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					                 INVITATION FOR SEALED BID

                           TAC #278(Re-Bid)
                        Description: LAB SUPPLIES

                       Department: PUBLIC WORKS

           NIGP Commodity Code(s): 175-54-00-00-000-0

                   Total pages including this page is 20

Important Instruction – Read Carefully:

If you have obtained these bid specifications from either of:
      City of Tulsa's Fax-on-Demand (918-596-1171) or
       City of Tulsa's Web-site :

   you must notify the buyer Darlene Donica of your intent to bid by
   e-mail in order to receive addenda. The buyer
   will always acknowledge your e-mail for your records. All addenda
   will be posted on fax-on-demand and the web-site.

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                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Pay special attention to those pages with a reference to the following notes:

      Note #1: Signature of authorized agent required

      Note #2: Signature of an authorized agent and notarized required

Table of Contents                                                               2

Invitation for Sealed Bid                    ( Note #1 )                        3

General Terms and Conditions                                                    4

Interest Affidavit                           ( Note #2 )                         5

Bidder Affidavit                            ( Note #2 )                          6

Contractor Information Sheet                                                    7

Summary Price Sheet                                                             8-15

Specifications                                                                  16-20

         Your bid response should follow the same format listed above plus any additional
                        format requested in the body of the bid invitation.

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                                           INVITATION FOR SEALED BIDS
                                                   City of Tulsa
                                      200 CIVIC CENTER, ROOM 109, TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74103

                                 Bid number and date of bid opening must appear on the lower
                                 left outside corner of bid envelopes and all related containers .

DATE OF OPENING:             August 3, 2000                                 BID NUMBER:              TAC 278(Re-Bid)


PUBLISHED IN THE TULSA DAILY COMMERCE AND LEGAL NEWS:        July 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 2000

Bid must be accompanied by bidder’s bond, cashier’s check or certified check in the amount of:______NONE________

                                          DARLENE DONICA 918-596-7558


                     Delivery will be made in not more than__________________ days after receipt of order.

                                      Payment terms ___________%_____________ days.

City of Tulsa may increase quantity of order at the unit price bid for_________________________ days. (Bidder to Specify Days) I
have examined the terms and specifications and the instructions to bidders herein and agree, provided I am awarded a con -
tract, to provide the above described items for the sum shown in accordance with the terms and specifications stated herein.
All deviations are in writing and attached hereto.
Enclosed is a [ ] BID BOND ; [ ]CASHIER’S CHECK; [ ] Certified Check in the amount of $____________________, which I
agree the City of Tulsa may retain as liquidated damages in the event of my failure to comply with the terms of this bid .

                                MUST BE SIGNED BY AUTHORIZED AGENT TO BE VALID

FIRM NAME _____________________________________________________________ by ___________________________________________________

STREET ________________________________________________________________ TITLE ________________________________________________

CITY STATE________________________________ZIP CODE______________PHONE NUMBER_________________________DATE_______________

                                 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BIDS

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   shall be placed in a separate envelope. Be sure envelope is completely and properly identified and sealed, showing the bid
   number and date in the lower left hand corner. Bids must be time stamped in the office of the City Clerk by 5:00 P.M. on the day
   before date of opening.

 2. No bidder may withdraw his proposal for a period of thirty (30) days after the date and hour set for the opening of bids.

 3. All prices shall be quoted F.O.B. Tulsa, Oklahoma, and delivery to City of Tulsa location shall be without additional charge.

 4. The bidder shall attach the manufacturer's name of the equipment or material to be furnished, type, model numbers, manufacturer's
    descriptive bulletins and specifications. All guarantees and warranties should be clearly stated. This data shall be in sufficient
    detail to describe accurately the equipment or material to be furnished. Manufacturer's specifications, in respect to the successful
    bidder, shall be considered as part of his contract with the City of Tulsa.

