                         Go
                                                                                                                                        ff to the 'Developer' tab of the
                                                                                                                                        ff the 'Macros' option appearing
                                                                                                                                           under the 'Code' group.
                                                                                                                                        ff Type in a name for the macro in the
                                                                                                                                           'Macro name:' text box that can be
                                                                                                                                           found in the 'Macros' dialog box.
                                                                                                                                        ff you wish to make the macro
                                                                                                                                           globally available, select the
                                                                                                                                           'Normal.dotm (global template)'
                                                                                                                                           option from the 'Macros in:' drop-
                                                                                                                                           down list. To create it specifically for
                                                                                                                                           the current document, select the
                                                                                                                                           document name from the drop-
                                                                                                                                           down list.
                                                                                                                                        ff the 'Create' button to continue.
           If your applied heading style is 'strong', the field appears as {STYLEREF 'Strong'}.
    03                                                                                                                                     You can write your macro using the
                                                                                                                                           VBA Editor that appears.

                                                                                                                                   intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                            tips & tricks  hands on 15

ff exit the VBA Editor use the 'File |                        Go
                                                           ff to 'Format | Styles and                                        text box as an element does not
    Close and Return to Microsoft Word '                      Formatting…' menu command.                                     support the inclusion of comments. If
    menu command.                                          ff Select an appropriate style like                               a document with extensive usage of
If by any chance, the 'Developer' tab                         'Heading 1', 'Title' or 'Strong' from                          text boxes comes to you for review or
is not visible, you can carry out the                         the 'Styles and Formatting' panel                              for your inputs, MS Word does not let
following steps:                                              docked to the right side of the                                you add comments to such text values.
ff 'Office' and then 'Word                                    window.                                                        Here is a simple trick to help you do
    Options'.                                                 Go
                                                           ff to 'View | Header and Footer'                                  just that.
ff the 'Popular' option appearing                             menu command. Click inside the                                    To add comments to text boxes in
    on the left side panel of the 'Word                       header section on any page of the                              MS Word 2007, carry out the following
    Options' dialog box.                                      document.                                                      steps:
ff  Check the 'Show Developer Tab'.                        ff Press [Ctrl] + [F9] to create document                         ff Right-click the border of the
ff 'OK' to continue.                                          field brackets.                                                   textbox in which the comment is
                                                           ff Between the brackets, type the field                              to be added.
worD 2003/2007                                                details as 'STYLEREF' followed by                              ff From the context menu, select the
                                                              the heading style name enclosed in                                'Format Text Box…' option.

                                                              double quotes.                                                    Go
                                                                                                                             ff to the 'Text Box' tab in the
                                                           ff Select the field value and press                                  'Format Text Box' dialog box.
                                                              [Shift] + [F9] to update and view the                             Click
                                                                                                                             ff the 'Convert to Frames…'
cReaTe dicTionaRy-                                            field value.                                                      button.
sTyle RefeRences                                           Every time the heading style is applied                              Click
                                                                                                                             ff 'OK' on the dialog box
                                                           to a section of your document,                                       to continue. You can now add
if you have noticed the indexing                           the header value would change                                        comments to your text box.
in a standard dictionary, you would                        accordingly.                                                      To add comments to text boxes in MS
have noticed that the header usually                                                                                         Word 2003, carry out the following
contains the first word that is defined                    worD 2003/2007                                                    steps:
on the particular page and the footer                                                                                        ff Select the border of the textbox in

usually contains the last word defined                                                                                          which the comment is to be added.
on the page. This makes searching the                                                                                           Go
                                                                                                                             ff to the 'Format | Borders and
dictionary quite easy and quick. You                                                                                            Shading…' menu command.
can create similar references in Word.                     adding commenTs To                                                   The
                                                                                                                             ff 'Format Text Box' dialog box
To set up reference in MS Word 2007,                       TexTboxes                                                            appears. Click the 'Text Box' tab in
carry out the following steps:                                                                                                  the dialog box.
ff Select the section headers in your                      text boxes serve as great place-                                     Click
                                                                                                                             ff the 'Convert to Frames…'
   document.                                               holders for floating text content like                               button.
ff to the 'Home' tab and apply a                           image captions or shoutboxes to                                      Click
                                                                                                                             ff 'OK' on the dialog box to
   heading style like 'Heading 1', 'Title'                 create emphasis, etc. By default, a                                  continue.
   or 'Strong' from the 'Styles' group.
ff Enable the header and footer
   section by double-clicking either of
   the two sections of the document.
ff Press [Ctrl] + [F9] to create document
   field brackets.
ff Between the brackets, type the field
   details as 'STYLEREF' followed by
   the heading style name enclosed in
   double quotes.
ff Select the field value and press
   [Shift] + [F9] to update and view the
   field value.
To set up reference in MS Word 2003,
carry out the following steps:
                                                                    By default the 'Developer' tab is not displayed in the ribbon. You will have to activate it in order to use its
ff Select the section headers in your                        04     functions.

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16 hands on  tips & tricks

     MiCrOSOFT ExCEl
    excel 2003                                                       Click
                                                                  ff 'OK' to save the changes.                            To set the number of worksheets in
                                                                  When you double-click the MS Excel                      MS Excel 2007, carry out the following

                                                                  icon, the application will load without                 steps:
                                                                  any spreadsheets. If this technique is                     Click
                                                                                                                          ff the 'Office button' and then
                                                                  ineffective, you can try out this option                   the 'Excel Options' button appearing
    loading excel                                                 instead,                                                   at the end of the drop-down menu.
    WiThoUT sheeTs                                                   Go
                                                                  ff to 'Start' and click the 'Run'                          The
                                                                                                                          ff 'Popular' option is open by
                                                                     option.                                                 default in the 'Excel Options'
    if you are working on a particular                            ff Enter ' excel /e' in the text box and                   dialog box.
    spreadsheet for many days at a stretch,                          click 'OK' to open the application.                     Set
                                                                                                                          ff an integer value signifying the
    you might find it particularly annoying                                                                                  number of sheets you require from
    to have empty sheets appearing when                           excel 2003 / 2007                                          the 'Include this many sheets:' list
    you start the application. Although                                                                                      box. This can be found under the

    you might prefer it when you need                                                                                        'When creating new workbooks'
    to create new spreadsheets, it can be                                                                                    section of the panel.
    quite annoying to close the default                                                                                      Click
                                                                                                                          ff 'OK'. Close the file and open a
    sheet and then open the required files.                       seTTing defaUlT                                            new workbook with the set number
    You can overcome this issue by using a                        nUmbeR of sheeTs                                           of sheets.
    simple MS Excel switch. To do so, carry
    out the following steps:                                      by default, MS Excel provides 3 sheets                  excel 2003 / 2007
    ff Right-click on the MS Excel desktop                        for every new workbook that it loads.

       shortcut icon.                                             Some may prefer only a single sheet
    ff Select 'Properties' from the context                       in their workbook, while others might
       menu.                                                      need more. To set the default number
    note: If you haven't created a desktop                        of worksheets in MS Excel 2003 carry                    pRinTing paRTs of
    shortcut, go to 'C:\Program Files\                            out the following steps:                                a file
    Microsoft Office\OFFICE11'. Right-click                          Go
                                                                  ff to the 'Tools | Options' menu
    the MS Excel icon and select the 'Send                           command.                                             if you have to print specific parts of a
    To | Desktop (create shortcut)' option                           Click
                                                                  ff the 'General' tab in the                             file over and over again, it can be quite
    from the context menu.                                           'Options' dialog box.                                time consuming, especially if you have
    ff the 'Shortcut' tab on the                                     Set
                                                                  ff an integer signifying the number                     to keep selecting the area before firing
       'Properties' dialog box.                                      of sheets you require from the                       a print command. If you have a single
    ff Append '/e' at the end of the 'Target'                        'Sheets in new workbook' list box.                   such printable area, you can set it as a
       textbox (without the quotation                                Click
                                                                  ff 'OK' to save the changes.                            'Print Area'. If you have multiple print
       mark). Keep a space between the                            ff Close the file and open a new                        ranges you can store each of them as
       slash and the quotation mark on the                           workbook. The number of sheets on                    custom views. Here's how,
       original text.                                                this workbook will be as specified.                  ff  Select the range and set its print
                                                                                                                          ff to the 'View | Custom Views…'
                                                                                                                              menu command.
                                                                                                                          ff the 'Add' button on the
                                                                                                                              'Custom Views' dialog box.
                                                                                                                          ff  Enter a view name for future use.
                                                                                                                          ff  Check the 'Print Settings' option
                                                                                                                              appearing under the 'Include in
                                                                                                                              view' section of the dialog box.
                                                                                                                          ff 'OK' to save the changes.
                                                                                                                          To view the saved views,
                                                                                                                          ff to 'View | Custom Views…'.
                                                                                                                          ff  Select the required view name
                                                                                                                              and click the 'Show' button on the
                                                                                                                              'Custom Views' dialog box.
             You can restrict the number of worksheets in your workbook as per your needs. This value cannot be set
      02     to zero.
                                                                                                                          To create views in MS Excel 2007 follow
                                                                                                                          these steps:

                                                                                                                      intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                                 tips & tricks  hands on 17

