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									                               Royal Holloway, University of London

                                       PENROSE COURT
                                    DOMESTIC INFORMATION

The following domestic notes are to assist students in Penrose Court, prior to arrival on campus.
Please note that these notes are in no way intended to replace information that is in the Halls of
Residence Handbook which is provided upon arrival and must be referred to.


All study bedrooms are furnished with the following items:

      - Single Bed                       - Single Mattress (36”x72”)
      - Desk with drawers                - Chair
      - Wardrobe                         - Desk lamp.

* Please note no additional /personal furniture is allowed without the permission of the
Accommodation Services Manager or, in his/her absence, the Head of Accommodation Services.


The following linen is also provided:

      - mattress protector               - one pillow
      - one pillowcase                   - single duvet (48” x76”), plus cover

Students should bring their own sheets and pillowcase. Students must also provide their own
towels, washcloths etc.

Electrical Equipment

Each room is fitted with two 13 amp square pin sockets, but it is important to note that the power
rating in the study bedroom is rated at a maximum of 500 watts. As a guide, radios, CD players, Hi
Fi’s and portable TVs will work. Irons and hair dryers over 500 watts will fuse your own and other
study bedrooms as well. For safety, the 13 amp plugs used on small appliances in study bedroom
should be fitted with 3 amp fuses. Please note that the Hall Regulations forbid the use of any
type of cooking appliances (i.e. kettles, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators etc) in study
bedrooms and only the equipment provided by the hall may be used in the Pantries.

Most of the wattage in the Halls does allow for computers with limited additions i.e. printer only.
The rooms have data points to enable on-line access.

Regular electrical inspections are carried out and students found to have broken College safety
regulations will be charged for repairs and/or fined.

TV Licence
Students are reminded that a TV licence is legally required for televisions used in study/bedrooms.


All shower facilities and toilets are communal and shared by all residents of the house/flat. These
areas are cleaned daily (Monday - Friday only).

A kitchen is available within each house/flat and provides the following equipment for student use:

       -   work surface                   -   sink (single with draining board)
       -   microwave                      -   cooker
       -   kettle                         -   toaster
       -   refrigerator                   -   iron
       -   ironing board.

The kitchens have 13 amp sockets.

Kitchens are cleaned daily (Mon - Fri only), however students are responsible for cleaning up after
any food preparation and washing their own dishes. Students will need to bring their own cups,
plates, utensils, washing-up materials and tea towels, as these are not provided.

Room Cleaning

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and supplying their own cleaning materials.
The College supplies vacuum cleaners, dust pan and brush and mops and buckets, however
residents are held collectively responsible for this equipment and will be charged in the event of a
loss or damage. Room checks are undertaken regularly throughout the three terms (dates provided
at the start of the academic year) by Housekeepers/Management to monitor levels of cleanliness.
Rooms found to be consistently below the required standard may be liable to a cleaning charge.

Refuse is collected by the Local Council, normally on a Tuesday morning. Rubbish must be put
into plastic bags and placed in the wheelie bins outside. Under no circumstances must loose waste
be put into the wheelie bins.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance requests and breakage must be reported to your nearest customer services point.
Whenever possible students are given advanced notice of staff entering their rooms, unfortunately
this in not always possible. Please be aware that Accommodation Services staff and Maintenance
Staff have the right to enter rooms for inspections, safety, or repair purposes.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available in Block 1 Highfield Court and also on the main campus, near the
College Shop.


Residents are permitted to park at Penrose Court, but not on the main campus. If you bring a car to
Penrose Court a parking permit is required, which is obtainable from the Security Office,


To assist you in receiving your mail quickly, please ensure that it is correctly addressed as below:

                 House number, Penrose Court
                 Highfield Road
                 Englefield Green, Egham
                 Surrey TW20 0SS
When the Royal Mail are unable to deliver large packets and parcels, these will be delivered to
Highfield (Block 1). Any internal mail or letters addressed to the main College address will be
placed in the pigeon holes in Highfield Common Room (Block 1).

Fire Safety

Please ensure that you read the Fire Regulations posted on your bedroom door. Fire drills are held
during term time and you are reminded that it is a criminal offence not to evacuate the building in
the event of a fire alarm. Misuse of fire equipment, or failure to evacuate the building during an
alarm will lead to disciplinary action being taken by the Warden

You are not allowed to cook food, use toasters or kettles in your study bedrooms as steam and
smoke will set off the smoke detectors that are installed in all bedrooms. Causing a false fire alarm
will result in a fine or expulsion from Hall

Letting Period

The residents of Penrose Court have either a sessional or an annual contract. Students with
sessional contracts may vacate their room at the end of Term 3 or sign an extension for the fourth
term. Students with an annual contract are liable for residence hall fees for the full 50 weeks of the


The College does not accept liability for loss or damage to any resident’s possessions at any time
and students must take out personal insurance if they wish to be covered.


The Warden, Prof. Robert Hall lives in Elm Lodge Flat. The three subwardens live in Highfield
Court and Beeches. They operate a rota and can be contacted for any personal, welfare or
disciplinary problems between 7.00pm and 8.00am Monday to Friday and at any time during the
weekend. The Wardening team liaises very closely with the Accommodation Services staff and the
Hall Committee.

If you should have any welfare issues which you wish to discuss prior to arriving at the College
then please contact the Warden, c/o Founder’s Reception, Royal Holloway, University of London,
Egham, Surrey, TW20 OEX

Halls Management

The Accommodation Services Department is responsible for the services provided in Halls and
manages the reception and housekeeping staff. Questions related to the services provided should
be directed to the Customer Services Desk at Highfield reception. Tel: 01784 443440. The
reception at Highfield is open 9.00am - 5.00pm Weekdays and, 9.00am - 5.00pm Weekends.

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