 5. The bidder shall show in the proposal both the unit prices and total amount, where required, of each item listed. In the event of
    error or discrepancy in the mathematics, the unit prices shall prevail.

 6. Any exceptions or deviations from written specifications shall be shown in writing and attached to the bid form.

 7. Each bidder agrees to comply with the terms of Title 5, Chapter 1, of Tulsa, Oklahoma Charter and revised ordinances relating to
    equal employment opportunity.


 9. The City of Tulsa reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any technicalities in the bidding, and to award each item to
    different bidders or all items to a single bidder.

10. All bids must be accompanied by bidders bond, cash, certified or cashier's check in the amount shown on the face of the bid form.
    This amount shall be retained by the City of Tulsa as liquidated damages in the event the successful bidder (or bidders) fail s to
    execute a contract, if required. The bidder agrees that said amount is presumed to be the damages sustained by the City due t o the
    impracticability and extreme difficulty in fixing the actual damages. The office of the City Clerk will return the bid dep osits to the
    unsuccessful bidders, after a contract has been awarded or all bids have been rejected.

11. In the event cash discounts are offered by the bidder, the discount date shall begin with the date of invoice, the date of receipt of all
    material covered by the purchase order, or the date of receipt by the City of Tulsa of the original copy of the purchase order with
    properly executed Affidavit of Claimant, whichever is the later date.

12. Direct purchase of certain items of equipment or material by the City of Tulsa are exempt from Federal Excise Tax and Oklahoma
    Sales Tax. In such cases the bidder shall quote prices which do not include Federal Excise Tax and Oklahoma Sales Tax. The City
    of Tulsa will furnish executed exemption certificates upon presentation by the bidder at the time of purchase.

13. Bid must show number of days required for delivery under normal conditions. Failure to state delivery time obligates bidder to
    complete delivery in fourteen (14) calendar days. Unrealistically short or long delivery promises may cause bid to be disrega rded.
    Contractor must keep Purchasing Department advised at all times of status of order. Default in promised delivery or failure to meet
    specifications authorizes the Purchasing Agent to purchase supplies elsewhere and charge full increase of cost and handling t o
    defaulting contractor. Consistent failure to meet delivery promises without valid reason may cause removal from bid list.

14. Bidder agrees to defend and save City of Tulsa from and against all demands, claims, suits, costs, expenses, damages and
    judgments based upon infringement of any patent relating to goods specified in this order or the ordinary use or operation of such
    goods by City or use or operation of such goods in accordance with bidders direction.

15. If the bid requires a written contract, the successful bidder shall execute a written contract with the City of Tulsa and return the
    required bonds and insurance certificates within ten (10) days after submission of contracts to said bidder by the City.

                                               INTEREST AFFIDAVIT

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STATE OF ________          }
                           } ss
COUNTY OF _______          }

________________________________________, of lawful age, being first duly sworn, states that s(he) is the
agent authorized by the bidder to submit the attached bid. Affiant further states that no officer or employee of the
City of Tulsa either directly or indirectly, owns a twenty-five percent (25%) interest in the bidder's business or
such a percentage which constitutes a controlling interest. Affiant further states that the following officers and/or
employees of the City of Tulsa have some direct or indirect interest in the bidder's business:

                                           By _________________________________


Subscribed and sworn to before me this ________day of ______________, 19_____.


                                          NOTARY PUBLIC SIGNATURE

My Commission Expires:


         The Interest Affidavit must be completed, signed by an
                    authorized agent, and notarized.

 BIDDER AFFIDAVIT - TITLE 74 O.S. (1974 SUPP.) 85.22-85.25

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  STATE OF ________________    COUNTY OF ____________________

   _____________________, of lawful age, being first duly sworn on oath says
       Authorized Agent

             1. (s)he is the duly authorized agent of _________________________________________, the bidder submitting
                 the competitive bid which is attached to this statement, for the purpose of certifying the facts pertaining to the
                 existence of collusion among bidders and between bidders and municipal officials or employees, as well as facts
                 pertaining to the giving or offering of things of value to government personnel in return for special consideration
                 in the letting of any contract pursuant to the bid to which this statement is attached.