                                                                                                                                  ff Uncheck the 'Locked' option.
                                                                                                                                  ff 'OK' to continue.
                                                                                                                                  ff Next, you need to go to 'Tools |
                                                                                                                                     Protection | Protect Sheet' menu
                                                                                                                                  ff need to make sure that the
                                                                                                                                     'Protect worksheet and contents
                                                                                                                                     of the locked cells' option is
                                                                                                                                  ff disable specific activities,
                                                                                                                                     uncheck the required options
                                                                                                                                     appearing under the 'Allow all users
                                                                                                                                     of this worksheet to:' in the 'Protect
                                                                                                                                     Sheet' dialog box.
           You can set one print range per document. Custom views are a better option as they also provide you with an               You
                                                                                                                                  ff can set a password to protect
  03       option to save the print settings.                                                                                        your data further.
                                                                                                                                  ff 'OK'.
ff Select the range and set its print                           want them to be edited by anyone                                  You can also achieve the same effect
   preferences.                                                 else. MS Excel provides cell-by-cell                              using the 'Allow Users to Edit Ranges'
ff to the 'View' tab and click                                  protection but you can specify cell                               option.
   the 'Custom Views' option under                              ranges that can accept user inputs.                                   To do so carry out the following
   'Workbook Views'.                                            By default the cells are locked, but it                           steps:
ff the 'Add' button on the                                      is ineffective till you enable protection                            Go
                                                                                                                                  ff to 'Tools | Protection | Allow
   'Custom Views' dialog box.                                   for the worksheet.                                                   Users to Edit Ranges' menu
ff Enter a view name for future use.                                It is advisable to add a password to                             command.
ff Check the 'Print Settings' option                            protect critical data. You can specify                               Click
                                                                                                                                  ff 'New' to add a cell range in the
   appearing under the 'Include in                              cell ranges which can be edited                                      'Allow Users to Edit Ranges' dialog
   view' section of the dialog box.                             on entering the set password. To                                     box.
ff 'OK' to save the changes.                                    create editable cell ranges using cell                               Pick
                                                                                                                                  ff the cells that you want to set as
To view the saved views,                                        formatting, carry out the following                                  editable to define the range. Once
ff to the 'View' tab and click the                              steps:                                                               done, select the range and give it an
   'Custom Views' option appearing                              ff  Select the range which you wish to                               appropriate name.
   under the 'Workbook Views' section.                              keep editable.                                                   Set
                                                                                                                                  ff a range password for additional
ff Select the required view name                                ff  Select the 'Format | Cells' menu                                 protection. Click 'OK' to continue.
   and click the 'Show' button on                                   command.                                                         Click
                                                                                                                                  ff the 'Protect Sheet…' button
   the 'Custom Views' dialog box.                                   Go
                                                                ff to the 'Protection' tab of the                                    and follow steps 7 to 10 listed above
You can add as many views as you wish                               'Format Cells' dialog box.                                       to protect your worksheet.
to. You just need to make sure that the
name of the view is relevant. To print,
just display the view and fire the print

excel 2003

pRoTecT yoUR
excel sheets are generally used
in offices to calculate financial and
                                                                             You can set passwords for the editable cell ranges of your worksheet to ensure data protection. On entering
monetary data. You might wish to use                                04       this password, users will be able to edit the text in these cells.
formulae to compute but would not

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
18 hands on  tips & tricks

    google chrome

    beTTeR Tab conTRols
    tabs are an important part of Chrome
    since they form the main viewing
    area of the websites you visit. They
    can also be used to speed up website
    navigation. Hence it is absolutely
    necessary to know more about tabs
    and their control so that you can use
    Chrome's features to the fullest. Here                                     Right-clicking the 'Back' button will display the list of web spages which you have visited last. Click 'Show
                                                                     01        full history' to see the complete history.
    are some interesting tips and tricks that
    can help you improve tab navigation
    in Chrome and learn more about what                            undo closing a tab:
                                                                  ff                                                                  instances where we come across a file
    you can do with them,                                          If you have accidentally closed a tab                              download link that we would like to
    ff Jump to recently closed tabs:                               that you still need then there's an                                use in the future since our current net
       The 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons                            easy way to directly open it without                               connection isn't capable of handling
       are primarily present in browsers                           going through the browsing history.                                it. In such cases, Chrome allows you to
       to facilitate faster navigation of                          Simply press the key combination                                   save the direct link to the download in
       pages that you have visited. Certain                        [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [T]. The tab that                               the form of an HTML file. Here's how to
       browsers have a dropdown list that                          you had closed last will open up                                   go about it.
       displays the web pages visited.                             once again.                                                        ff   Launch 'Google Chrome' and open
       However, Chrome does not have this                                                                                                  the page that has the file to be
       dropdown box attached to be 'Back'                         google chrome                                                            downloaded.
       button, instead it has a simpler,                                                                                                   Click
                                                                                                                                      ff the download link and drag

       quicker technique to open recently                                                                                                  it to any location on your PC. This
       closed pages. All you have to do is                                                                                                 is more convenient if the Chrome
       right-click on the 'Back' button. The                                                                                               window isn't maximized.
       context menu that opens up will                            save doWnload links                                                      An
                                                                                                                                      ff HTML file will be saved on the
       display the list of web pages that                                                                                                  target location. Transfer this file to
       have been closed. The same can be                          a successful download requires a                                         the computer that has a better net
       done for the 'Forward' button if it is                     reliable Internet connection with good                                   connection or any other PC that you
       activated.                                                 download speeds. However, there are                                      want to use to download the file.
                                                                                                                                      ff   Simply double-click this HTML file to
                                                                                                                                           commence the download.

                                                                                                                                      google chrome

                                                                                                                                      expand TexTboxes
                                                                                                                                      google Chrome allows users to resize
                                                                                                                                      multiline textboxes like address fields
                                                                                                                                      in forms or comment boxes in blogs, so
                                                                                                                                      that users get a unified view of the text
                                                                                                                                      that they type.
             Click the handle on the right-bottom corner of the multiline textbox and drag it downward in any direction
      03     that you wish to expand it.
                                                                                                                                          A small resizing handle can be
                                                                                                                                      found on the right-bottom corner of

                                                                                                                                 intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                                 tips & tricks  hands on 19

                                                                                                                                   and other chat utilities like Digsby or

                                                                                                                                   firefox 3.1

                                                                                                                                   seT a zoom limiT
                                                                                                                                   Zooming is necessary when text
                                                                                                                                   appears to be too small or big for your
                                                                                                                                   convenience. Text can be zoomed
                                                                                                                                   into and out of using a simple Firefox
           If the contact is invisible, then you will see the above message displayed in the chat window.                          shortcut.
                                                                                                                                      To zoom into text in a Firefox
                                                                                                                                   window simply keep [Ctrl] pressed
the textbox. Simply click and drag                               ff Once the name of the contact shows                             and move the mouse scroll upwards.
this handle to increase the size of the                             up in the contact list click the entry                         Similarly, to zoom out keep [Ctrl]
textbox. You will notice that this isn't                            to open the chat window.                                       pressed and scroll your mouse
present over any textbox but only on                                Click
                                                                 ff the dropdown arrow present                                     downwards. It may happen that you
those that take in multiple lines of text                           under the close button and click                               may zoom into a page too much,
or more data. A perfect example of                                  'Go off the record'.                                           either by accident or in an attempt to
this situation is the comment page in                               Now
                                                                 ff type in any message to the                                     read something really small. To avoid
''. The fields that require                             contact and press [Enter].                                     this situation, you can pre-define
just a single line of text do not have the                          If
                                                                 ff you receive a message saying,                                  the zoom limits for Firefox using the
expansion handle whereas the main                                   '<user ID> is offline and                            'about:config'. Here's how,
comment section has it.                                             can't receive messages right now'                                 In
                                                                                                                                   ff the Firefox 3.0 address bar, type in
                                                                    then the user is logged off.                                      'about:config'
google chrome                                                       If
                                                                 ff the above message does not                                        In
                                                                                                                                   ff the textbox that appears enter
                                                                    appear after you send a message                                   'zoom.maxPercent'.

                                                                    then the user is in invisible mode.                               You
                                                                                                                                   ff can define the maximum zoom
                                                                 This trick has worked successfully in                                value here. Firefox will not zoom in
                                                                 most cases so far. However, there may                                higher than this value.
find oUT Who's                                                   be varying results in case of users who                           ff Similarly look for the entry 'zoom.
invisible                                                        log on to Google Talk using third party                              minPercent'.
                                                                 tools like mobile chat applications                               ff Define the minimum zoom value.
the Gmail chat application that is
present on the left pane of the site
allows users to appear 'Invisible' to
their contacts. However, there is a
simple trick to find out if a contact is
in the 'Invisible' mode or if he/she has
signed out from the chat. For this, you
will need the 'Google Talk' desktop
    Once you have logged on to
your account, follow these steps to
determine which of your contacts is
ff Launch the 'Google Talk' chat
                                                                              Enter the 'zoom.max
ff Search for the contact by typing his/                            05        Percent' and 'zoom.minPercent' values in the textbox that appears after double-clicking the entry.
   her name in the search box.

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                                                                          Scanning without
                                                                          a scanner
                                                                          Snapter can completely simulate the functions of a
                                                                          scanner. All you need is a digital camera to acquire
                                                                          the image. Snapter gives the best possible treatment
  sachin Pandit

                                                                          to the image to make it look like it was scanned.
                                                                          by gareth mankoo

                  key detailS
                  Skill level
                                                       STEp 1
                                                      doWnloading and insTalling
                                                      snaPter is available for download on the application's official website. However, this is only a 14
                  what you will need
                                                      day trial version. The full version of the application can be found on the site mentioned below:
                   A digital camera
                   Adobe Acrobat Reader
                   Microsoft .NET framework
                                                      1.   Visit ''.
                  what you can learn                  2.   Click 'Download Snapter'.
                   Scan business cards, documents,
                  books and whiteboards without a
                                                      3.   This will direct you to
                  scanner                                  the download page of
                  how long it will take                    the application. The
                  t30 Minutes                              EXE file will be directly
                                                           downloaded from your
                                                      note: Make sure that
                                                      you have Microsoft .NET
                                                      Framework installed before
                                                      commencing the installation.

                                                      4.   Double-click the
                                                           downloaded file named
                                                           'snapterice.exe' to start
                                                           the installation process.
                                                      5.   Select the language
                                                           choice and click 'OK'. Keep
                                                           clicking 'Next' to continue
                                                           with the installation
                                                           process. Make sure that
                                                           you select the 'I accept
                                                           the agreement' radio
                                                           button to proceed with
                                                           the installation.
                                                      6.   Finally click 'Finish' to
                                                           complete the installation.

