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					                                             SCENIC HUDSON

  Volume 23, Number 2
                                News about the environmental concerns of the Hudson Valley                       SUMMER 2002

            r Sweep wins ard
  Great Rive al Quality Aw

                                                                                                                                       RON SAMUELSON
                                                                                                  The Stewardship of
                                                                                                  Shaupeneak Ridge           - page 4

                                                                                                                                       MARILYN FENOLLOSA
                                                                                                  Groups defend Catskill build-
                                                                                                  ings, citizens rights - page 10
                                                                               CHRIS DAVIS CINA

                                                                                                                                       KERRI KARVETSKI

More than 5,200 volunteers removed 66 tons of garbage from Hudson Valley                          Bicyclists open historic
shorelines during this year’s Great River Sweep                 - page 18                         district bike route      - page 15

                              Moving Forward
                                                                                                                       SUMMER 2002
                                  SCENIC HUDSON
                                            SCENIC HUDSON: MOVING FORWARD
                                    MOVING FORWARD

          he recent documentary “America’s First River: Bill                 Scenic Hudson recently celebrated its 10th Annual Spirit
          Moyers on the Hudson” depicted the Hudson River                  of the River Gala by honoring Gov. George E. Pataki for his
          as a place “where poets and painters found God in the            extraordinary contributions to the future of our region. A
   wilderness...where ideas about nature and landscape shaped              leading advocate of a comprehensive PCB cleanup, Gov.
   America’s vision.”                                                      Pataki continued his environmental leadership when he
                                                                           stopped the Millennium Pipeline from crossing the Hudson
     This nationally televised program featured Scenic Hudson,             River at Haverstraw Bay, stating that the plan was,
   Inc. board members Frederick Osborn III and David H.                    “inconsistent with what we have done to clean up the
   Mortimer, whose families have supported valley conservation             Hudson.”
   for generations, and Mrs. Willis
   L.M. “Franny” Reese, who helped                                                                         His decision was heartening to
   lead the fight to save Storm King                                                                    those of us working to increase
   Mountain. This legendary battle                                                                      public enjoyment of our great
   established the landmark legal                                                                       river.
   precedent of citizen standing,
   which has empowered people                                                                              We took another step in the
   throughout the country to defend                                                                     right direction this spring and
   the environment.                                                                                     relocated from our former Vassar
                                                                                                        Street location to Main Street in
      But even as we celebrate these                                                                    the heart of downtown
   early victories, the rights we gained                                                                Poughkeepsie. Moving to One
   from them have come under fire.                                                                      Civic Center Plaza will help
   Two court rulings have denied                                                                        revitalize this Dutchess County
   standing to the Save Our Main                                                                        city’s core, which for a decade was
   Street Buildings Committee, a                                                                        a failed pedestrian mall marked by
   citizens group seeking to prevent                                                                    crime, drugs and empty
   Greene County from unleashing                                                                        storefronts. With federal funding
   the wrecking ball on 10 historic                                                                     championed by Rep. Sue W. Kelly,
   buildings in the Village of Catskill.                                                                Poughkeepsie Mayor Colette
   One of the structures was designed                                                                   Lafuente last year reopened the
   by Thomas Cole, founder of the                                                                       thoroughfare to vehicular traffic to
   Hudson River School of Art. To          Ned Sullivan and Gov. George Pataki discuss Scenic           give the area a fresh start.
   bolster the group’s case, Scenic        Hudson’s new headquarters and the proposed St.
   Hudson has filed an “amicus             Lawrence Cement plant.                                   In Yonkers, Haverstraw and
   curiae,” or friend-of-the-court brief.                                                        other places, we are working to
                                                                       make urban areas vital centers of economic health. We are
      Similarly St. Lawrence Cement Co. filed a 280-page legal         pleased to do our part and live this smart growth principle.
   brief aimed at challenging our ability to raise significant
   issues during permit hearings for its massive, coal-fired
   cement plant proposed for Columbia County. As a member
   of the Hudson Valley Preservation Coalition, we are battling                                                        Ned Sullivan,
   intensely to bring the facility’s environmental, economic and                                                            President
   quality-of-life risks before New York State Department of
   Environmental Conservation judges.

             cenic Hudson began in November 1963 with a historic fight to save Storm King Mountain from a Con

  S          Edison proposal to build the world’s largest pumped-storage hydroelectric plant. Our efforts to save Storm
             King – northern gateway to the fabled Hudson Highlands – captured national attention and drew the
             support of 20,000 people from 48 states and three continents. Emerging victorious after a 17-year legal
battle, Scenic Hudson is credited with launching the grass-roots environmental movement. The Scenic Hudson Decision, as
it is called in law books, charted environmental law as a new legal specialty and served as the basis for Congress to enact the
first National Environmental Policy Act, the cornerstone of all environmental law in this country.
   SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                                  -2-
                                                                                        Scenic Hudson:
                     Ned Sullivan                                                       Moving Forward
       Chief Finance and Operations Officer
                Joseph Kazlauskas

                General Counsel
                                                                                                 Summer 2002
               Warren P. Reiss, Esq.

                Human Resources
              Theresa Vanyo, Director

                 Land Preservation
          Steve Rosenberg, Executive Director,

                                                                                                                                                CHRIS DAVIS CINA
          The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc.
            Seth McKee, Associate Director
        Margery Groten, Land Projects Manager
            Rita D. Shaheen, Park Planner
    Hank Stebbins, Agricultural Program Coordinator
    Leathem Mehaffey, Land Stewardship Specialist
      Jennifer Fraulo, Land Conservation Planner
                                                                                We have relocated to One Civic Center Plaza, on Main
        Jay Levine, Park Development Specialist                                 Street in downtown Poughkeepsie.
     Sarah Charlop-Powers, Park Manager Fellow

              Riverfront Communities
         Deborah Meyer DeWan, Director
             Ray Curran, Senior Planner
         Jeffrey Anzevino, Regional Planner
Heather MacNish, Riverfront Communities Associate
   Mary Ann Johnson, Smart Growth Planner
 Hector Rodriguez, Community Outreach Planner         The Living Woods of Shaupeneak Ridge...4                        Raising Funds to Stop Cement Plant...12
              Environmental Quality                   Stewarship of a unique ecosystem.                               Coalition’s needs acute and ongoing.
                Alix Gerosa, Director
        Jean McGrane, PCB Project Manager
    Rich Schiafo, Environmental Projects Manager      New York Needs a Clean, Safe Energy                             Project Chronicles Roots of Modern
    Marion Trieste, Upriver Outreach Coordinator      Supply ....................................................6    Environmentalism...............................13
                                                      Renewables, conservation recommended.                           Archiving project in progress.
              Erin Riley-West, Director
        Richard Boynton, Major Gifts Officer          Plan Emerges for Sleepy Hollow                                  Educating and Engaging Valley
        Hazel Westney, Senior Grants Writer
       Jody Harris, Special Events Coordinator        Waterfront .............................................8       Communities ....................................18
         Gloria Gange, Development Associate          Mayor calls for “green crescent.”                               Education program reaches thousands.
       Janice Holzman, Development Associate
        Susan Piperato, Development Associate
         Frances Platt, Development Associate         Catskill Bulldozers Threaten Buildings,                         Olana Viewshed Lands Protected ........21
       Marianne Sherow, Records Administrator
                                                      Citizens Rights ......................................10        Orchards continue operating.
        Communications & Public Outreach              Battle has vast implications.
                Jay Burgess, Director
         Kerri Karvetski, Senior Editor/Writer
     Chris Davis Cina, Communications Associate
     Andy Bicking, Volunteer and Public Outreach                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
    Evan Weissman, Community Outreach Associate

               Finance & Technology                   Officers and Directors                                                    Board Members
    Suzanne Gilbert, Information Systems Technician   Mrs. Willis L.M. Reese, Chair Emeritus                     Phyllis Y. Atwater          Christine Lehner Hewitt
            Joshua Hallenbeck, Controller             Marjorie L. Hart, Chair                                    David J. Brumfield          Frank Martucci
              Robin Elliott, Accountant                                                                          David C. Clapp              Anthony J. Moriello
                                                      David H. Mortimer, Vice Chair
                Administrative Staff                  Frederick Osborn III, Vice Chair                           Christopher C. Davis        Leo C. O’Neill
          Mona Burkard, Executive Assistant           Wheelock Whitney III, Vice Chair                           William M. Evarts, Jr.      Elizabeth B. Pugh
          Michael Thomas, Special Projects            Anne E. Impellizzeri, Treasurer                            Robert P. Freeman           Frederic C. Rich
       Jennine Barker         Marilyn DeBold                                                                     Anna Carlson Gannett        John C. Wallner
       Mindy Bell             Allison Hale-Rude
                                                      Rudolph S. Rauch III, Secretary
       Robert Buzga
                                                                                                                 Patrick J. Garvey           John H. Winkler
                              Gail Krein
       Cynthia Curnow         Donna Lenhart                                                                      Gary A. Glynn               John P. Wort
       Corie Davis            Patti Mitchell                                                                     Morrison H. Heckscher       Alexander E. Zagoreos