            2. (s)he is fully aware of the facts and circumstances surrounding the making of the bid to which this statement
                is attached and has been personally and directly involved in the proceedings leading to the submission of
                                                                such bid; and

            3. neither the bidder nor anyone subject to the bidder's direction or control has been a party;
                    a. to any collusion among bidders in restraint of freedom of competition by agreement to bid at a fixed
                        price or to refrain from bidding,

                   b. to any collusion with any municipal official or employee as to quantity, quality or price in the prospective
                      contract, or as to any other terms of such prospective contract, nor

                   c.   in any discussions between bidders and any municipal official concerning exchange of money or other
                        thing of value for special consideration in the letting of a contract.



   Subscribed and sworn to before me this _________day of ______________, 19______.

       _____________________________________________                              __________________________

                        Signature of Notary Public                                     MY COMMISSION EXPIRES

           The Bidder Affidavit must be completed, signed by an
                      authorized agent, and notarized.

                                     CONTRACTOR/BIDDER INFORMATION SHEET

                                              To be completed by all Bidders
                                            For Contracts with the City of Tulsa

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                                 (Pleasse print or type)

Project No. or Description         _____________________________


Full Name of Bidder                _____________________________

Legal Identity                     _____________________________
(Corporation, Partnership,
Individual, etc.)

Address                            _____________________________


Telephone No.                      _____________________________

FAX No.                            _____________________________

Taxpayer Identification Number     _____________________________

Contact Person                     _____________________________

       Phone No.                   _____________________________

      Fax No.                       _____________________________

      E-mail address               _____________________________

      Webpage Address              _____________________________

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                                                  Price Sheet Summary

Vendor Name:_______________________________ Signature:________________________ Date:__________________

You will be able to obtain a copy of the Bid Summary on the City of Tulsa’s Purchase-Net Fax-on-
Demand and Website shortly after bid opening.

__________% from current catalog prices. (Current catalog must be furnished with bid.

                                              Common Laboratory supplies Ordered

Description                       Source          Catalog #      SKU         Est. Qty   Unit Cost

Tube, Cold Finger (Each) BD-46L   Zellweger       18032          Ea.         24         $________

Tube, Flat Bottom 75 mL W/20 mL
And 50 ml Mark BD-46L             Zellweger       18088          Ea          24         $________

Tubing PTFE .032 I.D. 50 ft.      Zellweger       50928          Ea          12         $________

Sightsavers lens cleaner          VWR             52848.078      cs/10       2          $________

Tubing, Pump .025”
Orange/White PVC                  Zellweger       53406          pk/12       6          $________

Tubing, Pump .030”
Black/Black PVC                   Zellweger       53407          pk/12       6          $________

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Tubing, Pump .035”
Orange/Orange PVC             Zellweger   53408          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .040”
White/White PVC               Zellweger   53409          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .045”
Red/Red PVC                   Zellweger   53410          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .051”
Grey/Grey PVC                 Zellweger   53411          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .056”
Yellow/Yellow PVC             Zellweger   53412          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .065”
Blue/Blue PVC                 Zellweger   53413          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .073”
Green/Green PVC               Zellweger   53414          pk/12       25   $________

Tubing, Pump .060”
Yellow/Blue PVC               Zellweger   53419          pk/12       6    $________

Tubing, Pump .073”
Green/Green Acidflex          Zellweger   65414          pk/6        3    $________

Midi Dist Absorber Impinger   Zellweger   71012          Ea          12   $________

Midi Dist Reflux Impinger     Zellweger   71013          Ea          12   $________

Zip-Lock Bags 12 x 12         VWR         11217-128      pk/250      4    $________

Quartz Torch                  Leeman      120-3748       Ea          6    $________