                                                                                                               intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                         WoRKSHop  handS on 21

 STEp 2                                                                                                CHip pluS Tip
                                                                                                       Detection of the
scanning diffeRenT kinds of docUmenTs                                                                  Once you add an image
Just like a real scanner application, Snapter can scan different kinds of files and documents. These
                                                                                                       to the 'Input Image' box, it
include scanning business cards, whiteboards, books and plain documents. We will learn to create,
                                                                                                       automatically gets a yellow
edit and save the images of all these documents using the following steps.
                                                                                                       border around it that defines
                                                                                                       its edge. This is a sign that
1.   The first step is acquiring
                                                                                                       Snapter has recognized the
     the image. In this case,
                                                                                                       document's edges. In case of
     since we are completely                                                                           books however, besides the
     substituting a scanner, we                                                                        border, Snapter also defines
     will use a digital camera                                                                         the center binding of the book.
     to capture the image. The                                                                              You will notice that there
     following steps describe                                                                          may be several nodes (or
     the correct techniques of                                                                         points) on each of these
     clicking images.                                                                                  borders. These are used to help
                                                                                                       you select the portion to be
note: Refer to the sidebar tip                                                                         scanned, manually. However,
titled 'Do's and Don'ts while                                                                          it is advisable to click an image
clicking photos'.                                                                                      that complies with the primary
                                                                                                       requirements of Snapter rather
                                                                                                       than going in for alteration
                                                                                                       of nodes, which may provide
                                                                                                       wrong results.
business carDs                                                                                         rEFErENCE
2.   While clicking the image                                                                          Do's anD Don'ts while
     of a business card, one                                                                           clicking Photos
     should make sure that the                                                                         Here are some important
                                                                                                       rules for clicking images of
     background of the object
                                                                                                       various documents using your
     is a uniform surface.
                                                                                                       digital camera.
3.   After clicking the image,                                                                         Do's:
     open Snapter and click                                                                            [1] Make sure that the
     'File | New Project |                                                                                  background is uniform.
     Business Card'. You can                                                                                It is advisable to use a
     also drag the clicked                                                                                  large piece of cardboard
     image of the business                                                                                  or card paper. Try to
     card to the 'Card' logo in                                                                             avoid shadows as much
                                                                                                            as possible. A contrasting
     the Snapter interface.
                                                                                                            background is advisable.
                                                                                                       [2] While clicking images of
                                                                                                            books for scanning make
                                                                                                            sure that the camera is
4.   Make sure that the                                                                                     placed right above the
     borders of the image are                                                                               center of the book.
     detected by the yellow                                                                            [3] Ensure that the
     handles in the 'Input                                                                                  background is of a uniform
                                                                                                            color and is a flat surface.
     Image' box.
5.   Click 'Process'. The image                                                                        [1] Make sure that you do no
     will be displayed in the                                                                               place any objects in the
     right image box. You can                                                                               background.
     rotate the image using the                                                                        [2] Do not click the picture
     handles provided.                                                                                      until the entire object is in
                                                                                                            the frame.
6.   Click the 'Save' button to
                                                                                                       [3] Do not click multiple
     save the image as a JPEG
                                                                                                            objects in a single frame.
     or 'File | Save As Multi-
     page PDF'.

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    CHip pluS Tip                      Plain Documents

    sPecifying inPut file              7.   Make sure that the entire
    Parameters                              document is contained in
    The Snapter interface has two           the photograph and that
    main sections, one for the              the background should be
    input and the other for the             uniform in color and level.
    output image. A great feature
    included in the software is        note: The most common use
    that it allows users to specify    of scanners is to convert hard
    the nature of the input image.     copies of documents such as
    Doing so makes it easier for       letters, circulars and handouts
    Snapter to identify the file       into softcopies. Here we will
    as it's meant to be. This step
                                       do the same using a camera
    has to be performed before
                                       and later process the image
    loading the document in the
                                       with Snapter.
    input image section. Click the
    'Input' button. Here's what the
    various available choices mean:
    f black background: This
          option alerts Snapter that
          the image thus provided
          has a black background.
          Hence, it will look for a    8.   After transferring the
          light colored document
                                            clicked image to your
          to trace the edges of the
                                            computer, click 'File | New
                                            Project | Document'.
    f skew correction: If the
          image is clicked at an       9.   Select the document to
          angle and requires to             scan and click 'Open'.
          be skewed for a proper       10. The document can be
          scan, check this option by
                                           viewed in the 'Input'
          clicking on it.
                                           window. You need to
    f original size: Selecting
          the size of the document
                                           make sure that the yellow
          can always prove to be an        handles detect the
          added advantage since            edges of the paper. Click
          Snapter knows what to            'Process'.
          expect as the input.         11. Save the image as shown
    f focal length: This option            above.
          lets you specify the focal
          length of the camera
          lens with which you are
          capturing the images.        white boarDs

                                       12. White boards often have
                                           crucial data. Since this
                                           data can be easily erased
                                           it is best to capture
                                           such information as an
                                           image. While clicking the
                                           photo of a whiteboard
                                           make sure to capture
                                           the entire board with its
                                       note: It is okay if you include
                                       the duster as long as it sticks
                                       to the magnetic board and is
                                       within its frame. Transfer the
                                       image to your computer.

                                                                          intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                            WoRKSHop  handS on 23

13. In Snapter, click 'Fire | New                          CHip pluS Tip
    Project | Board' and select
                                                           outPut oPtions
    the image that you have
                                                           Snapter provides you with
    captured.                                              some helpful options that
14. Click 'Open'. The image                                can change the way your
    will be added to the 'Input                            output image appears. These
    Image' box.                                            settings are optional and are
                                                           not a compulsion. After adding
15. Check if the handles
                                                           the 'Input' image, click the
    detect the edges of
                                                           'Output'. The following are the
    the whiteboard. Click                                  options that you will come
    'Process'.                                             across,
16. Save the image as shown                                f crop pages: This
    above.                                                      option crops images
                                                                automatically, separating
                                                                them from their
                                                           f split pages: While clicking
books                                                           images of a book spread,
                                                                checking this option will
17. Successful scans of                                         help you separate each of
    each page spread of                                         the pages on the spread.
    the e-books require the                                f Photometric
                                                                enhancement: You can
    camera to be placed
                                                                edit the color of your
    exactly over the center
                                                                images by converting
    of the opened book (as
                                                                them to grayscale or
    shown in the adjoining                                      black and white, or even
    image). If possible, it                                     enhance the color.
    would be advisable to                                  f contrast and
    place a tripod over the                                     sharpening: These are
    book so as to fix the                                       some additional effects
    position of the camera for                                  that can be applied to the
    each page.                                                  images that have to be
note: Snapter allows fingers                               f Quality and dpi: These
to be included in the captured                                  units can be selected
image.                                                          from the 'Output' menu.
                                                                The better the quality,
                                                                the longer the
                                                                processing time.

18. Once you have clicked the
    images of all the pages,
    transfer them to your
19. In Snapter, click 'File |
    New Project | Book' and
    select all the images of
    the pages. Make sure that
    the yellow background
    handle detects the edges
    of each page along with
    the central binding. Click
20. To save the e-book as a
    single book, click 'File |
    Save As Multi-page PDF'.

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                                                                     keep your kids
                                                                     safe online
                                                                     If you're concerned about what your kids are doing
                                                                     online then K9 Web Protection can come to your
  hemali limbachiya

                                                                     rescue. It is an efficient web filtering tool that can
                                                                     keep harmful and unwanted sites at bay.
                                                                     by gareth mankoo

                      key detailS
                      Skill level
                                                   STEp 1
                                                  doWnloading and insTalling
                                                  k9 Web Protection is a fantastic web filtering tool that can efficiently shield you and your family
                      what you will need
                                                  from malicious Internet content. The following steps will get you started,
                       Firefox/IE/Chrome/Opera
                       Internet connection
                       Windows 2000/XP/Vista
                                                  1.   Visit 'www.
                      what you can learn
                       Block harmful sites       2.   Click 'Download K9 today'.
                       Monitor online activity        This can be found on the
                       Set online curfew times        right-hand side of the
                      how long it will take
                      t30 Minutes
                                                  3.   You will be redirected to
                                                       a 'License' page. Simply
                                                       fill the form with the
                                                       appropriate details and
                                                       click 'Request License'.

                                                  4.   You will receive an email
                                                       with the license code that
                                                       will enable you to access
                                                       K9 on your computer.
                                                       Save this address for
                                                       future reference.
                                                  5.   In the same email, click
                                                       'Download K9 Web
                                                  6.   You will be redirected
                                                       to another page. Click
                                                       'Windows'. The file will
                                                       be downloaded to your

                                                                                                            intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                     WoRKSHop  handS on 25

7.   Double-click the                                                                               CHip pluS Tip
     downloaded file,
                                                                                                    uPDate to beta
8.   Click 'Next' to proceed to                                                                     K9 Web Protection has made
     the next window. When                                                                          available the Beta version
     you reach the 'License'                                                                        of its next release to the
     page, enter the license                                                                        public. This version is still
     code that was mailed to                                                                        under development. You will
     you earlier. Click 'Next'.                                                                     receive updates before the
                                                                                                    final release is made available.
9.   Enter the 'Administrator                                                                       Here's how to configure the
     Password' and carry on                                                                         Beta Release updates,
     with the installation                                                                          [1] Launch K9 Web
     process.                                                                                             Protection and enter your
10. Reboot the PC once done.                                                                              administrator password.
                                                                                                    [2] Click 'Setup'.
                                                                                                    [3] Click 'Advanced' on the
                                                                                                          left pane.
                                                                                                    [4] Check the 'Update to Beta'

 STEp 2
                                                                                                    [5] Click 'Save'.
                                                                                                    Once you do this the software
configURe bRoWseR seTTings                                                                          will update automatically
the K9 Web Protection logo can be found on your desktop or on the 'Start' menu. Double-click this   whenever Blue Coat updates
logo to launch the application.                                                                     the Beta version of K9.

1.   As soon as you launch                                                                          suPervisor moDe
     'K9 Web Protection', your                                                                      K9 Web Protection includes
     browser will open up with                                                                      the 'Supervisor Mode' that
     the 'K9 Web Protection                                                                         allows complete web access
     Administration' page.                                                                          without any restriction for a
     Click 'Setup' to configure                                                                     particular amount of time.
     your browser.                                                                                  This is helpful for those who
                                                                                                    want to diagnose a system
2.   You will be asked to                                                                           by visiting certain sites which
     enter the administrator                                                                        may otherwise be blocked
     password that you had                                                                          by K9. It is important that
     set while installing the                                                                       the time set to enable this
     application. Enter this                                                                        mode is set carefully so that
     password and click 'OK'.                                                                       no unauthorized person can
                                                                                                    tamper with the system. Here's
                                                                                                    how to go about configuring
                                                                                                    the Supervisor Mode,
                                                                                                    [1] Double-click the K9 logo
3.   You will see the various                                                                            to launch the application.
     categories that are                                                                            [2] Click 'Setup'.
     blocked by K9 by default.                                                                      [3] Enter the administration
                                                                                                         password and click 'OK'.
4.   Select the 'Custom' radio
                                                                                                    [4] Click the dropdown
     button.                                                                                             list under the 'Enter
5.   Check the checkboxes                                                                                Supervisor Mode' section
     near the content that                                                                               on the bottom of the
     you wish to block on                                                                                window and select the
     your computer. For                                                                                  time limit.
                                                                                                    [5] Click 'Enter Supervisor
     descriptions of what kind
     of content will be blocked,
                                                                                                    [6] To end this click 'End
     click the category name.
                                                                                                         Supervisor Mode'.
6.   Click 'Save'.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
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    CHip pluS Tip                      7.   Click 'Time Restrictions' in
                                            the left pane.
    forgot PassworD?
    While installing K9 Web            8.   Clicking the 'NightGuard'
    Protection you are asked                radio button allows you
    to enter an administrator               to specify a time range
    password. This password                 between which access
    gives you access to all the             to the Internet will be
    customizable features                   blocked. To create more
    of the application. If you              specific rules, click the
    have forgotten your K9
                                            'Custom' radio button.
    administrator password then it
    takes a few simple steps to get    note: 'NightGuard' can
    a temporary password to log in     be helpful if your children
    to your account:                   sneak out at night to access
    [1] When you are asked             the Internet without your
         to enter your K9              permission.
         administration password,
         click 'Forgot Password' on
         the log in window.
    [2] A confirmation dialog box
         will appear on your screen.
         Click 'Yes'.                  9.   There should be some
    [3] Log into the email                  action taken if someone
         account that you had               tries to access a blocked
         entered while installing           site. This can be defined
         K9 and look for a message          by the administrator. Click
         from K9 that contains your         'Blocking Effects' on the
         temporary password.                left bar.
    [4] Log in with this password.
    [5] Click 'Setup'.                 10. Check the 'Enable Time
    [6] In the left pane click             Out' checkbox. Click
         'Password/Email'.                 'Save'. This will ensure that
    [7] Enter the new password             if there are ten attempts
         and click 'Change                 to open a blocked site
         Password'.                        in ten minutes then net
                                           access will be denied for
                                           thirty minutes. You can
                                           choose customized values
                                           as well.

