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Client Product Brief

Client:                  Subaru
Product Title:           PROJECT ACCELERATION: The Subaru Impreza Collegiate
Semester:                Spring 2006
Issued by:               Jennifer Moore
New/Existing Product:    New Client

Section I - Background

Target Market:                -Males
- Whom are we talking to?     -Females
                              -Ages 18-29
                              -Active lifestyles (Skiing, Biking, Surfing)
                              -Performance Enthusiasts

Positioning Statement:        We want to raise the awareness of the Subaru Impreza to the
- Why are we marketing?       target market. We also want them to add Subaru Impreza to
                              their purchase consideration set. In addition, we need to develop
                              a creative strategic marketing campaign for the Subaru Impreza,
                              so once the target market is aware of the Subaru Impreza, it will
                              appeal to them. We also want the target market to engage in a
                              part of a brand dialogue utilizing the Internet and other
                              interactive communications so that their perceptions, awareness,
                              and consideration of the Subaru Impreza can be measured.

                              To reach students (Gen Y):
                              - To improve their perceptions of the Subaru brand
                              - To increase their awareness of the Subaru Impreza (all
                              - To increase their purchase consideration of the Subaru
                              - To create buzz about the Subaru Impreza

                              FOCUS MODELS:
                              Subaru Impreza Product Line
                              -2.5i Model (Sedan and Wagon)
                                 -WRX Model (Sedan and Wagon)
                                 -WRX STI (Sedan)
                                 -Outback Sport (Wagon)

                              Challenge: Develop creative and unconventional methods to
                              collect consumer opt-in information for the selected Subaru
                              Impreza product line, appealing to the target market. Ideally

Product Brief - Revised: 7/7/03 SF
                              these would be low-cost, grassroots and viral strategies to reach
                              the target audience. This could begin at the participating
                              universities, but it should have relevance to the larger universe
                              of the target audience. Using tactics to reach Gen Y, expose the
                              target market to the Subaru Impreza and also have target
                              market engage in vehicle interaction. Vehicle interaction is
                              important and an essential component of PROJECT
Competition:                  Subaru Impreza 2.5i, WRX and STI Model Competitors (Sedan)
                                        Ford Focus
                                        Nissan Sentra
                                        Mazda 3
                                        Chevrolet Cobalt
                                        Honda Civic
                                        Mitsubishi Lancer
                                        Hyundai Tiburon
                                        VW Golf
                                        Scion TC
                                        Mini Cooper
                                        VW Jetta
                                        Mitsubishi Eclipse
                                        Acura RSX
                                        Volvo S40
                                        Ford Fusion
                                        Nissan Altima
                                        Honda Accord
                                        Mazda 6

                              Subaru Impreza 2.5i, WRX and Outback Sport Model
                              Competitors (Sport Wagon)
                                      Audi A3
                                      Chevrolet HHR
                                      Chrysler PT Cruiser
                                      Chrysler Pacifica
                                      Dodge Magnum
                                      Ford Focus
                                      Kia Spectra
                                      Mazda 3
                                      Mazda 6
                                      Pontiac Vibe
                                      Saab 9-2X
                                      Suzuki Aerio
                                      Suzuki Forenza
                                      Toyota Matrix
                                      VW Jetta

Product Brief - Revised: 7/7/03 SF
                                       VW Passat

Key Research Findings         Gen Y Demographics
                               Born between 1980 and 2000
                               71 million strong, aged 5 to 22 (26% of U.S. population)
                                 (more than 3X Gen X)
                               34% minority
                               1 in 4 live in a single-parent household, 3 in 4 have working
                               In the U.S. 20 million members of Gen Y represent $115
                                 billion in spending power
                               Gen Y seems to be less cynical and more concerned
                                 regarding social issues than Gen X
                               75-90% of teenagers have a computer at home
                               50% have access to the Internet from home
                               Gen Y prefers directness over subtlety, action over
                                 observation, and cool over all else
                               They are heavily influenced by their peers and brand names;
                                 they are particularly susceptible to what brands their peers
                                 like or do not like
                              Automotive Psychographics
                               Gen Y vehicle buyers are primarily looking for quality.
                                 Quality is closely followed by financial consideration such as
                                 sticker price, warranty and insurance rates. Amenities such
                                 as changeable seats and roof racks are important for Gen Y
                                 since they wish to get the most out of their investment
                               Industry sales to young people under the age of 25 increased
                                 by 17% from 1999-2000 compared to 5% growth in the
                                 industry. This represents the largest increase in sales
                                 among all age groups.
                               Youth purchase over 1.3 million new vehicles per year, and
                                 influence 34% of their family’s new vehicles purchases.
                               27 million drivers on the road are a part of Gen Y.
                               Gen Y buyers under the age of 23 bought 400,000 new
                                 vehicles in 2001.
                               By 2010, Gen Y will account for 4 million new car sales, 6.5
                                 million in 2020.
                               Most popular new-car models purchased by consumers
                                 under 25 years old during Oct. to Nov. 2003:
                                  Honda Civic 8.4%
                                  Chevrolet Cavalier 6.3%
                                  Toyota Corolla 3.7%
                                  Ford Focus 3.7%
                                  Volkswagen Jetta 2.9%
                               Biggest issue for vehicle buyers under 25 is affordability