Transfer Pipets 7mL
Non-sterile 15 cm             VWR         14670-103      pk/500      4    $________

Dispo Transfer Pipets         VWR         14670-169      pk          1    $________

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8 oz. Polyethylene Lids                    VWR   15704-019       cs/500       60    $________

8 oz. Polyethylene Container without lid   VWR   15704-021       cs/500       98    $________

Wide mouth amber 1L                        VWR   15900-096       cs           4     $________

Brand Trace Clean Cylinder
Bottles HPDE w/Caps 500 ml                 VWR   15900-304       cs/24        100   $________

Trace Clean Cylinder Bottles
HPDE w/Caps 1000ml                         VWR   15900-306       cs/12        200   $________

Bottles Nalgene HDPE with mouth
1000 ml                                    VWR   161215-107      cs/24        12    $________

Bottles Nalgene HDPE with mouth
2L                                         VWR   161215-118      cs/6         12    $________

Bottles Nalgene HDPE with mouth
4L                                         VWR   16125-129       cs/6         6     $________

Bottles Nalgene HDPE with mouth
125 mL                                     VWR   16129-006       cs/72        50    $________

Dilution bottles 99 ml                     VWR   16161-600       cs/72        80    $________

Dilution Bottles 90 ml                     VWR   16161-601       cs/72        80    $________

BOD Bottles un-numbered
Kimble 300 ml                              VWR   16429-600       cs/24        6     $________

Conical Tubes                              VWR   20171-004       cs           20    $________

Dishwashing Detergent
Labconco 12.5 Kg Bucket for
Steamscrubber                              VWR   21851-132       ea           5     $________

Aerocide Foam Cleaner 19 oz.               VWR   21899-501       cs/12        12    $________

Bleach                                     VWR   21899-504       cs/6         1     $________

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Kimwipes 12” x 12”                     VWR       21905-011      cs/15        3     $________

Kimwipes EX-L 4.5” x 8.5”              VWR       21905-026      cs/60        2     $________

Conductivity std 10                    VWR       23226-650      pk/6         2     $________

Conductivity std 100                   VWR       23226-651      pk/6         2     $________

Conductivity std 1000                  VWR       23226-652      pk/6         2     $________

Gooch Crucibles Porcelain
Coors 0.6 mm bottom 40 mL              VWR       23835-063      cs/18        6     $________

Dispo Petri Dish                       VWR       25369-022      cs           28    $________

Smooth 70 mm pans                      VWR       25433-089      pk/100       10    $________

Inlet Liner                            Supelco   2-637505       pk/5         6     $________

Membrane Filters 0.45 um               VWR       28148-813      pk/1000      8     $________

Filters, Glass Fiber Type A/E
Pall Gellman 47 mm                     VWR       28150-190      pk/100       160   $________

Syringe Filters                        VWR       28196-077      pk/50        6     $________

Filter, Glass Microfiber Watman
934-AH 2.4 mm dia.                     VWR       28496-773      pk/100       200   $________

Aluminum Foil 75’                      VWR       29952-029      pk/4         6     $________

Gloves Latex Evolution One Microflex
Small                                  VWR       32916-532      cs/1000      9     $________

Gloves Latex Evolution One Microflex
Medium                                 VWR       32916-534      cs/1000      9     $________

Gloves Latex Evolution One Microflex
Large                                  VWR       32916-536      cs/1000      18    $________

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Gloves Latex Evolution One Microflex
Ex-Large                               VWR         32916-538      cs/1000      4     $________

Spore-O-Chex                           VWR         34010-060      pk           1     $________

Buffer pH 4                            VWR         34170-145      ea           9     $________

Buffer pH 7                            VWR         34170-148      ea           9     $________

Buffer pH 10                           VWR         34170-151      ea           9     $________

Pump Tubing 0.02” pvc 2-stop           CPI         4062-420       pk/12        25    $________

