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Saint Francis of Assisi Parish


									 Saint Francis of Assisi Parish
             Medford, MA

         December 27, 2009
Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Page 2                        St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA

                                    JOIN US AT

                          Rte. 28 Fellsway West Medford, MA
                             Visit us:

                    Pre-School - Full Time 3 yr. old program

                     Grade K1 - Full time 4 yr. old program

                     Grade K2 - Full time 5 yr. old program

                                       Grades 1 - 8

                     Before and After School Care Available

                                 FULLY ACCREDITED
                    Average students per class is eighteen.
            Serving families from over 20 communities for more than 50 years.

                 Our location is very accessible. We are right off of Rte. 93
                (Exit 33 - Roosevelt Circle) at 441 Fellsway West (Rte. 28).

                                Call us for a tour!
                                781 - 395 - 9170
         We are now accepting registrations for the 2010-2011 School Year.
                              Space will be limited!
                                        December 27, 2009
                                  St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA                               Page 3

   St. Francis of Assisi                                                Mass Schedule

                                                         Saturday:  4:00 PM
                                                         Sunday:    7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM
                                                                    5:30 PM (September—May)
 441 Fellsway West Medford, MA 02155
                                                         Weekdays: 9:00 AM, Monday-Thursday
                781-396-3400                             Holy Days: (As Announced)

               Pastoral Staff
Pastor:                         Father Joseph Foster
                                                                 Sacrament of Reconciliation
Deacon:                         Deacon Bob Breen                     Saturdays at 3:15 to 3:45 pm
                                                                in the lower church or by appointment.
Religious Education:            Mrs. Karen Flaherty
School Principal:               Mr. Michael McCabe
Youth Minister:                 Ms. Melissa Behrle
                                                                     Sacrament of Baptism
Director of Music:              Ms. Oksana Berezkina             First and third Sunday of the month
                                                            Catechesis on the last Tuesday of the previous
Business Manager:               Ms. Fran Mavko
                                                               month at 6:30 pm in the Parish Center.
Parish Secretary:               Mrs. Marie Van Campen
Office Assistant/
                                                                   Sacrament of Matrimony
Bulletin Editor:                Mrs. Alisa O’Dowd
                                                             Couples should make arrangements with the
                                                            Pastor at least six months before the wedding.
Rectory and Center:             781-396-3400
St. Francis School:             781-395-9170
                                                          Pastoral Care of the Sick and Elderly
Religious Education:            781-395-4042
                                                          Please contact Father Joe to make arrangements,
Youth Ministry Office:          781-396-3400
                                                           if you are going into the hospital, or have a family
Fax:                            781-396-3254                  member who is homebound and would like to
Parish Website:                    receive the Sacrament of the Sick.
Parish E-Mail:
                                                            If a family member cannot come to church and
Bulletin E- Mail:           would like to receive Communion at home,
                                                                             please notify us.
 Welcome to New Parishioners
                                                         Pastoral Council Statement of Mission
      No matter what your present status
             in the Catholic Church,                         “St. Francis of Assisi Parish is a Catholic
      No matter what your current family                  Community acknowledging the workings of the
               or marital situation,                      Spirit in our midst as we reach out to all through
     No matter what your current personal                   Eucharist, Prayer, Education and Worship.
      history, age, background, race, etc.,               Our call to faith is inspired by our namesake, St.
   No matter what your own self-image; you                 Francis of Assisi, who challenges us to live and
    are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved               celebrate love and forgiveness, always mindful that
              and respected here at                              service to God is service to others.
         Saint Francis of Assisi Parish.                  We regard our Parish Community as Family. We
                                                         seek to facilitate the development of a cooperative
           If you are new to the parish,                 spirit and to assist each other in facing the joys and
    please introduce yourself to Father Joe                             sorrows of everyday life.
       after Mass or at your convenience.
                                                           Committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we
    Also, please contact the Parish Center
                                                              join other faith communities in fulfilling
     to register as a member of the parish.                         the mission of the Church.”

