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					                                                                                                     Issue Fifteen
                                                                                                     June 2009

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Electric blanket testing prevents fires                                         3 	Electric blanket testing
Have you had your electric blanket tested lately? Every year                      prevents fires
fires are caused by faulty electric blankets or people using them               3 	New energy education
incorrectly.                                                                      strategy for schools
                                                                                3 Trustee profile
Jon Rewi, Eastern Bay of Plenty Fire Safety Officer says, “In other             	 - David Bulley
parts of New Zealand, on average, each year one person dies and                 3 Trust supports
six people are badly injured as a result of electric blanket fires.”              crematorium
Here in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, there have been no electric                  3 Trustee elections this year
blanket fires over the past three years. Mr Rewi believes this is               3 Investment update
because of the Eastern Bay Energy Trust’s electric
blanket testing programme.
Over the past 12 years, 6,320 blankets have been
tested, with nearly 13% found to be faulty. By taking
faulty blankets out of circulation, the project is reducing
the potential for electric blanket fires.
“Blankets that have been folded up in cupboards over
the summer months are potential death traps. Now is
the time to have them checked before putting them
on beds.”
The electric blanket testing programme is a joint
community project by the Eastern Bay Energy Trust
and the NZ Fire Service (Eastern Bay). Blankets can
be dropped off at the Kawerau fire station (phone 323
1076 first), Blue Moon Superette in Opotiki, and Dennis
Appliance Services in McAlister Street, Whakatane.

                      Right: Dennis Waymouth shows Jon Rewi
                  (NZ Fire Service) and Frances Wharry (EBET)
                                how electric blankets are tested.

New energy education strategy for Eastern Bay schools
The Trust is a major supporter of schools and               Trustee and Education committee chairman Rex
education. More than $1.6 million of grant funding          Wilson paid tribute to co-ordinator Louise Maple
has been distributed to schools for energy                  who has developed the programme.
related projects, such as heating and insulation
                                                            “Louise is totally committed to educating children
upgrades, over the past 12 years.
                                                            about energy efficiency and electricity safety, and
As well as funding school energy audits, the                she is an ideal person to be out there in schools.
Trust has been trialling an energy education                We are excited about the new school energy
programme with 1,077 students from 15 Eastern               education strategy as more schools are now making
Bay primary schools being involved so far.                  a commitment to changing long-term behaviour and
                                                            thinking – and this message is being taken home.”
The Trust’s energy efficiency business Energy
Options runs the programme which is so popular              The new strategy aims to provide all Eastern Bay
that it is being extended to include another 5 to 10        primary and intermediate schools with energy
schools this year.                                          advocacy services in a format that will engage the
                                                            students, the school community and the teachers in
                                                            energy efficiency, energy conservation and energy
                                                            This will include working with schools to audit energy
                                                            use and provide recommendations for savings,
                                                            as well as EnergyCheck home energy audits for
                                                            “We need the teachers to come on board as Louise
                                                            can’t be everywhere,” said Mr Wilson. “Teachers are
                                                            ideal energy advocates.”
                                                            Left: Allandale School students have fun learning about
                                                            energy with trustee Rex Wilson and educator Louise Maple.

                             ‘Energising our community’
Trustee profile – David Bulley
David Bulley joined the Trust in March and now
holds one of the two appointed trustee positions.
He is a qualified distribution engineer with 40
years in the electricity supply industry. His
expertise lies mainly in business development,
marketing and more recently as general manager
of Bay of Plenty Electricity (now Bay of Plenty
Energy) until his retirement in 2005.

David is a strong advocate for the energy
efficiency work being undertaken by the Trust
and its subsidiary Energy Options, having been
involved with energy efficiency initiatives in both
the industrial and residential homes sectors in the
UK, where he was born and educated.
                                                                                    Above: David & Anne Bulley
With his wife Anne, David immigrated to New
                                                          Multisport Club, as a mentor for Business Mentors
Zealand and Ohope in 1995, and claims to be
                                                          of New Zealand, and as a former member of the
living in paradise due to the lifestyle, climate and
                                                          Ohope Community Board. His interests include
friendly people of the Eastern Bay.
                                                          competing in triathlons - representing New Zealand
David is actively involved in the community,              in the Age Group Triathlon World Champs in
as president of the Eastern Bay Triathlon and             Lausanne in 2006 – and playing golf.