                                       11. Search engines are
                                           among the most obvious
                                           choices for children
                                           looking for malicious
                                           content. K9 is capable of
                                           making sure that such
                                           searches do not retrieve
                                           results which can expose
                                           your child to harmful
                                           content. Click 'Advanced'
                                           on the left pane
                                       12. By default, 'Force Safe
                                           Search' and 'Filter secure
                                           traffic' will be checked.
                                           Check 'Block Unsafe
                                           Search' and click 'Save'.

                                                                           intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                            WoRKSHop  handS on 27

13. There may be certain sites                             CHip pluS Tip
    that may be exceptions.
                                                           reset settings
    For instance, if you
                                                           You may have made certain
    have blocked 'Social
                                                           changes to the configuration
    Networking' sites but                                  of K9 that are now causing
    want to access only                                    problems and you want to
    Facebook then you will                                 restore the original settings of
    have to define Facebook                                that application. You may also
    as an exception. Click                                 need to reset the settings to
    'Web Site Exceptions' on                               default if the administrative
    the left pane.                                         settings have been tampered
                                                           with by an unauthorized user.
14. Enter the name of the site
                                                           [1] Double-click the K9 Web
    that you want to block                                      Protection icon on your
    or allow access to (in the                                  desktop or start menu to
    respective text boxes) and                                  launch the application.
    click 'Add to list'.                                   [2] Click 'Setup'.
15. Click 'Save'.                                          [3] Enter your administrator
                                                                password and click 'OK'.
                                                           [4] From the left pane click
16. Finally, you can deny                                  [5] At the bottom of the next
    access to sites that have a                                 page click 'Reset K9 to
    certain word in their URLs.                                 Initial Settings'.
    Click 'URL Keywords'.                                  [6] Confirm this action.

17. In the textbox provided,
    enter the keyword, for
    example, 'porn'. Click 'Add
    to List'
18. Click 'Save'.

19. Now that you have
    completed customizing
    K9's settings to protect
    your child online, you
    need to monitor the
    Internet activity. Click
    'Home' on the top bar.
20. Click 'View Internet
    Activity'. You will be
    presented with a detailed
    account of how many hits
    have been made on which
    category of sites. This can
    give you an overall view of
    what exactly is your child's
    interest while he/she is

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                                                                        keep your
                                                                        thoughts a secret
                                                                        If you maintain a personal diary, there's always a
  hemali limbachiya

                                                                        fear of others reading it. With Efficient Diary you can
                                                                        keep your journal online, updated and secret!
                                                                        by kamakshi s

                      key detailS
                      Skill level
                                                     STEp 1
                                                    doWnloading and insTalling
                                                    efficient Diary 1.62 is available for free download on the application's website. To download and
                      what you will need
                                                    install the application, carry out the following steps:
                       Internet connection
                      what you can learn
                       Create and manage diaries
                                                    1.   Visit 'www.efficientdiary.
                       Locking diaries                  com'.
                      how long it will take         2.   Click the 'Download'
                      t30 Minutes                        button on the page.
                                                    3.   Save the 'EfficientDiary-
                                                         Setup.exe' file. Double-
                                                         click the file to start the

                                                    4.   Click 'Next'. Select the
                                                         'I accept the agreement'
                                                         option in the 'License
                                                         Agreement' screen.
                                                    5.   Select the 'Run Efficient
                                                         Diary at Windows
                                                         startup' option in the
                                                         'Select Additional Tasks'
                                                         window and complete the
                                                    6.   Select the 'Launch
                                                         Efficient Diary' option and
                                                         click 'Finish'.

                                                                                                           intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                   WoRKSHop  handS on 29

 STEp 2                                                                                           CHip pluS Tip
                                                                                                  efficiency of the
geTTing sTaRTed                                                                                   With Efficient Diary you can
if you prefer having a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual diary, then you can create and
                                                                                                  group diary entries as well
manage more than one diary at once as per your needs. Follow these steps to create a diary,
                                                                                                  as search for specific words
                                                                                                  within your diary posts. The
1.   Once the application                                                                         WYSIWYG editor is similar to
     launches, a message box                                                                      MS Word and enables you
     appears on the screen.                                                                       to introduce elements like
                                                                                                  tables, pictures, emoticons,
2.   Click the 'New File…'
                                                                                                  URLs and attachments. You
     button to create a new
                                                                                                  can set a background color or
     diary.                                                                                       background picture for diary
3.   Specify the name and                                                                         entries to make your diary
     location for the diary and                                                                   look colorful and vibrant.
     save the file.                                                                               Your diaries can be protected
                                                                                                  with passwords that are
                                                                                                  irretrievable and hence, very
                                                                                                  secure. The application also
4.   After you save the file, you                                                                 has a Recycle Bin of its own to
     will be prompted to add a                                                                    make even the deleted data
     password.                                                                                    even more secure.
                                                                                                      Another software
5.   Set and confirm a                                                                            recommended by the makers
     password of your choice.                                                                     is the EfficientPIM (Personal
6.   If you don't want to                                                                         Information Manager). Apart
     set a password, click                                                                        from all the features of the
     'OK' without entering                                                                        Efficient Diary, it also has
     anything.                                                                                    a contact manager, time
                                                                                                  manager, task and event
note: To change the                                                                               manager, perpetual calendar,
password, go to the 'File |                                                                       planner, reminder, notepad
Password…' menu command.                                                                          and a powerful password

 STEp 3
cReaTing gRoUps
you can segregate the entries in your diary by placing them in groups. These groups can also be
treated as chapters in your diary. To create groups and add posts to these groups,

1.   Go to 'Actions | Groups |
     New Group' to create a
     group entry.
2.   Enter an appropriate
     name for the group in the
     'Group name:' text box
     and click 'OK' to create
     the group.
note: You can create a group
from within the post itself.
Adding posts to a group and
creating groups directly are
explained in 'Step 4'.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
30 handS on  WoRKSHop

    CHip pluS Tip
    Disable efficient Diary
                                         STEp 4
    at startuP
    If you had selected the 'Run
                                        adding enTRies
                                        the primary reason you would create a diary is to maintain notes. You can add multiple notes in a
    Efficient Diary at Windows
                                        day or change the date details for the posts as per your requirements.
    startup' option while installing,
    and you want to disable it,         1.   Go to 'Actions | New Diary
    [1] Go to 'Start | Run'.
                                             Entry' to add an entry.
    [2] Type 'MSCONFIG' In the
         run dialog box.                note: You can also create a
    [3] Click the 'Startup' tab in      new entry by clicking the 'New
         the 'System Configuration      Diary Entry' button appearing
         Utility' dialog box.           on the toolbar.
    [4] Locate the 'Efficient Diary'
         entry in the 'Startup Item'
    [5] Uncheck the check box
         appearing near the entry.
    [6] Click 'OK' and restart your
         machine for the changes
         to take effect.

    CHip pluS Tip
    sPecifying DisPlay                  aDDing text Details
    fielDs                              2.   Set a title to the entry in
    By default, the main window
                                             the 'Title:' text box.
    of Efficient Diary displays
    the mood icon, date of entry        3.   Add text in the text space.
    and a brief line of your diary      4.   To set a mood to your
    contents. You can configure              diary entry, click on the
    fields appearing in this table of
                                             drop-down list next to the
    contents. To do so,
                                             'Title:' textbox.
    [1] Go to the main window of
         the application.               5.   Click 'Save'.
    [2] Go to 'Edit | Show Fields'.     6.   Click the 'Groups' button. 6
    [3] Check/uncheck the
                                        7.   Select an appropriate
         options as per your
                                             group from the list or click
    [4] Click 'OK' to save the               the 'New Group' button.

                                        aDDing elements

                                        8.   Click the 'Picture' button
                                             on the 'Formatting'        8
                                             toolbar and browse for an
                                             appropriate image.
                                        9.   Click 'Insert Table' on       9
                                             the 'Standard' toolbar to
                                             create a table structure.
                                             Specify the number of
                                             rows and columns.
                                        10. Click 'Hypertext Link' on 10
                                            the 'Formatting' toolbar to
                                            add URLs.
                                        11. Click the 'Attachment'
                                            button to attach a file to 11
                                            your diary entries.