                AmeriCorps Members                    Honorary Directors
                    Marissa Legg                      Robert H. Boyle, Anne P. Cabot, Nash Castro, William H. Ewen, Benjamin Harris Frankel,
                    Sarah Small
                                                      George W. Gowen, Barnabas McHenry, Mrs. Frederick H. Osborn, Jr., Samuel F. Pryor III,
                 Stacey VonDerahe
                                                      Laurance Rockefeller, David Sive, Mrs. Thomas M. Waller
                                                                                       -3-                                                                         SUMMER 2002
                    The Living Woods of Shaupeneak Ridge

                              you pause                      Enjoy Shaupeneak Ridge from dawn to dusk, year-

                              to listen to                   round. Volunteer for invasive species control,
                    the undulating
                    chorus of spring                         ecological monitoring or trail conservation by
                    peepers in a nearby                      contacting Andy Bicking at (845) 473-4440, ext.
                    wetland or the                           232, or
by Leathem Mehaffey melodic songs of the
                    rufous-sided towhee,
spring is a wonderful time to explore
the Hudson Valley’s natural splendor.
                                                  Scenic Hudson, Inc. has dedicated                        still be found in stone walls that
  Nationally recognized for its rich           itself to preserving these landscapes for                   crisscross the property.
biodiversity, our region is home to 83         more than 38 years and is committed
percent of the known species in New            to the ecological sustainability and                          Nature has reclaimed much of what
York State. From tidal marshes to              stewardship of the lands we acquire.                        was once cleared, and the preserve now
dense hardwood forests, the                    Shaupeneak Ridge Cooperative                                exists as a richly forested and
distinctive habitats of the valley are         Recreation Area in Ulster County is a                       ecologically diverse landscape for the
treasures to behold.                           prime example of this work.                                 public to explore.

                                                                                An Agrarian Past           Cliffs Give Rise to Bird and
                                                                                   In 1994 The Scenic      Plant Habitats
                                                                                Hudson Land Trust,           Steep cliffs characterize much of
                                                                                Inc. purchased the         Shaupeneak Ridge, making it a
                                                                                600-acre Shaupeneak        visible landmark for miles. The
                                                                                property in the Town       cliffs offer commanding views of the
                                                                                of Esopus to protect its   Catskill Mountains and the Hudson
                                                                                rich ecological,           River, but they also play a significant
                                                                                recreational and scenic    ecological role.
                                                                                values. The land is
                                                                                part of the Marlboro          The ridge is composed of greywacke,
                                                                                Range, which extends       an impure sandstone, and
                                                                                from the City of           conglomerate rock containing
                                                                                Kingston south to the      limestone. This bedrock makes
                                                                                Town of Marlboro,          Shaupeneak’s soil somewhat alkaline
                                                                                about one mile inland      and gives rise to unique habitats for
                                                                                from the Hudson            rare plant and animal communities.
                                                                                River’s west bank.         Inaccessible to logging, the cliffs are
                                                                                                           home to 300-year-old eastern
                                                                                  Until the 1800s          hemlocks, which are used by osprey,
                                                                                Shaupeneak, then           peregrine falcon and the uncommon
                                                                                spelled Shappawnigal,      fish crow.
                                                                                was home to the
                                                                                settlement of
                                                                                Poppletown. It was a
                                                                                                           Louisa Pond Home to
                                                                                                           Migratory Waterfowl
                                                              RITA D. SHAHEEN

                                                                                patchwork of small
                                                                                farms and orchards           Inland from the escarpment lies the
                                                                                intermingled with          scenic 27-acre Louisa Pond. This
                                                                                rugged hillsides and       popular fishing spot is comprised of
Louisa Pond is a beautiful spot for birders, photographers                      marshes. Evidence of       open water, wetlands and marsh.
and nature lovers of all ages.                                                  this agrarian past can     Visitors can experience Louisa Pond by

SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                                                -4-
hiking the Blue Trail through a rich,
chestnut oak and hemlock forest.

  The pond contains a large, floating
bog mat that provides a habitat for
several regionally rare plants and is an
important sanctuary for migratory and
breeding waterfowl. One can explore
the deep sedge-and-cattail marsh north
of the pond while walking a boardwalk
section of the Blue Trail. The area is
an important roosting spot for red-
winged blackbirds, which can be seen
and heard this time of year.

Stewardship Plan Aims to
Protect Native Ecology

                                                                                                                                  RON SAMUELSON
  Despite its abundant biodiversity,
Shaupeneak Ridge is imperiled
without adequate management.
Exotic or invasive species can displace
native flora and fauna. For example         Steep cliffs and magnificent views make Shaupeneak Ridge popular with hikers.
the hemlock woolly adelgid can
radically alter habitat structure, while
visitors also can adversely affect the      Hudson is creating a comprehensive management plan for the property to preserve
land. To offset these threats Scenic        the area’s ecology for generations to come. z

   ATVs Scar Landscape and Threaten Natural Resources
by Leathem Mehaffey

       he unauthorized use of all-                                                       creating new trails and widening
       terrain vehicles, or ATVs, on              To report an incident of               existing ones. Air and noise pollution
       Fishkill Ridge in Dutchess                                                        from the vehicles jeopardize other
                                                  ATV trespass, please call

County and other protected valley                                                        recreational groups such as hikers,
landscapes is a serious problem.                  the DEC Division of Law                birders and school groups wishing to
                                                                                         safely use properties.
  The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc.
                                                  Enforcement at
has safeguarded more than 2,600 acres             (845) 256-3013.                         Unlike other property-damage
on Fishkill Ridge and Mount Beacon,                                                     incidents, local law enforcement and
but this steep and erosion-prone area                                                   the judicial system have not always
has been scarred by years of ATV use that threatens rare          been responsive to ATV abuse. Scenic Hudson, Inc. is
plants, birds and amphibians. It is significant that ATV sales    tackling the problem with outreach and education to ATV
increased more than 12 percent in 2001, according to the          groups, dealerships and manufacturers. We also are
Motorcycle Industry Council.                                      working with the New York State Department of Environ-
                                                                  mental Conservation, New York-New Jersey Trail
  ATVs severely impact soil stability and decrease water          Conference and New York State Office of Parks, Recreation
quality in wetlands and streams. They fragment habitats by        and Historic Preservation to stem ATV abuse. z

                                                                 -5-                                                SUMMER 2002
                                                                                                                   SUMMER 2002
             New York Needs a Clean, Safe Energy Supply

                           efforts to
                           bring clean
                  energy to the
                  Hudson Valley,
                  Scenic Hudson, Inc.
                  has joined the New
by Alix Gerosa    York State
                  Sustainable Energy
Campaign in calling on state
policymakers to make the draft state
energy plan, or SEP, a viable,
enforceable blueprint for energy-sector
decision making.

  In March we submitted formal
comments on the SEP and its
accompanying draft environmental

                                                                                                                             MARY GIANETTO
impact statement, both issued by the
New York State Energy Planning
Board. The board consists of the state’s
Energy Research and Development
Authority, Public Service Commission       “Spring on the Hudson” was donated to Scenic Hudson to help us communicate
and departments of Transportation,         our mission to safeguard the valley.
Environmental Conservation and
Economic Development.
                                             Specifically we appealed to          Indian Point to review its safety
  We recommended that the SEP              policymakers to increase investment    and security.
include not just broad policy direction    and reliance on renewable energy
but specific goals, objectives and         sources and conservation measures,     Conserve, Invest and Renew
deadlines for a clean, safe power          reform siting legislation and reduce     A clean energy future depends on
supply. It also needs to be integrated     dependence on nuclear power,           reduced demand. Scenic Hudson has
with other state and regional plans.       including the immediate closure of     asked the planning board to expand
                                                                                  existing efficiency programs, invest in
                                                                                  conservation and set a goal of reducing
                                                                                  energy demand by at least 10 percent
                                                                                  by 2012.
        Tell Gov. George E. Pataki that you support a carbon cap on
                                                                                    The state should create a conservation
        power plants so New York State can begin to address global                contingency plan for emergencies or
        warming. A statewide cap should be included in                            peak periods. In California concerns
        recommendations due later this year from the governor’s                   about short supplies stimulated short-
        Greenhouse Gas Task Force.                                                term conservation measures that shrunk

                                                                                  usage by 12 percent.
        For more information, please visit Environmental
                                                                                    New York State also needs to
        Advocates New York’s “Cap Carbon in New York” Web site,