Pump Tubing 0.03” pvc 2-stop           CPI         4062-430       pk/12        25    $________

Pump Tubing 0.045” pvc 2-stop          CPI         4062-445       pk/12        25    $________

16 oz. Polyethylene Container w/lid    VWR         44333-004      cs/100       55    $________

32 oz. Polyethylene Container w/lid    VWR         44333-006      cs/100       100   $________

Re-packed Cadmium for Nitrate
Determination                          Zellweger   50237R         ea           12    $________

Re-packed Cation Exchange Column
For Sulfate (MTB)                      Zellweger   50242R         ea           2     $________

10 ml Sterile Pipet, Indiv. Wrap       VWR         53283-708      cs/200       8     $________

25 ml Pipet, Indiv. Wrap               VWR         53283-710      cs/200       4     $________

25 mL Pipets, Disposable 0.2 grad      VWR         53384-443      cs/200       10    $________

Soap 32 oz.                            VWR         56614-420      cs/6         3     $________

Hand Soap, Softcide Pump
Bottle (32 oz)                         VWR         56700-104      cs/12        4     $________

Fibers-SPME DVB-Carbozen-PDMS          Supelco     57348-U        pk/3         10    $________

Syringes, gas tight, 5 mL              VWR         60361-204      ea           15    $________

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Culture tubes 17 x 100                  VWR            60818-618       cs           20   $________

Culture Tubes 12 x 100 mm
Disposal borosilicate glass             VWR            60825-571       cs/1000      30   $________

Oil & Grease 47 mm disks                Whatman        6085-4043       pk/48        12   $________

PTFE/Silicon Septa                      VWR            66010-945       cs/144       10   $________

Polyseed                                VWR            66130-430       ea           4    $________

Oil & Grease 90 mm disks                Whatman        6804-4042       pk/12        10   $________

Syringes gas tight 10 uL –250 uL        Hamilton       8000-81100      ea           20   $________

Syringes gas tight 5 uL – 500 uL        Hamilton       87930-80830     ea           20   $________

Micro Dist Tube Set, User Fill Option   Zellweger      A17117          pk/100       4    $________

Sample Cups                             Perkin-Elmer   B0510397        pk/2000      6    $________

THGA Graphite Tubes                     Perkin-Elmer   B3000641        pk/5         6    $________

Enterotococcus Faecalis                 VWR            BB-4337013      swab/5       1    $________

Hexane – Ultra resi                     Burdick Jackson BJ216-4        4x4L         8    $________

LT Broth w/MUG                          VWR            DF0021-15       100g         2    $________

Brilliant Gr Bile 2%                    VWR            DF0007-15       100g         1    $________

EC Medium w/MUG                         VWR            DF0022-15       100g         2    $________

Lauryl Tryptose broth                   VWR            DF0241-15       100g         1    $________

Plate Count Agar                        VWR            DF0479-15       100g         1    $________

 Agar (mFc)                             VWR            DF0677-17       500g/ea      4    $________

Agar (mEndo)                            VWR            DF0736-17       500g         2    $________

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Agar (mHPC)                             VWR          DF0752-15       100g          2    $________

E. coli                                 VWR          DF1646-35       25/disks      1    $________

Klebsiella p.                           VWR          DF1647-35       25/disks      1    $________

Pseudomonas a.                          VWR          DF1649-35       25/disks      1    $________

Acetone 4L EM                           VWR          EM-AX0125-5 cs/4              2    $________

ICP multi-element std.                  EM Science   EMICPMO171-5 500 mL           5    $________

ICP multi-element std.                  EM Science   EMICPM0172-5 500 mL           5    $________

ICP multi-element std.                  EM Science   EMICPM0173-5 500 mL           4    $________

Phenol Liquid 88% Reagent 4L            VWR          EM-PX0511-5 ea                6    $________

Gold Plated Seals                       Agilent      HP18740-20885            ea   15   $________

HP 5-ms column                          Agilent      HP19091S-433             ea   9    $________