                                                                                               intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                WoRKSHop  handS on 31

Have fun with
your emails
Communication with your friends can be fun with

                                                                                                                              hemali limbachiya
the help of IncrediMail. You can add animated
objects and receive voice-based notifications.
by kamakshi s

 STEp 1                                                                                         key detailS
                                                                                                Skill level

doWnloading and insTalling                                                                      
increDimail is a free e-mail client that can be downloaded from the Internet. To download and
                                                                                                what you will need
use the application:
                                                                                                 Internet Connection
                                                                                                what you can learn
1.   Visit 'www.incredimail.
                                                                                                 Configure an email client
                                                                                                 Add elements to emails
2.   Click the 'Click Here!'                                                                     Import details from
     button to download the                                                                       other email clients
                                                                                                how long it will take
     installation file.
                                                                                                t30 Minutes
3.   Save the 'incredimail_
     install.exe' file. Double-
     click it to begin the

4.   Click 'I Agree' on the
     'License Agreement'
     window to proceed with
     the installation.
5.   Select the 'Custom
     Installation' option in the
     'Choose Installation Type:'
     window to proceed with
     the installation. Uncheck
     both the sub-options and
     click 'Next' to continue.
6.   Set the installation
     location and click 'Next'
     to complete the setup

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
32 handS on  WoRKSHop

    CHip pluS Tip
    imPorting contacts                    STEp 2
    If you plan to migrate to
    IncrediMail you need to import
                                         seTTing Up email accoUnTs
    your contacts and email              once the software is up and running, you need to configure an email account through which you
    message to use it better. Just       can send and receive mails. Here's how to go about it:
    carry out the following steps:
    [1] Go to the 'File | Import |       1.   Go to 'Tools | Accounts…'
         Contacts…' .                         to create an account.
    [2] Select the email client
         (from which you want to         2.   The 'Mail Accounts' dialog
         import contacts) from the            box appears.
         'Select email program to
                                         note: You can create as many
         import from:' list. If the
                                         accounts as you need. Here
         email client is not installed
                                         we will be setting up a Gmail
         on your computer,
         uncheck the 'Only show          account.
         the email programs
         installed on this computer'
         and select a program
         listed in the dialog box.
         Click 'Next'.
    [3] Browse for the path where
         the original contacts are
         saved. Click 'Next' .
    [4] Once done click 'Close'.

    rEFErENCE                            3.   Click 'Add' on the 'Mail
    free vs. Premium                          Accounts' dialog box.
    membershiP                           4.   Select 'Let me configure
    There are certain privileges
                                              settings myself' from the
    you will enjoy if you upgrade
                                              'Account Wizard' dialog
    to a 'Premium Account' from a
                                              box.                      4
    free one. The prominent ones
    are listed below:                    5.   Click 'Next'.
    f no advertisements:
                                         note: if you select the
         Outgoing mails from a
         free IncrediMail account
                                         'Automatically configure
         have an embedded                settings' option the settings
         advertisement link              from your default mail client
         attached; this is disabled      are used.
         in the premium version
    f complete inbox control:
         You can download
         smaller mails first thereby
         reducing bandwidth              6.   Enter your display name
         congestion using the                 and the email ID that you
         'Get Smaller Emails First'
                                              wish to configure.
         available for Premium
         users. You can also decide      7.   Click 'Next' to continue.
         which email can feature
         in your inbox with the
         'Advanced Account Access'
    f voice based messages:
         Premium users can record
         their messages and send
         them as voice mails
         instead of simple text
         based emails.

                                                                                              intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                WoRKSHop  handS on 33

8.   Type in the POP3 and                                                                      CHip pluS Tip
     SMTP settings for your
                                                                                               DownloaDing anD
     mail account.
                                                                                               using email elements
9.   Click 'Next' to continue.                                                                 The best feature of IncrediMail
                                                                                               is using elements to make your
note: Since we are setting up
                                                                                               messages fun and creative.
a Gmail account, the incoming
                                                                                               Although most of them are
mail server will be '                                                                available for Premium users,
com' and the outgoing mail                                                                     there are some good elements
server will be ''.                                                               available for free users as well.
If you wish to set up an IMAP                                                                  You can download them, load
account, select 'My incoming                                                                   them onto your application
mail server type is:' as 'IMAP'                                                                and use them. To do so,
and set the incoming mail                                                                      [1] Visit 'www.incredimail.
server as ''.                                                                         com/english/splash.aspx'.
                                                                                                    Go to the bottom of the
                                                                                                    page and click 'Gallery'.
                                                                                               [2] The 'Letters' gallery
10. Enter your Gmail                                                                                opens by default. Click
    username and password.                                                                          on the 'Ecards', 'Notifiers',
                                                                                                    'Animation' and 'Sound'
note: Once your setup is                                                                            tabs to view and
completed successfully, a                                                                           download elements.
page pops up in your browser                                                                   [3] The categories are listed
window explaining how you                                                                           on the left side of the
can enable POP settings on                                                                          elements. Click the
your Gmail account.                                                                                 category to view elements
                                                                                                    of the same theme across
11. Click 'Finish'.                                                                                 various tabs.
note: Your username is the                                                                     [4] Click the link provided
name appearing before the '@'                                                                       below the element icon
                                                                                                    to preview it before
symbol of your Gmail ID.
                                                                                                    downloading. If you don't
                                                                                                    wish to see a preview,
                                                                                                    click the icon directly to
                                                                                                    download the element.
                                                                                               [5] If an 'Oops!' pop up
 STEp 3                                                                                             appears, click the 'Click
                                                                                                    here to continue' link.
                                                                                                    Proceed to save the file.
applying e-mail effecTs
                                                                                               [6] Once the file is saved
once the software is up and running you need to configure an email account through which you
                                                                                                    on your local machine,
can send and receive mails on the email client. To do so, carry out the following steps:
                                                                                                    double-click the file to
senDing / receiving mails                                                                           load it.
                                                                                               [7] After the process is
1.   Click the arrow near the                                                                       complete, click the 'Show
     'Send / Recv' button.                                                                          in my Style Box' button to
                                                                                                    load the element in the
2.   Select 'Advanced Account 2
3.   Select an account name
     from the 'Accounts' list to
     preview incoming mails
     and click 'Refresh'.
4.   An interactive mail notifier
     called 'Bob the Butler'
     appears on the screen.
5.   Click on him to view the
     received mails.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
34 handS on  WoRKSHop

    CHip pluS Tip                       using e-mail temPlates

    creating signatures                 6.   Go to 'File | New
    A notable feature of                     Message…'.
    IncrediMail is that you can
                                        7.   The 'Style Box' is attached
    create handwritten signatures
                                             with the message            7
    along with a digital text-based
    one. Although you can use
                                             window. Click the 'Letters'
    your mouse to sign your mails,           button to select a
    using a graphics tablet would            message background.
    provide far better results. To      8.   Click the 'Animations'
    create a signature, carry out            button from the 'Style
    the following steps:                     Box' to add an animated
    [1] Go to 'File | New
                                             icon to your message.
         Message…' menu
         command.                       9.   Click the 'Sounds' button
    [2] Go to 'Tools | Signature |           from the 'Style Box' to add
         New Signature…' menu                music to your message.
         command in the 'New            10. To add smilies, click the
         Message' dialog box.
                                            'Emoticons' button.
    [3] Select the 'Pencil' option
         and draw your signature
         in the grid provided in the
         'Edit Signature' dialog box.   11. You can also create
         Click the 'Eraser' option to
                                            e-cards to send to your
         manually remove mistakes
                                            loved ones. Click the
         in the handwritten
                                            'Ecards' button from the
    [4] In the text box below you           'Style Box'.
         can add text, Emoticons,       12. Select an e-card of your
         icons or image files to your       choice. The font settings
         signature.                         are predefined for each
    [5] Click the 'Save' button to          e-card.
         save your signature.
    [6] Type a name for your            note: You can add smilies,
         signature on the 'Rename'      animations and sounds listed
         dialog box and click 'OK'      in the message and 'Style Box'
         to complete.                   windows. However you cannot
    [7] Go to 'Tools | Signature        apply an 'Ecards' and a 'Letters'
         | Manage Signatures…'          setting simultaneously.
         menu command.
    [8] Check the 'Automatically
         insert signature to
         outgoing messages'             creating letters
         option to add the default
         signature to all your          13. To create professional
         outgoing emails.                   emails, go to 'File | New
                                        14. Select the 'Letters' tab
                                            from the 'Style Box'.
                                        15. Select a letter style from
                                            the 'Style Box' window
                                            and click 'Create'.
                                        16. Click 'Next' to browse
                                            through the tabs of the
                                            'IncrediMail Letter Creator'
                                        17. Click the 'Add to
                                            IncrediMail' button

                                                                                 intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                   WoRKSHop  handS on 35

Create product
If you run a product based business and need a
professional looking catalog to sell your products,

                                                                                                                                  hemali limbachiya
you can make one all by yourself and that too for
free with Vevo! Catalog Maker.
by kamakshi s

 STEp 1                                                                                             key detailS
                                                                                                   Skill level

doWnloading and insTalling                                                                         
vevo! Catalog maker comes in two versions; a standard edition which is free, and a paid version.
                                                                                                   what you will need
To download and install the free version, carry out the following steps:
                                                                                                    MS Word
                                                                                                    MS Excel
1.   Visit 'www.catalog-maker.
                                                                                                    Internet connection
     com'. Click the 'Free
                                                                                                    Any Web browser
     Download' link.                                                                                Any PDF creator
2.   On the next page, scroll                                                                      what you can learn

     down to find the 'Click to                                                                     Creating catalogs as a
                                                                                                     Word document
     Download' link.
                                                                                                    Creating catalogs as a PDF
3.   Save the 'CatalogMaker.                                                                       how long it will take
     exe' file. Double-click                                                                       t30 Minutes
     on this file to begin the
     installation process.

4.   Click 'Next' to begin with
     the installation.
5.   Click 'Yes' to accept the
     terms. Keep clicking 'Next'
     till you reach the step that
     asks you to select the type
     of setup you want.
6.   Here, select the 'Typical'
     option as the type of
     setup and click 'Next' to
7.   Follow the instructions on
     the screen to complete
     the installation.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
36 handS on  WoRKSHop

    CHip pluS Tip
    creating a                           STEp 2
    PowerPoint baseD
    catalog                             geTTing sTaRTed
    If you need to create a             once you have installed the application, you need to get it working to use it effectively. The
    PowerPoint presentation             application is secured by a user name and password. When the application is installed, carry out
    instead of a Word document,         the following steps:
    Vevo provides you with
    options to create a PPS catalog     1.   Click the 'I Agree' button
    file. To do so, carry out the            on the EULA window.
    following steps:
                                        note: The EULA (End User
    [1] Click the 'View/Manage
                                        License Agreement) window
          Presentation/Catalog for
          Publish' button.              pops up when you start the
    [2] Click the 'Power Point'         application for the first time.
          button in the 'Building       2.   Type the 'User Name'
          options for publishing             and 'Password' values
          mode' section.                     as 'admin' in the 'Login'
    [3] Set the required details
                                             window that opens next.
          in the 'Publish Catalog
          Catalog in MS Word
          Format' window.
    [4] Go to the 'Template' tab
          and select a required
          template for the
          presentation. Make sure
          PowerPoint is not running     3.   Click 'OK' on the dialog
          on your system.                    boxes that appear to add
    [5] Click 'Publish' to generate          categories to your catalog.
          the catalog files.                 You will be directed to the
    [6] Leave your system                    'Insert New Catalog Items'
          uninterrupted while                menu.
          the catalog is being
          generated. If the window      4.   Once in the 'Insert New
          loses focus, chances are           Catalog Items' window,
          that the catalog might not         browse for the image
          contain the entire details.        folder from the 'Step I
    [7] Click 'OK' on the dialog             Browser Folder' tree.
          box to complete the

                                        5.   Next, you need to create
                                             product categories.
                                        6.   Click 'create new
                                             to create a new category. 6
                                             Enter the details and click

                                                                                                intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                WoRKSHop  handS on 37

7.   Select the file format                                                                    CHip pluS Tip
     checkboxes from the
                                                                                               creating a browser
     'select image filter               7
                                                                                               baseD sliDeshow
                                                                                               You can also create a browser
8.   Check the 'Select all in                                                                  based presentation which can
     folder' option to place all                                                               help you create self running
     the selected images in the                                                                and continuous presentations.
     catalog.                                                                                  To do so, carry out the
                                                                                               following steps:
9.   Select an appropriate
                                                                                               [1] Click the 'View/Manage
     category and click 'Step IV                                                                    Presentation/Catalog for
     Insert into Catalog' button                                                                    Publish' button.
     to add the products.                                                                      [2] Click the 'Trade Show'
                                                                                                    button in the 'Building
                                                                                                    options for publishing
                                                                                                    mode' section.
                                                                                               [3] Click 'No' on the dialog
                                                                                                    box that appears to create
                                                                                                    a distributable file.

