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					                            ContentKeeper Technologies
                              ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
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Why Filter Internet Access?
ContentKeeper helps organisations Monitor, Manage and Control employee usage and access to
Internet resources. It puts management back in control, enabling a more business orientated and cost
effective usage of the Internet.

ContentKeeper allows organisations to gain significant cost savings through:-

   1) A reduction in wasted staff time (by reducing inappropriate web surfing),
   2) Reduced Internet access costs and bandwidth savings – by limiting and/or controlling non-
      business related use, and
   3) Reduced legal exposure to work place relations issues (eg. sexual harassment cases/child
      pornography and the adverse publicity that an incident would generate).

Management in most organisations realise they have a problem with non business related staff usage
of the Internet, but to-date have not had the opportunity to analyse the issue to see what the real costs

Current surveys are suggesting that on average staff waste in excess of an hour per day surfing non-
business related Internet sites. IDC research reports that up to 30% of (white collar) employee time
on the Internet is spent accessing non-business related content.

That means that in an organisation of 2000 employees with an average staff running cost of $60.00
per hour, the cost to the organisation is approximately $120,000.00 per day ($60 x 2000) or $28.8
million per annum ($120,000 per day x 240 working days per year).

Even in a smaller organization of say 50 employees with a lower staffing cost of say $50.00 per
hour, the cost would be approximately ($50 x 50 staff ) $2,500.00 per day or $600,000 per annum
(50 employees x $50 x 240 working days).

ContentKeeper provides the tool for better management and control of these costs. The savings
are potentially massive.

Bandwidth utilisation is another major area in which ContentKeeper can deliver savings. Staff at
non filtered sites may be surfing to anywhere they like, downloading their favourite music files,
listening to their favourite online radio station, watching a non business related streaming media
show or alternatively just using some active online screen saver.
                            ContentKeeper Technologies
                             ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
The cost to the organisation not only includes the cost of providing that non-productive bandwidth
by also the cost of not having that vital bandwidth available for business usage.

ContentKeeper allows management to control the sites and the types of sites accessed as well as
the types of services utilised by staff. By limiting streaming media and large file downloads to
business only sites the savings can be considerable.

With ContentKeeper installed, many sites have reported bandwidth savings in excess of 50%. In
most cases this represents considerable dollar savings from day one.

The Internet contains the worlds‟ largest pool of pornography. It is growing daily at a massive rate
and is readily available to any non-filtered Internet user. Staff accessing such sites may by accident
or design, display that material to other staff members. This creates the potential for work place
relations issues and possible legal action against the employer.

Courts increasingly appear to be taking the view that the employer has a duty of care to protect
employees against such material being made available and/or being displayed in the workplace.

Child Pornography is illegal in most jurisdictions and is generally considered to be highly offensive.
The adverse publicity generated by an incident involving child pornography and a staff member can
be extremely damaging to any organisations‟ reputation as well generating considerable legal costs
and liabilities.
                            ContentKeeper Technologies
                              ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
ContentKeeper Overview
ContentKeeper is designed to help organisations manage their Internet access. ContentKeeper
can greatly reduce an organisation‟s legal exposure (copyright, offensive material, etc) along with
the associated costly legal expenses, legal claims and the resulting damage to company reputation.
ContentKeeper allows organisations to monitor, manage and control staff access to the Internet,
therefore protecting and maximising the use of their IT assets.

 ContentKeeper won the converted Networld/Interop "Best
 New Enterprise Product of the year award 2002" and received a
 great review in the highly regarded USA based “Network
 Computing” magazine after a thorough 3 month evaluation. The
 product has an installed base including Australian Federal
 Government Departments, ISPs, Large US and European
 corporations as well as many educational institutions worldwide.

ContentKeeper provides the tool for better management and control of Internet access and usage
costs. The savings are potentially massive.

ContentKeeper allows management to control the types of Internet sites accessed individually
and/or by category. It also allows control over the type of Internet services utilised including file
downloads, streaming media, video, voice data and other media types.

ContentKeeper allows organisations to develop and enforce their own “Internet Acceptable Use
Polices” filtering policies can be applied to individual users, groups of users, networks and/or
individual IP addresses with full netmasking. Each policy contains its own set of users with their
associated category settings, custom URL settings, personal surfing unit settings, report settings and
file control settings. This controls Internet access by blocking, coaching (ie show a warning screen
before proceeding to the site), authenticating (challenging for username/password) or just allowing
access straight through to the site. Each of these items can also be controlled on a time of day basis.
There are also base “Global” and “Default” (catch all) policies to assist with one click changes
across multiple policies.