1701 column 0.32 x 30 x .25             Agilent      HP19091U-413             ea   4    $________

Inlet Liners                            Agilent      HP5181-3316              ea   15   $________

Inlet Liners                            Agilent      HP5181-8830              ea   15   $________

Trace Metals Quality Control
Standard                       Ultra Scientific      IQC-007         100 mL        5    $________

Trace metals quality control
Standard                       Ultra Scientific      IQC-019         100 mL        5    $________

I-Chem Round Amber Bottles
Glass with caps 1000 ml                 VWR          IR149-1000      cs/12         12   $________

Ascorbic Acid JT Baker Fine
Powder USP/FCC Grade,
99.0-110-5%, 500 g                      VWR          JT0937-7        ea            6    $________

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Potassium Sulfate Fine
Crystals 99%, 500g. Size            VWR            JT3278-1       ea           5    $________

Sodium Sulfate                      JT Baker       JT3375-5       4x2.5kg      6    $________

Sodium Hydroxide pellets
98% min 2.5 kg                      VWR            JT3728-5       ea           4    $________

Single element stds. 10,000 ug/mL   JT Baker       JT5716-4 thru
                                                   5756-4        100 mL        30   $________

Acetone Reagent                     JT Baker       JT9006-03      4x4L         4    $________

Methanol-Ultra resi-analyzed        JT Baker       JT9077-02      6x1L         6    $________

Acetone-Ultra resi-analyzed         JT Baker       JT9254-03      4x4L         4    $________

Methylene Chloride                  JT Baker       JT9264-03      4x4L         8    $________

Hydrochloric Acid                   JT Baker       JT9530-33      6x2.5L       10   $________

Nitric Acid-Trace                   JT Baker       JT9598-34      4x2.5L       24   $________

Quartz Torch                        Perkin-Elmer   N069-5379      ea           4    $________

Sge Syringe 10F-S-0.63              SGE            SGE002888      ea           12   $________

Alcohol Reagent                     VWR            VW0470-6       cs/6/500     1    $________

Chloroform Reagent Grade 99.8%
4L                                  VWR            VW1430-3       cs/4         3    $________

Hydrochloric Acid 35.5-38% 2.5L     VWR            VW3110-3       cs/6         8    $________

0.025 N Sodium Thiosulfate          VWR            VW3227-1       cs/4         5    $________

Ammonium Molylbdate Solution
4% APHA for Phosphorus 1 L          VWR            VW3378-2       cs/6         6    $________

Sulfuric Acid Reagent Grade

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95-98% 2.5L                        VWR           VW6840-3      cs           3   $________

For Questions please contact: Ken Burman @ 918-596-4576

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                                TAC 278 (RE-BID)
                                LAB SUPPLIES
                         PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT

It is the intent of this bid to secure, on a competitive basis, a source(s) of supply for
furnishing Lab Supplies for the City of Tulsa, Public Works Department.


Bidders are to bid a discount price from their current catalog(s) which will be applied
throughout the contract period on all items covered in their catalog(s).

Bidders are to furnish with your bid, one (1) copy of the catalog from which you are
bidding. Failure to comply will result in rejection of your bid.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish catalogs to the various City of Tulsa

Should the manufacturer’s prices or product line(s) change during the contract period,
the discounts will remain the same and it will be the responsibility of the successful
bidder to see that the City Purchasing Department and the using department is advised
of the changes and the catalogs are revised.

Should the City issue purchase orders based on out dated prices due to failure of the
vendor to comply with the outside market, the City reserves the right to purchase from
outside sources or low bidder(s).


The vendor shall be able to deliver to the City within one (1) week after receipt of written
purchase order. In the event of unreasonable delay in delivery, the City will have the
option to cancel the order and/or purchase the goods on the open market.


The terms of the contract shall be for a period of one(1) year beginning from the date of
written authorization to proceed. The contract shall be renewable, with the consent of
both parties, for four (4) successive one (1) year periods.