 STEp 3                                                                                        [4] Set the destination
                                                                                                    location of the
                                                                                                    presentation in the
adding pRodUcT deTails                                                                              'Browse for Folder' folder
once the products have been added to the catalog, you need to add details about them. To add        tree and click 'OK'.
product details, carry out the following steps:                                                [5] Again click 'OK' on the
                                                                                                    dialog box that appears
1.   Click 'View digital catalog'.                                                                  and the slideshow
                                                                                                    automatically starts on
2.   Select a category from             2                                                           your default web browser.
     'Select Category'.                                                                        [6] You can copy the entire
3.   Select one of the loaded                                                                       folder and run the 'slide.
     images and click 'Edit'.                                                                       htm' file to view the
                                                                                                    presentation from any
4.   Enter the details in
                                                                                                    other computer as well.
     'Catalog Item Contents'.
5.   To calculate the discount
     value click the drop down
     list near the 'discount' text
     box. Use the controls to
     calculate the value and
     click the '=' sign.

6.   Click the 'Special
     Filters' tab to feature
     the product under the
     'specials' category. The
     first option is to display
     products under 'New
     Product', second is for
     'Hot Product', the third
     specifies 'Specialty'
     products and the last one
     displays products under
     'Special Offer'.
7.   Click 'Save'.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
38 handS on  WoRKSHop

    CHip pluS Tip
    creating an excel
                                          STEp 4
    baseD catalog
    If you need to create an MS
                                         pUblishing yoUR caTalog
                                         after your product entries are ready with all the required information, the final step is to publish
    Excel spreadsheet-type catalog
                                         the catalog. Here we will show you how to publish the catalog as an MS Word file. To do so:
    instead, carry out the following
    [1] Click the 'View/Manage           1.   Click the 'View/Manage
         Presentation/Catalog for             Presentation/Catalog for
         Publish' button.                     Publish' button.
    [2] Click the 'Excel' button in
                                         2.   Click the 'Word' button in
         the 'Building options for
                                              the 'Building options for 2
         publishing mode' section.
                                              publishing mode' section
    [3] Set the destination
         location of the Excel file in        of the window.
         the 'Path' textbox of the       3.   Enter the required details
         'Export to Excel' dialog             in the dialog box.
         box. Make sure MS Excel
                                         4.   Go to the 'Template' tab
         is not running on your
                                              and set the path where
    [4] Click 'OK' on the dialog
                                              the files need to be saved.
         box to save the file.           5.   Click 'OK'.
    [5] Leave your system
         uninterrupted while
         the catalog is being
                                         6.   Leave your system
    CHip pluS Tip                             uninterrupted while
                                              the catalog is being
    creating a catalog as
    a PDf                                     generated. If the window
    If you intend to keep the soft            loses focus, there is a
    copy of your catalog which no             chance that the catalog
    one can edit, it is advisable to          might not contain all the
    save your file as a PDF. For this,        details.
    you need a third party PDF           7.   Click 'OK' on the dialog
    creator. To do so,
                                              box to complete the
    [1] Download a free PDF
         creator. Here we will be
         using CutePDF Writer,
         which can be freely
         downloaded from 'www.'.
    [2] Install the CutePDF.
         The software requires a
         PS2PDF convertor which          note: Your MS Word-based
         can be found on the same        catalog is ready. You can
         website.                        print it directly from here. It
    [3] Open the MS Word                 comprises of two MS Word
         catalog you created.
                                         files, the first is the main
    [4] Fire the print command.
                                         catalog, and the second is
         Select 'CutePDF Writer'
                                         the product response sheet
         from the printer name
         drop-down list.                 through which buyers can
    [5] Save the file in the 'Save       place orders. You can enhance
         As' dialog box.                 the catalog by changing
    [6] Select a folder and enter        various aspects like fonts,
         a name and click 'Save' to      alignments, background, etc.
         save the PDF file.

                                                                                                  intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                  WoRKSHop  handS on 39

rid your pC of
Is your PC slowing down or crashing frequently? If
yes, then it might contain malware that's causing
the problem. Let's take a look at how A-Squared can

                                                                                                                                          sachin Pandit
come to your rescue.
by dolwin fernandes

 STEp 1                                                                                            key detailS
                                                                                                  Skill level

doWnloading and insTalling                                                                        
a-sQuareD Free is a free application which scans for and removes malware from your system. This
                                                                                                  what you will need
application can be downloaded from the web site, Follow the steps below to
                                                                                                   Windows XP or later
download and install the application:
                                                                                                  what you can learn
                                                                                                   Scan for and eliminate malware from
1.   Once on the web site, click                                                                    your system
     the 'Download' tab.                                                                          how long it will take

2.   On the resulting page                                                                        t30 Minutes

     click the 'Download'     2
     button and browse for an
     appropriate location to
     save the setup file.
3.   Once downloaded,
     double-click the setup file
     and select an appropriate
     language from the drop-
     down list.

4.   On the next screen,
     select the 'I accept the
     agreement' radio button
     and click 'Next'.
5.   Click 'Browse' and select
     an appropriate location to
     install the application.
6.   Once done, click 'Next'
     to proceed with the

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
40 handS on  WoRKSHop

    rEFErENCE                              7.   By creating a quick launch
                                                icon, you can access the
    about a-sQuareD free
    In today's Internet age, threats            software easily with just
    such as viruses arise quite                 a single click. To create a
    frequently. It is thus necessary            quick launch icon select
    to protect your system from                 the checkbox as shown.
    all kinds of threats and keep          8.   Selecting the 'Install
    your PC clean. If you feel that             scan via context menu'
    your system is not behaving
                                                checkbox will add the
    normally, and you would like
                                                'Scan with A-Squared Free'
    to resolve this problem for
    free, then A-Squared Free can
                                                option to the context
    come in handy. A-Squared Free               menu.
    scans for Trojan Horses, worms,        9.   Click 'Next' and complete
    viruses, dialers, rootkits and              the installation.
    spyware. What's more is that
    you can get free updates for
    the application.

                                            STEp 2

    submitting a
    susPecteD file                         UpdaTing a-sQUaRed fRee
    There are various kinds of files       once the application is installed it is necessary to update the application so that A-Squared can
    that are available for download        detect and remove the latest malware from your system. Let's take a look at how to go about it.
    from the Internet. At times, one
    may accidentally download
                                           1.   Run A-Squared Free.
    a file from the Internet which
    may be harmful to your                 2.   On the startup window,
    system. If this file is executed, it        click the 'Online Update'
    may infect your entire system               button.
    and cause damage. Hence,
                                           3.   A-Squared Free will
    it would be better if the file
                                                now check whether
    is first thoroughly analyzed
                                                updates are available
    before it is executed. For
    a thorough analysis of the                  and download them
    file, you can send it to the                accordingly.
    A-Squared labs. You will then
    be notified later whether the
    file is safe for execution or not.
    To send the file for analysis,
    follow the steps below:
    [1] Run A-Squared Free and
          click the 'Submit a suspect
          file' link.
    [2] On the web page that               4.   If you're browsing the
          opens, click 'Choose'                 Internet through a proxy
          and then browse for the
                                                server, you might need
          suspected file.
                                                to enter proxy settings
    [3] Enter a small description
                                                to establish a connection
          about the file and click
          'Upload'.                             with the server in order to
                                                download updates.
                                           5.   Click the 'Configuration'
                                           6.   On the next screen, click
                                                the 'Update' tab.

                                                                                                    intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                    WoRKSHop  handS on 41

7.   On the update screen,
                                                                                                  CHip pluS Tip
     click 'Connection settings'.
8.   In the resulting window,
                                                                                                  a-sQuareD free
     select the 'Use proxy                                                                        A-Squared Free allows the user
     server' checkbox.                                                                            to configure particular settings
9.   Enter the appropriate                                                                        so as to make the application
     username and password.                                                                       function as per the user's
     If you do not have a                                                                         preference. You can configure
                                                                                                  A-Squared Free to directly
     username and password
                                                                                                  delete files that have detected,
     to log into the proxy
                                                                                                  automatically move them
     server then contact your
                                                                                                  to the quarantine and much
     network administrator for                                                                    more. To configure A-Squared
     the same.                                                                                    Free:
10. Once done, click 'OK' and                                                                     [1] Run A-Squared Free and
    then click the 'Online                                                                             click the 'Configuration'
    update' button.                                                                                    tab. You will now be able
                                                                                                       to view different tabs on
                                                                                                       the resulting page.
                                                                                                  [2] You will also be able to
                                                                                                       view a short description
                                                                                                       of the option below every
                                                                                                  [3] Click on an appropriate
                                                                                                       tab and select or de-select
                                                                                                       options as required.

 STEp 3
adding pRodUcT deTails
once the application is updated, we shall proceed with the scanning process. You can choose
from three different available options to scan your system. Follow the steps below to perform a
simple scan.