                                                                            Ohope Chartered
                                                                            Club updates
                                                                            ventilation with
                                                                            help from EBET

Energy Trust helps 9 students with
energy-related scholarships for 2009
Back row (from left to right): Rex Wilson (EBET), Don Lewell (Horizon
Energy), Peter Maple (interview panel) and Brian Ponting (EBET).

Middle row: James Gommans, Tom Brennan, Darcy Vercoe, Scott
                                                                            Above: Ohope Chartered Club
Front row: Richard Wilson, Daniel Byrne, Kane Reo, Anthony                  committee member Roy Winters and
Sykes.                                                                      trustee David Bulley check out the
                                                                            new air conditioning and ventilation
                                                                            system funded by the Eastern Bay
Absent: Jonathon Milne.
                                                                            Energy Trust.

Who has the Trust helped this year?
Between January and May 2009, the Eastern Bay Energy Trust has approved energy
related funding for these Eastern Bay community organisations and energy related
Taneatua Bowling Club                                    Heating, insulation, appliances             $13,543
Murupara Elim Church                                     Heating, electrical, appliances             $25,700
Te Rewarewa Marae                                        Electrical upgrade                          $56,297
Whakatane District Council (crematorium)                 Electrical, lighting, heating              $100,000
Ohope Chartered Club                                     Air conditioning & ventilation             $149,995
Te Urewera Education Centre (Whk Lions Club)             Solar power batteries                         $1,863
St Nicholas Church                                       Electrical, insulation, heating             $18,963
Ngahina Marae                                            Electrical upgrade                          $41.190
Trust supports crematorium
                                                                      Work is well underway on the
                                                                      crematorium which is being built
                                                                      at the Hillcrest cemetery.
                                                                      In response to an application
                                                                      from Whakatane District Council,
                                                                      the Trust approved $100,000
                                                                      for the electrical wiring, lighting,
                                                                      heating and electricity supply to
                                                                      the building.
                                                                      will mean that Eastern Bay people
                                                                      will not need to travel to Tauranga
                                                                      or Rotorua for cremations, during
                                                                      a very emotional and stressful

                                                                      Left: Trust manager Kaye Jamieson
                                                                      checks progress on the new crematorium
                                                                      with builder John Pullar.

Trustee elections this year
The Trust has six trustees, four of whom are
elected and two who are appointed. Elections are
held every two years, for two trustees.
Elected trustees hold their positions for four
This year, an election will be held to select the two
people who will represent the Trust’s beneficiaries
in the Whakatane District Council / Kaingaroa
Village areas, for the next four years.
                                                                                       Peter Patterson
The positions are currently held by Peter Patterson
and Rex Wilson (who was appointed in 2006 to fill
a casual vacancy).
                                                              Rex Wilson

Grant funding maintained
At a time when many trusts are cutting back on          in a targeted manner, and it underlines the
grants to community and charitable organisations,       value of having a trust and having a sound local
the Eastern Bay Energy Trust (EBET) is bucking          investment.”
the trend and holding steady.
                                                        The trustees have budgeted to keep the funding
The Trust is still distributing funding for energy–     at much the same level this year, with $400,000
related projects and purposes. During the financial     committed to a partnership with the Energy
year to 31 March, $1.6 million was distributed,         Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to
bringing the total grants over the past 12 years        retrofit insulation in houses in the Eastern Bay
to $22.4 million.                                       of Plenty.

EBET has the advantage of ongoing income from           “Many community based organisations around
its key investment, a majority shareholding in          New Zealand are suffering as trust grants are cut
Horizon Energy Distribution Limited.                    back or suspended totally, so the Eastern Bay is
                                                        fortunate in this respect. These types of grants
Chairman Kevin Hennessy says, “It is a case             are as important now as they have ever been,”
of funds going back into the same community             said Mr Hennessy.