                                    Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Page 4                                    St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA

             MASS INTENTIONS                                                               Christmas Greetings!
Saturday 12/26/09                                                                           Today, as we celebrate the
    4:00 pm             Elmer King                               Christmas Season, we celebrate the Feast of the Holy
                                                                 Family. I would like to extend my thanks and my
Sunday 12/27/09                                                  appreciation to you for welcoming me into this family of
   7:30 am                                                       St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Over the last six years, it has
   9:00 am              Mary & Vincent, & Joseph Monarca         been such a warm and welcoming home for me. The
  11:00 am              Giovanni DeRienzo                        moments of prayer, love, fun and support that I
     5:30 pm            Community Mass                           experience is truly what being a family is all about here. I
                        Eugene Paul Falasca, Jr.                 know that together with your help, we will continue to
                                                                 face our challenges and accomplish and address all that
Monday 12/28/09                                                  we need to do in the name of Jesus.
   9:00 am              Giuseppe, Maria, Rocco &
                        Giuseppe DiRico and                      Also, as we end the year, I encourage you, if you have not
                        Maddalena, Raffaele, Vincenzo,           yet done so, to consider your yearly gift to the parish. Our
                        Luigi & Giuseppe D’Alleva                Grand Annual Appeal is slightly under what it has been in
                                                                 the past, and we depend upon this for many things,
Tuesday 12/29/09                                                 especially when Sunday Collections are low, due to a
   9:00 am              George Spindler                          weekend snowstorm as we just experienced. Therefore, if
                                                                 you haven’t made your 2009 Donation, please consider it
                                                                 today as part of your tax donations for 2009. I appreciate
Wednesday 12/30/09                                               whatever support you are able to give.
     9:00 am            Theresa Masone
                                                                 In this celebration of the Holy Family, I wish you and
Thursday 12/31/09                 New Year’s Eve                 your families and friends a very blessed, happy, and
   9:00 am                           4:00 pm                     healthy New Year!
Friday 1/1/09                     New Year’s Day                                           Peace,
                                    11:00 am                                                       Fr. Joe
Saturday 1/2/09
    4:00 pm             Teresa Gaetano Gianfelice
                                                                            Masses for the Holy Day
Sunday 1/3/09                                                          Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
   7:30 am
   9:00 am              Officer Patrick Fahey                                   New Year’s Eve
  11:00 am              Terry Ford
                                                                       Thursday, December. 31 at 4:00 PM
     5:30 pm            Community Mass
                        Scott W. Garland                                          New Year’s Day
              RESERVING MASS INTENTIONS                                   Friday, January 1 at 11:00 AM
 If you see an open space for the coming week, give us a call,
       and we will be happy to reserve the Mass for you.
                                                                  HOW CAN YOU HELP ST. FRANCIS?
     This Week’s Scripture Readings                              The Saint Joseph Society of Laborers consists of
                                                                 all volunteers, who can share with our parish their
27       SUN Sir 3:2-7, 12-14 or 1 Sm 1:20-22,                   talents as painters, masons, plumbers, electricians,
             24-28/Col 3:12-21 or 3:12-17 or                     and carpenters. We have many projects that need to
             1 Jn 3:1-2, 21-24/Lk 2:41-52                        be addressed before the winter, and it would be
28       Mon 1 Jn 1:5—2:2/Mt 2:13-18                             wonderful for this Society to gather in prayer and
29       Tue 1 Jn 2:3-11/Lk 2:22-35                              service each month to start accomplishing some of
30       Wed 1 Jn 2:12-17/Lk 2:36-40                             these great tasks here in our own parish.
31       Thu 1 Jn 2:18-21/Jn 1:1-18
1        Fri Nm 6:22-27/Gal 4:4-7/Lk 2:16-21                     The next meeting of the St. Joseph Society will be
2        Sat 1 Jn 2:22-28/Jn 1:19-28                                on Tuesday, January 12 at 6:30 PM in the
3        SUN Is 60:1-6/Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6/Mt 2:1-                          Parish Center Conference Room.
             12                                                            NEW MEMBERS WELCOME!
                                                      December 27, 2009
                                     St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA                             Page 5