Product Brief - Revised: 7/7/03 SF
                              Marketing to Gen Y
                               "If it's specifically meant for them, they're not interested. If
                                  they adopt it and discover it, they like it."
                               The key to marketing to this generation is to build brand
                                  awareness, so they will become loyal customers in the future.
                               Teens are extremely brand loyal, with over 50% of teens
                                  purchasing the same brand on 20 out of 30 shopping trips
                                  across all brand categories.
                               3.9 million teens shop on-line
                               By 2004, there will be 10 million teens shopping online in the
                                  U.S. and they will spend $1.2 billion online annually.
                              Understanding Gen Y (survey conducted on 16-24)
                               75% have a job, while 56% still get money from their parents
                                  (average of $55 a week)
                               Average weekly income is $251
                               90% said they like to get information from their peers,
                                  indicating the power of word of mouth. 82% cited peers’
                                  opinions as at least somewhat important in influencing
                                  purchase decisions
                               49% pay attention to what company/brand sponsors an event
Past Campaign Tactics and     All Subaru products now fall under the national campaign,
Slogans:                      “Think. Feel. Drive”

Current Market                The perception of the Subaru Impreza brand by the target
Awareness/Perceptions:        market is positive. The target market perceives the Subaru
- What do they currently      brand as an agile and high performance brand. Furthermore,
   think?                     the brand is perceived as very fun, cool and youthful. A large
                              percentage of the target market is non-conformists, professional,
                              trendy and athletic individuals who identify with Subaru as a
                              brand that matches their lifestyle.

Section II - Challenges

Branding Guidelines:          -Must include Subaru Logo w/ Think. Feel. Drive.
                              -Must Include Impreza Logo
                              -Must include
                              -Images of Subaru Impreza must be present on all student
                              created advertisements
                              -No alterations of the Subaru or Subaru Impreza logo are
                              allowed; do not skew, flatten, or elongate.
                              -The above stated items are to be presented with absolute
                              consistency across all media.

Product Brief - Revised: 7/7/03 SF
Tone of Message:                 Should be consistent with their target market and the Subaru
                                 brand as a whole. The message should communicate the core
                                 attributes of the Subaru brand: Distinctively sporty design, rally-
                                 proven performance and control of All-Wheel-Drive, Safety and a
                                 Smart purchase.

Mandatory Items:                  Subaru “Think. Feel. Drive.” Logo, Subaru Impreza logo, and
                          must be included on all advertisements,
                                   promotional material, and give-aways.
                                  Items to be approved: public relations pieces, all forms of
                                   advertising, promotional items and give-aways, BRC,
                                   anything with Subaru logo on it intended to be distributed to
                                  All student created materials are to be approved and go
                                   through the CAD process
Tracking Mechanism:              Subaru will provide a Subaru Opt-In Card to be used as tracking
- CRF                            mechanism at all promotions.
- BRC (What’s included)
                                 The Opt-In Card process MUST to be managed by the PF
                                 The Opt-In Card MUST go through the approval process

Section III – Intended Results

Desired Actions:                    Generate opt-ins through BRC’s and the Internet by:

                                    Evoking passion within target market about Subaru and the
                                     Subaru Impreza that would get them excited about the
                                     vehicle, the potential to drive it and eventually to own the
                                     Subaru Impreza Models
                                  Develop a creative marketing campaign that motivates your
                                     target market to share the buzz of the Subaru Impreza.
                                  Raise awareness within target market of the Subaru Impreza
                                  Improve perceptions of the Subaru brand
                                  Increase purchase consideration of the Subaru Impreza
                                  Keep the PROJECT ACCELERATION objectives in mind at
                                     all times:
                                 o        Promote Subaru brands and products within the target
                                 market as a desirable present and future purchase consideration
                                 choice. The focus model will be:
                                 -Subaru Impreza
                                 -2.5i Model
                                 -WRX Model
                                 -WRX STI
                                 -Outback Sport
                                 o        Identify and measure Gen X and Gen Y attitudes about
                                 vehicles and how they fit in their lives
                                 o        Generate creative marketing strategies for the selected

Product Brief - Revised: 7/7/03 SF
                              Subaru product lines, appealing to the target market. Ideally
                              these would be low-cost, grassroots and viral strategies to reach
                              the target audience. This could begin at your university, but it
                              should have relevance to the larger universe of the target
                              o      Develop a plan to engage the target audience and invite
                              them to be a part of a brand dialogue utilizing the Internet and
                              other interactive communications.
                              o      Examples of these are blogs, strictly online chats, also
                              enthusiast sites where Subaru groups engage in dialogue or
                              researching online at
                              o      Generate positive media coverage for your university,
                              your class and the relationship with Subaru

What would we like the        Ultimately the target market should opt-in for more information
target market to think/do?    on the Subaru Impreza, and make the vehicle part of the
                              purchase consideration. In addition, they should associate
                              Distinctively Sporty design, rally-proven performance and control
                              of All-Wheel-Drive, Safety and a Smart purchase

Client:        Subaru                                                        Initials:    DJ
               DeLu Jackson                                                    Client     PM
               Philip Mauney
Product Title: PROJECT ACCELERATION: The Subaru Impreza                        EVP       MJM
               Collegiate Challenge
Date: 10/13/05

Product Brief - Revised: 7/7/03 SF

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