                                                                                  promote sustainable, renewable                                                     electric generation. According to the
                                                                                  New York State Energy Research and
        Write Gov. Pataki: State Capitol, Albany, NY, 12224.                      Development Authority, the state
        Call (518) 474-8390 or fax (518) 474-1513.                                imports 89 percent of its energy at a
                                                                                  cost of $38.4 billion a year.
SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                           -6-
   With its abundant, untapped
renewable energy resources, the state           Don’t Drip the Valley Down the Drain
should follow 12 others that have
established a renewable portfolio

                                                                         id you know that flushing toilets account for
standard, which requires that by 2012
                                                                         roughly 40 percent of domestic water
10 percent of power come from
                                                                         consumption? And that a leaky faucet can waste
technologies such as wind, solar or
                                                                  more than 15 gallons per day?
sustainable biomass. At the very least,
the SEP ought to analyze the impact of
                                                                    Spring has brought drought relief to the valley but
a renewable portfolio standard on New
                                                                  wasting water is still a bad habit. Scenic Hudson, Inc.
York State markets and prices.               by Heather MacNish   wants you to know that a little effort can make a big
                                                                  difference. Use these money-saving household tips to
Close Indian Point                                                conserve water:
  Recent events have highlighted the
vulnerability of Indian Point and other         7 Fix plumbing leaks immediately.
nuclear power plants to terrorist               7 Run full laundry and dishwasher loads, and use energy-saving settings
attacks. Many groups, including                   where available.
Scenic Hudson, have joined the Indian
Point Safe Energy Coalition and called          7 Shave at the sink, not in the shower.
for an immediate shutdown of the                7 Lower toilet float one inch or place a jug of water in the tank to reduce
plant’s reactors.                                 water flushed.
                                                7 Replace old shower heads, toilets, faucet aerators, dishwashers and
   The facility’s inadequate security,
ongoing operational problems and                  washing machines with more efficient models.
outdated evacuation protocol have               7 Take shorter showers or turn off water while soaping/shampooing.
raised considerable public concern,             7 Don’t run water when brushing teeth or shaving.
particularly among the more than                7 Keep a water pitcher in the refrigerator.
20 million people who work and
live within 50 miles of the plant.              7 Don’t water lawns/landscaping (grass will go dormant) and plant
Valley residents also fear that Indian            drought-tolerant, native species.
Point’s waste and radioactive                   7 Collect running tap water and use it to water plants.
emissions are damaging their health             7 Don’t fill your swimming pool or fill it lower than usual to decrease
and environment.
                                                  water splashed out.
   According to a recent Marist
Institute for Public Opinion poll, 62         For more information please visit:
percent of residents living within 10     – Room-by-room advice for saving water.
miles of Indian Point and 54 percent      – Conservation and efficiency information.
of those within a 50-mile radius of the   – Drought information for New York State. z
plant believe it should be taken off-
line. Eighty-two percent who think        Article X Reform
the plant should be closed are              Article X, the state statute governing    process also ought to analyze issues
undeterred by possible cost increases,    the siting of power plants, needs           such as environmental justice, fine
and 71 percent are not put off by         reform. Scenic Hudson supports the          particulate matter, alternative sites and
losing some plant jobs or tax revenues.   SEP’s recommendation to add the             needs assessments. z
                                          state’s Department of State and Office
  Government leaders should plan for      of Parks, Recreation and Historic                        This publication is made possible
uninterrupted power to Westchester        Preservation to Article X proceedings                    in part with public funds from
County and New York City if Indian        to consider impacts on coastal                           the New York State Council on
Point is decommissioned.                  programs and historic resources. The                     the Arts, a state agency.

                                                                                                                     SUMMER 2002
                Plan Emerges for Sleepy Hollow Waterfront
                                               shared goals of creating continuity             connecting existing parks, the
                                               with the community, restoring the               community and its waterfront.
                                               historic ecology of the land and
                                               achieving maximum public access to                 One aspect of this linkage involves
                                               the site and river. It has generated            reconstructing the Pocantico River, a
                                               great interest and enthusiasm among             tributary that historically traversed the
                                               groups and governmental agencies in             site as it connected to the Hudson
by Deborah Meyer DeWan and Ray Curran          Sleepy Hollow, Westchester County               River. GM filled in the river during
                                               and New York State.                             the late 1920s and rerouted it through
                                                                                               Kingsland Point Park to the north.

     cenic Hudson, Inc.’s nearly three-
                                               Green Crescent Reconstructs                     Flooding has been a problem since.
     year collaboration with Historic
     Hudson Valley and the Village of          Pocantico River                                   An admittedly ambitious project, the
Sleepy Hollow has produced a model               At the heart of our concept is what           Pocantico River restoration could
planning process and redevelopment             Sleepy Hollow Mayor Philip Zegarelli            provide hydrological and ecological
plan for the 97-acre waterfront                calls the “green crescent” – a social and       improvements as well as a landscape
property left vacant by General Motors         ecological network of open space                enhancement. Scenic Hudson and the
Corp. in 1996 after nearly 100 years of
industrial use.

  Our conservation- and community-
based concept plan focuses on the

                                                                                                                                           RAY CURRAN

Left: Historic site conditions show that the Pocantico River likely ran past Philipsburg Manor, which was built in the 1680s.
Right: Scenic Hudson’s concept restores the original flow of the Pocantico and creates a “green crescent” of connected open spaces.
SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                                 -8-
                                                                                           enhance viewsheds. Walkability is
                                                                                           another important element of the

                                                                                             Particularly encouraging has been the
                                                                                           village’s interest in continuing this
                                                                                           participatory planning process, even
                                                                                           prior to formal permitting, and
                                                                                           Roseland’s willingness to be involved.
                                                                                           Scenic Hudson commends Mayor
                                                                                           Zegarelli and village officials for their
                                                                                           ongoing commitment to an open and

                                                                         RAY CURRAN
                                                                                           collaborative dialogue among residents
                                                                                           and other stakeholders.
Scenic Hudson’s plan for the vacant GM site, pictured above, includes
                                                                                           Increasing Advocacy and
public river access.
                                                                                           Refining Linkages
village have brought in the U.S. Army            The forums focused on affordable            Scenic Hudson and our partners are
Corps of Engineers for a preliminary          housing, community uses and a new            expanding our advocacy and outreach
investigation of the site’s potential.        train station as well as impacts on          to further linkages and achieve the
                                              adjacent neighborhoods and a                 continuity of the green crescent.
Community Dialogue Informs                    Ginsburg Development Corp. proposal          Reconstructing the Pocantico River
                                              for an adjoining parcel. Roseland            may help address the flooding problem
Developer Plans                               representatives attended all the             while enhancing the estuary. It is
  The process of shaping a future for         sessions, responded to questions and         worthy of additional analysis.
this high-profile project has been            listened to concerns.
unique and encouraging. This is                                                               An important focus will be open
because the site developer, N.J.-based                                                     spaces, especially from the ecological
Roseland Property Company, did not            Key Principles Incorporated                  and landscaping perspectives, and
release a development plan when GM              Thus far Roseland’s preliminary            permitted land uses. Further
announced its winning firm last year.         plans reflect several objectives agreed to   discussions also are needed regarding
Instead GM and Roseland acknowl-              in the linkages forum and many of the        affordable housing, development
edged that Sleepy Hollow had already          key principles of our concept. Of note       density, sustainable designs, transpor-
begun articulating a vision for the site,     in Roseland’s current design is              tation and links to Tarrytown and the
and the companies opened a dialogue           compact, urban-style development             county’s Riverwalk project, which seeks
with the community and other                  consistent in scale and character with       to create a 46-mile continuous
stakeholders to inform their plans.           the existing village. It also incorp-        promenade for pedestrians and cyclists
                                              orates Beekman Avenue, the village’s         along the Hudson River between the
  Since then the parties have held a          main business thoroughfare, into a           cities of Peekskill and Yonkers.
series of public meetings and                 mixed-use commercial corridor.
workshops – funded by an Environ-                                                            Scenic Hudson and Historic
mental Protection Fund grant from the            Roseland’s open-space provisions          Hudson Valley are continuing to work
New York State Department of State –          include elements of our recommended          in partnership toward achieving shared
to further articulate the community’s         riverfront park plus extensions to the       goals and promoting a 21st century
vision and study linkages to the site.        village’s DeVries Park and Historic          model for this site that will catalyze
Also in attendance were representatives       Hudson Valley’s Philipsburg Manor            local economic and tourism
from the county’s planning and parks          National Historic Landmark. New              objectives, protect resources and
departments, Hudson River Valley              buildings would be predominantly two         enhance the region. Roseland has
Greenway and neighboring Village of           and three stories and stay within            indicated it anticipates having a formal
Tarrytown.                                    existing height regulations to protect or    proposal by fall. Stay tuned. z