    HAVE YOU CONSIDERED YOUR                                             Last weekend’s Offertory Collection
 PARISH AS A GREAT END OF THE YEAR                                       amounted to $3,705.
          TAX DEDUCTION?
As we begin to end the year, I ask again for your              A special THANK YOU to all those who
support, to the St. Francis of Assisi 2009 Grand Annual        share their talent, time, presence, and
Appeal. I would like to extend my appreciation to all            support with Saint Francis Parish.
those who have generously supported our 2009 Grand
Annual Campaign. I am encouraged by our results.
We are currently at $60,985. Our Goal is $80,000. I         INSTRUMENTS OF PEACE
am fully aware of everyone’s economic concerns, and I      Please remember in your prayers
am truly thankful for whatever support you can make.       our brothers and sisters serving in
We are keeping our request the same and asking that        Iraq & Afghanistan, especially:
each individual or family contribute $250.00. If you
are able to be more generous we will be very grateful.     Timothy Corbett               Frank Mastromauro
If you are unable at this time to afford this amount we    Matthew David                 Tara Mastromauro
understand completely. We just want you to realize         Paul Driscoll                 Kaitlan McCann
that whatever you are able to share with us this year      Jefferey Fidler               Devin Murray
will be greatly appreciated.                               Brenden Greene                Brian Scholl
I am hoping that I will be able to count on your support   Eric Lynch                    CJ Torres
again this year for our Grand Annual as we continue to     Matthew Martin
progress as a parish. We have an amazing new
worship space in the upper church, which continues to        “Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”
receive many outstanding compliments. We see               Please inform us of any additional names of
continued growth in new parishioners, and our parish
                                                           those serving overseas, or if anyone has
school is making tremendous accomplishments in
                                                           returned home.
leadership, enrollment and technology. The religious
education program and youth ministry is excelling with
over four hundred and fifty students. The parish staff
and all of our various ministries are doing a
                                                                 “ We Remember Them”
tremendous job in meeting the needs of all those
                                                            Our “Tree of Life”, located by the baptistry,
entrusted to their care.
                                                             is for memorials, or to honor the living and
Like everything else in the world, we continue to make
improvements and refine how we approach the various                  great moments in our lives.
tasks that God places before us. We have some critical            Packets explaining the process of
needs that we have to address immediately and with              purchasing a leaf are available on the
great cost. We are getting ready to put a new roof on
                                                                       table near “The Tree”.
the school, and new fuel tanks with barriers will be
installed in the church. The lower church project will           If you have any questions, please call:
be completed soon. The end result will be a chapel and           Ms. Fran Mavko at the Parish Center
a parish meeting facility. Also, we need to make                            781-396-3400.
needed repairs to the rectory, our Parish Center, and
parish grounds. Our buildings are all showing their age
and the end result is that we need to keep them up as                HEARING IMPAIRED
we look towards our future.                                With our new sound system we now have available
I thank you for your prayers and your great support of     special devices for the hearing impaired. If you
my ministry as pastor here at St. Francis. I am looking    would like one of these devices to wear at the
forward to many more years of ministry together, and if    particular Mass you are attending, please stop in the
I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not      Sacristy to receive one before Mass. We also have
hesitate to give me a call.                                devices that will activate a hearing aid, for those who
In Christ’s Peace,                                         currently wear a hearing aid. All devices need to be
Rev. Joseph R. Foster                                      returned to the Sacristy after Mass.
                                       Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Page 6                              St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA

St. Joseph’s Society                                      Have you ever thought of becoming a Catholic?
Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 6:30 PM in the Parish
                                                          Are you an adult (18 years or older) who
Center Conference Room.
                                                          desires to complete the Sacrament of
Parish Council                                            Initiation? The Rite of Christian Initiation of
Monday, Jan. 25 at 6:30 PM in the Parish                  Adults is a process by which the Church
Center Conference Room.                                   welcomes newcomers to our faith and assists
                                                          baptized Catholics in receiving the Sacrament
Finance Council                                           of Holy Communion or Confirmation.
Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 PM in the Parish
Center Conference Room.                                           If you would like to learn more
                                                               about these sacraments and our faith,
                                                            please contact Fr. Joe at 781-396-3400.
     EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS                                    EUCHARISTIC ADORATION
Anyone interested in becoming a Lector or                        AND BENEDICTION
Eucharistic Minister here at St. Francis is asked to
attend the following training sessions in the Upper       Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will take
Church.                                                   place on Tuesday, January 5, following the
                                                          9:00 AM Mass and at 7:00 PM. Benediction will
New Lector training will be on Monday, Jan.11 at          be at 12 noon and 8:30 PM.
6:30 PM.
                                                             Come, pray, and spend time with the Lord!
New Eucharistic Minister training will be on
Monday, Jan. 11 at 7:30 PM .
                                                                                ST. FRANCIS OF
    Please use the parking lot side door entrance.                                   ASSISI
                                                                                ALL OCCASION
                                                          We now have our own beautiful custom-made
All those students who are in Grades 4 or                 Hestia ornaments, depicting the beauty of
higher who would like to be trained as Altar              our church.
Servers here at St. Francis will meet on
Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 3:00 PM in the Upper                The ornaments make a great gift for couples
Church.                                                   who were married here or to mark other
                                                          memorable occasions.
                                                          These ornaments may be purchased, with or
The 2010 Lector Workbooks are available to be
picked up in the Sacristy. Each book is                   without a stand, for year-round display.
assigned to a lector for your preparation for             They are available at the Parish Center
proclaiming the Word of God                               Office during normal office hours.

