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									What to do Internet Marketing?

Continuing my previous post: Internet Marketing and Business, this time I will write about what you can
do internet marketing on the goals or ideals. How internet marketing can be a beacon of hope when the
opportunity is almost closed all the Work Offline. Not that we are lazy to look for or try to, but
everything we try to look no encouraging results. Well why not try to wrestle in the internet marketing
course? let's start from now ....!

I will create a narrative using the figures Badu. Badu is her day-to-day employee of a company, every
thing in the morning Badu was getting ready to go to work. Then after a shirt, pants, shoes and ties used
with a bit disheveled, and also after a perfunctory breakfast and almost choked because of a rush, so
then walk next door Badu, from the front door of the house he had a little run to the highway.
Waiting for city buses, which are always full in the morning. For fear of late, Badu forced to hang from
the door of city buses. Badu office until late. Bosses do not like Badu glared late. With the
accompaniment of the boss's wry face, Badu perform his activities until five o'clock.
Badu was tired of getting home. And again Badu struggling with congestion and noise of the highway
and was again hanging in city bus. The days are tiring for Badu.

Badu and experienced things that should not continue to happen if Badu want to spend a little time to
learn internet marketing. Due By running Internet Marketing, there are several advantages to be gained
are: Badu is free from traffic, especially Badu live in Jakarta, both known more and more bogged down
the ungodly, and Badu can save time, money and transport are also not going to stress stuck in traffic.

Then Internet marketing can minimize risk than if Badu opened the store offline.Contoh: If for example
you want to try self-employed Badu opened a grocery store, approximately how much money should be
spent Badu? for example the cost of employee salaries, inventory, maintenance, cost of rent, electricity,
telephon, transport costs etc. .. When doing internet marketing Badu, Badu cost to get started was
minimal: the initial costs in buying a domain, hosting lease, and possibly the cost of advertising. But with
a little extra effort, and a bit dodgy, if the initial capital is very limited Badu even this initial cost can be
Free. Things that this free Inysa God will be discussed at the next post.

When natural events occur, such as floods or earthquakes or fires. Badu then the business will still run.
Because the Internet business was not familiar with the space and waktu.Mungkin was here was no
disaster, but life went on another world dibelahan normal.Dan Badu made there will be a lot more free
time and also flexible. Due to Internet Marketing, almost everything can be made automatic, and can be
done in a short time (compared to work Offline), this can be done Badu to create a system or
mechanism of action that can be designed systematically. But if we have a laptop and an internet
connection, Badu could work anywhere and everywhere. If any do not have a laptop Badu, Badu could
use the services of an adult Warnet is growing rapidly until kepelosok village.

When Badu is an employee, which is certainly Badu has a steady income and then decided to plunge
into the world of internet marketing, it certainly will not mepunyai Badu fixed salary lagi.Diawal-early
start to run this internet marketing, Badu certainly will run into many obstacles, and not a few costs that
must be dilkeluarkan. (but still far less than if Badu open a business offline). And initial income from the
internet will surely Badu Iebih less than the salary Badu while being an employee. But when Badu
pursue and knows how to do business on the internet, then the rapidly increasing earnings expectations
Badu will FAR outweigh Iebih Badu continues to expect a salary now.

  Note: Earlier Start of internet marketing you should do before quitting your job offline, because of
course there will be a fee required in support of your Internet business.

Well .. so the Badu narrative that tries to switch professions to be perpetrators of internet marketing. In
the next post will Insha Allah described the preparation and initial efforts in starting an Internet business
Badu. May be useful.

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