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Bank of China-New York offers both Passbook and Statement savings accounts. With a
Passbook account, all transactions are recorded in your passbook and no monthly
statements are sent. With a Statement account, you will receive a monthly statement listing
all transactions, interests earned, balances and all other account activities. Interests are
compounded quarterly on balances if minimum requirements are met. Withdrawals can be
made at any time from your available balance. Interests are compounded quarterly on
balances when minimum requirements are met.


At Bank of China-New York, a minimum deposit of $1000 is required to open a personal
checking account, and $3000 for a commercial account.

Deposits, withdrawals, transfers in or out and check writing can be done at any time within
the limits of your available balance. You will receive a monthly statement. Transaction
service fees and maintenance charges are waived when you maintain a minimum monthly
balance of $1000 / $3000; otherwise you will pay a monthly maintenance fee.


Bank of China-New York offers commercial and residential mortgages with optional terms
subject to your financial resources and investment plans. Detailed programs are as follows:

Commercial Property Mortgage Program is designed to help our customers meet their
financing needs and goals.

Loan Size:             $1,000,000 to $50,000,000
Property Type:         multi-family, office, retail, industrial, warehouse, hotel and other
                       commercial properties
Term:                  up to 60 months


Commercial Lending
Our loan products cover the entire financial spectrum and can be tailored to suit your
individual needs. These products include:

       short- and medium-term loans
       revolving lines of credit
       installment and bullet loans
       asset-based lending

Trade Finance
Our wide variety of products and services will facilitate your international import and export
activities. Our experienced professionals know well how to balance risk and pricing and
provide you with the best financial services possible.

Letter of Credit Service
The Letter of Credit Department will handle your trade service needs quickly and efficiently,
utilizing the worldwide network of Bank of China and other correspondent banks.
      If you are importers or purchasers
       We can offer you the issuance of all types of letters of credit, shipping guarantees,
       air-release guarantees, process inward documentary bills, and perform inward
       documentary collections and trust receipt refinancing.
      If you are exporters or vendors
       We can provide advising and confirming letters of credit coming from your buyers,
       collect payments in an efficient manner under letters of credit, process outward
       documentary bills and perform outward documentary collections.
      If you are middlemen
       We can address your business needs with its transferable letters of credit,
       assignment of proceeds, back-to-back letters of credit and back-to-back collections.

Trade Services

      All types of Letters of Credit
      Credit and non-credit trade-related services
      Forfaiting / export L/C discounting

Funds Transfers

      Money transfers
      Access to financial markets, such as foreign exchange
      Remittances to China


      Check collections
      Reimbursement collections
      Documentary collections

Other Related Services

      Project Finance
      Syndicated Loan Participation
      Foreign Exchange

Saving deposit

Savings deposit is a method of deposit that sets no limit on length of maturity, time and
amount of deposit and withdrawal . It is the most basic and conventional method of deposit
of a bank. A client may deposit and withdraw such deposit at any time. For its free and
flexible use of funds, such deposit is taken as the basis of a client's financial asset

The minimum amount of a savings deposit is set at RMB1.

A passbook may be got and a debit card may be applied for at the same time at any branch
of the Bank of China if a deposit slip is filled in and a certain amount of cash (RMB 1 yuan at
least) is deposited.

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