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					                                                                                                                Newsletter July 20 2011

                      T HE M ESSENGER
Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, 4131 Ringgold Road, Chattanooga TN 37412

THE NEWS FROM THE STAFF                                                            Inside This Issue
In the past several years the United Methodist Church has been in the              The News from the Staff                                  1
process of taking personal inventory in order to ensure that the United            Service Times                                            1
Methodist Church is effective in following the directive of Jesus Christ,
to make disciples of all races of people, baptize them in the name of              Announcements                                            1
the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to                Missions                                                 2
obey the Word of God.                                                              United Methodist Women                                   2
                                                                                   Children’s News                                          2
Extensive research has been conducted and debated by church lead-                  Youth                                                    2
ers from general agencies. As a result of this reformation process the
                                                                                   The Staff                                                3
leaders of our denomination have identified four areas which we as a
church need to strive. These four areas of focus are:                              Statistics                                               3
       Develop principled Christian leaders for the Church and the
       Create new places for new people and renew existing con-                Announcements
                                                                                Upcoming Meetings:
       Engage in ministry with the poor; and
                                                                                Church Council will meet on Sunday, July 24 at 5:30 pm.
       Combat the disease of poverty by improving health globally.
                                                                                Executive UMW Board meeting on July 28 at 6:30 pm.
In order for Jones Memorial to move forward and remain viable we
must engage in our own process of personal inventory. We might                  Golf Outing
begin with understanding the roll of the Local church as defined in our         We at Jones Memorial UMC invite you and your church members
Book of Discipline.                                                             to play in our Golf Outing July 30th, 2011. It will be held at Brown
                                                                                Acres Golf Course, 406 Brown Road, Chattanooga. Tee time 9:00
The Book of Discipline defines the local church by saying that the              am. Green Fees $38.00. Two person team. Select shot. Men or
local church provides the most significant arena through which disci-           Women. Prize for the closest to the pin (on selected par three)
ple-making occurs. It is a community of true believers under the Lord-          Please come and join us! Please contact Wayne Hartman 842-
ship of Christ. It is the redemptive fellowship in which the Word of God        0842 or 653-6169 if you are interested and to let him know if you
is preached by persons divinely called and the sacraments are duly
administered according the Christ’s own appointment. Under the disci-
                                                                                will have a partner (or need one) by July 25th or before.
pline of the Holy Spirit, the church exists for the maintenance of wor-
ship, the edification of believers, and the redemption of the world.             East Ridge Demographics          National UMC Demographics
                                                                                 from           from UMC.Org
The Book of Discipline describes the Church’s function by stating, the           Population: 22,603               Gender
church of Jesus Christ exists in and for the world. It is primarily at the       Median household Income:         Female, 57% Male, 43%
level of the charge consisting of one or more local churches that the            $39,623
church encounters the world. The local church is a strategic base                Percentage with a Bachelors      Age
from which Christians move out to the structures of society. The func-           Degree or Higher: 15.29%         30-49, 34% 50-64, 29% 65+,
tion of the local church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is to           Gender Breakdown:                26% 18-29, 11%
help people to accept and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior                47% Male and 53% Female
and to live their daily lives in light of their relationship with God. There-                                     Race
fore, the local church is to minister to persons in the community where          Age Breakdown:                   White, 93% Black, 2% Latino,
the church is located, to provide appropriate training and nurture to all,       75-84 7.4%                       2% Other, mixed, 2% Asian,
to cooperate in ministry with other local churches, to defend God’s              65-74 9.5%                       1%
creation and live as an ecologically responsible community, and to               55-64 10%
participate in the worldwide mission of the church, as minimal expec-            45-54 13.7%                      Marital Status
tations of an authentic church.                                                  35-44 14.4%                      Married, 62% Widowed, 12%
                                                                                 25-34 14.7%                      Never married, 12% Divorced
In other words, Jones Memorial is to be a body of believers (not a               20-24   6.6%                     or separated, 11% Living with
building), filled with the Holy Spirit, who’s goal is to worship God our         15-19   5.4%                     partner, 4%
Father and learn his desires for us, that we in turn develop the ability         10-14   5.6%
to make other disciples by teaching the Word of God. We are to bap-              5-9     5.4 %                    Educational Level
tize others and encourage participation in Holy Communion. We are                <5      5.2%                     High school graduate, 34%
to work in conjunction with other local churches and we must recog-                                               Some college, 23% College
nize Jones Memorial as a place where redemption and spiritual                    Race                             graduate, 21% Post-graduate,
growth are an on-going, perpetual process.                                       White: 94%, Black 3%,            14% Less than high school, 8%
                                                                                 Asian 2%
We need to realize we are charged with the responsibility of protecting                                           Income
God’s creation by having a positive impact on the environment. We                Marital Status                   Less than $30,000, 23%
must also embrace our role both individually and as a church, as be-                    (15 years and older)      $30,000-49,999, 21%
ing called to minister to and nurture peoples of our local community as          Divorced 15.6%                    $50,000-74,999, 19%
well as people of the world with the intent of helping them accept and           Widowed 9%                       $75,000-99,999, 16%
confess Christ as their Savior. The main focus of our mission as                 Separated 1.7%                   $100,000+, 22%
God’s church and it’s ministries should be outward not inward as we              Now Married 52.4%
strive to fulfill the commission of Christ.                                      Never Married 21.4%