Organisations can use the standard ContentKeeper blocking, coaching or authentication screens or
create their own custom screens served from their Intranet web server outlining their “Internet
Acceptable Use Policies” etc. ContentKeeper provides ready made HTML code which can be
simply cut and pasted for use by the local webmaster.

ContentKeeper utilises both a Control list containing millions of categorised Internet URLs (web
pages) and the latest in M.A.R.I.O™ real time blocking, analysis and classification engine to catch
new and previously unseen sites.
                            ContentKeeper Technologies
                             ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
Thousands of new pornography and other non-business related Internet sites are being created
around the clock at an ever increasing rate. Hyperlinks to these new sites are now delivered to
employees via automated email systems (ie SPAM emails) sent forth on a continuous basis. To
combat this “real time” menace, ContentKeeper automatically updates its control list on an
HOURLY basis. Any filtering system that updates nightly, weekly or fortnightly will be totally
ineffective against the URL hyperlinks which are arriving right now via email within an

These hourly updates are delivered via ContentKeeper’s “TrickleFeed”™ technology designed to
deliver updates in a controlled, encoded, compressed and encrypted form minimising usage of vital
network bandwidth.

ContentKeeper uses US Patent Pending "Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering"™ technology
which insures that ContentKeeper is superior in it’s ability to manage and control access in the
rapidly changing Internet world.

Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering is
ContentKeeper’s closed circuit system designed to
collect, analyse, categorise, edit and distribute web
site URLs worldwide.

ContentKeeper units in the field are designed to
poll the ContentKeeper Datacentre hourly to
receive control list updates of newly discovered
and processed URLs. During this process, any
new suspect URLs discovered locally are encoded,
encrypted, compressed and sent back to the
Datacentre for anonymous submission to our
AI(Artificial Intelligence) analysis and
categorisation engines. Sites that are then
confirmed to fall into one of the control categories
are added to the Control list updates and collected
automatically by every ContentKeeper unit in                 Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering
the field.

This means (for example) that when a ContentKeeper user in New York browser to a new URL
which contains pornography, ContentKeeper users in Sydney Australia will have the benefit of
that update usually within 2 hours of the discovery being made.

Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering Technology is also utilised to help maintain and edit the
existing control list. ContentKeeper administrators worldwide have the ability to instantly block,
unblock and re-classify any site locally. Locally re-classified sites are sent back to the
ContentKeeper Datacentre for manual review and Control list correction (if necessary).
                            ContentKeeper Technologies
                             ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview

Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering insures that ContentKeeper’s Control list is the most
(business) relevant, highest quality and fastest growing list available.

ContentKeeper employs both a real time analysis engine as well as a Control list containing
millions of URLs, therefore the system tunes itself into the sites known and accessed by local staff –
effectively self-learning. Within a short time ContentKeeper „learns‟ the Internet surfing
preferences of your organisation, becoming more attuned and more relevant to your situation.

ContentKeeper is scalable and is able to handle sites from 25 users up to hundreds of thousands.
ContentKeeper has been designed to accommodate high volume, fault tolerant, high availability,
load balanced environments as well as small scale office or school sites.

ContentKeeper has been certified by the Australian Federal Government‟s Australian
Broadcasting Authority (ABA) for use by ISPs and other organisations as a central site filtering
system to satisfy the requirements of the Australian Broadcasting Act in relation to restricted sites.
ContentKeeper’s standard control list contains the ABA‟s official take down list in its
“Government Blocking List” category.

ContentKeeper has been designed from the ground up to minimise the required user
administration and maintenance. Control list and software upgrades are handled automatically.

The ContentKeeper Datacentre is a vital part of the ContentKeeper service. It collects,
processes, analyses, categorises and re-categorises websites 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The AI
engines, web-crawlers and the software that drives them are constantly improved and upgraded as
new techniques are developed. This is where all the heavy duty, time consuming backend
processing occurs. Our aim is to continually produce the best quality and most accurate control list
                          ContentKeeper Technologies
                            ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
ContentKeeper is deployed as transparent
Ethernet bridge (ie: no IP or MAC addresses
on the bridge ports), on your side of the
firewall – this configuration removes any
potential incompatibility issues with proxy
servers, firewalls, routers etc. It can be
deployed on a dedicated Intel Pentium based
PC, or via a ContentKeeper dedicated
appliance. ContentKeeper allows for a
simple and quick installation with no IP
address re-configurations or desktop re-
configurations. The management is totally
Web Browser based and it has full support for
user, IP and group based filtering policies.                   Examples for installation

When ContentKeeper runs on a standard, dedicated Intel Pentium based PC, the configuration
required would be: 1.8GHz Processor(s) or better, running RedHat Linux (Versions 7.3+), with 3 x
IntelPro100s NICs and 1GB of RAM.

