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					10 things you need to know about your
   new Medical Services Plan invoice
1   First/Last Name
    Your first and last name are
    displayed here
2                                                                              1
    Account Number
    Your new Account Number is                                         2
    displayed here. Please use
    this number when making a                                              3
    payment or contacting
    Revenue Services of BC
3   Client Number
    Your Client Number, which is
    also your Personal Health                      4
    Number, is displayed here.                                                                      10
    Please use this number
    when contacting Health                         5
    Insurance BC

4   Balance from
    Previous Invoice
    Your balance from previous
    invoice and last payment are
    reflected here                   6
                                                                                                             View your account
5   Item Description
                                                                                                            financial activity and
    This section outlines the        7                                                                         invoices online.
    amount owing for coverage.
    Any applicable CareCard                                                                                Go to to
    replacement fees are shown                                                                              sign up and find out
    as separate item(s) on your      8                                                                      what online services
                                                                                                                are available.
6   Total Due
    Your total amount due and
    due date are reflected here

    Advance Payment
    Billing will now be done
    monthly. However, advance
    payments of any amount can
    be made. This displays the
    sample amounts by which
    you can pay your MSP
    premiums in advance
8   Persons Covered
    Any applicable persons
    covered under your MSP
    account will be displayed
9   Payment Coupon
    The payment coupon
    contains payment information
    including your name, account
    number and amount payable.
    This coupon should be
    submitted with your payment
    (if mailing a cheque or paying
    at your bank)                                 There are two main contacts to call for your MSP-related questions:
10 Additional                            For MSP registration and coverage call Health          For billing, payment and collections call
   Information                           Insurance BC (Lower Mainland: 604 683-7151             Revenue Services of BC (1 877 405-4909).
    This provides information            or elsewhere in BC: 1 800 663-7100).
    that may be useful to you
    and your family regarding                                                                                 Please keep this information
    MSP coverage                                  Please see reverse for further information.                  sheet for future reference.
                                                 It’s business
                                                    as usual
     You will be provided with the same high level of service as in the past, along with the following
          o Separate phone numbers for important MSP-related questions
          o A new invoice to help you better understand and pay your MSP premiums
          o All payment plan due dates will now align with the end-of-month due date for your MSP payment
          o "Greener" online billing options and real-time access to your MSP account allowing you to:
                        •   View the financial activity on your account
                        •   Change your address
                        •   View your invoices

               Who should I call to answer my MSP questions?
           Services Provided by                          Services Provided by                  Services Provided by
           Health Insurance BC                          Revenue Services of BC                  Ministry of Finance


    •     Enrolling with MSP or changing            •    Questions regarding your          •   Through the Temporary
          coverage, including adding or                  invoice                               Premium Assistance (TPA)
          removing family members                                                              program, a short term period of
                                                    •    Payments and refunds
    •     Cancelling MSP coverage,                                                             MSP premium waiver is
          including when moving outside             •    Payment options                       provided for qualifying
          BC                                                                                   individuals and families
                                                    •    Payment arrangements
    •     Issuing replacement CareCards                                                    •   TPA is designed to assist those
                                                    •    Payment history
                                                                                               who are not able to pay
    •     Updating personal information             •    Collection of overdue premiums        premiums due to a sudden
          including name, address, date of                                                     unexpected event of financial
          birth, and phone number                   •    Administering insolvency (e.g.,
                                                                                               hardship, for which they could
    •     Administering PharmaCare                                                             not have reasonably budgeted

    •     Administering regular Premium
          * MSP offers assistance with the
          payment of premiums. HIBC
          administers regular Premium
          Assistance based on the previous
          year’s income

    Phone: Lower Mainland:                          Phone:     1 877 405-4909              Phone:    Victoria:
           604 683-7151                                                                              250 356-8285
           Elsewhere in BC:                                                                          Toll Free:
           1 800 663-7100                                                                            1 800 207-2051
    Mail:  PO Box 9035 Stn Prov Govt                Mail:      PO Box 9085 Stn Prov Govt   Mail:     PO Box 9627 Stn Prov Govt
           Victoria, BC V8W 9E3                                Victoria, BC V8W 9E4                  Victoria, BC V8W 9P1

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