                                               December 27, 2009
                               St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA                            Page 7

 HAVE YOU MADE A CURSILLO?                             Religious Education News
The Cursillo weekend is an invitation for you        The last class before the Christmas holiday for
to experience the love of Jesus Christ on a          Religious Education students was this past
personal level and to bring this love and joy        Tuesday, December 22. Classes will resume for
into your daily life. At the Saint Basil             our weekly classes on Monday, January 4th and
Salvatorian Center in Methuen,                       for our Sunday classes on Sunday, January 10th.
Massachusetts, Cursillo is open to Christians
at least 21 years of age. The Cursillo
                                                                 Youth Ministry
weekend begins on Thursday evening and
concludes on Sunday evening. During the
weekend, you will hear talks given by a team
of 21 lay people and 3 spiritual directors.
You will have the opportunity to participate in
small table discussions, prayer, Divine
                                                     A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Liturgy, and great meals. We invite you to           to all Middle School and High School students
join us with an open mind and an open heart          from Melissa, our Youth Minister.
and the desire to grow spiritually.
                                                     Be sure to check out the bulletin for future
Cursillo weekends are usually held the first         events in 2010!
weekend of the month. For men, the Cursillo          If you are interested in becoming a lector for the
is held in October, December, February, and          5:30 pm Youth Mass, please contact Melissa at
April. For women, the Cursillo is held     
November, January, March, May, and June.
For married couples, it is recommended that                    YOUTH MINISTRY
husbands attend first.
                                                              JANUARY CALENDAR
For more information, please contact Fr. Joe
Foster at the Parish Center at 781-396-              1/3       10th Grade Class following the
3400.                                                          5:30 pm Youth Mass.

                                                     1/10      9th Grade Class following the
          MASS CARDS                                           5:30 pm Youth Mass.
A variety of Mass Cards are available at the
Parish Center Office, the School, and the            1/17      Youth Group Clothing Drive
Church. You can also purchase a number of                      following the 5:30 pm Youth Mass.
cards to have at home.
                                                     1/22      Drop-In Night, 6:30-9:30 pm in the
When you use them, please call the Parish                      Gym and Youth Group Room.
Center at 781-396-3400 and give the name(s)
of the deceased. This will save you an extra         1/24      10th Grade Class following the
trip!                                                          5:30 pm Youth Mass.

                                Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Page 8                           St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA

                                   SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI
                                       SCHOOL NEWS
           The staff, teachers and students of St. Francis of Assisi School would
           like to extend warm wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and a
           very Happy New Year.