                                                     An attractive alternative is to use a
                                                     ContentKeeper appliance - a purpose built,
                                                     rack mounted (RU or rack unit)) device
                                                     specifically designed for the ContentKeeper
                                                     application to maximise performance.
             CK-SME Appliance                        The (2 RU) CK-LE (large) unit is designed for
                                                     for up to 50,000 employees, where the CK-
                                                     SME (1 RU as pictured) is designed for
                                                     organisations with 25 to 5,000 employees.

ContentKeeper has an optional High Availability Module (HAM). The HAM is an electro
mechanical Ethernet switch (on an industry standard PCI card, or provided as an external module)
which ensures network connectivity even in the event of a hardware, software or power failure. The
software has also been engineered to be totally robust via an inbuilt auto-health monitoring and
checking system which can correct minor errors, and report status to the HAM, helping ensure that
the system is operational at all times
                            ContentKeeper Technologies
                             ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
ContentKeeper management is totally web
browser based and it has full support for user, IP
and group based filtering policies.

Administration is simple, clear, point-n-click
and each stage is assisted with notes, drop-down
list, or tick the box prompts.

From the main menu, administrators have all the
tools they need. Control over policy
development, configuration, multiple levels of
reporting and capability to change settings – all
in real time. Simple and easy to use.                           Web based administration
Changes to ContentKeeper policies and
categories occur instantaneously without
network disruption or the need to re-start
services or go through a time consuming re-
loading of control list data into memory.

Categories can be amended immediately from
the gui interface. Choices include:
 Blocked
 Coached (warned)
 Authenticate (user name/password)
 Time of Day (eg: block access in core hours)
 PSU – Personal Surfing Units
                                                             Point & click policy development

ContentKeeper has a “hassle free” registration and activation system which is handled totally
automatically with no user involvement, apart from inserting your contact details. Just connect the
system to your network, turn the power on and it will look after itself.
                          ContentKeeper Technologies
                            ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
                                                   Clear, simple and quick to access. Multiple
                                                   report types are available, depending upon your
                                                   needs. Standard on-line (via web browser)
                                                   reports include:
                                                    Internet activity by site or bandwidth.
                                                    Blocking reports – by site/URL and file.
                                                    Real Time and Historical Reporting.
                                                    Departmental reports
                                                    Extensive Webalizer reports.
                                                    Full policy reporting facility.

                                                   Reports can be “off loaded” or integrated into
                                                   your favourite reporting package along with a
                                                   backup facility. You can even run
                                                   ContentKeeper in “silent” mode, so you can
                                                   gain intelligence on your organisations‟ usage
                                                   patterns, with full reporting functionality. This
                                                   is ideal so that you can monitor your usage,
                                                   allowing you to define an appropriate Internet
                                                   Usage policy.

Support and maintenance
ContentKeeper looks after itself and is
automatically updated….and should there be
a problem, the Datacentre will be
automatically alerted. Updates are all
automatic and completely transparent. A
true „plug-n-play‟ solution.

The ContentKeeper annual subscription includes a software license, Control list updates, (ie. the
full Control list), software updates, phone, fax and email support.

Worldwide support is available from your local reseller and/or from ContentKeeper offices around
the world.
                             ContentKeeper Technologies
                              ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview

ContentKeeper feature and specification list
ContentKeeper offers extensive facilities to Monitor, Manage and Control web access.

      Transparent Ethernet bridge.
      3 x Intel Network Interface Cards - custom settings control for 10Mbits/100Mbits/1000Mbits.
      Ease of Installation and management.
      Fault tolerant hardware and application design.
      Filtering on single and multiple port numbers (customisable).
      Network and Operating System independent.