                                                                   -9-                                                       2002
                                                                                                                     SUMMER 2002
    Catskill Bulldozers Threaten Buildings, Citizens Rights
                                                   resolved to fight Greene County’s plan     and tireless action of this grass-roots
                                                   to raze 10 historic Main Street            group, the buildings are still standing.
                                                   buildings to make way for parking lots
                                                   and a new county office building.            Dedicated and persistent, the
                                                                                              committee garnered contributions from
                                                      Although the buildings are in the       more than 100 people. They raised
                                                   nationally designated East End             nearly $10,000 for a legal fight and
by Deborah Meyer DeWan and Warren P. Reiss, Esq.   Historic District, and include a           gained support from an impressive array
                                                   structure designed by Hudson River         of regional and national organizations.

        he struggle to save historic               School of Art founder and early
        buildings in the Village of                Catskill resident Thomas Cole, the            Scenic Hudson’s Riverfront
        Catskill may reach the state’s             county dismissed their significance and    Communities program began working
highest court this spring as a citizens            approved a plan for removal. The           with the committee to illustrate
group barred from bringing a claim                 county did a cursory environmental         alternative plans for the project. The
against Greene County to stop                      review, declared that the project would    group continues to reach out to county
demolition of the structures asked the             have no significant impacts on historic    officials, business owners and
New York State Court of Appeals to                 resources, and vowed to press ahead        community leaders to craft an
hear the case.                                     with eminent domain proceedings,           alternative that will achieve the goal of
                                                   seeking to break ground before it froze.   providing a much-needed facility while
  Over the past year, two separate                                                            preserving the irreplaceable historic
lower courts have denied “standing” to               Nearly a year after that front porch     fabric of this quintessential Hudson
the Save Our Main Street Buildings                 gathering, thanks to the courageous        Valley riverfront village.
Committee. Standing – the right of
citizens or other groups to bring
environmental lawsuits against the
government – was established by
Scenic Hudson, Inc. during its fight to
stop Con Edison from building the
world’s largest pumped-storage
hydroelectric plant on Storm King

   A case with severe implications for
citizens rights, the committee’s appeal
has captured the attention of New York
State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
and a coalition of prominent regional,
statewide and national organizations.
                                                                                                                                                        DEBORAH MEYER DEWAN
Filing briefs in support of the
committee are Attorney General
Spitzer, Scenic Hudson, the
Preservation League of New York State,
the National Trust for Historic
Preservation, the Catskill Center for
Conservation and Development, and
the Municipal Art Society.                                                                                                 Representatives of
                                                                                                                           organizations fighting to
A Small Group of Thoughtful,                                                                                               save historic buildings in
                                                                                                          MICHAEL THOMAS

Committed Citizens                                                                                                         Catskill, shown above,
  It all started on a steamy summer                                                                                        gathered at a recent press
evening last July when 14 residents                                                                                        conference in Albany.
gathered on a porch in Catskill and
SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                                       - 10 -

Fighting for a Day in Court
  In fall 2001 the committee filed a
lawsuit challenging the county’s
environmental review and began
seeking support. They gathered letters
from architectural historians,
preservationists, main street advocates
and environmental organizations.

   Concerned about the potential
precedent-setting challenge to citizen
standing and the threat to our
National Heritage Area, Scenic
Hudson, the Preservation League of
New York State and the National Trust
for Historic Preservation filed a joint

                                                                                                                                  RAY CURRAN
friend-of-the-court brief in support of
the committee.

  Unfortunately, in September 2001        Scenic Hudson’s concept shows how Catskill can increase parking without destroying
the initial court challenge was           historic buildings.

                                                                                       and others have intervened in this case,
                                                                                       hoping that the Court of Appeals will
       “Win, lose or draw — we gave the people                                         reverse the lower court rulings and
                                                                                       ensure the right of standing.
     in Greene County enough breathing room
                                                                                         Although the final fate of these
             to think about the project.                                               buildings is unknown, like Rip Van
                                                                                       Winkle, whose statue stands at the
                                                                                       gateway to Catskill’s Main Street, the
            We stopped the steamroller.”                                               people have awoken.
                                                                 Bob Jacobson
                                     Save Our Main Street Buildings Committee            Noted Bob Jacobson, co-chair of
                                                                                       the Save Our Main Street Buildings
                                                                                       Committee, “Win, lose or draw –
                                                                                       we gave the people in Greene
dismissed by the Greene County              The group then filed an appeal with        County enough breathing room to
Supreme Court, which held,                the New York State Appellate Court.          think about the project. We
surprisingly, that the plaintiffs         In April the Appellate Court upheld          stopped the steamroller.”
lacked standing to bring the lawsuit.     the lower court’s decision, dealing a
This despite the fact that the            blow to citizen standing and                    The very foundation of the rights of
plaintiffs live and work in the           environmental protection in New York         citizens to protect environmental and
historic district in question.            State.                                       cultural resources is hanging in the
                                                                                       balance. Scenic Hudson is encouraged
  After this rejection one resident       Eroding Citizens Rights                      by the interest the case is generating
commented, “We’re at a critical             In recent years a number of judicial       from leading organizations. We must
juncture. Do we retain a community        decisions have begun to chip away at         all work to ensure that the tremendous
sense of place, or does downtown          the cherished right of standing, with        gains made by the modern
become little more than a center for      Catskill being only the most recent          environmental movement are not
county business and parking lots?”        example. That is why Scenic Hudson           diminished. z
                                                          - 11 -
                                                                                                                   SUMMER 2002
        Raising Funds to Stop Cement Plant

                          Hudson, Inc.            For more information on how you can help, refer to

                          this winter             the envelope inserted in this newsletter. Please put
                    held a series of              HVPC in the memo of your check if you want your
                    events to raise
                    funds and friends             contribution to be used to help stop the plant.
                    for the Hudson
by Janice Holzman   Valley Preser-        in Columbia County, Hugh and               including Scenic Hudson, endorse the
                    vation Coalition.     Tiziana Hardy in Greenwich Village in      proposed complex. We demanded an
The organization was founded by           New York City and Elyse and John           end to the misinformation campaign
Scenic Hudson and other local groups      Harney in Litchfield County, Conn.,        and took to the airwaves and editorial
to oppose St. Lawrence Cement Co.’s       graciously opened their homes in           pages to rebut.
mammoth plant proposed for the Town       support of the coalition. We also
of Greenport and City of Hudson in        would like to thank Oscar Anderson,          The coalition is making headway,
Columbia County.                          Max Goodwin and Tim Bontecou for           however, as the Greenport Town Board
                                          hosting an event at the Tamarack           voted in April to cancel an agreement
  Speakers at these gatherings included   Preserve in the Village of Millbrook in    made last September with SLC, a move
Dr. Mitch Gaynor, director of the         Dutchess County.                           spurred in part by a legal challenge
Center for Complementary and                                                         from Scenic Hudson, Friends of
Integrative Medicine at Cornell             Dan Baxter generously provided           Hudson and 12 Greenport residents.
University; Dr. George Thurston,          artwork for the invitations, which
associate professor of environmental      explicitly juxtaposed the proposed           Grass-roots support also is critical to
medicine at the School of Medicine at     facility’s 400-foot smokestack and toxic   the coalition’s efforts, and the fund-
New York University; Kate Kerin,          plumes with the area’s historic beauty.    raising events inspired many to write
executive director of Hudson River                                                   their federal and state representatives.
Heritage; Sam Pratt, executive director   Mobilizing Against Goliath                 News about our campaign, letter-
of Friends of Hudson; Alix Gerosa,                                                   writing tips and policy-maker contacts
                                            The events were successful, but the      are available from our Environmental
director of Scenic Hudson’s Environ-
                                          coalition’s needs are acute and ongoing         Quality program at
mental Quality program; and Ned
                                          in the face of SLC’s well-funded spin            (845) 473-4440, or online at
Sullivan, president of Scenic Hudson.
                                          machine.                                  z
  The speakers contrasted the region’s
                                            The company has launched an
poetic landscape with the sprawling,
                                          advertising campaign that
pollution-spewing industrial
                                          deliberately attempts to
compound and detailed the public
                                          delude listeners into
health risks of cement plants.
                                          believing that leading
  Event sponsors Steve and Linda
Levine in the Village of Tivoli in
Dutchess County,
Alexandra and
Jock Spivy in
the Village of