                   SCRIP                                    Help St. Francis School with
Thank you to all of your orders. As soon as the
                                                           A+ Bonus Bucks at Stop & Shop
cards come in, I will call you. The next order will    With A+ Bonus Bucks Everyone Wins!
be on January 10th.                                    Welcome to the 2009-2010 A+ Bonus Bucks
   Valentines’ Day, Baby and Bridal Showers,           Program. Stop & Shop is proud to offer our A+
Birthdays and Anniversaries. Scrip could be the        Bonus Bucks program to help our community
           answer as to what to buy.                   schools. Now parents and other supporters can earn
                                                       great awards for schools to use as they choose!
         Thank you for all your support.
                                                       What It Is
          Holiday Calendar                             With A+ Bonus Bucks, points accrue with each
                                                       purchase where the Stop & Shop Card is used. It
             Fundraiser                                even works with purchases made online with Peapod
                                                       by Stop & Shop. At the end of each month, these
                                                       points determine your school's cash total which is
The Holiday Calendar Fundraiser has begun.
                                                       automatically credited to its account and school
Each calendar cost $10 and makes a great               totals are updated each month. (Please note: Gift
stocking stuffer and gift for the person who           cards, pharmacy, alcohol and/or cigarette purchases
has everything. Cash payouts are $12,500 with          are excluded from accruing points.)
31 chances to win! All are welcome to attend
                                                       How It Works
the drawings on Sunday, Jan. 17 or Sunday,             A+ Bonus Bucks are rounded per transaction to the
Jan. 31 following the 9:00 AM Mass. Light              nearest whole dollar amount. At the end of each
refreshments will be served.                           month, each school's dollar amount is determined
                                                       which is then automatically credited to its account.
All proceeds benefit St. Francis of Assisi
School. Calendars will be available after                              Join the Program
certain Masses throughout December and are             If you have a Stop & Shop Card
also available by contacting either Susan              After signing up for the Stop & Shop Card,
Parziale at 781-391-2347 or Christine Festa at         customers can choose a local school to support.
781-484-8972. You may also purchase                    To join:
calendars at the school office or by calling 781-      • Go to the Stop & Shop A+ website at
We would like to congratulate the winner of            •   Under “Join the Program”, select “Register
this year's art contest who drew the picture               Your Card”
                                                           …and register to support St. Francis of Assisi
for the calendar- Brendan Kenny. Great job
                                                           School Medford.
                                                                          Thank You!
Catch the Spirit! Thank you for your support!                   Your support is greatly appreciated.
                                            December 27, 2009
                                 St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA                         Page 9

                                                       It is no longer referred to as the “Last Rites.” If
                                                       you are preparing to go into the hospital for
  TAKE CHARGE OF EDUCATION AT                          surgery or a loved one may be preparing to
                                                       return home to the Lord, please let Fr. Joe know
     TARGET AND TARGET.COM                             and arrangements can be made to celebrate the
 Target Corporation will donate 1% of your RED         Sacrament of the Sick.
 card purchases at Target & funding
 for books, supplies or whatever our school need             IS THERE ANYONE AMONG
                   is in need of.
                                                                YOU WHO IS SICK?
      It’s very easy to enroll; just go to:
                                                       Fr. Joe is not always informed by family and follow the directions to
designate St. Francis of Assisi to receive funding     members of parishioners who are
              from your RED card.                      hospitalized or if they are dying. He may
                                                       hear it through the voices of the city, but
           No Computer? No Problem!
                                                       he needs to hear it from a member of the
    Visit any Target store and they can help .         person’s immediate family.

             Box Tops                                  All the medical rules have changed,
             for Education                             unfortunately, and he needs to be respectful
                                                       of patient’s rights. Therefore, if you know
Box Tops offers three easy ways to earn cash for
                                                       of a parishioner who is seriously ill or dying,
our school:
                                                       please encourage the family to contact Fr.
Clip — Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of           Joe.
participating products and send them to school.
Box Tops coupons are worth 10¢ each when our           He would be more than happy to pray and
school redeems them from Box Tops for                  share the Sacraments of the Church with
Education.                                             the parishioner who may be seriously ill or
Shop — Shop at your favorite online stores             dying. In doing this, we will resolve any
through the Box Tops MarketplaceSM at                  confusion or any feeling of avoidance. Up to 8% of each
qualifying purchase is automatically donated to          Thank you for your support in this effort!
our school. There is no additional cost to your
purchase and many exclusive deals and discounts
can be found!                                                       PARISH CENSUS
Buy books — Purchase books online at Barnes &          If you have recently moved or have any
Noble through the Box Tops Reading RoomSM.             family registry changes, please contact
Our school will receive 6% of your new book            our parish secretary, Marie VanCampen,
purchases and 3% of all other online purchases.        at 781-396-3400 with your updated
                                                       information. This is in order to keep our
        To learn more, visit -
                                                       parish census current.
 and thank you helping our school with Box Tops!
                                  Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Page 10   St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Medford, MA

                    December 27, 2009

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