Bids cannot be altered or amended after submission deadline. Any interlineation,
alteration, or erasure made before opening time and date must be initialed by the signer
of the bid, guaranteeing authenticity. Bids must be submitted in ink or typewritten.
Penciling will not be accepted.

                                         Page 17 of 20

Bid prices, unless otherwise specified, must be net, including transportation and
handling charges fully prepaid by vendor to destination and subject only to cash
discount for prompt payment of invoice.


The price paid for a commodity under this contract shall not change during
the term of this contract. However, if the bidder anticipates that it will not
be able to maintain firm prices for any renewal periods, a change in price
may be allowed in a renewal of this contract if the following criteria are met:

       1) The bidder includes a formula, to be used to calculate a change in
          price at the time of renewal, in the bid for the initial contract. Such
          formula shall be reasonable, objective and capable of

       2) The contractor notifies the city, in writing, no later than 60 days
          prior to the expiration of the initial contract period, or any renewal
          period, of its intent to exercise the right to escalate or de-escalate
          prices under the contract. The notice shall include a calculation of
          the price increase or decrease requested including the formula


Delivery time must be stated in days in the appropriate spaces of the cover sheet.
Indefinite terms such as “promptly”, “without delay”, etc., will not be given consideration.
Failure to indicate delivery time shall be cause for rejection of the bid.


Each bidder shall accompany his bid with a fully executed and notarized copy of the
attached Non-Collusion Affidavit and the Interest Affidavit. Failure to do so shall be
cause for rejection of the bid.


The City of Tulsa reserves the right to audit any invoice or applicable records of the
successful contract holder, concerning the resulting contract. These records shall be
made available within ten (10) days after notification of the need for such an audit.

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The contractor shall take the necessary actions to ensure its facilities and equipment
are in compliance with the requirements of the American With Disabilities Act. It is
understood that the program of the Contractor is not a program or activity of the City of
Tulsa. The contractor agrees that its program or activity comply with the requirements
of the ADA. Any costs of such compliance will be the responsibility of cotractor. Under
no circumstances will the contractor conduct any activity which it deems to not be in
compliance with the ADA.


If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this bid, a written addendum will be
provided to all the bidders. The City of Tulsa is not bound by any oral representations,
clarifications, or changes made in the written specifications by City of Tulsa employees
unless such clarification or change is provided to bidders in written addendum form
from the Purchasing Division.


The bid shall be awarded to the firm whose proposal is responsive to the bid and is
most advantageous to the City, considering the factors identified in the bid and Section
406E of Title 6, The Purchasing Ordinance set forth below:


1. Authority in the Mayor. The Mayor shall have the authority to award contracts within
   the purview of this chapter.

2. Lowest Secure Bidder. Contracts shall be awarded to the lowest secure bidder
   meeting specifications. Bid Specifications may include a point system for evaluating
   the lowest secure bid. In determining "lowest secure bidder", in addition to price, the
   following factors shall be considered:

  a. The ability, capacity and skill of the bidder to perform the contract or provide the
     service required;

   b. whether the bidder can perform the contract or provide the service promptly or
      within the time specified, without delay or interference;

   c. the character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of the

   d. the quality of performance of previous contracts or services;

   e. the previous and existing compliance by the bidder with laws and ordinances
      relating to the contract or service;

   f. the sufficiency of the financial resources and ability of the bidder to perform the
      contract or provide the service;

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g. the quality, availability and adaptability of the supplies or contractual services to
   the particular use required;

h. the ability of the bidder to provide future maintenance and service for the use of
   the subject of the contract;

i. where an earlier delivery date would be of great benefit to the requisitioning
   agency, the date and terms of delivery may be considered in the bid award, and

j. the number and scope of conditions attached to the bid.

k. if a point system has been utilized in the bid specifications, the number of points
   earned by the bidder.

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