Operating environment
      Compatible with all operating environments, including: Microsoft™, Novell™, Unix, Linux™, Apple™.
      Designed for corporate:
      High Availability,
      High throughput, and
      Load Balanced environments,
      as well as small site installations.
      Full user, group and IP based Filter Policy Management with additional “Default” and “Global”
      Hack-proof transparent Ethernet Bridge based design – easy installation, no desktop re-configuration,
       no IP re-numbering required.
      Compatible with any IP based proxy servers, firewalls, caching devices, routers and other IP based
       network devices.
      Filtering control by user, group, IP network address and subnet mask, user and object.
      Dedicated efficient stand alone device – removes filter processing load from proxy server, caching
       servers or firewalls.
      Local user and Groups database.
      Extensible Directory and Object services.
      User resolution by NetBIOS, DNS, NetBIOS and then DNS, DNS and then NetBIOS, Microsoft NTLM
       (for transparent user authentication in MS-Proxy and MS-ISA server environments etc) Network & IP
       addressing with full Subnet-masking, LDAP or transparent proxy header username resolution along
       with automatic mode (auto-detect).

Fail Safe Operation
      Optional High Availability Module (HAM) – PCI card based electro magnetic Ethernet switch.
      Full web based HAM query, online/bypass and configuration support.

Real time filtering
      Using Artificial Intelligence (called MARIO™) to filter in real time, analysis and classification.
      Support for English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Italian and more.
      Combined Control List and Real-Time (heuristic) blocking engine.
      Instant Custom URL blocking/unblocking, with wildcards – user definable black and white lists.
      Blocks successfully whether site is represented by domain, URL, IP address or proxy re-director.
      Block or allow specific file types (MP3, WAV, FLASH etc.)
      Manages and control streaming media, video, voice, music downloads, large file downloads etc.
                             ContentKeeper Technologies
                               ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
      Block mode - standard or customisable block screen facility.
      Coaching mode (Display warning) - standard or customisable coaching screen facility.
      Authentication mode - domain based authentication - user login before proceeding.
      Time of Day – per category, time of day controls.
      Personal Surfing units – controllable by category, per user or group.

Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering
      “Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering”™ for URL collection, analysis, categorisation and editing.
      Extensive Control List containing millions of URL’s – the most business relevant list available.
      Hourly Control List updates.
      Automatic Control list updates using ContentKeeper’s TrickleFeed™ Technology.
      ContentKeeper Datacentre backend processing, analysis, categorisation and re-classification of

      Browser based, simple and clear reports, with user name resolution.
      Real Time and Historical Reporting.
      Blocking report – reporting by user, site/URL, file, date/time, IP address - all web based.
      Internet activity by site and bandwidth usage, by most recent.
      Top sites visited - by number, by user, by bandwidth.
      Departmental reports
      Extensive Webalizer, web browser based reporting.
      “Off-loader” to download reports with Secure Transfer Mode (SSH) supported.
      Backup facility for all report types.
      Policy reporting facility.
      Monitoring/Silent mode with full reporting capability.

      Web Browser based management - local and remote.
      Fully automatic system registration and activation keying (no user involvement).
      Automatic database update, network connectivity and system status monitoring and display.
      Automatic Software updates using ContentKeeper’s TrickleFeed™ Technology (with site override).
      Online and offline, single and multiple policy verification facility.
      Category Aliases facility – custom category renaming.
      Default catch-all policy.
      Global policy for making instant changes across all policies.
      Global Filtering Include/Exclude by full network, IP address and subnet-range facility.
      Per Category Live filtering on/off controls with sensitivity control.
      Get and Post custom blocking page facility with cut and paste HTML examples and offline testing
      Control list blocking by category of banner ads and page frames, retaining page geometry.
      Instant and permanent URL and/or category unblocking on your site – via local control list.
      Instant time period based URL and/or category unblocking – (temporary unblocking with automatic
      Automatic submission of re-classified URL’s to Datacentre for manual checking and reclassification.
      In-build backup and restore facility.
      User and/or administrator authenticated site re-classification facility.
      Web based PC to server time synchronization facility.
      Bridge Device settings and status screen with current Ethernet status display.
                                    ContentKeeper Technologies
                                      ContentKeeper Web Filtering Overview
Annual subscription includes - software license, control list updates, full URL database, software updates and
phone, fax and email support.

NB: Trade Names and Trademarks etc for Microsoft, Novell etc are the sole property of those respective organizations.

ContentKeeper Benefits
         Saves money - Allows you to manage your Internet assets.
         Saves money - Provides control over employee access to inappropriate web sites, saving bandwidth.
         Saves money – proven new generation of web filtering capability, at a fraction of the older packages.
         Simplicity – As a Transparent Ethernet bridge – no effect on your network throughput or resources.
         Simplicity – The same version works with all Operating Systems.
         Saves time - Easy installation (plug and play appliance).
         Saves time – Easy management (web browser based administration).
         Saves time – Reporting available, by department via a web browser based reporting package.
         Saves time – Appliance based – automatic maintenance, updates and monitoring.

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