                                                                                                 Summer Service Times
                                                                                              Sunday School will begin at 9:30 am
                                                                                      We will have a combined worship service at 10:30 am.
 THE MESSENGER                                                                                                               Page 2
THE ACT OF REACHING THE UNREACHED                                       1. Mission Education
Mark your Calendars                                                      Mission needs to be carried out with education, preparation, action
Jones Memorial is planning to participate in a week long mission        and advocacy, and mutual learning and partnerships. Mission edu-
trip with other churches to Cherokee North Carolina. We will be         cation is behind every Local Unit program; School of Christian Mis-
working in a wood cutting work camp providing firewood for local        sion: District, Conference, Jurisdiction and National Meeting: offi-
people who use wood due to the expense of gas to heat their             cers training; National Seminar; united Nations/ Washington, D.C.
homes. The trip is scheduled the week of November 6-11. Regis-          Seminar: Mission Today; Local Unit Visitation; and Ubantu Explor-
tration and packing information will be provided soon. If you are       ers Journey.
interested or would like more information contact Melissa in the        2. Social Action/ advocacy
Jones Memorial Church office.                                           The Women’ s Division interprets the biblical passages from Luke
                                                                        4:18 as both a model and a mandate for Christian social action
Holston Home                                                            advocacy.
This month a fifth Sunday falls on July 31. Reverend Charles            United Methodist Women will continue its advocacy work on peace
Hutchins from Holston home will join us that morning. Please            and justice, education and immigrant civil rights, the environment,
come and show your support. Know that the financial support             economic justice, women’s health, the rights of children, media
provided is essential in helping the youth and children at Holston      monitoring, human rights and farm workers’ rights to name a few.
Home overcome the unfortunate and difficult life circumstances          United Methodist Women also has a long history of commitment to
they face.                                                              the eradication of all forms of racial injustice.
                                                                        3.National Ministries
                  The Holston Conference                                National Ministries with Women, Children and Youth focuses pri-
       School of Christian Missions will be held at                     marily on more than 100 National Mission Institutions. United Meth-
                the Colonial Heights UMC,                               odist Women is making a difference in the lives of millions of
            Kingsport Tennessee on July 21-23.                          women, children and families served by these institutions through
    Registration forms will be available on the mission
                                                                        continued financial and volunteer support of community centers,
           bulletin board. For questions contact
               Barbara Hartman 653-6168                                 Women’s residence, Schools and colleges, residential childcare
              or the church office 624-6073.                            centers, health care and counseling centers, student leadership
                                                                        development, and community ministries.
                                                                        4. International Ministries
United Methodist Women                                                  International Ministries seeks to address issues impacting the lives
The PURPOSE and program of United Methodist Women have                  of women, children and youth around the world. Programs such as
evolved out of a history of more than a century of women whose          micro-credit projects, leadership development, health care, schol-
primary concern has been mission. The total program is exten-           arships conflict management and building peaceful communities
sive and encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, concerns,          are just a few of the issues addressed as women, children and
issues, challenges and opportunities.                                   youth attempt ot make a better world for themselves and their fami-
Through Leadership Development our organization creates a               4. And Mission Funding.
creative and supportive community by directing its members in a         Mission programs and projects are possible because of individual
cohesive and coherent way to accomplish our goals and fulfill           women’s gifts to Mission Giving. Mission Giving allows United
our PURPOSE. Our leaders carry out this process by applying             Methodist Women to respond where the need is the greatest and
their leadership attributes such as beliefs, values, ethics, charac-    to work in partnership with organizations doing similar work.
ter knowledge and skills. Leadership Development is provided to
women of all racial, ethnic, language and economic groups. The
                                                                         Children’s News
opportunity to realize their full potential and to participate in the   Thank you to everyone who helped with VBS decorating.
life of the church and society are acquired through continual
work, study, and sharing of talents, gifts and graces. Leadership       This Sunday, July 24 will be a celebration for a great job done on
development programs and training are offered to teen and col-          Children’s Sunday. All children will go to Sunday school and then
lege/university women, conference and district leadership, and          the celebration begins during the 10:30 am service.
women of different language groups.
                                                                        Wednesday night, July 27 is our last dinner and a Movie. Dinner
The United Methodist Church’s structural connectional system,           will be provided downstairs Please make sure to call in your reser-
ecumenical connections and solidarity with groups that work with        vations before July 26. Please call the church office at 624-6073.
women, children and youth in the global community have
enlarged greatly the United Methodist Women creative and sup-           Youth
portive community.                                                      Youth Dinner & A Movie:
                                                                        Invite a friend and come enjoy a good movie, some conversation
“from Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures bear witness to a           and good food on Wednesday night at 5:30 pm during the summer
mission which begins with God, belongs to God, and will be ful-         months. Be sure to bring money if you are planning to eat to cover
filled by God at the end of time…. Mission is the activity of the       the cost of dinner.
Triune God. By the authority of God of justice, mercy and peace,
the risen Jesus sends the church into mission, partnership with         Upcoming Events
God (Matthew 28:18-20) God’s authority sends the church into            July 31: White Water Rafting through Outland Expedition $27.50
mission (John 17:18). God’s power sustains the Church in mis-           per person. Must sign up and have the money to Heather Lanier by
sion (Luke 24:49). God’s revelation in Jesus Christ defines the         July 24.
church in mission.” From: Partnership in God’s Mission Theol-           August 7:5:30 to 7:30 pm :Youth are called to come and help
ogy of Mission Statement, General Board of Global Ministries,           clean the bus and Church lawn! We will have fun as a group and
quoted in the women’s Division Policy Statement “ Education for         accomplish something for our church.
Mission.” We expand our concept of mission by working dili-             August 14: Back to School Bash at Ann Little’s House! Bring your
gently on:                                                              modest swim suit and a towel and join us for one last celebration of
                                                                        summer before the return of school!
                                                                        August 17: 6:30 –7:15 Regular Wednesday Night Programs re-
 THE MESSENGER                                                                                           Page 4