                                                        Strategic Plan 2009 - 2014
                                                         Annual Plan 2009 - 2010
                                                        now available from the Trust office,
                                                         5 Richardson Street, Whakatane.
Energy Options staff are busy
Energy Options staff are
busy. Since the budget
announcement that $323
million will be channelled into
home insulation and heating
projects – Energy Options’
core business – over the next
4 years, staff have been busy
taking calls from Eastern Bay
residents who are keen to talk
to the experts.
The new offer includes a
subsidy for a third of the
cost of installing ceiling and
underfloor insulation, up to
$1,300 in homes built before              Above: Customer services representatives Portia Johnson and
2000. Householders may                     Anoucke Wylie are the first point of contact at Energy Options
also be eligible for funding to
install approved wood burners, pellet fires, heat pumps or flued gas heaters.
There is no limit to the household income and so anyone can apply, and the government is
working with district councils and electricity companies to provide loans for the householder’s
contribution, which can be paid back through rates or electricity accounts.
If the householder has a community services card, even more funding may be available.
Energy Options CEO Nik Gregg is excited about the new scheme, which will help Energy Options
to help more people. He said Energy Options has provided either insulation, heating or energy
efficiency advice to 3,000 homes in the past year, up from 1,000 three years ago.
Energy Options is owned by the Eastern Bay Energy Trust and is one of New Zealand’s leading
providers of insulation, heating and energy efficiency advice.

For advice on creating a warmer, drier and more energy-
efficient home, give us a call on 0800 15 15 65.
Take advantage of the FREE EnergyCheck service
funded by the Eastern Bay Energy Trust, or find out
                                                                         5 Richardson Street, Whakatane
about insulation, space heating, solar water heating or                                   0800 15 15 65
ventilation.                                                                    www.energyoptions.co.nz


 Electric blanket testing can prevent house fires and save lives.
                  Make sure your family is safe.
       Take your electric blankets to one of the convenient
                   drop-off points listed below.

  This safety initiative is a joint
    community project by the
Eastern Bay Energy Trust and the
 NZ Fire Service (Eastern Bay)

                                  Drop-off and pick-up points:
                 Dennis Appliance Repairs, 61 McAlister St, Whakatane
                    Blue Moon Four Square, St John Street, Opotiki
            Kawerau Fire Station, River Road, Kawerau - Phone 323 1076 first.
Investment update                                                                            Horizon Energy to
                                                                                             pay refund
                                                                                             The Eastern Bay Energy
One of the very successful                                                                   Tr u s t i s t h e m a j o r i t y
investments owned by the                                                                     shareholder of Horizon
Eastern Bay Energy Trust                                                                     Energy, the local electricity
t h r o u g h i t s s u b s i d i a r y,
                                                                                             distribution network
Development Enterprises
                                                                                             operator. Horizon Energy
Limited (DEL), is a shareholding
in Opotiki Packing & Coolstorage                                                             is to pay a refund of
Limited (OPAC).                                                                              $399,000 arising from
                                                                                             rebates received from
DEL holds 147,489 shares in                                                                  the Transpower system
OPAC which equates to 3.3% of                                                                operator.
that company’s issued capital.
                                                                                             Horizon Energy CEO
OPAC’s business operations
                                                                                             Ajay Anand said that the
-	 Post harvest kiwifruit                                                                    company is pleased to be
    facilities in both Opotiki                                                               able to pass on a refund to
    and Gisborne;                                                                            electricity users during this
-	 Orchard management activities;                                                            difficult economic period.
-	 Orchard investment and ownership;
                                                                                             Horizon Energy will be
-	 An investment in a large Gold kiwifruit development in Italy.
                                                                                             paying large customers
OPAC’s operations are a major contributor to the economy of                                  their share directly, with
the Eastern Bay of Plenty and it is a major employer for the                                 the remainder of the refund
area. During the picking season, OPAC’s local labour force is                                being paid to the electricity
supplemented with workers from the Pacific Islands under the                                 retailers. It will be up to
current government scheme.                                                                   the individual retailers to
Some of the highlights of OPAC’s results for the year ending 31                              pass this refund on to their
December 2008 are:                                                                           customers. All customers
-	   21% increase in total volume packed to 5.6 million trays;                               are advised to contact their
-	   Total revenue up 22%;                                                                   respective retailers if they
-	   Earnings per share of $0.53.                                                            have any queries.