           EXISTING CATSKILL PLANT                                       PROPOSED GREENPORT COMPLEX
SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                         - 12 -
 Project Chronicles Roots of Modern Environmentalism
by Chris Davis Cina

       lizabeth “Betsy” Pugh, Scenic         Mrs. Reese, one of the original
      Hudson, Inc. board member,           advocates for saving Storm King                            If you have valuable
      and Frances “Franny” Reese,          Mountain, said this initiative has been
chair emeritus, are working with           on her mind for years and that she                         documents to
Marist College archivist John Ansley       recently sent a truckload of                               contribute, please

on an ambitious effort to catalogue        memorabilia to Marist. She and Mrs.
and preserve the thoughts, ideas,          Pugh have been contacting individuals                      contact John Ansley
actions and images of early advocates      whose early participation was essential                    at (845) 575-5217
who saved Storm King Mountain and          to the Scenic Hudson Decision,                             or e-mail
founded Scenic Hudson.                     requesting correspondence and other
                                           materials. They also are making an               
  The Scenic Hudson History Project        effort to record oral histories from
chronicles the 17-year battle that         early supporters who are interested in
changed the course of environmental        telling their stories.                                 Mr. Ansley, rapidly becoming an
history by establishing a citizens right                                                       expert on Scenic Hudson history and
to legal standing in an environmental         “This information is so very                     the environmental movement, said this
dispute. The Scenic Hudson Decision,       valuable,” said Mrs. Reese. “This is                subject has always interested him and
as it is known in law books, is credited   ‘the’ environmental case, even                      that he finds the work fascinating.
with launching the modern                  internationally, and all its pieces are             With a grant from the New York State
environmental movement.                    important to study. It shows what                   Documentary Heritage Program, he is
                                           people who are motivated can do                     preparing a companion Web site. It is
   “In the very beginning it was just a    individually and collectively.”                     slated to launch later this year. z
group of friends with no title or grand
vision,” said Mrs. Pugh. “They
thought they would win or lose the
struggle to save Storm King, but they                   In Memory of:
                                            Thank You

                                                                                                 Valice F. Ruge
never expected more than that.”                         Eleanor Murdock Beach                    Erica Grodin
                                                        from Mrs. Paul Fitchen                   Wendell A. Hinkey
Collection Housed at Marist                             Irvin Coblin                             from Dr. Brad Kline
  The project got a boost when Mr.                      from Mary Byrne-Ling and Bruce Ling      Nancy Belton
Ansley offered to sort, index and cross-                William Diebold                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilbert
reference the documentation as well as                  from Koblin’s Pharmacy, Inc.             Joan Sellers
house the collection at Marist’s James                  Gregor A. Gamble                         from Hudson Valley Tourism
A. Cannavino Library in the Town of                     Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Finkelstein     Mrs. Richard M. Szypula
Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County.                        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weiss                from Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Mahler
                                                        Helena Stalson
The proposed St. Lawrence                               Mr. and Mrs. H. Vance Crawford
Cement plant will be a                                  Learning Insights                        In Honor of:
                                                        Mrs. Charlotte Menaker                   Mark and Sara Merring
polluting monolith and dwarf
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Simon             from Lois Amlaw
all nearby structures.
                                                                                                                                 FRIENDS OF HUDSON

                                                                    OLANA AND OTHER FAMILIAR STRUCTURES
                                                                  - 13 -
                                                                                                                         SUMMER 2002
Scenic Hudson Salutes                                CHEERS TO:
                   New York State Gov. George        The Town of Lloyd in Ulster County
                   E. Pataki and Attorney            for implementing the EcoTeam and
                   General Eliot Spitzer for their   Livable Neighborhood programs
                   advocacy of strong federal air    sponsored by the Global Action Plan
                   pollution regulations. Gov.       for the Earth, a nonprofit organization
                   Pataki has urged Vice             that promotes sustainable lifestyles and
                   President Richard B. Cheney       livable neighborhoods. The initiatives
                   to propose new controls for       train families to reduce waste, use less
                   four harmful substances –         water and energy, buy environmentally
                   mercury, carbon dioxide,          friendly products and encourage others
                   sulfur dioxide and nitrogen       to get involved.
                   oxide. Attorney General
                   Spitzer has led northeast
                   attorneys general in defending
                   new source review rules –
                   which require U.S. utility

                                                                                                                                              DON PERDUE
                   companies to install
                   pollution-removal equipment
                   on newly constructed or
                                                                                                   Journalist Bill Moyers on a replica of
                   expanded plants – against
                                                                                                   Henry Hudson’s Half Moon during the
                                                                                                   documentary “America’s First River: Bill
                   efforts to
                                                                                                   Moyers on the Hudson.”
                   under-                            The Town of Lloyd is working with the
                   mine                              Global Action Plan for the Earth, logo
                   them.                             pictured above, to promote sustainable
                                                     lifestyles for town residents.
                                                                                                   New York Harbor to the Adirondacks
                                                                                                   to explore the dramatic history,
                                                     Village of Sleepy Hollow Mayor Phillip        complex ecology, profound natural
                                                     Zegarelli, village officials and members      beauty and far-reaching legacy of what
                              Attorney General       of the Linkages Committee for ensuring        has been called “America’s most
                              Eliot Spitzer has      community input in the redevelopment          beautiful, messed-up and surprising
                              fought for tough       of the 97-acre former General Motors          piece of water.” The two-part special
                              pollution controls.    Corp. plant in Westchester County.            featured several longtime Scenic
                                                                                                   Hudson board members and
                                                     Bard College in the Hamlet of                 highlighted our role in shaping modern
                The Adirondack Park Agency           Annandale-on-Hudson in Dutchess               environmentalism.
                for requiring that new               County, for earning high marks in the
                telecommunications towers            National Wildlife Federation’s “State of      Author Michael Ryan and publisher
     be “substantially invisible.” New               the Campus Environment” report.      for a hard-hitting
     guidelines approved by the agency               Bard was recognized for its efforts to        indictment of the proposed St.
     prohibit private towers within the              conserve energy and water and for             Lawrence Cement Co. plant in
     Adirondack Forest Preserve, which               recycling more than 60 percent of its         Columbia County. The piece gave
     accounts for almost half the park. New          total waste.                                  national voice to our environmental,
     towers must be built near towns or                                                            economic and quality-of-life objections
     highways, be shorter than and tethered          Journalist Bill Moyers and Public Affairs     to what would be a coal-burning, soot-
     to existing structures such as church           Television, Inc. for the series, “America’s   spewing industrial city. z
     steeples, and be camouflaged within the         First River: Bill Moyers on the
     natural landscape.                              Hudson.” Mr. Moyers traveled from
     SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                                  - 14 -
 PCB Victory Hootenanny
Friends of a Clean Hudson coalition members gathered Feb. 22 at the Samuel F.B. Morse
Historic Site in the Town of Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County to celebrate the federal
government’s decision to clean up Hudson River PCBs. Attendees enjoyed bluegrass music
from Heinzevino, in which Scenic Hudson, Inc.’s Jeffrey Anzevino plays dobro guitar, and
danced to the tunes of the Walker Family Band.
                                                                                 Celebrants enjoy dancing at the

                                                                                                                                     KERRI KARVETSKI
                                                                                      PCB Victory Hootenanny.
History Lesson
Scenic Hudson General Counsel Warren P. Reiss presented “The Fight for Storm
King and the Scenic Hudson Decision: The Birth of Environmental Law” March
27 at Painter’s Tavern in the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson in Orange County.
The lecture was part of the Museum of the Hudson Highlands evening speaker series and described how the grass-roots battle
to save Storm King Mountain established the right of citizens to sue a government to protect natural resources.

 Burger Hill Thank You Party
Scenic Hudson and Winnakee Land Trust, Inc. held an April 6 thank you party for Burger Hill Park volunteers at the
Dutchess County home of Bernie and Beth Wohl. The theme, “The Birds of Burger Hill Park,” allowed us to thank the
supporters and recruit new helpers.

 Ninth Annual River Champion Reception
                                                         Scenic Hudson’s River Champion Reception, which honors supporters who
                                                         contribute $175 or more annually, was held April 15 at the Explorers Club in
                                                         New York City. More than 150 guests enjoyed a lecture by board member
                                                         Morrison H. Heckscher, the Lawrence A. Fleischman Chairman of The American
                                                         Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, about the Hudson River as seen
                                                         through the museum’s collections. The event was generously hosted by Explorers
                                                         Club member John Bruno.
                                        PATTI MITCHELL

                                                         Susan Williams and Alison and John
                                                         Lankenau at the River
                                                         Champion reception.

Historic Bike Route Opens
Bicyclists of all ages participated in an official April 20 opening and tour of the
Rhinebeck and Red Hook Historic District Bike Route in northern Dutchess County.
Riders were treated to scenic views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains as
they pedaled past Wilderstein Preservation, Rhinebeck Town Landing and Poets’ Walk
Romantic Landscape Park. The new route was conceived and created by the
Winnakee Land Trust and Rhinebeck and Red Hook Greenway committees with
                                                                                                                                                       KERRI KARVETSKI

participation from Scenic Hudson.
                                                                           Bicyclists line up to open the
                                                                      Rhinebeck and Red Hook Historic
 Earth Day 2002                                                                     District Bike Route.