1.   Run A-Squared Free and
     click the 'Scan PC' tab.
2.   Click the 'Smart Scan'
     radio button.
3.   Click 'Scan'.
Quick scan: If the Quick scan
option is selected, A-Square
will scan only the virus
affected areas on your PC.
smart scan: Smart scan is
similar to Quick scan, except
that it scans for Windows files
along with the other files.
Deep scan: The Deep Scan
option scans your entire
system for malware. It is
comparatively slow.
custom scan: The custom
scan option can be used to
scan specific files and folders
instead of scanning the entire

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
42 handS on  WoRKSHop

    CHip pluS Tip                      4.   Follow these steps if you
                                            selected the 'Custom scan'
    aDD or remove the
    scan oPtion from
    the context menu                   5.   Once you click the
    By default, during the                  'Custom Scan' radio
    installation process, A-Squared         button, click 'Scan'.
    Free adds an option known
                                       6.   On the next screen, click
    as 'Scan with A-Squared Free'
                                            the 'Add folder' button
    to the Windows context
                                            and browse for an
    menu. This helps users to
    scan a particular file or folder
                                            appropriate folder.
    instantly rather than running      7.   Click 'Next' to start the
    A-Squared Free and creating a           scanning process.
    custom scan. But if a user has
    several other options already
    installed in the context menu,
    it may get too crowded and
    lengthy. You can remove this
    option from the context menu
    by following the steps below:
    [1] Run A-Squared Free and
         click the 'Configuration'
                                        STEp 4
         tab. By default the           Using The QUaRanTine
         'General' tab appears.        any infected file that is detected must first be sent to the quarantine for further analysis. If the
    [2] Select or de-select            infected file is a system file and cannot be deleted, it must be stored in the quarantine where it
         the 'Active Explorer          remains dormant.
         Integration' checkbox to
         add or remove the 'Scan       1.   Run A-Squared Free and
         with A-Squared Free'               click the 'Quarantine' tab.
         option from the context            You will now be able to
         menu.                              view a list of files in the
                                       2.   If you feel that a file
                                            might be harmful to
                                            your system, you can
                                            directly add the file to the
                                            quarantine by clicking the
                                            'Add' button.
                                       3.   You can then send the file
                                            for analysis by clicking the
                                            'Submit file' button.

                                       4.   Once a file is in the
                                            quarantine, you can
                                            re-scan it after the virus
                                            database has been
                                       5.   To do so, click the
                                            'Configuration' tab.
                                       6.   From the 'Quarantine         5
                                            re-scan' section, select the
                                            'Silent' option from the
                                            drop-down list.

                                                                                                  intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                  WoRKSHop  handS on 43

back up files on
the internet
One cannot completely rely on a secondary storage
device for backing up files. Another alternative
could be online storage. Let’s see how

                                                                                                                                    sachin Pandit
stores large files online.
by dolwin fernandes

 STEp 1                                                                                            key detailS
                                                                                                  Skill level

cReaTing an accoUnT on                                                                 
                                                                                                  Intermediate is a free online backup service that allows users to backup 50GB of data. Follow the
                                                                                                  what you will need
steps below to register yourself online and start using the service.
                                                                                                   Windows XP or later
                                                                                                  what you can learn
1.   Go to the web site www.
                                                                                                   Back up files on the Internet
                                                                                                  how long it will take
2.   Click the 'Basic' link.                                                                      t30 Minutes

3.   On the next page, click
     the 'Sign up' link.
note: has three
plans for its user. The 'Basic'
plan is free for all users and
allows one to store 50GB of

4.   Select the 'Basic - Free'
     option from the 'Please
     select your plan' drop-
     down list.
5.   Enter appropriate
     information in the
     respective fields.
6.   Finally click 'Continue' to
     complete the registration.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
44 handS on  WoRKSHop

    about                    STEp 2
    Every user has some or the
    other important file stored
                                       Uploading, doWnloading and shaRing files
    on the PC. To prevent data         once you are done with the registration, you can immediately store files on We shall
    loss in case of a system crash,    now see how to upload and share files.
    he would backup files on a
    secondary storage media like       1.   Click the 'Create
    a USB drive or a DVD. But one           directory' button, enter
    cannot completely rely on the           an appropriate name
    secondary storage media for             for your directory and
    a long time. Hence an online            click 'Submit'. To upload
    backup is recommended.
                                            files to the folder, select gives a user 50GB
                                            the folder and click the    2
    of free space once he has
                                            'Upload Files/Directories'
    registered on the web site.
    Users can thus upload files             button.
    on the internet server. If the     note: You can, at any time,
    file is required later, the user   delete the folder, move it to
    would only require an Internet
                                       another location or share it
    connection to download the
                                       with other users.
    file, thus preventing data loss.

    Directly transfer
    files from a web site
                                       2.   Click 'Add' and browse for
    There are several shared files
                                            files or folders that you
    available for download on
    the Internet. You may require           want to upload.
    downloading a file that needs      3.   In case you want to
    to be backed up on a different          remove any of the files
    location. To save time, Adrive.         that you have added
    com allows users to backup              simply select the file entry
    a file from the Internet by
                                            and click 'Remove'.
    simply providing it with the
    entire URL. To directly transfer   4.   Once done, click 'Upload'
    files from the Internet to your         to upload files to the
    account, follow the steps               server.
    [1] Log in to
    [2] Click the 'Transfer Remote
          File' button.
    [3] On the next screen, enter
          the complete URL in the
          textbox provided and click   5.   To move a file to another
          'Retrieve'.                       directory, select the
                                            checkbox beside the file.
                                       6.   Click the 'Move to' button.
                                       7.   Select an appropriate
                                            folder and click 'Submit'.

                                                                                              intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                            WoRKSHop  handS on 45

8.   To download a file, click                             CHip pluS Tip
     the 'Downloader' button.
                                                           changing account
9.   On the next screen, select                            settings
     an appropriate file and    9                 allows users to edit
     click 'Download'.                                     account settings like changing
10. Select an appropriate                                  the name, e-mail address and
                                                           other relevant fields. If you
    location to save the file
                                                           have completely used up 50GB
    and click 'OK'.
                                                           of the free space provided by
                                                 , you can upgrade
                                                           your account to avail more
                                                           space and other facilities like
                                                           the remote desktop client
                                                           and other such features. To
                                                           upgrade your account:
                                                           [1] Visit and login
                                                                to the web site.
                                                           [2] Click the 'Account Settings'
                                                           [3] Click the 'Change Package'
11. To share a file select it and                          [4] On the next page select
    click 'Share'.                                              an appropriate upgrade
12. Right-click the file. You                                   package as required.
                                                           [5] Enter required details on
    will be redirected to
                                                                the next page and click
    another page.
13. To e-mail the download
    link to a friend click on
    'Email a Friend'.

14. On the next screen, enter
    the email address in the
    provided textbox.
15. You can also enter an
    optional message to
    describe the file in the
    'Optional message to add
    to email' textbox.
16. Once done, enter the
    verification and click
    'Send email'. Your friend
    will now be able to
    download the file as and
    when required.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
46 specials  DR. KnoW

                                                                           Dr. kNOW
                                                                            Get to know what accelerometers are all about,
                                                                            plus insights on A-GPS, Google Wave and the
                                                                            hyped up project Natal.
  sachin Pandit

                                                                            by dolwin fernandes

                  what is an accelerometer?                  Q what is a-gPs?
                                                             a     a-gPs is an abbreviation for 'Assisted GPS'. It
                                                             enhances the performance of a GPS based satellite.
                                                             A-GPS is now available with almost all GPS receivers
                                                             including the latest cell phones released in the
                                                             market. There are several instances when a GPS
                                                             device cannot function properly due to poor signal
                                                             conditions especially when it is surrounded by tall
                                                             buildings or if it is trying to locate a position when
                                                             indoors. An A-GPS receiver can solve and overcome
                                                             all these problems. The only difference between
                  An accelerometer is a device that          GPS and A-GPS is that the latter uses an assistant
                  can measure acceleration forces. For       server that increases the processing power and can
                  example, one can find out the angle of     locate a position quickly.
                  a particular device with respect to its
                  placement with an accelerometer. This      Q what is google wave?
                  is done by measuring the amount of
                  static acceleration due to gravitational    a google Wave is an application by Google that collaborates several Google
                  force. The accelerometer that is           features. A user who has installed Google Wave will be able to access and use Google
                  embedded in a cell phone senses            features like Orkut, Google Talk and GMail efficiently. Google Wave can also check for
                  motion and detects acceleration            errors (grammatical and spelling) as well translate text to forty different languages.
                  forces. This is how the phone is           Google has not yet announced when Wave will be released. For the user's convenience,
                  controlled. The accelerometer used in      Google will open source part of the code so that users can develop or modify the
                  the iPhone and iPhone 3G rotates the       features of the program.
                  display's orientation to either portrait
                  or landscape. This motion sensor is also   Q what is ProJect natal?
                  used for gaming purposes wherein an
                  object can be moved and controlled         a microsoft is working on a project known as 'Natal', which on completion would
                  by simply tilting the phone in various     probably be the new face of gaming. It involves gaming without the use of any
                  directions. Besides gaming, phones         controllers. End users will be able to play
                  also use accelerometers to perform         games or interact with the interface with
                  simple tasks like switching between        gestures and spoken commands on their
                  applications and songs by just a small     existing XBox consoles. The device would be
                  flick of the phone. Some other phones      around nine inches and a motion sensor
                  that use the accelerometer for             would be placed either above or below the
                  gaming and other applications include      display device. It would feature face and
                  the Sony Ericsson W760i and K850i and      voice recognition as well as full body 3D
                  Nokia's N96.                               motion capturing capabilities. Observers are
                                                             expecting it to be launched in late 2010.

                                                                                                           intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      DR. KnoW  SpecialS 47

                                                                                                     Super Saver Summer
                                                                                                     Subscription Offer!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       unts!           t

TENURE                                                 YOU GET                                                COVER PRICE                                          YOU PAY                                DISCOUNT                                                    SAVINGS

 1 Year                        12 issues + 2 issues free                                                              Rs. 1,550                                     Rs. 1,099                                        30%                         Rs. 451 + 2 issues free

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Yes! I would like to subscribe to CHIP for                                                                       1 Year                    3 Years                                                                     (PLEASE FILL THE FORM IN CAPITAL LETTERS)
Name: Mr. /Ms. ................................................................................................................ Male                                                                                   Female                     Date of Birth:
      Student                    Professional                        Self-employed                           Other
Mailing Address: .........................................................................................................................................................................................................
................................................................................................. City: ......................................... State: ..................................... PIN
Tel: (O) ............................................. (R) ............................................. (M) ......................................................... Fax: ...........................................
E-mail: ..................................................................................... Qualification: ............................................. Profession: ...................................................
Please find enclosed Cheque/DD No.................................. drawn on bank ...................................................................................................................
dated ........................................ for Rs ......................................... favouring Infomedia18 Limited., payable at Mumbai.
Or charge my Credit Card:                                      VISA                    MasterCard                             Amex                                    Date: ......................................... Signature .........................................
Card No.:                                                                                                                                            Card Expiry Date:

SUBSCRIPTION DEPARTMENT:                                                                                                                         TERMS & CONDITIONS
INFOMEDIA 18 LTD.                                                                                                                                Your subscription will start from the next available issue.  No cancellation will be entertained after
‘A’ Wing, 2nd Floor, Ruby House, J K Sawant Marg, Dadar (W),                                                                                     commencement of the subscription.         Infomedia18 reserves the right to extend, cancel or discontinue the offer
                                                                                                                                                    Though Infomedia 18 Ltd. will take utmost care to dispatch the copies safely Infomedia 18 Ltd does not take
Mumbai 400 028. Call: 022 3003 4631/33 Fax: 022 3003 4499                                                                                        the responsibility of any delivery delays and damaged copies/DVDs dispatched.         For more information contact
E-mail:                                                                                                              Infomedia 18 subscription department.

