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                    ISO 9001
                   ISO 9001                                                 ISO1400
                                                                            ISO14001             F           FCCCE              C-tick
        Tilbud på External Portable Hard Disk. Kvalitetsprodukter til lave priser!
                                                                                                              Priser NOK inkl mva, eks frakt
 Item Name         PHOTO                Key Spec                         Description             Capacity
                                                                                                              Per.stk     >5             >10

Premium & Price Winner
                               1. Aluminium case, large silk    2.5" SATA HDD
                               print area, anti-skid surface.
                               2. Sliver, Red and Black Color   USB2.0 interface
2.5 inch Sleek                 available, strong metal case     Transmission: 480Mbps
SATA Portable                  3. USB2.0; mini USB;
                               Powered by USB                   Buffer memory: 8MB
Hard Disk
(Model: K509)                  4. LED Status Indicator          Running speed: 5400RPM               250GB
                                                                Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/7/Mac           320GB    430.0     410.0        390.0
                                                                                                     500GB     560.0    540.0            520.0

USB3.0 Super Speed Series
                               1.Super speed USB3.0             2.5" SATA HDD
                               compliant and high speed         Interface transfer rate: 5Gbps
2.5 inch Super                 2.Drive up to- Easy Plug and
                                                                Data Transfer Rate: 78MB/s
Speed USB3.0                   Play installation
                               3.LED indicates Power On         (based on 5400rpm HDD)
Hard Disk K910
     (New)                     and data transfer activity       Running speed: 5400RPM
                               4.Weight: about 170g             Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/7/Mac           320GB     650.0    620.0            590.0
                                                                                                     500GB     690.0    660.0            630.0

Premium Leather Series, hidden USB cable
                               Luxery model with one key        2.5" SATA HDD
                               back up funktion.With hidden     USB2.0 interface
                               USB cable.
                                                                Transmission: 480Mbps
                                                                Buffer memory: 8MB
                                                                Running speed: 5400RPM               320GB     590.0    560.0            530.0
2,5 inch Leather
 portable HDD
   Model k507                                                   Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/7/Mac
                                                                                                     500GB     690.0    660.0            630.0

Premium Leather Series, hidden USB cable
                               1.Unique design as “Attache      2.5" SATA HDD
                               case” with elegance              USB2.0 interface
                               2.With own button line to
                                                                Transmission: 480Mbps
2.5 inch Leather               make more portable and
  Pouch Hard                   practical.                       Buffer memory: 8MB
       Disk                    4.One button back up             Running speed: 5400RPM
(Model: K318)                                                   Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/7/Mac           320GB     530.0    510.0            490.0

                               5.Luxury leather feels comfort
                               and decent                                                            500GB     650.0    630.0            600.0
                               6.SATA, USB2.0;high speed 2.5" SATA HDD
                               1. Leather Cover Design,
                               luxury model. Black and        USB2.0 interface
                               Brown. Golden side (optional)
2.5 inch Luxury                                               Transmission: 480Mbps
                               2. Capacity from 80GB up to
 leather Hard                                                 Buffer memory: 8MB
                               3. SATA to USB2.0 high-          Running speed: 5400RPM
(Model: K315)
                               speed interface                  Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/7/Mac           320GB     560.0    530.0        510.0
      New!                     4. 127.5* 80 * 11.5mm

                                                                                                     500GB     640.0    620.0            600.0

3.5" Portable Hard Disk Series
                               1. Various cases, multi- color   3.5" SATA HDD
                                                  2. with ex-   USB2.0 interface
                               voltage protect leading a
                                                                Transmission: 480Mbps
                               longer life-span
3.5 inch SATA                  3.USB2.0/Firewire high speed     Buffer memory: 16MB
 Smart Hard                    connection                       Running speed: 7200RPM
  Disk                         4. Best for Data-back-up and     Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/7/Mac            1TB      790.0    750.0            730.0
(Model: K610)                  home entertainment
     NEW                                                        Storage up to 2TB                     2TB      1190.0   1,160.0      1120.0
                                 5. Up to 2TB Mega-storage

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