The Staff                                                    Statistics
                                                             Church Attendance on July 17, 2011
Pastor: Larry Dial                 Sunday School                   119
Music Minister: Duane Broom         11 am Service                   162
Youth Director: Heather Hartmann    Stewardship Report on July 17, 2011
Children’s Director: Ashley Wade   Offering                              $4,363.08
Administrative Assistant: Melissa Spiers     Books                                 $78.00
Organist: Nancy Petty                                        Upper Room                            $2.00
Cook: Sherry Goss                                            MMF                                   $60.00
___________________________________________________          Ice Machine                           $250.00
Child Development Center                                     Blinds for Youth Room                 $225.00
Director: Debbie Cothran              Pioneer Class Mission Fund            $100.00
                                                             Community Kitchen                     $1000.00
                                                             Doug Silvers                          $5.00
                                                             Wednesday Night Tips Food Bank        $60.00

  We are a covenant people,                                  “Vibrant, fruitful, growing congregations practice
                                                             Extravagant Generosity. These churches teach,
     called and becoming                                     preach and practice proportionate giving with a goal
                                                             toward tithing. They encourage their members to
the spiritual servant of Christ                              grow in the grace of giving as an essential practice
                                                             of Christian discipleship."
   in the Chattanooga area                                                   -Bishop Robert Schnase,
         and the World.                                             Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations

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