    “The Company is proposing, subject to market conditions and other considerations, an offer of its equity shares on rights basis and has fi led a Draft Letter of Offer with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”). The Draft Letter of Offer is available on the website of SEBI at and the website of the Lead Manager at
   Investors should note that investment in equity shares involves a high degree of risk and are requested to refer to the section titled “Risk Factors” of the Draft Letter of Offer for details of the same.”
   The company at its absolute discretion and without further notice may discontinue publication of the magazine and in the event of such discontinuation, the Company shall refund the subscription amount for the unexpired term only, without any interest, cause and consequence.”
its same as previous one na?

For exclusive offers log on to
                                                                                                                                                                     indiatimes                              Magazine Subscription Made Simple

Subscriptions also available at Shopping
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48 SpecialS  pc DoctoR

                                                                                Help! avG updates
                                                                                fail to download
  sachin Pandit

                                                                                AVG Free Edition is among the most popular anti-virus
                                                                                applications. However, there are quite a few problems that
                                                                                arise while using this software, especially while updating the
                                                                                virus database. Here are some solutions to overcome them.
                                                                                by gareth mankoo

                   +        system time error
                            affects uPDates
                                                                                    Changing the computer date and time
                                                                                confuses AVG about which downloaded                           +        virus vault has
                                                                                                                                                       reacheD limit
                                                                                update is the latest. To resolve this you
                  prOblEM:                                                      will have to change the system date and                     prOblEM:
                  I had changed my computer date and                            time back to its correct values for the                     After I conducted a scheduled scan,
                  time from the taskbar. Ever since, AVG                        updates to be downloaded regularly, and                     AVG detected some viruses in my
                  Antivirus 8.5 displays an error message,                      also to make sure that your computer is                     computer. As usual, I clicked the button
                  'Your computer system time seems to be                        secure. Here's how to go about it:                          to move these files to the virus vault. But
                  inaccurate. This may lead to false virus                      1. Double-click the time icon on the                        the application threw up an error, 'The
                  database up-to-date reporting. Please                             taskbar.                                                Virus Vault has reached the maximum file
                  correct your system time if possible.' How                    2. Change the date and time to the                          count limit'. Please help.
                  can I resolve this problem?                                       original/correct values and click 'OK'
                                                                                    for the changes to take effect.                         SOluTiON:
                  SOluTiON:                                                     If AVG still throws up the same error then                  The Virus Vault in AVG can accommodate
                  AVG updates its virus database on a                           you will need to disable the automatic                      a large number of entries; hence the
                  frequent basis. Since these updates are                       date and time function. To do this:                         error is most likely a flaw in the one of
                  categorized on the basis of the time and                      1. Launch AVG anti-virus.                                   the components of AVG. The main cause
                  date when they were made available for                        2. Click 'Tools | Advanced Settings'.                       of this error is a damaged 'vvfolder.idx'
                  download, keeping track of this activity                      3. Uncheck the 'Check computer time'                        file. This file helps AVG keep a count on
                  is crucial for AVG to make sure that their                        option.                                                 how many entries have been made to its
                  database is up-to-date to counter newer                       This is supposed to be used as an extreme                   virus vault. Here’s how to overcome this
                  viruses. The time on the taskbar is used as                   measure since it can cause your updates                     problem,
                  a referral by AVG.                                            to be out of date.                                          1. Double-click 'My Computer'.
                                                                                                                                            2. Once Windows Explorer opens up,
                                                                                                                                                 click 'Tools | Folder Options'.
                                                                                                                                            3. In the dialog box that opens up click
                                                                                                                                                 the 'View' tab.
                                                                                                                                            4. Under 'Hidden files and folders' select
                                                                                                                                                 the 'Show hidden files and folders'
                                                                                                                                            5. Visit the drive in which you have
                                                                                                                                                 installed AVG and look for the hidden
                                                                                                                                                 folder named '$AVG8.VAULT$'. For
                                                                                                                                                 example, 'C:\$AVG8.VAULT$'.
                                                                                                                                            6. Delete this folder.
                                                                                                                                            The problem should be solved once the
                                                                                                                                            folder is deleted. Make sure that you
                   The file named '$AVG8.VAULT$' can be found in your primary drive. You can search for it using Windows Search. Once you   download the most recent updates after
                   locate it, delete it permanently.
                                                                                                                                            this to stay on the safer side.

                                                                                                                                            intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                                                                                                               pc DoctoR  SpecialS 49

 +        connection with
          'uPDate server' fails

I have recently installed AVG Anti-Virus
Free. As suggested, I tried to download the
most recent updates but couldn't do so.
An error message appeared on the screen
saying 'Update failed - the connection
with update server has failed'. My Internet
connection works perfectly fine. What is
the cause of this problem?
                                                            Connecting to the proxy can be done either manually or automatically. If you select the manual option, you will have to
                                                            enter the proxy and port address yourself.
There is a simple procedure to overcome                    Internet using a proxy. The proxy however                         automatically. Select the appropriate
this problem:                                              has to be configured.                                             radio buttons for whichever choice you
1. Launch AVG.                                             1. Launch the 'AVG User Interface'.                               feel suits you best.
2. Click 'Tools | Advanced Settings'.                      2. Click 'Tools | Advanced Settings'.                          Once you are done with these settings,
3. Click 'Update' in the left pane.                        3. In the left pane select 'Update | Proxy'.                   connecting with a proxy will not be a
4. Under this, select 'Manage'.                            You will now be faced with two options in                      problem anymore.
5. Click the 'Delete temporary update                      the proxy box,
     files' button.
Try updating AVG again. If the same error
                                                           ff proxy: Requires you to specify
                                                              the proxy address. It will connect using                     +          uPDate avg from
                                                                                                                                      a Directory
still persists then follow these steps:                       only this address.
1. Click 'Start | Settings | Control Panel'.                  try
                                                           ff connection using proxy and if it                            prOblEM:
2. Double-click 'Network Connections'.                        fails, connect directly: Selecting this                     I do not have an Internet connection at
3. Right-click your connection name and                       option from the dropdown box will                           home. However, at my work place I am
     select 'Properties'.                                     first connect using the proxy. If this                      connected to the Internet. I have AVG
4. On the dialog box that opens click the                     fails, it will connect directly.                            Free installed at both places. I cannot
     'General' tab.                                        After selecting one of the above options,                      download updates at home so this version
5. Double-click 'Internet Protocol                         you will come across two more options,                         of AVG is out of date, whereas AVG on my
     (TCP/IP)'.                                            'Manual' and 'Automatic'.                                      office PC is up-to-date. Is there anyway I
6. Make sure that the DNS server                           ff manual: After selecting this option                         can port the downloaded updates to my
     settings are correct. You can generate                   you will have to enter the proxy and                        home PC?
     the DNS address automatically by                         port address yourself. Make sure that
     clicking 'Obtain DNS server address                      these values are entered correctly.                         SOluTiON:
     automatically'.                                          These can be obtained from your                             Yes, AVG has a provision for direct
7. Click 'OK' for the changes to take                         network administrator. If your proxy                        updates from a directory, without
     effect.                                                  connection requires you to enter a                          using the Internet. All you have to do is
If this doesn't solve the problem then                        username and password then check                            download the updates from the AVG site
recheck your Internet connection or                           the 'Use PROXY authentication'                              at your work place and transfer them to
contact the software vendor.                                  checkbox. Enter the 'Username' and the                      your home computer using a pen drive or
                                                              'Password' correctly in the text fields                     any other removable media. Here's how to

 +        connection using a
          Proxy                                            ff
                                                              provided below.
                                                              auto: Selecting this option will not
                                                                                                                          go about it,
                                                                                                                          1. Visit the following site, http://free.avg.
                                                              need you to enter the proxy and                                 com/
prOblEM:                                                      port address manually; instead, it will                     2. Download the files enlisted in the
I connect to the Internet using a web                         directly acquire these values from                              'Updates' section by clicking the links
proxy. Does AVG have a provision                              another source. These values can be                             provided.
to connect using a proxy address to                           obtained from your browser, assuming                        3. Save these files in a single folder on
download updates? Please help.                                that the values are already entered                             your desktop and launch AVG.
                                                              there. The supported browsers include                       4. Click 'Tools | Update from directory'
SOluTiON:                                                     Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and                          and select the folder in which the files
Yes, AVG does have a provision that allows                    Opera. It can also be obtained from a                           are saved.
users to download updates from the                            script. The values can also be obtained                     5. Click 'OK' to save the changes.

auGuSt 2009 | intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement
50 specials  in Detail

    inside the digital photo frame
    A digital frame can be titled as the best means for storing pictures, especially because of its
    portability. Let’s take a deeper look at how this amazing device actually works.
    by dolwin fernandes

    a digital photo frame consists of an LCD
    which is capable of displaying stored
    pictures in a slide show format. It can
    be connected to a PC or a phone to
    download and add more pictures. Several
    companies like Kodak, Ceiva, Transcend
    and Polaroid manufacture digital photo
    frames. Let’s get to know what lies
    beneath these devices. A digital photo
    frame can be considered as a simple
    computer. It consists of all components
    that a normal computer would have,
    but it’s much simpler since all it has to
    do is store and display images. Earlier
    digital photo frames used modems to
    receive images from PCs. However, newer
    versions use Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

    the Central Processing Unit used in a
    digital photo frame is similar to the one
    used in small gadgets such as handheld
    games. The most intensive task that the     risk of data getting lost if the device is   also important. The pictures are often
    processor does in a digital photo frame     unplugged. Memory expansion slots are        displayed in 12 bit color. This makes it
    is downloading pictures from the PC or      quite common in most digital frames.         possible to present around 4,100 colors
    from the Internet into its memory.                                                       on the screen.
    memory                                      the display of the digital photo             controls
    the digital photo frame consists of a       frame can vary depending on the              most of the controls used are for
    ROM memory that is used to store the        manufacturer’s preferences. The              adjusting the brightness of the display,
    operating system. It also comes with        dimension of the screen is measured          to turn the frame on or off and even
    a flash memory in which pictures and        diagonally in inches. The larger the         for changing to the next image. Some
    settings are stored. Since both the types   screen, the better the clarity of the        sophisticated frames also have time
    of memories are non-volatile, there is no   images. Resolution of the screen is          based rotational shifting of images.

                                                                                             intelligent computing cHip pluS Supplement | auGuSt 2009
                                                        viSual gloSSaRy  SpecialS 51

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