Hudson Valley activists celebrated Earth Day in Albany on April 22 by lobbying for environmental issues with more than 40
state groups. Scenic Hudson provided free bus transportation from Poughkeepsie, with stops in New Paltz, Kingston and
Catskill. In Grand Central Terminal, a large-scale Earth Day photo display featured images provided by Scenic Hudson.
                                                                        - 15 -
                                                                                                                          SUMMER 2002
                                                                                                                          SUMMER 2002
                                                                                 Calendar of Upcoming Events
                                                                              June 28-July 7
                Gaining Ground                                                Great Hudson River Paddle
                                                                              This 146-mile, nine-day paddle from Albany to
                                                                              Manhattan celebrates the Hudson River Greenway Water

                        n March the Young Friends                             Trail, improved public access to the Hudson River and
                        traveled to the Village of Tarrytown                  the diversity and heritage of riverside communities.
                        in Westchester County for private                     Opportunities for skilled and new paddlers. Please
                    tours of Lyndhurst, one of the country’s                  contact Hudson River Valley Greenway at
                    best gothic revival mansions, and                         (518) 473-3835 or see
                    Sunnyside, the picturesque home of                        for more information.
                    author Washington Irving.
by David Pugh
  Moving from past to present, we visited the Village of                      July 13
Irvington waterfront and the Scenic Hudson Park at                            Mount Beacon Hike
Irvington. This experience helped us gain greater                             Join a two-part hike in the fabled Hudson Highlands.
understanding of the region’s grand history and the role                      Follow a steep and rocky one-mile trail to the top of
Scenic Hudson plays in rejuvenating riverfront communities.                   Mount Beacon and enjoy views of the Catskill
                                                                              Mountains and portions of Columbia, Westchester
  In April we organized an Orange County Great River                          and Rockland counties. Then descend or continue for
Sweep on Constitution Island, part of the U.S. Military                       another five rugged and challenging miles to the base
Academy at West Point in the Village of Highland Falls.                       of Lamb’s Hill. Hikers must have previous experience,
Since Sept. 11 Constitution Island has been closed due to its
                                                                              wear proper boots and bring rain gear, a lunch and
connection with West Point, but the academy kindly gave us
access to the site for the cleanup.                                           plenty of drinking water. Registration required.
                                                                              Please contact Sarah Small at (845) 473-4440, ext.
  It was a beautiful day for a sweep. We removed trash from                   220, or, to R.S.V.P. and for
the waterfront and worked on trails and other facilities on                   more information.
the island. Our city supporters look forward to these events
as a way to get outside, enjoy spring and learn some history                  Aug. 10
in the process.                                                               Meteor Shower Watch
                                                                              Watch the Perseid meteor shower from the tranquil
   For summer we have planned a trip to the Hudson Valley                     backdrop of Poets’ Walk Romantic Landscape Park in the
Shakespeare Festival at Boscobel Restoration in the Hamlet
                                                                              Town of Red Hook in Dutchess County. Enjoy beautiful
of Garrison in Putnam County, as well as various hikes and,
if you can believe it, our annual fall party.                                 night views of the Hudson River, Catskill Mountains and
                                                                              Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. Bring blanket or lawn chair,
  To get involved, please contact David Pugh at                               outdoor clothing, sturdy hiking shoes, bug repellant,
(718) 522-2994 or                              flashlight and binoculars, if desired. Please contact Sarah
                                                                              Small at (845) 473-4440, ext. 220, or
  We look forward to seeing you. z                                  , for more information.

                                                                              Sept. 21-22
                                                                              Third Annual Hudson River Valley Ramble
                                                                              Features 100 guided walking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing,
                                                                              biking and equestrian events on the land and water trails
                                                                              throughout the 150-mile Hudson River Valley National
                                                                              Heritage Area, which runs from just outside New York
                                                                              City north to Albany. Events will be offered on every
                                                                              ability level with many well suited for families. A
                                                       REMO HAMMID

                                                                              complete program guide listing events, lodging and
                                                                              dining accommodations will be available in
                                                                              mid-summer by contacting (800) 453-6665,
                                                                    , or visiting
Young Friends members take a break during a Constitution
Marsh Great River Sweep.
                                                                     - 16 -
             Mobilizing Citizens in Haverstraw
                                                                                                     preserve and enhance resources, serve

                             he tide is    Hudson, collaborated to create an
                             turning       open riverfront that permits                              residents and attract tourists.
                             along the     residential, retail and recreational uses.
                      Village of           In the Village of Ossining in                               To this end in Haverstraw, Scenic
                      Haverstraw           Westchester County more than 60                           Hudson has advocated for the expansion
                      waterfront.          percent of a new waterfront project is                    of Emeline Park, a minimum of 15
                                           slated for public space and parkland.                     percent open space throughout the
by Hector Rodriguez    Like many           And the Village of Sleepy Hollow in                       proposed waterfront district, a 16-foot
                     Hudson Valley         Westchester County is poised to turn                      public promenade, protection of river
                     communities,          the former General Motors Corp. plant                     views, a community boat house and
Haverstraw has rediscovered its            into a mixed-use development                              other public amenities within a mixed-
riverfront – much of it long ago           featuring open space and connections                      use environment. These provisions
abandoned by industry – and now            to the village center and surrounding                     would benefit both private
plans to redevelop it. Scenic Hudson,      parks. (Please see “Plan Emerges for                      developments and the village.
Inc.’s long-standing commitment to         Sleepy Hollow Waterfront” on page 8.)
Haverstraw dates back to 1998 when                                                                   Public Access Concepts
we purchased a 1.5-acre addition for         These mixed-used developments
                                           represent smart, sustainable growth.
                                                                                                     Gaining Ground
Emeline Park and worked with the                                                                       Over the past year we have actively
village to turn it into another Rockland   They balance community interests,
                                                                                                     promoted sound planning principles
County treasure. As a result the                                                                     and meaningful public participation.
community has playgrounds, a public                                                                  Our outreach has given voice to a
venue for events and a place to connect                                                              growing number of diverse groups
with the river’s beauty.                                                                             looking to express opinions and
                                                                                                     concerns regarding the redevelopment.
  Unfortunately Emeline Park is the
exception. The current proposal by                                                                     The concepts of increased park and
Ginsburg Development Corp. to                                                                        recreational lands, mixed-use
develop more than 40 waterfront acres                                                                development and a public promenade
emphasizes luxury housing and does                                                                   have been embraced by community
not address the concerns of the                                                                      leaders, including Haverstraw Deputy
community’s largely Hispanic                                                                         Mayor Angelo Cintron, Trustee Ricky
population, which needs family-                                                                      Sanchez, Trustee Francisco Batista,
oriented recreational opportunities,                                                                 Planning Board Chair Jose Vargas and
gathering places and affordable                                                                      members of village advisory
housing. To their credit, the company                                                                committees. The dialogue continues.
and the village are incorporating some
commendable elements such as a                                                                          In the coming months the village and
children’s museum and commercial                                                                     developer will have the ability and
uses at the northern end of the                                                                      responsibility to create the best possible
waterfront.                                                                                          project. We hope the developer will
                                                                                                     seize this opportunity to consider the
Mixed-Use Development                                                                                alternatives and enhance the waterfront
Balances Community Interests                                                                         for the betterment of the village and
   Redeveloping the Haverstraw                                                                       Hudson Valley.
riverfront presents a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to restore the historic link                                                                This diverse community deserves a
                                                                                        RAY CURRAN

between the village and river.                                                                       first-rate riverfront that provides

                                                                                                     economic stimulus, preserves open
   In valley communities such as the                                                                 space and scenic views and encourages
                                           Scenic Hudson’s vision for the Haverstraw                 people to enjoy the majesty of our
City of Yonkers in Westchester County,
city officials, developers and other       waterfront includes residential, commer-                  American Heritage River. z
stakeholders, including Scenic             cial and recreational uses.
                                                           - 17 -                                                                SUMMER 2002
              Educating and Engaging Valley Communities

by Andy Bicking and Lindsey Danis

         ow in its fifth year, Scenic
         Hudson, Inc.’s public outreach
         and volunteer program has
grown to inform and involve

                                                                                                                                              RITA D. SHAHEEN
thousands in the ongoing protection
and enhancement of the Hudson River
and its valley.