Where does the Trust fund come from?

                Sells electricity                                                        Retrofit & other energy
                                                                                           efficiency projects


        Electricity                                                                                     Energy Options
        Retailers                                      Distributors for                                Charitable Co Ltd
                                                   energy-related projects

     Rents Power Lines
                                                                                                     100% owner


                                    owner                               100%        Income

                                                                   Income                                      Income

              Commercial                          DEL Property              100%                                     Future
               Activities                        Investments Ltd            owner            100%
                                                                                             owner                Investments

                                                               DEL Investments
    MEET                  A few words from the Chairman
                          Thank you Robin Wray
                          After six years as an appointed trustee, Robin Wray recently
                          retired. On behalf of the trustees, I wish to acknowledge Robin’s
                          commitment to ensuring the best outcomes for the Trust and its
                          beneficiaries. The contribution he has made over the past six
                          and a half years has been invaluable, and we wish him well in his
                          retirement. We also congratulate Robin on being named a Member
                          of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to education,
                          health, employment and social welfare in the Eastern Bay.
        Kevin Hennessy
        Opotiki           Welcome David Bulley
                          Welcome to our new trustee David Bulley, who is already making
        Ph 07 315 7348
                          an excellent contribution to the Trust and its beneficiaries.
                          Grant funding
                          The trustees are very pleased to be able to continue the distribution
                          of grand funding at much the same level. We are very aware that
                          community organisations rely on this funding to be able to build
                          or upgrade much-needed community facilities.
                          With other funders either reducing or stopping their grant funding
                          during the economic downturn, it is even more important that
        Brian Ponting     EBET’s distribution of funding continues, to make a difference in
        Kawerau           our community.
        Deputy Chairman
        Ph 323 8816       Review of electricity prices
                          It is good to see the results of the Commerce Commission’s review
                          of electricity prices, which show that some generator / retailer
                          companies have been charging too much for electricity. Many of
                          these ‘gentailers’ blame the lines (network) companies, who cannot
                          prove otherwise as the lines charges are not shown separately on
                          the consumer’s electricity bill.
                          The Energy Trusts of New Zealand (ETNZ) of which we are a
                          member, has lobbied for several years to have the electricity bill
                          split to show the lines charge. This will help the consumer to see
                          exactly how much they are paying for their electricity.
        Peter Patterson
        Ph 312 4944
                            Kevin Hennessy

                          Need funding for energy-related projects?
                          If your community organisation is within the Whakatane, Kawerau,
                          Opotiki or Kaingaroa Village communities and uses electricity
                          that is distributed by Horizon Energy, you could be eligible to
                          apply for energy related funding from the Eastern Bay Energy
                          Trust (EBET).
                          Every month, the Trustees meet to consider applications for
        Rex Wilson        funding and many different community organisations have been
        Whakatane         successful.
        Ph 312 5504       Applications can be made at any time through the year. While
                          the minimum level of funding considered is usually $20,000,
                          Trustees may accept smaller applications, depending on the
                          To find out whether you can apply for energy-related project
                          funding, call us for an application pack or pick one up from our
                          The team at the Eastern Bay Energy Trust is available to answer
                          any questions you may have about the application process.

        Donna Smit
        Appointed         Need help with your                  EASTERN BAY ENERGY
        Ph 304 9921
                                                              TRUST CONTACT DETAILS
                          funding application?
                                                              MANAGER 	 Kaye Jamieson
                          Trust staff are happy to visit      OFFICE	   5 Richardson 	 	
                          your project to help with                     Street, Whakatane
                          your funding application.           PHONE	    0800 323 800
                                                                        07 307 0893
                          Contact the Trust office on
                                                              FAX	      07 307 0896
                          (07) 307 0893, or email
                                                              Email	    ebetrust@xtra.co.nz
        David Bulley      ebetrust@xtra.co.nz
                                                              Website	  www.ebet.org.nz
        Appointed         to arrange a visit.
        Ph 09 638 6448

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