  Our mission – to empower residents      Environmental Educator Stacey VonDerahe teaches elementary school students about
through volunteerism, education,          frogs and vernal pools at Black Creek Forest Preserve in Esopus.
recreation and advocacy – has led us to
collaborate with diverse volunteers,      Cooperative Recreation Area and Black                     Efforts are underway to expand to
schools and community groups. In          Creek Forest Preserve, both in the                      Dutchess County schools, using our
particular our partnership with           Town of Esopus in Ulster County, for                    Madam Brett Park in the City of
AmeriCorps, a federally funded            outdoor lessons. She works closely                      Beacon as a setting for a self-guided,
community service program that            with Scenic Hudson Park Planner Rita                    place-based curriculum.
stations young people with nonprofit      D. Shaheen, Kingston City School
and government agencies, has helped       District Elementary Science Facilitator
                                          Meg Clark-Goldhammer and New
                                                                                                  Trailmasters Targets Middle
us expand the depth and breadth of
services we offer.                        York State Department of                                School Students
                                          Environmental Conservation                                For middle and high school students,
  Together we are creating a Hudson       Environmental Educator Rich Parisio.                    Trailmasters combines community
Valley where communities steward the                                                              service with lessons in history and
land and water, young people                                                                      ecology. Team-based trail work helps
understand the cultural and natural                                                               students build a stronger sense of
heritage of the region and grass-roots                                                            place, conservation awareness and
networks advocate for change.                                                                     group decision-making skills.

                                                                                                    Coordinated by AmeriCorps member
Parks are Classrooms for                                                                          and Community Outreach Assistant
Budding Environmentalists                                                                         Sarah Small, Trailmasters days start with
  Our program begins in elementary                                                                a classroom visit to discuss Scenic
school, where hands-on instruction                                                                Hudson’s history and explain the
and field trips foster lifelong                                                                   pending trail outing. This spring Ulster
appreciation of the environment.                                                                  County BOCES students improved
                                                                                                  trails at Shaupeneak Ridge and campers
   Environmental Educator and                                                                     at Ramapo Anchorage Camp and the
                                                                                                  Deveraux Foundation worked on
                                                                                    SARAH SMALL

AmeriCorps member Stacey
VonDerahe teaches local ecology and                                                               erosion control at Poets’ Walk
environmental ethics to students from                                                             Romantic Landscape Park in the Town
Kingston City School, organizing field                                                            of Red Hook in Dutchess County.
                                          Trailmasters from Ramapo Anchorage
trips to nearby Shaupeneak Ridge          Camp at work in Poets’ Walk.
SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                         - 18 -

  Trailmasters currently serves
Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Greene
county schools.                                         Valley Teen Goes to DEC Camp

                                                                                                    ourteen-year-old Ivelisse
College Interns Collaborate                                                                         Dickens (right) of the City of
                                                                                                    Poughkeepsie, pictured with
with Program Staff                                                                            Corie Davis of Scenic Hudson, Inc.’s
  Dozens of student interns have                                                              Communications and Public
gained valuable experience working                                                            Outreach department, won our
side-by-side with Scenic Hudson staff                                                         contest for a trip to the New York
on campaigns and events.                                                                      State Department of Environmental
                                                                                              Conservation’s DeBruce

                                                                               DOREEN HENRY
  This spring we were joined by four                                                          Environmental Education Camp in
students from Vassar College in the                                                           Sullivan County. Camp DeBruce is
Town of Poughkeepsie in Dutchess                                                              one of four residential conservation
County. Ashley Camhi worked with                                                              centers for young New Yorkers.
Park Manager Fellow Sarah Charlop-
Powers to restore a trail on Shaupeneak
Ridge. Kelly VandenBerg’s interest in
environmental law led her to a
placement with General Counsel             livable communities, land conservation             Walk volunteers are being trained as
Warren P. Reiss to help fight the St.      and support for agriculture.                       tour guides and participate in
Lawrence Cement Co. plant. Paolo                                                              management decisions.
Cozzi recruited college students for our     Our meeting with the City of
Earth Day Lobby and served as a            Hudson Rotary Club in Columbia                        Recreational events and hikes keep
regional college coordinator for the       County raised awareness about the                  residents abreast of environmental
Great River Sweep. And Lindsey             dangers of the proposed St. Lawrence               issues as they enjoy the valley’s natural
Danis worked with Senior Editor/           Cement plant and inspired the                      splendor. Volunteers often help plan
Writer Kerri Karvetski on this             organization to coordinate a Great                 and implement these events, which
newsletter, the Scenic Hudson Web site     River Sweep with Friends of                        include poetry readings, meteor shower
and other publications.                    Hudson. This fall Scenic Hudson                    watches, nature hikes and canoe trips.
                                           will speak to Land Trust Alliance
  With three semesters at Scenic           Northeast members about successful
Hudson, Dan Zinder of Bard College         volunteer strategies.                              Great River Sweep Engages All
in the Hamlet of Annandale-on-                                                                Ages in Revitalization
Hudson in Dutchess County planned a          We have scheduled roughly a dozen                  Our largest volunteer event is the
Great River Sweep and raised               presentations this year and aim to                 annual, award-winning Great River
awareness about the Hudson River           double the number of speaking                      Sweep, which unites thousands of
PCB cleanup campaign.                      engagements next year.                             supporters from the Adirondacks to
                                                                                              Manhattan in removing trash and
Speakers Program Promotes                  Volunteer and Recreational                         beautifying the Hudson River’s
Scenic Hudson’s Principles                 Opportunities Abound                               shorelines, tributaries and public
  Launched in January, our speakers          Volunteer initiatives expand our                 places. It is held the last full week of
bureau brings Scenic Hudson’s message      capabilities, provide meaningful work              April, beginning on Saturday and
to community groups of all ages and        and create a sense of belonging.                   ending the following Sunday, in
encourages residents to take action on                                                        coordination with Earth Day and
key issues such as cleaning the river        At Burger Hill Park in the Town of               National River Cleanup Week.
and stopping pollution. Presentations      Rhinebeck in Dutchess County,
by expert staffers have focused on         volunteers open and close parking lot                Evan Weissman, outreach associate,
PCBs and water quality, planning           gates and serve on the park                        described the sweep as, “an
                                           management committee. At Poets’                                      continued on page 20
                                                         - 19 -
                                                                                                                          SUMMER 2002

ages two to 92 helped
us break another Great River Sweep
record. This year 5,200 volunteers from
nearly 100 communities removed 66
tons of trash from Hudson Valley
shorelines. We gratefully acknowledge
Fuji Film for donating cameras and the
volunteers who took these photos.

continued from page 19
opportunity for riverfront communities to come together,           This information will help policy-makers strengthen the
show their pride and revitalize shoreline public places.”          state’s bottle law and reduce litter.

   For 2002 an Environmental Benefit Project grant from the          We also were honored to receive a 2002 U.S.
New York State attorney general’s office helped us involve         Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Quality
communities in the Adirondacks and gather and analyze              Award, the highest recognition presented to the public by the
information about the amount and type of beverage                  EPA. This follows our 2001 Clearwater Citizens award, an
containers collected. In May we presented the preliminary          international recognition of grass-roots efforts that promote
findings of our litter survey to the attorney general’s office.    beneficial use and protection of local waterfronts. z

SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                            - 20 -
                Olana Viewshed Lands Protected

                      ignificant lands in the Olana

                                                                       DID YOU KNOW?
                      Viewshed in Columbia County are                                  A conservation easement is a voluntary
                      safe from residential, commercial and                            agreement between a landowner and a
                 industrial development thanks to                                      land preservation organization like The
                 conservation easements that permanently
                 protect their scenic qualities.                                       Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc. Through
                                                                                       the arrangement the land is
by Seth McKee         Earlier this year The Scenic Hudson                              permanently restricted from certain
                   Land Trust, Inc. closed on two easements                            types of development but remains in
on Blue Hill, an agricultural area prominently visible to the
southeast of the Olana State Historic Site. The project was                            private hands and on local tax rolls.
made possible by funding from the Lila Acheson and DeWitt
Wallace Hudson Valley Land Preservation Endowment. The
deals are the latest achievements in more than 15 years of         Lands Still at Risk
Scenic Hudson, Inc.’s conservation work, which now has               The Olana Viewshed remains a high priority for Scenic
safeguarded 970 acres in the viewshed.                             Hudson, especially in light of the 1,800-acre cement plant
                                                                   proposed for the nearby Town of Greenport and the
  Of his hilltop home with its famous view of the Hudson           City of Hudson.
River, Catskill Mountains and Columbia County landscape,
Hudson River School artist Frederic E. Church once wrote,            Our work to protect vistas available from this nationally
“About an hour this side of Albany is the center of the world.     significant property has been greatly aided by partnerships
I own it.”                                                         with the Columbia Land Conservancy, The Olana
                                                                   Partnership and New York State Office of Parks,
  Mr. Church painted many of his most renowned works               Recreation and Historic Preservation. These
from Olana, and his Persian-style mansion and the sweeping         organizations have identified critical viewshed lands,
vista that inspired his work are enjoyed by more than              helped secure funding for easement acquisitions and
100,000 visitors each year.                                        advocated for Olana and its viewshed.
Orchards Continue Operating                                          Olana Viewshed landowners interested in protecting their
  The easements protect a 153-acre apple orchard and an            land should contact Jennifer Fraulo at (845) 473-4440,
88-acre cherry orchard in the Town of Livingston in                ext. 268, or z
Columbia County. These two farms are vital parts of
the rural vista southeast of Olana.

  Apple Annie Farm is a commercial apple orchard
interspersed with deciduous woodland. Scenic
Hudson’s conservation easement restricts the property
to agricultural uses and allows an additional single-
family residence. The agreement facilitated the farm’s
transfer from an eager seller to a conservation-minded
buyer who has leased the land to the orchard’s former
manager. Thus a farm has been safeguarded and kept in
continuous agricultural production – the ultimate goal
of protecting farmland.

  Hill House Farm, which adjoins Apple Annie Farm to
                                                                                                                                    JAMES BLEECKER

the west, is a cherry orchard offering an annual pick-
your-own season. After purchasing the property in
1993, the owner relocated an 1855 residence from
Lawrenceville, N.J., to the site. Our easement prevents
commercial, industrial or additional residential        Protecting the magnificent views that inspired Hudson River School
development of the site.                                artist Frederic E. Church remains a high priority for Scenic Hudson.
                                                              - 21 -                                                  SUMMER 2002
                  Scenic Hudson Parks, Preserves & Community Projects
by Scenic Hudson’s Land Preservation Staff
Dutchess County:                             members of AmeriCorps, Youth
Beacon Landing, Beacon                       Resource Development Corp. and
To help create safe public access to the     Scenic Hudson, Inc. Thank you also to
Beacon riverfront, artist George Trakas      Beacon Terminals, Inc., which provided
began stabilizing the shoreline,             lunch for the crew.
reconstructing the historic bulkhead,
building steps to the river and erecting a
handicapped-accessible fishing pier.         Westchester County:
This project is funded in part by the        Hudson Highlands Gateway Park,
Anita Hart Balter Creative Fund, the         Cortlandt
National Endowment for the Arts, New         Scenic Hudson, the Town of Cortlandt
York State Department of State and The       and the New York-New Jersey Trail
Lila Acheson and DeWitt Wallace Fund         Conference are mapping and evaluating
for the Hudson Highlands, established        existing unmarked paths on this 352-
by the founders of The Reader’s Digest       acre property to create a trail system

                                                                                                                                               RITA D. SHAHEEN
Association, Inc. The work will be           that provides hiking and viewing opp-
completed by spring 2003.                    ortunities and protects sensitive areas.

Madam Brett Park, Beacon                                                                           Fifth-grade students from Crosby Elemen-
Thanks to the team of 40 hard-working        Ulster County:
                                             Esopus Meadows Point Preserve, Esopus                 tary School in Kingston explore nature at
volunteers that spent April 12 making                                                              Black Creek Forest Preserve in Esopus.
this Fishkill Creek park more visitor-       The Hudson River Valley Greenway has
friendly and attractive. They cleared        designated this 100-acre riverfront                   nonmotorized watercraft and a trail to
new trails, made the Tioronda Falls          preserve an official part of the Hudson               Esopus Meadows Environmental
deck universally accessible and built a      River Water Trail. It will be one of                  Center are scheduled for spring
new footbridge and stone retaining wall      more than 30 shoreline rest areas for                 2003 completion.
to grace the trail. The team included        boaters. A boat landing for

                                                                                                   Putnam County:
                                                                                                   West Point Foundry Preserve, Cold
                                                                                                   To guide long-term plans for this
                                                                                                   historically rich site, the industrial
                                                                                                   archaeology graduate program at
                                                                                                   Michigan Technological University soon
                                                                                                   will make available its findings on
                                                                                                   remaining foundry structures.
                                                                                                   Michigan Tech graduate student
                                                                                                   Elizabeth Norris is developing a five-
                                                                                                   year research plan and will lead
                                                                                                   archaeological fieldwork here this
                                                                                                   summer. Laser transit technology will
                                                                                                   record the location of ruins visible on
                                                                                                   the surface, and a digitized map will be
                                                                                    ANDY BICKING

                                                                                                   created for interpretive and planning
                                                                                                   purposes. z

Volunteers from YRDC and AmeriCorps spruce up Madam Brett Park in Beacon.
SCENIC HUDSON NEWS                                              - 22 -
        Get Out There
by Kerri Karvetski

      rom rugged to serene, Scenic Hudson, Inc. parks and          Meadows Lighthouse, the only Hudson River lighthouse
      preserves offer many opportunities to experience the         built with a wood frame and clapboard exterior. Look for
      valley’s summer splendor. Here are just a few:               Mills Mansion State Historic Site across the river in
                                                                   Dutchess County.
RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary, Catskill, Greene County
Take a half-mile walk to RamsHorn Creek and kayak or               Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington, Westchester County
canoe the rest of the way to the Hudson River. On your way         Play ball along the Hudson River at the regulation soccer and
back climb the 28-foot observation tower for a sweeping view       baseball fields, but call Dennis Hurlie first at (914) 591-8365
of the river’s largest tidal swamp forest. Look up – you may       for a permit. Or find a quiet spot on the open lawn and
see an osprey or red-tailed hawk.                                  watch the sun set behind the Palisades.

Burger Hill Park, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County                       Clausland Mountain Park, Orangetown, Rockland County
Meander up a 550-foot hill to experience panoramic vistas of       Hike a loop trail and connect to the 1,200-acre labyrinth of
the Catskill Mountains and Berkshires. A great place to            ridgeline parks and trails that includes Long Path, Blauvelt
observe the bobolink, killdeer, American goldfinch and other       State Park and Nike Park. On a clear, windy day watch
birds. With good timing and Mother Nature’s cooperation,           sailboats cluster around the Tappan Zee Bridge.
you may discover the magical place between sunset and
moonrise.                                                          For an Adventure Guide to Parks, Preserves and Trails, please
                                                                   call Scenic Hudson at (845) 473-4440 or visit
Esopus Meadows Point Preserve, Esopus, Ulster County      z
Bring your binoculars and fishing pole and enjoy more than
3,500 feet of shoreline and views of the 1838 Esopus

               New Staff Members Help Plan, Improve Parks

     cenic Hudson, Inc. parks received     first project involves designing a new        recreation classes at SUNY
     a boost recently with the addition    gateway to nationally recognized Mount        Binghamton, where she obtained her
     of three Land Preservation            Beacon. He has a bachelor’s degree in         bachelor’s degree in economics and
program staff members.                     biology from the State University of          environmental studies. She also has
                                           New York at Stonybrook, a master’s in         worked for the Student Conservation
  Land Conservation Planner Jennifer       teaching from Tufts University and a          Association and Hudson River
Fraulo researches the conservation value   master’s in landscape design from the         National Estuarine Research Reserve
of unprotected lands and analyzes          Conway School.                                at Bard College. z
stewardship, development and site
design issues. Ms. Fraulo also helps         Park Management
deploy and use geographic information      Fellow Sarah
systems, or GIS. She holds a bachelor’s    Charlop-Powers is
degree in biology from Harvard             charged with
College, a master’s of science in          improving public
environmental law from Vermont Law         access to our parks
School and a master’s of landscape         and works with
design from the Conway School.             Public Outreach
                                                                                                                                     CHRIS DAVIS CINA

                                           department staff to
  With more than six years of              coordinate trail
landscaping experience, Park               maintenance and
Development Specialist Jay Levine helps    volunteer events.
Scenic Hudson transform its properties     Ms. Charlop-Powers New land preservation staff members Jay Levine, Jennifer Fraulo
into parks for the public to enjoy. His    taught outdoor      and Sarah Charlop-Powers look over a map of endangered lands.
                                                               - 23 -                                                 SUMMER 2002
                                                                                                                     SUMMER 2002
                                                                                                                                            SCOTT BARROW
Scott Barrow Gallery, specializing in fine art photography prints of the Hudson Valley, has generously offered to donate a portion of its
sale proceeds to Scenic Hudson, Inc. The prints are spectacular and can be viewed and purchased at
Please contact (800) 797-3397 or for more information.

                  One Civic Center Plaza                                                                         NON-PROFIT ORG
                  Suite 200                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
                  Poughkeepsie, NY 12601                                                                               PAID
                  (845) 473-4440                                                                                 NEWBURGH, N.Y.
                                                                                    Permit No. 415

Additional artwork has been provided
by Marlena Marallo, artistic director,
Arm of the Sea Theater.
  Printed on recycled paper
     with soy-based ink


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